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The “Swan Lake” century performance opened on New Year’s Eve, and Jiang Yu returned to Beicheng.

The final role of the Swan Queen had been finalized, and Bu Xi would be taking it on. Although Jiang Yu was just a substitute for Bu Xi, and the chance of replacing her was very small, it was still an indispensable part of this show.

Qiu Li entered the final sprint stage in preparing for his postgraduate entrance examination, so he stayed in Haicheng to review his homework.

Jiang Manyi used her savings for many years to buy a literary and elegant tavern in the bar street outside the university town.

She named the tavern “Wandering”.

When she was free on weekdays, she would sing in the tavern to kill time.

Although she could not pursue her musical dreams like Cheng Ye, having her own tavern and having different audiences to listen to her singing every day might be another way to fulfil her dream.

Jiang Manyi really liked this kind of life.

The university town was nearby, so the tavern had a very good business. Every night it was full of guests.

Many of Xie Yuan’s business partners, partners’ friends, friends of friends… would often visit the tavern. In this way, “wandering” has become the most lively and popular tavern on this street.

The name “Wandering” was given by Jiang Manyi to commemorate her friendship with Bu Tanyan.

In college, Jiang Manyi sang in a bar, earning money to support herself. Once because of wage deductions, she clashed with the bar manager.

Bu Tanyan happened to see it, and rushed into the shop to help her out. She tried her best, but in the end she didn’t get the deducted salary.

When the two walked out of the bar, Jiang Manyi was so angry that she was swearing all the way, Bu Tanyan patted her on the shoulder, and said to her: “I will invest in you in the future. We will open a bar, and you will sing in your own bar. There is no need to be bullied by others!”

The night breeze was slightly cool, and the two bought beer and duck necks and sat on the riverside dam. They imagined various things, such as the layout of the bar, the handsome bartender, and the name of the bar.

Because it was a joint venture of two people, this pub naturally belonged to both of them. Bu Tanyan proposed to use a combined name of the two as the name of the bar, so it was called “Wandering”.

In the future, she would come to “stay” as a resident singer, even if she sang out of tune, it didn’t matter. Anyway, it was her own bar, she could sing as many songs as she wanted.

Jiang Manyi laughed at her: “With you as a’out-of-tune killer’, I am afraid that my tavern will be closed sooner or later, and there will be no more guests.”

“I’m the boss, why should I care about others, whether they come or not.”

Time was like water. At this moment, Jiang Manyi was standing in front of the tavern, looking at the words “wandering” in the shining fluorescent green, feeling endlessly sad.

“Ah Yan, our pub is open, when will you come back to sing a song?”

“It doesn’t matter if you are out of tune, as long as you come back.”

At this moment, the voice of the girl who ran out of tune at a hundred and eight thousand miles came from the pub, singing Beyonce’s “Really Love You” —

“The spring breeze has turned the rain and warmed my heart for a lifetime, and I gave it as a gift without words.”

“It’s how warm your eyes taught me to look at the road resolutely. You told me not to give up when I fell.”

“I can’t explain how I can repay your kindness. Loving forgiveness is unlimited. Please allow me to speak, I really love you.”

Even if she closed her eyes, she knew that this was definitely Jiang Yu’s voice.

Except for her, no one in this world could sing a song with such a simple and pleasant melody this out of tune.

She was Bu Tanyan’s biological daughter after all! This broken gong voice was really in the same line.

Many guests in the bar couldn’t stand Jiang Yu’s singing and left one after another. Xie Yuan was the only one in the audience, sitting in the first row, applauding her vigorously–

“Hey, another song!”

“It sounds good!”

Jiang Yu stood on the stage and said shyly: “Then I should sing another song?”

Xie Yuan: “Our family’s Xiao Yu is the sound of nature, how can one song be enough?”

“Then I’ll sing a few more songs! Thank you all for joining us!”

Jiang Manyi held her forehead.

This father and daughter were really one dare to sing and the other dare to praise. With them, the “Wandering” tavern would close sooner or later!

When guests kept leaving in the bar, Jiang Manyi stood at the door and shouted to Jiang Yu: “Enough! Don’t sing! Otherwise, the business will be done for!”

Xie Yuan said boldly: “All the guests here should listen to our family’s Xiao Yu’s singing obediently, I’ll buy you all drinks. You can order whatever you want. You are welcome.”

Jiang Manyi: “…”

She walked out of the bar extremely speechless, and repeatedly apologized to the guests who had left.

At this moment, she noticed a woman standing at the door of the bar, looking up at the neon sign “wandering” placed over the bar door.

This woman was similar in age to her, and might even be younger, wearing a lazy checked knitted cardigan and black pencil pants with beautiful legs.

Jiang Manyi was attracted by her long legs at a glance.

These slender legs were very similar to her best friend…

Except for Bu Tanyan, Jiang Manyi had never seen such a beautiful leg shape.

But the woman’s face was very strange. Jiang Manyi was sure she didn’t know this lady. Seeing that she had been staring at the sign of “Wandering”, she simply walked forward and greeted her: “Hello, do you want to come in and sit down? Everything in our bar will be free tonight.”

The woman looked up at Jiang Manyi.

The moment the two made eye contact, an extremely familiar feeling surged into Jiang Manyi’s heart.

She frowned and looked at the woman in front of her seriously.

She had demure and delicate features, white skin, almost no wrinkles, and she looked very young.

Jiang Manyi was sure she didn’t know her, but the familiar feeling overflowed from her eyes.

“Do we know each other from before?” This was the woman who asked first.

Jiang Manyi thought incredulously, did she also have this familiar feeling?

“We shouldn’t know each other, unless you came to have a massage.” She smiled and said to her: “The log road foot bath club, have you ever been there?”

The woman shook her head: “I rarely do this.”

“Then I might… know you from my last life.” Jiang Manyi smiled and stretched out her hand to her: “Hello, my name is Jiang Manyi.”

“Liu Ye.”

“Liu Ye? Your name is so nice.”

Liu Ye lowered her head and smiled implicitly, her smile especially clear. And such a smile made Jiang Manyi feel… she and Bu Tanyan seemed to be the same person.

When Bu Tanyan smiled, she also liked to lower her head subconsciously, her smile similarly clear and sunny.

At this time, there was another bout of the girl’s immature singing voice in the bar, “I can’t explain how I can repay your kindness. Loving forgiveness is unlimited. Please allow me to say…I really love you.”

“Mom, mom, where are you!” Jiang Yu jumped up and down on the stage like a drink, holding the microphone and confessing passionately: “Thank you for taking care of me for so many years. I will always love you!”

Jiang Manyi angrily shouted into the store: “Don’t go crazy, come down quickly!”

Liu Ye asked curiously: “Is this the resident singer you invited?”

Jiang Manyi covered his face and said helplessly: “This is my daughter.”

Liu Ye walked to the floor-to-ceiling window and looked inside, her eyes gleaming: “She’s so cute.”

“Right.” Jiang Manyi said proudly: “Don’t look at her bad singing, she is studying at Beicheng University, and she can also dance ballet.”

“I really envy you, I also want to have such a daughter.”

Jiang Manyi looked at her facial features, guessing that she should be about the same age as her, and asked, “Could it be that you gave birth to a son?”

Liu Ye stared at the girl in the glass window intently: “Ah, I have a child, a little boy, but I don’t remember anything clearly.”

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