TBVSR Ch. 104: Punishment

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Jiang Yu hugged the boy who stumbled towards her.

He exhausted all his strength and almost paid the price of his life before finally returning to her.

The boy still smelled of alcohol and disinfectant, his body was as hot as ever, and he could not support his balance on one leg, and stood slanting.

Jiang Yu rubbed her tears on his clothes, then raised her hand to stroke his cheek.

His lower jaw had bluish stubble, hard and thorny…

He rubbed against her soft palm with enjoyment, as if a tired bird had returned to its nest. The heart that had been left without home for so many years finally had a haven.

“Never again.” Qiu Li kissed her palm: “Sister, I will never leave again, I will listen to you in the future.”

“That’s it again.” Jiang Yu raised her index finger and knocked on his forehead: “I don’t believe you anymore.”

“Sister believe me.” He lifted her chin, bit her lip, and struggled to death: “Trust me the last time.”


When the young man kissed her, he still opened his eyes, with a seductive light under his eyes, staring straight at her, like a wild beast predating, causing her to be in chaos.

He bit her and ran her over, very gentle and out of control.

“I believe it.” Jiang Yu said softly as if begging for mercy: “Really, I believe it, my parents are here too, if they came out and saw…well…”

The young man passed the tip of her tongue and fought for a long time before letting go of her reluctantly.

The pain in his leg was nothing compared to the satisfaction of holding his beloved girl. If she didn’t refuse, he could even stand here for a day and night.

The elevator door dinged again, and a nurse sister pushed a wheelchair over: “Ah, patient in bed 8, how can you get out of bed casually! Your leg has just been operated on! Doesn’t it hurt?”

When Jiang Yu saw this, she was also taken aback. Seeing Qiu Li’s appearance, she felt it was something like a sprained foot. She almost forgot that this guy’s calf bone was broken by a bullet!

He could still get out of bed and walk so far on one leg.

Sure enough… Still no feeling?

The nurse pushed the wheelchair over and said to Qiu Li: “Come on now.”

Qiu Li didn’t want to sit in a wheelchair like a disabled person, especially in front of his girlfriend. He calmly said: “I don’t need it. Leave this thing to those in need. I’ll go back.”

Jiang Yu slapped him on the forehead: “You don’t want your legs? Sit down!”

Qiu Li was afraid of a fierce Jiang Yu, so he just had to sit on the wheelchair, and let the nurse push him back to the ward.

When entering the elevator, Qiu Li looked back at her: “You are also coming?”

“What are you doing here?”

“Didn’t you say before that we would not be separated for an hour, a minute, or a second, and you even had to watch me going to the toilet…”


“I’m also coming.”


Jiang Yu walked to him, and he held her hand, like a child holding the most cherished toy on his chest.

“Would you like to wear handcuffs as well?” she asked him angrily.

“I thought about it, but the handcuffs you bought are too SQ. When your two fathers saw us, would I still have my life?”


That afternoon, Xie Yuan and Cheng Ye took advantage of Jiang Yu’s absence to visit Qiu Li in the ward. Xie Yuan bought valuable Chinese herbal supplements and placed them on the cabinet, while Cheng Ye carried a bag of red apples.

Qiu Li was lying on the hospital bed with his left leg slightly raised and placed on a separate support.

Seeing the two uncles coming over, Qiu Li sat up a little.

Of course, knowing why the two uncles came here, he stood ready.

Xie Yuan sat on the reception sofa very imposingly, looking at Qiu Li with no expression on his face, while Cheng Ye walked up to him and knocked on the plaster of his left leg: “This injury is serious? Will it be amputated?”

“No.” Qiu Li said: “The doctor said that it can be healed. There are several treatment options, including artificial bones, or long-term self-healing. I can choose. And will not be disabled…”

Xie Yuan saw the panic in the young man’s eyes at a glance. He went straight in and asked: “Can it be restored to the same as before, completely normal?”

Qiu Li was silent for a few seconds and said: “Yes.”

“It’s a fart.” Xie Yuan said coldly: “The bones are all **** broken, and they can be recovered. If they don’t amputate your limbs, you would be considered lucky, and you will have to live with crutches in this life.”

“Hey!” Cheng Ye kept winking at him: “What about the patient, what are you yelling at with the patient? Who are your employers of 996? You ruthless capitalist.”

He didn’t feel sorry for Qiu Li, he just wanted to fight against Xie Yuan.

When Xie Yuan treated Qiu Li well, he would treat Qiu Li badly. But if Xie Yuan yelled at Qiu Li, he would help him.

Xie Yuan was really angry. If it weren’t for his injury being so severe, he really wanted to beat him hard, so that he would be able to relieve his anger after a beat. He even thought it was best to let him go far away, for the rest of his life. And never appear in front of Xiao Yu’s eyes.

At the beginning, he was not optimistic about Qiu Li, but Xiao Yu liked him. He also tried his best to help him and pave a way for him…

It was this kid who made himself a cocoon, which made Xiao Yu sad again and again, then he finally sank his feet in mud, almost embarking on an evil road, ruining his daughter’s lifelong happiness.

Xie Yuan didn’t care what he had experienced in the past. The only person he cared about was Xiao Yu…

“Before you didn’t think you were worthy of her.” Xie Yuan said coldly: “Now, why are you with her.”

Qiu Li knew that Xie Yuan hated him and compared his heart to heart. If it were his own daughter, he might be even angrier than Xie Yuan.

For a long time, he couldn’t say a word.

Yes, he didn’t deserve her, he didn’t deserve her in the past, and he didn’t deserve her now…

However, Xie Yuan’s words suddenly pierced Cheng Ye’s reverse scale. What he hated to hear was the words “deserve someone”.

Had it not been for these clichéd concepts, he would have been with Manman a long time ago, and even the happiness of two people for more than two decades would not have been delayed by these words.

“You dead old man!” He simply yelled at Xie Yuan: “If you think he doesn’t deserve it, then you go find someone who is worthy and bring it to your daughter. Then you see if she likes him or not?”

Xie Yuan was too lazy to deal with Cheng Ye’s sh*t, so he looked at Qiu Li, and said, “Answer me.”

Qiu Li shook his head and smiled bitterly.

What should he answer?

He has nothing to say.

“I tried to leave her, leave her and leave this world.” He smiled bitterly and said: “But Xiao Yu can’t forget, and hypnosis can’t work. If she can’t forget me, I can’t go.”

Xie Yuan’s expression became colder and colder: “So, it seems that the Xiao Yu in our house has delayed you?”

“I was not good before, but I will be better in the future, I will take the postgraduate entrance examination…”

Qiu Li didn’t know what to say, he lowered his posture, with a hope, pleading: “I have taken a lot of effort to climb back, please… be considerate.”

Xie Yuan originally wanted to scold him, but the boy said the word “considerate” with difficulty, and it really hit his heart…

Xie Yuan knew how much courage it took to let a man lay down his dignity and beg for an unmatched relationship.

Wasn’t he… so humbly begging that lady to give him a chance, give him a few years, and then how he would prove himself and prove that he could give her happiness?

After that, Xie Yuan couldn’t bear to blame him much, but he still knocked on his leg unceremoniously: “I won’t let my daughter marry a lame man. If you want to get better, you can get away with me.”

“I will be fine and will not shame her.”

“You’d better do what you say.”

After Xie Yuan left the ward with a cold face, Cheng Ye put his hands in his pockets and said, “Leave him alone, he just has sharp words and a tofu heart. Who can care for his girl more than him, this guy asked for help for you before he even came to see you. He has contacted the most authoritative orthopaedic specialist in the country and said that your leg should be repaired at all costs.”

“Thank you.” Qiu Li breathed a sigh of relief.

Cheng Ye walked to the hospital bed and patted his leg gently: “Whether the leg is good or not, it is second, but I heard the doctor say that your biggest problem is not the leg.”

“Well, I have a mental illness, and my ability to perceive this world is blocked.”

Cheng Ye asked worriedly: “This… can it be alright?”

“It can be treated, I will cooperate with the treatment.”

“I asked the doctor carefully. Although this is a mental illness, it may also affect the function of the body’s organs. Just… you know, I also want to hold my grandson.”

Qiu Li glanced at him silently: “You are too worried.”

“Really? It won’t affect that, right? It’s inconvenient for me to say this to Xiao Yu. We are all men and we must be treated if we are sick! Don’t be embarrassed! Dad will do his best to help you!”

If it were not for the inconvenience of legs and feet, Qiu Li might have kicked him out early.

Such an annoying guy, how did he get fascinated and brought Xiao Yu to recognize him?

“I really…no problem.”

“Don’t be shy!”

It so happened that these words of his coincided with Jiang Yu coming back, and she heard Cheng Ye’s whispered words by the door: “Dad, what are you talking about!”

“Ah.” Cheng Ye was a little embarrassed when he saw Jiang Yu: “Well, it’s okay, it’s okay, you guys go ahead, dad is just leaving!”

After speaking, he flopped off.

Jiang Yu walked into the ward carrying an insulated lunch box and said, “Cheng Ye is so annoying.”

“He also loves you very much.”

For this reason, Qiu Li was willing to tolerate all his disgust.

Although sometimes, he really hated the giant idiot.

Qiu Li turned on the TV, and just happened to reach an entertainment channel’s variety show. It was about participating in an extreme sports competition, similar to tricking the stars, watching them shiver in fear and embarrassment.

Other stars stood on the bungee jumping platform, backing desperately, shouting: “Don’t…don’t!”

Only Cheng Ye contrasted his heart to the camera, he turned his back to the cliff, smiling calmly, and leaped forward.

Jiang Yu couldn’t deny that Cheng Ye’s charm was irresistible.

In front of the camera, he was the man who could make countless little girls as old as her or even younger than her scream in fascination.

But in front of her, Cheng Ye was an ordinary father, chatty and crooked.

But only love could turn such a man who could still talk and laugh in a sense of life and death into an uncle who was so crooked.

Jiang Yu was not his biological daughter, but he still loved her, because he loved her mother.

Jiang Yu sat next to Qiu Li’s bed and watched TV while peeling apples: “I met Teacher Song Yuhe at the entrance of the hospital, and he said that the college has stamped and approved your place for postgraduate research.”

“Even if I wasn’t guaranteed graduate school, I can still pass the exam.”

Jiang Yu laughed and patted his forehead with the knife: “I know you are amazing!”

Qiu Li avoided the tip of her knife and was shocked: “You want to murder your husband.”

“I thought you weren’t afraid of death.” Jiang Yu shook the knife and said with a blank expression: “After all, you are a man who is not even afraid of bombs and bullets.”

Qiu Li knew that this girl was still worried about the ship, so he had told Song Yuhe not to tell Jiang Yu the details of what happened on the ship, but if she really wanted to inquire, could she still not find out.

Qiu Li looked at her and said seriously: “I won’t be like that anymore. From now on, Qiu Li is the greediest man in the world.”

“You promise.”

“Pinky promise?”

Qiu Li took the initiative to stretch out a cute little finger to her, and a small dimple appeared at the corner of Jiang Yu’s mouth, and she hooked her finger with his finger: “Pinky promise, if you hurt yourself again…”

Jiang Yu thought for a while, but couldn’t think of a suitable punishment.

Qiu Li said for her: “Then let your wild dad’s guess just now come true.”

Jiang Yu blinked, and it took a long time before she realized, “???”

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