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When Lu Chengyu went out in the morning, Uncle Liu, the security guard at the gate of the community, saw his car appear and hurriedly reached out and stopped his car. Uncle Liu knocked on the car window and raised what he was holding.

Upon seeing this, Lu Chengyu hurriedly rolled down the car window and said to the uncle in his fifties, “Uncle Liu, what’s the matter?”

Some time ago, Uncle Liu fell on his leg while changing the lights in the corridor of the community. He happened to be passing by and met him, so he drove him to the hospital. Later, the doctor said that the bones were misaligned and there was no major problem. However, since then, Uncle Liu smiled every time he saw him, and sometimes he would give him some local specialties from his hometown, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes. Although they are not valuable things, they were still of great interest. Although Lu Chengyu accepted the things, he wouldn’t take them for anything, so he sometimes found out some of his notebooks before the college entrance examination or some snacks that young people liked for Uncle Liu to bring to his family’s youngest daughter who was preparing for the college entrance examination.

After going back and forth, the two became familiar with each other. Usually, when Lu Chengyu went to work, Uncle Liu would always pay attention to the surroundings of Lu Chengyu’s house when he was patrolling. After all, for Uncle Liu, Lu Chengyu lived by himself, even if he had a car and a house, it was not easy. It would be troublesome if someone broke into the house and stole something.

“It’s okay, just a few days ago the child fried some peanuts. You can try it with your colleagues.” Uncle Liu felt that sharing some snacks among colleagues can promote feelings. Lu Chengyu, a young guy, may not understand this, but it is required to remind each other in this way, “If you like it, next time I will take you to the famous multi-fried point.”

“In this kind of weather you most like to eat peanuts, so I will not be polite,” Lu Chengyu accepted with a smile, and then said a few words to Uncle Liu. Uncle Liu remembered that Lu Chengyu had to go to work, and said hurriedly, “By the way, I have something to tell you.”

He looked around then he put his head near Lu Chengyu’s ear and whispered: “Xiao Lu, I heard a colleague say that someone was inquiring about you some time ago.”

Lu Chengyu’s eyes changed slightly, but his face still smiled: “I am such an ordinary person, who is spying on me?”

Uncle Liu said solemnly: “You are young and you don’t know how good you are. I’m afraid it is that rich man surnamed Liang who is asking for trouble, and the new tenant who moved upstairs yesterday also asked about your news. In case, he and the Liang surname are together, that might cause you trouble. Are they giving you trouble?”

“I see, thank you, Uncle Liu.” The smile on Lu Chengyu’s face faded. After thanking Uncle Liu several times, he drove away and asked about the new resident upstairs. With some interest, he thought about whoever made a special trip to move to this community for him, the rent in this community is not cheap, if it is to buy a house, it is an even bigger sum of money.

“Old Liu, what are you telling Mr. Lu?” In the security booth, a security guard stuck his head out of the window and glanced in the direction where Lu Chengyu’s car was leaving. “I said, you treat Mr. Lu as half a son. That’s it.”

“What nonsense?” Uncle Liu knew that his colleague was joking, and said with a smile, “I just brought Mr. Lu some peanuts from my own home, what can I say.”

The security guard also knew what happened to Lu Chengyu recently, after all, it was on TV. He sighed and said, “This Mr. Lu is indeed a good person. It’s a pity…” It’s a pity that he has no parents. From now on, there will always be some trouble in getting married.

Uncle Liu also sighed when he heard the words. It was a pity that he knew what his colleagues meant. But Mr. Lu had a house and a car, and thus he could find a good girl.

During the peak hours of work, there were always a lot of cars and people. When Lu Chengyu waited for the traffic lights, he couldn’t help frowning when he remembered what Uncle Liu had said. Who on earth was inquiring about him specifically and even moved to this community for that purpose?

An impatient prince like Liang Deyou was not the kind of person who could do this kind of thing. After all, it was too difficult for Liang Deyou to understand the enemy’s situation before taking such a step.

When he arrived at the company, Lu Chengyu went to the secretarial department to get Yan Mu’s day schedule before returning to his office. Then he received a call from Zhang Dao. It turned out that someone from a TV station wanted to interview him, but he couldn’t find anyone as a point of contact, so had to ask Zhang Dao.

After learning that it was an intellectual talk show, Lu Chengyu hesitated for a moment and said: “You tell the person in charge of the show that I only have time on weekends. If the other party doesn’t mind, I can accept the invitation to the show.”

He knew that this show was a court variety show. A TV show with good ratings, the style tended to be serious and sentimental, and most of the reports were on the positive image of the interviewee, which is different from many local stations that were mainly funny, so he didn’t need to worry too much.

Director Zhang knew that Lu Chengyu had no intention of becoming an artist, but this invitation was really difficult to refuse. He was relieved when Lu Chengyu agreed. After all, the recent incidents had been turbulent, and “Flying Birds” had not yet been released. Lu Chengyu was also the target of many reporters’ attention. These people weren’t able to approach Lu Chengyu and could only find him as he had some relationship with him.

Other TV stations or reporters were refused because Lu Chengyu was still recuperating, but they still needed to take care of the court variety show. Fortunately, Lu Chengyu had a clear idea, otherwise, they would have been a little embarrassed.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Chengyu put his mobile phone aside, although he was a little bit worried and awed by the idea of appearing in a court variety show, on the surface, he was still very calm.

He met with a customer in the morning. After negotiation of the terms between the two parties, he breathed a sigh of relief and began to follow up the research on the product of environmental purification. The product had been developed, but the results were still being tested. Lu Chengyu was not in a hurry but only required that the product must have actual effects, instead of blowing up the product as supernatural as some companies tended to do. It did not affect me at all.

After working on these things, he heard that two employees in the lower department had a conflict. The matter was a bit serious. The department manager had to report to him, and he went to meditate again.

When the matter was satisfactorily processed, it was already 12:30. He hurried to the staff canteen. As expected, there were no good dishes left. He went to the small stir-fry area and ordered two dishes. Just halfway through the meal, he received a call from Cao Jingshen and was told that someone from above will come to the company to inspect and let him hurry up and make preparations.

Recently, the Liang family has had such a big problem, so all the companies that have investment real estate under its umbrella have received cordial visits from the relevant departments in recent days. Large companies like Huading were naturally no exception.

After a quick meal, when he rushed to the president’s office, there were already several people in it, all of whom were senior management of Huading. Seeing these people’s serious expressions, Lu Chengyu knew that this inspection was not a formality, so he looked at Yan Mu in silence.

Yan Mu was the calmest one. After seeing Lu Chengyu coming in, he said: “The people above are coming to inspect, we can do our job, and you don’t have to worry about the others.”

One of the managers hesitated and said, “Boss, I heard that a company was fined this morning.”

“That company didn’t follow the rules and regulations. It was self-evident to find out that it was fined.”

Yan Mu signed his name on a document and handed it to Cao Jingshen, “I never doubt your ability to do things, so what are you worried about?”

As soon as he said this, Lu Chengyu saw that the expressions of these executives had a little bit of joy, and their expressions became calmer. It can be seen that they usually don’t see such encouragement. It was encouraging to hear such a sentence from the boss After these people left, he said, “I’m not familiar with this kind of thing, do I need to prepare something in advance?”

Cao Jingshen specifically called Lu Chengyu to teach him something, so he said, “You follow me. You will get to know everything.”

Lu Chengyu had a strong comprehension ability. Even if he had not encountered these things before, as long as he had done it once, Lu Chengyu will do better the next time.

As the boss, Yan Mu could not easily intervene in certain matters among employees. Therefore, Cao Jingshen was willing to ask Lu Chengyu to participate in these matters, and he was also willing to teach the other party a lot of things. This was unexpected to Yan Mu.

Colleagues fighting between colleagues is not a strange thing. It is common for old staff to be jealous of the newcomer’s ability to do things. Therefore, Cao Jingshen and Lu Chengyu’s way of getting along with each other saved Yan Mu, who valued the abilities of both of them.

Lu Chengyu is not a fool, and naturally understands Cao Jingshen’s good intentions. He smiled and followed Cao Jingshen to process the data. Hearing some secrets in the industry, the smile on his face became more and more obvious.

“Don’t smile at me like that,” Cao Jingshen looked at Lu Chengyu’s brilliant smile, pushing his glasses up his nose and saying, “No matter how handsomely you smile, I won’t look at you more.”

Lu Chengyu held a bunch of documents and blinked innocently.

“Brother Cao is ruthless.”

“I could be more ruthless.” Cao Jingshen put another thick pile of materials on top of the pile of materials that Lu Chengyu was holding, and lifted his chin. “Bring it to the eighth-floor foreign conference room.”

Lu Chengyu took the pile of information to the door, suddenly turned, and said:” Cao Ge, you’ll have to seriously faceplate, not like the bad guys, or do the hardest hit, I will not laugh at you.”

“Roll, Go away, don’t put gold on your face.” Cao Jingshen raised his foot and kicked Lu Chengyu’s leg, but the uneasiness on his face was fully revealed.

Lu Chengyu smiled and rushed into the elevator holding the documents. Cao Jingshen stood in the corridor, looked at the closed elevator door, and sighed. It was obvious that he was eight years older than Lu Chengyu, but he felt like a father. But thinking of hearing Lu Chengyu’s relatives’ discussion in the hotel a few months ago, he felt a lot softer for the kid, even though the kid was cheap and pretentious. But no matter what, he is still an unobtrusive young man.

Sure enough, the people who came down for inspection arrived soon afterward. Although these people didn’t put on a serious face, the employees of Huading could still perceive the difference in the atmosphere. When these people came, they first read various qualification certificates, then various tax forms, and asked a lot of questions. In the end, these talents finally praised Huading. One of the civilians was still on Huading’s list. A row of hooks was hit at the back.

Before leaving, the official who shook hands with Yan Mu and said goodbye, said with a smile: “As expected of Huading, the rules and regulations are followed strictly and reasonably. This time, your company must be on the list of praise from the court.”

No wonder it was so strict this time because it would be criticized or praised on TV.

“This is due to your good supervision,” Yan Mu shook hands with the other party a few times, his tone calm but with a bit of seriousness that convinced others, “This is everyone’s credit.”

The officials smiled happily. After all, this is their jurisdiction. There is no problem inside Huading, and it is also a good reputation for them. It is enough to have a heart-stirring Liang family. If such a big Huading had problems as well, they will be notified and criticized when they go back.

His gaze fell on Lu Chengyu behind Yan Mu and he specifically emphasized: “This President Yan’s assistant, he is a young talent.”

Lu Chengyu responded modestly at the moment and waited for these people to get in the car and leave. Then only he breathed a sigh of relief. Today these people’s problems were tricky. Fortunately, Cao Jingshen was here, otherwise, he would not be able to deal with it alone.

This also reflected his lack of certain abilities. After all, although he has a lot of work experience in previous lives, due to the different nature of the work, it is impossible to be perfect.

Cao Jingshen once again looked at Lu Chengyu with admiration. After all, a young man with less than a year of working experience can deal with this situation calmly and without stage fright. It is really rare. This is much better than what he did in the past.

Lu Chengyu’s performance this time also fell into the eyes of other executives of the company. No matter whether these people are jealous or are admiring, they all acknowledged Lu Chengyu’s workability and way of dealing with others, so he left a terrifying impression of himself on the executive’s heart.

They had some doubts when Lu Chengyu joined the Huading Group, but the boss and General Secretary Cao both had this meaning, and they didn’t want to say much. It’s no big deal to let him talk less.

Who knew that after the inspector came, they didn’t know what happened, but he took a fancy to Lu Chengyu, the youngest member of the Huading Group, and asked him a lot of questions from beginning to end. Along the way, everyone was sweating in their hearts. Unexpectedly, Lu Chengyu responded fluently. Not only did he not lose the chain of thought, but he also satisfied the other party. Even the inspecting officials deliberately praised him when he left.

No wonder the boss appointed him as an assistant early on. It would be a waste of such a capable person to be delegated to work as an ordinary employee.

Lu Chengyu didn’t care what others thought of him. After the inspection, he sorted all the materials back into the database. When he returned to the office, he saw Yan Mu standing by the window, apparently waiting for him.

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