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While Gu Mingli was resting, Nuan Nuan was held by her elder brother and made to sit on the horse, and she nervously grabbed his clothes with both hands.


The little girl nodded very hard, holding on to her elder brother’s clothes even tighter and leaning her entire little body against her elder brother to give herself a sense of security.

When Gale started running, Nuan Nuan nervously buried her head in her elder brother’s arms and didn’t dare to look out.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

Four short words came from above her head, but they made Nuan Nuan feel extremely at ease.

She raised her head cautiously, like a small animal that had just opened its eyes, looking at the world cautiously and curiously.

The speed of Gale was controlled by Gu Nan. It was not very fast but not slow either. The surrounding scenery flew by. The wind blew on Nuan Nuan’s back, but the front was blocked by her elder brother’s body. He used his own body’s little warmth to create a safe haven for her.

The blue sky, white clouds, green grassland, and the flying swallows flying in the sky had become the scenery of this world.

Gradually, Nuan Nuan was no longer afraid. Her little fingers grabbed her elder brother’s clothes, and a furry and beautiful little head emerged from under her elder brother’s arm. Her bright eyes looked at everything flashing outside.

Not long after, Gu Mingli also rode towards them on Thunder at high speed. Thunder lived up to its name. The sound of the horse’s hooves hitting the ground as he ran was as loud as thunder and just as majestic.

In comparison, the movement of Gale was much smaller, but its speed was also really fast. When Gu Nan completely let go of his speed, Gale ran so far that there was almost only an afterimage left, and him who was sitting on the horse, looked so handsome and so s*xy.

During the time Gale ran, Nuan Nuan didn’t feel any discomfort, as her elder brother was always protecting her.

Finally stopping, the little girl felt like she was stepping on the clouds and her whole body was floating, but… it was really exciting.

Gu An also wanted to ride a horse, but obviously he didn’t have the ability to tame a horse, so he could only pester his fourth brother to take him around.

Bai Mohua was sitting cross-legged on the green grass, holding a small notebook, bowing his head and drawing seriously. In just a few strokes, the brush seemed to have magical power in his hand, and the appearance of Nuan Nuan, Gu Nan and Gu Mingli riding a horse and running was vividly drawn.

Although it was just a pencil sketch, it captured the spirit of this moment.

Gu Mingyu stood beside him and took a look, then he stretched out and put his arms behind his head. A gust of sea breeze blew up and lifted his long hair into a high ponytail, making it as beautiful as a picture scroll.

When the sound of the helicopter came again, everyone on the grassland looked over.

Gu Mingli patted Thunder on the back and raised his eyebrows to ask Gu Nan.

“Brother, is there anyone else coming?”

Gu Nan held Nuan Nuan’s small hand and walked over with a steady pace on his long, straight legs.

“Not a human being.”

Everyone said: “…”

What did it mean?

When the door of the helicopter opened and a big yellow dog jumped out, they realized that that sentence was really literal.


The running dog was so excited that its tail seemed to have turned into a fan.

Nuan Nuan exclaimed a little and covered her mouth in disbelief, then giggled and hugged the big dog’s head and rubbed it in various ways.


The excitement was too much.

After Rhubarb came down, Briquettes and a snow-white little milk cat meowing softly, also walked down the ladder with elegant and domineering cat steps.

Followed closely by the mother cat holding another baby cat in its mouth.

“Briquettes, mother cat, you are here too!”

Nuan Nuan instantly transformed into a little scumbag hugging animals from left to right. She squatted on the ground and carefully held the baby cats on her knees with her two little hands, and then kneaded the two big cats’ fluffy heads.

A little orange kitten’s head emerged from Bai Mohua’s clothes, looking curiously and eagerly at the new guests with a pair of cat eyes.

He himself also had a pair of round cat eyes similar to Little Orange’s.

“So many cats!”

There was also a little milk cat, which was no bigger than his hand. He put away his notebook and ran over with Little Orange in his arms.

“There’s me, there’s me!”

Doudou flapped its wings, flew out and landed on Nuan Nuan’s short, fluffy hair. It lowered its head and gently pecked her hair, using its weird voice to highlight its sense of presence.

In an instant, Nuan Nuan was surrounded by furry animals, Rhubarb licked her face, and the big black cat, Briquettes, reservedly wrapped its black tail around Nuan Nuan’s thin white wrist.

The beautiful mother cat meowed softly and rubbed softly against Nuan Nuan’s milky white short legs, coupled with the waxy and chirping meowing of the two stumbling little kittens who were still drinking milk at her feet as their little paws clawed at the little girl’s shoes.

Even the two horses came over curiously, lowering their necks to look at this and that, and occasionally nuzzled the little girl with their heads.

“My little sister is really… very popular with animals.”

Gu Mingyu didn’t know that his uncle’s family had so many new members. At this moment, he had to sigh at how popular Nuan Nuan was with the animals. It was really miraculous.

“I have only heard of a system for attracting animals before, but it basically attracts one kind of animal, such as cat-attracting physique, but this is the first time I have seen this… being pampered by various animals, is my sister really not a little fairy from heaven?”

Gu Mingli touched his chin with interest, “Can a tiger or a lion also be done?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gu Nan looked at him expressionlessly.

‘You go and try.’

Although he didn’t speak, Gu Mingli felt that he could feel these words from his elder brother’s eyes.

Nuan Nuan excitedly and happily hugged her furry friends whom she hadn’t seen for a few days, and then was held up by her enthusiastic friends.


Rhubarb kept running around excitedly, and then he couldn’t get up from her belly, and the two little kittens also crawled up.

Nuan Nuan couldn’t get up, so she quickly stretched out her little arms to ask for help.


Gu An laughed arrogantly and then he ran over to grab Nuan Nuan and tried to pull her up, but was also knocked over by the excited Rhubarb again.

Now it was the others’ turn to laugh at him, and even Gu Nan’s lips curved upward.

In the end, Nuan Nuan was dug out from the pile of fur by Gu Mingli. He smiled brightly and pinched her fleshy cheeks with his slender fingers.

“Thank you, fourth brother.”

Nuan Nuan said her thanks vaguely as her cheeks were pinched.

Gu Nan came over, and Nuan Nuan immediately leaned forward and hugged his arm.

Gu Nan took Nuan Nuan over smoothly, and Nuan Nuan looked at him with moist and beautiful eyes, and said in a soft and serious voice.

“I really like Big Brother, Big Brother is the best.”

Nuan Nuan knew that Big Brother specially brought her animals here. She was very touched, but she didn’t know how to express it, so she could only put on a small face. Then she blushingly, expressed her gratitude in her own way.

She hugged her eldest brother’s neck and gave his handsome side face a kiss with a milky scent.

The eldest brother looked cold, but he was the gentlest.

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