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As Cheng Ye said, Xie Yuan had gathered the top orthopaedic surgeons in the country at all costs and held a special consultation for him in the format of a small seminar.

Qiu Li did not refuse Xie Yuan’s help, and of course he did not stand to refuse, because Xie Yuan was not helping him, but was just helping his daughter repair him. If the repair was done, it was really possible to accept him as his son-in-law.

He had been undergoing rehabilitation training as instructed by the doctor.

At the same time, Qiu Li also rejected Song Yuhe’s admission for postgraduate study, and he decided to take the exam by himself and take the admission to Beicheng University.

Song Yuhe really didn’t want him to go. With the qualities Qiu Li demonstrated in this operation, he was sure that he could train him into a very good police psychologist.

He knew, the police force needed such talented psychologists too much.

However, Qiu Li had decided that he wanted to return to Beicheng, the city where his beloved girl was located, and fulfil his promise not to be separated from her for an hour, a minute, or a second.

The old professors of Haicheng University who had always been optimistic about Qiu Li now criticized Song Yuhe.

When Qiu Li filled out the application for research, the whole university passed it unanimously, but Song Yuhe this guy alone said that he was in a bad state of mind and rejected it.

It was fine now, now even when they begged the other to stay, they didn’t save them any face.

Song Yuhe couldn’t say anything, he could only sigh with grief.

During this period of time, Jiang Yu had been accompanying Qiu Li in rehabilitation training. In her spare time, she went to the school library with him to prepare for the final sprint for the postgraduate entrance examination.

But Qiu Li gradually discovered that Jiang Yu’s frequency of staring at her mobile phone had increased recently.

She always looked at her phone when she had  nothing to do, as if she was chatting with someone, and sometimes she just stared at the screen and giggled.

All signs indicated that outside…there was a cat.

He began to feel uneasy, trying to figure out what was going on, and once when she went to the bathroom, he even secretly looked at her phone.

The WeChat account was clean, there were no suspicious objects, and the deductions were basically all group messages.

Who did she chat with so happily?

Jiang Yu was chatting with the future [Qiu Li].

Jiang Yu had breathed a sigh of relief since Qiu Li, who was “resurrected from the dead,” sent her a message of safety.

“So now… is everything back to normal?”

[Qiu Li]: “Compared to the last ending, it’s normal now.”

Jiang Yu: “Then how are you living now? I mean… have you lived the life you want?”

[Qiu Li]: “It’s just a better ending than death. I’m still in prison, life imprisonment.”

“How come!”

Jiang Yu raised her head in amazement and looked at Qiu Li, who was seriously writing the question across the table. Under the sunlight from the slanting window, he looked clean and pure, and he was writing an English translation seriously.

Everything seemed to be moving in a better direction.

It was hard for Jiang Yu to imagine that with such a fierceness, the future direction was still… life imprisonment?

Qiu Li noticed that she was looking at him, so he raised his head and looked at her, there was exhortation in her eyes, as if she was still dissatisfied.

“Who the **** are you talking to?”

“Ah, no one.”

Jiang Yu put the phone back under the table and continued to chat secretly with [Qiu Li], “Is something wrong?”

[Qiu Li]: “If the 300 million funds have not been credited, it means that the mission has not been successful. You should know this.”

Jiang Yu: “So I have worked hard for so many years without changing the final outcome at all?”

[Qiu Li]: “There are some changes.”

Jiang Yu: “Really.”

[Qiu Li]: “I have changed who I am now, I love you very much.”

Jiang Yu: “Ah…”

[Qiu Li]: “Xiao Yu, I really miss you. Do you have time to talk with me.”

It was difficult for Jiang Yu to imagine the future of Qi Li, who had to live a life without seeing the sun alone in a cold prison, and what torment he must be enduring.

Thinking of this, she felt terribly uncomfortable.

Jiang Yu: “A Li, you are fine, I won’t let you stay in there for a long time!”

With a “bang”, the current Qiu Li across the table slapped the book on the table, got up and left with a calm face.

His legs and feet hadn’t fully recovered, and walking without the aid of crutches seemed a little strenuous.

Jiang Yu hurried to catch up and support him: “Where are you going, I will take you there.”

Qiu Li shook her hand away: “Toilet.”

She helped him to the door of the men’s bathroom and asked thoughtfully: “Do you want me to help you?”

Qiu Li supported the wall and walked into the toilet, but after a few steps, he turned back again, his face obviously angry: “Jiang Yu, you dance ballet well, it doesn’t mean you can cheat on me casually.”

Jiang Yu: “?”

What the **** is this talking about?

Qiu Li suspected that Jiang Yu had a cat outside, and Jiang Yu realized that she couldn’t argue for herself.

Talking with your future boyfriend and caring about his condition, is this cheating?

Perhaps only philosophers could answer this question.

Anyway, she didn’t think it counted, they were all the same person. Everything she experienced with him, the feelings she produced, could be appreciated by the future Qiu Li.

To some extent, Jiang Yu was chatting with her future husband.

Was chatting with her husband cheating?

The answer must be no.

However, Qiu Li was a particularly jealous man, when he was jealous, nowhere was right, and there were thorns all over his body.

In the evening, the two ate a small hot pot for two at a food stall outside the school. When Qiu Li stole Jiang Yu’s food for the tenth time, Jiang Yu finally couldn’t stand it and put down her chopsticks and said angrily: “Qiu Li, what meaning do you have!”

Qiu Li poked a piece of pork belly from her bowl, and said blankly: “A person who cheats is not qualified to eat meat.”

Jiang Yu patiently said: “I didn’t cheat!”

Qiu Li pointed to his eyes: “I’m not blind. When you chat with that shameless man digging at my wall, your unconscious micro-expressions have already betrayed you.”


Jiang Yu knew how strong Qiu Li’s insight was. After all, he was a man who could achieve the pinnacle in the field of psychology.

She was also a little angry, and simply broke the pot and said: “Yes, that’s right, I’m just chatting with my future husband, are you satisfied?”

After saying this, the air was silent for ten seconds at the same time.

Jiang Yu could clearly feel the expression of the teenager opposite going cold: “You say it again.”

It seemed…too much joking.

She said with a supplement: “No, the future husband candidate, isn’t it still undecided…you still have a lot of wins.”

Qiu Li calmly asked: “What does he do? How did you meet? Are you ordinary friends or do you have an ambiguous relationship?”

“Uh, netizen, it’s a bit ambiguous, what do I think about…” Jiang Yu said with a smile: “He is a professional killer, now he is a lonely man, chatting with me online.”

Qiu Li saw that Jiang Yu was playing with him and teasing him. He breathed a sigh of relief but was still a little unwilling. He stretched out his hand and squeezed her cheek hard: “Jiang Yu, can you take it?”

Jiang Yu pushed his hand away, rubbed her own face, and said dissatisfiedly: “I am capable. I don’t know how many boys have chased me after you have been gone all these years.”

“And so?”

“You also said that it is impossible for a person to like only one person in his life.”

Jiang Yu returned the night of the breakup to Qiu Li intact: “Even if I chat with others, what right do you have to be angry? Let me talk about it first. You are the one who broke up with me, you are the one who hypnotized me, and you are the one who ran away from the handcuffs…, you can betray me, can’t I occasionally wander off and look at other scenery?”

Qiu Li understood, the little girl was going to settle accounts after Autumn.

He owed more and thus had a guilty conscience.

Don’t talk about chatting with other men on the phone, even if she brought the ambiguous man to him, Qiu Li was not qualified to say anything.

Qiu Li took a deep breath, calmed down, restrained his emotions and asked her, “Does the other person look good?”

“Quite good looking.”

Jiang Yu curled her lips. Compared with the current Qiu Li, the future [Qiu Li] was more mature and patient. The first time he went online, he found her and was not jealous and angry. He also taught her how to get along with his current self.

Seeing Qiu Li bow his head to eat and not speaking, Jiang Yu poked the back of his hand: “Are you angry?”

“Yeah.” He made no secret of his emotions: “Very angry.”

“What happens if you get angry?”

“Do not know.”

She further tentatively asked: “Break up again?”

“No distinction.” Qiu Li bowed his head and said frankly, “As long as we don’t break up, this palace is still the queen.”


Jiang Yu was amused by him: “Who are you in this palace with?”

“The son of this palace will be the emperor, and this palace will be the mother empress dowager in the future.”


Seeing her smile, Qiu Li also smiled lightly, finally feeling a little better.

“Don’t chat with other people.” He said to her seriously: “I will make you happy in the future, okay.”

Jiang Yu really had no resistance against the gentle appearance of this guy. She turned her hand and said, “I won’t talk to him anymore. I will only be his normal friend in the future, okay?”

Qiu Li nodded with satisfaction, and then gave her a piece of pork belly: “I am not an unreasonable person.”


Jiang Yu picked up the pork belly and was about to put it in her mouth, then she listened to him faintly say: “This palace thinks that if you can delete the contact information, it would be better.”


In the evening, Qiu Li sent Jiang Yu back to the hotel.

After his nth time on the way, Jiang Yu finally picked up the phone and deleted the WeChat in front of him: “Vinegar King, are you satisfied now!”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Qiu Li’s mouth: “Cheating me? You deleted Chen Wei’s WeChat.”


“Can you stop making trouble, don’t you know who I was talking too?” Jiang Yu finally couldn’t stand it, and said with a little anger: “For so many years, I can’t even get the basic trust of my boyfriend.”

Qiu Li looked down at his left leg.

Although he had tried very hard to control, to endure the great pain and make himself look like a normal person walking.

But it was fake after all.

Now he, after all, was not such a good person, he was too afraid of losing.

Just like what he said to Xie Yuan, he finally crawled back…even if he was totally different, he would still hold her selfishly.

He didn’t want to go back to the infinite darkness without light.

After Jiang Yu and Qiu Li separated, she also regretted a little. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, she bowed her head and sent a message to [Qiu Li]–

“I seem to have annoyed you again, I may not be able to contact you often.”

[Qiu Li]: “I know.”

“Even if I can’t keep in touch. I need to know what will happen in the future in order to prevent it in time.”

[Qiu Li]: “There is no way to tell, because anything you do in the next second may affect the trajectory. The future I tell you this second is not necessarily the future you will face. It is very likely that I will mislead you.”

Jiang Yu sighed: “I am unlucky when I met you.”

This task… was really difficult and bumpy.

However, [Qiu Li] replied: “How lucky I was to meet Xiao Yu.”

Jiang Yu: “Thank you, tell me how to coax my boyfriend next.”

[Qiu Li]: “No need to coax.”


While Jiang Yu was taking a bath, the door of the room was suddenly banged.

She walked to the door in her bathrobe, and looked out through the peephole.

It was Qiu Li.

“Xiao Yu.”

“Is something wrong?”

“Yes.” He was silent for a few minutes, and said, “You boyfriend came back to admit his mistake.”


Jiang Yu opened the door and Qiu Li walked in, but he never thought that the girl in front of him would only be wearing a thin short bathrobe.

Her black hair was dripping with water, her neck was as white as fat, her face was flushed, and she looked a little shy, looking at him unnaturally–

“Didn’t you want to admit your mistake?”

“En…” Qiu Li’s mind was suddenly dull.


Qiu Li walked into the room and closed the door.

Jiang Yu noticed the undercurrent surging in his dark eyes.


His long fingertips landed on the neckline of the girl’s bathrobe, proficiently tugged at it, and then he picked her up–

“I’ll do another first, and recognize it together tomorrow morning.”


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