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Although she said she was not afraid, how could she not be nervous when she entered the water for the first time? Fortunately, she was wearing a swimming ring.

But when she really started to learn to swim, Nuan Nuan was really nervous. The water in her big wet eyes trembled, her curled eyelashes trembled slightly, and her arms like lotus joints hugged her third brother tightly. Her neck and ankles were soaked in the water and she swallowed.

The water in this area were relatively shallow. Gu Mingyu’s slender and well-proportioned body stood underneath the flat lake bottom, and the water only covered his waist.

Compared with the other two who had obvious muscles, Gu Mingyu’s body had a smooth and delicate texture. He also had abdominal muscles but they were not that obvious. His waistline was like a mermaid’s waist.

Because he usually had to dance and train, Gu Mingyu’s body texture was not only slender and well-proportioned, but also beautiful, as beautiful as a work of art carefully carved from jade.

Under the sun, his snow-white skin seemed to be reflecting light, and the ends of his long hair tied into a ponytail were floating in the water, spreading like clouds in the water. This scene was extremely beautiful.

And now there was a nervous and pitiful little girl hanging on his chest.

Nuan Nuan’s whole body was almost hanging around his neck. She was supported by her third brother’s legs. The smooth and milky little girl tentatively dipped in the water. Her pink-white pearl-like toes curled up slightly in fear, but she still couldn’t help it. As she continued, her big wet eyes looked at her brother innocently and pitifully.

“Third brother, I…I don’t dare to go down.”

Gu Mingyu squeezed her fleshy, white and shiny feet, comforting her with a smile.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

The little girl looked at the encouraging look in the third brother’s beautiful eyes, opened her pink mouth and took a deep breath, then gradually let go of her hand and slid her body down along with the strength of the third brother, when half of her body was soaked in the water, and her feet could no longer step on, she hugged her third brother’s arm in panic.

Gu Mingli and Gu An, who were wearing shorts, both swam over.

“What are you afraid of? There are so many of us watching!” Gu An shouted arrogantly.

“When I was learning to swim, I learned it in one day.”

Gu Mingli said nothing but dove into the water, then got under the water and held Nuan Nuan’s cute and petite feet with both hands.

Nuan Nuan felt her feet stepping on the palms of the fourth brother, holding her third brother’s arms with both hands, and looking at the brothers around her, she felt a lot more at ease.

After overcoming the unknown fear of water in her body with the help of her brothers, the process of learning to swim went on the right track.

Her small body lay on the third brother’s seemingly thin but actually powerful arms. Her two short legs swung up and down in the water, making the water surface splash, and her little lotus-jointed arms followed the little brother’s movements.

Gu An kept demonstrating swimming around her, while the third brother helped her correct her posture errors and dragged her to swim a short distance in the water.

Nuan Nuan pursed her little lips and studied very seriously. Occasionally, she would make her brothers nervous just because she lowered her head and choked on a sip of water. She felt a little embarrassed.

Actually…, she felt a little uncomfortable when the water reached her nose, but it was not that exaggerated.

She also worked harder and tried not to worry her brothers.

Bai Mohua was sitting on the shore wearing blue swimming shorts, with two thin white straight legs paddling boringly in the water. His upper body was covered with a white bath towel, and his fluffy and soft hair was still dry.

He was holding two little kittens in his arms, and his slender fingers pinched their little ears from time to time and poked their soft little belly. He was having a great time playing with them.

Next to him lay a snow-white long-haired mother cat. The elegant, gentle, and beautiful mother cat guarded her two children, waiting only for Bai Mohua to get tired of playing with them and return the children to her.

Next to the mother cat was the very domineering and steady cat Mr. Briquettes. Of course, except for the name Briquettes and… the fact that he secretly snatched the milk of two kittens from time to time, he was not domineering at all.

The cat’s tail was extremely long, almost as long as its body. It relaxed and swung leisurely behind its buttocks, and then fell lightly into the water. It raised its head and twisted its neck to look back, and the tip of its tail lifted up again when it got wet, and then slowly fell down again.

After doing this several times, it yawned and was chilled by the sudden splash of water.

Briquettes: “…”

It stood up and shook the water on its body, and its black soft fur immediately turned into strips. It looked at the idiot who jumped into the water excitedly, and looked at it with an idiot’s eyes. He was secretly thinking about how to get revenge for this water feud.

Little Orange, who was affected by the fish pond, jumped up in fright when the water splashed down. He screamed and stood up, his four paws quickly sliding on the ground as it ran away.

Gu Mingli who swam like a shark in the water, suddenly jumped out from the water in front of Bai Mohua. Bai Mohua was so frightened that the little milk cat in his hand flew out.


He quickly put the other one to the side, and his whole body subconsciously went to catch the little kitten that was thrown away, and then he successfully fell into the water.

He couldn’t swim and felt a particularly uncomfortable suffocation in the water.

The little milk cat that was thrown away was caught by Gu Mingli. He stretched out his arm to put the cat safely on the shore, and with the other one, he picked up the drowning person.


Bai Mohua, who was all wet and choked with water, coughed uncomfortably. His eyelashes were closed and trembling, and crystal water drops fell down from his eyes.

“Are you okay?”

Gu Mingli carried the man hanging on him like an octopus to the shore with some difficulty.

Bai Mohua wiped his face and pointed at Gu Mingli, his hands shaking with anger.

“Are you a pig? Why did you suddenly come out and scare me?”

The mother cat had already carried her two kittens away from danger. She was scared to death for them just now.

Gu Mingli scratched his head. His black hair was already short, and after being wiped, there was almost no water left on his head, but his facial features seemed even more three-dimensional and sharp.

“Who knew you were so timid? I originally planned to come over and teach you how to swim.”

Bai Mohua blinked his eyes, his fair face still stained with water, and his originally fluffy short hair was now wet on his forehead, making him look even younger.


He couldn’t care less about being angry. In fact, he really wanted to learn to swim.

“Go over there.”

Gu Mingli raised his chin slightly to indicate where Nuan Nuan was learning to swim, because only that area was shallower.

Bai Mohua hesitated when he remembered the suffocating and uncomfortable feeling just now.

“Are you sure you can hold me up?”

He don’t want to drown again, it was too uncomfortable.

Gu Mingli looked at his body in silence.

“Do you think you are very heavy?”

Because he had been painting for a long time and did not like to exercise much, and he ate very little, Bai Mohua looked very thin and not very heavy. At least in Gu Mingli’s view, he only needed one arm to drag him up.

Bai Mohua kicked him with a kick of water. He was a man of about 1.7 meters after all. What do you mean by this! So insulting!

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