MTaFB Ch. 36

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Lu Chengyu rested at home for a day, and got up early the next morning and drove to the company. As soon as he entered the company’s gate, a few security guards approached him with a smile and asked about his injuries. There was even a guy who gave him a bag of home-grown walnuts that were said to be good for the brain.

When passing by the front desk, the beautiful front desk girl also smiled like a spring breeze and asked him how he was doing and why he didn’t rest for a few more days. Then Lu Chengyu got two more boxes of walnuts and peanut milk.

After entering the elevator, he exchanged greetings with colleagues who were in the same elevator. After he arrived in his office and put down the things in his hands, he smiled helplessly. Today, these colleagues were really enthusiastic.

Thinking of the things about his parents exposed on the Internet, the smile on his face suddenly faded, looking down at the walnuts, peanut milk, native walnuts on the table, and the breakfast that a colleague in the elevator gave him, he smiled helplessly.

When Cao Jingshen came to see Lu Chengyu, he saw Lu Chengyu drinking with a box of milk in one hand and tapping on the keyboard with the other hand. It seemed that he was completely unaffected by the previous events. He coughed, “Why don’t you rest for two more days?” “There is nothing wrong with a person resting at home, if he/she is sick”. Lu Chengyu threw the empty milk carton into the trash and brought a glass of water for Cao Jingshen.

“Cao Ge how come you are here?”

I’m here to get the report that I asked you to do last time.” Cao Jingshen adjusted his facial expression, “but you are not in good health these days, you may have not done it, so I will do it for you this time.”

“It’s okay, I’ve done it,” Lu Chengyu knew that Cao Jingshen was actually worried about his body, and just because of wanting face didn’t want to admit it. He got up and turned out the completed report and gave it to Cao Jingshen, “Yesterday I was bored at home alone, so I found it out. You can see if there are any problems.”

“During the vacation, why did you do this? ,” Cao Jingshen frowned. After receiving the report, he looked at Lu Chengyu several times, “Are you really okay? Don’t work forcefully, your body won’t be able to bear it.”

“Don’t worry, Brother Cao, it’s all right, don’t worry.” Lu Chengyu knew that Cao Jingshen was actually worried about his body, and said with a smile, “Would you like me to do a set of broadcast exercises for you to prove that I am fine?” 

Cao Jingshen pushed his glasses up his nose, “I’m just worried that you will fall behind in your progress.” He stood up, put his hand on the water drained paper cup and then threw it into the trash.

“If you do not have any problem, go attend to the worksheet that I arranged for the boss before, and I will go down.”

He just walked out the door and saw the boss standing a few steps away, with a pensive expression on his face. Cao Jingshen immediately took a stop and turned towards Yan Mu, “Boss, are you looking for Assistant Lu for something?”

“No,” Yan Mu gave him a silent look. “I’m looking for you.”

Cao Jingshen turned his head and glanced behind him silently. He paused at the assistant’s room door: “What can the boss ask me for?”

When does the boss leave the office to call him, is there something wrong with the internal phone in the office?

Don’t be kidding, if that’s the case, the people in the logistics department would be facing deductions from their wages.

Yan Mu turned around and opened the door of his office. After entering the office, he said to Cao Jingshen who followed in: “Liang Guoming was arrested and the company he founded was in a slump due to this incident. I heard that since yesterday, some people have bought Liang’s scattered stocks, do you know about this?”

As the president, he needed to do a lot of things every day, and he also needed to pay attention to the movements of his opponent’s company. So as soon as something appeared wrong with the Liang company, he started to stare, otherwise he really couldn’t have found out the problem.

“I asked someone to check it last night,” Cao Jingshen took out a piece of information from the folder in his hand, “but it was only found out this morning. This is the information passed by the investigator. When the information was handed out, the expression on his face was a bit embarrassing, because this matter had a lot to do with Yan Mu.

“Song Junyan…” Yan Mu glanced at the information and said in a flat tone, “It seems that my father saved a lot of money for this illegitimate child.”

What his father said to him at the beginning seemed to be inconsistent with reality. However, he had never believed much of what the other party said, so he was not surprised that this kind of thing happened.

“This…” As a secretary, Cao Jingshen was not very good at dealing with the boss’s family affairs, but Song Junyan was unpredictable, and there was no real respect between him and the boss. If it weren’t for the shock of the Yan family’s background, he was afraid that Song Hongsi would have entered the house after Mrs. Yan died of illness, which shows the thoughts and skills of the mother and child.

“Don’t worry about him, even if he becomes one of Liang company’s shareholders, what can he do?” Yan Mu put down the investigation data in his hand, “The Liang company is now in chaos and lacks funds, but the people in power are Liang Deyou and Zhang Fang, Song Junyan can only face powerlessness. At most, he can participate in decision-making, but he won’t have the final decision-making power.”

“That’s true,” Cao Jingshen knew he didn’t have the vision and ability, so he just said, “It’s just that this person has taken a risk again. Coming out, it makes people feel a little bit responsive.”

“If you don’t put him in your eyes, you won’t need to respond.” Yan Mu said with a stern face and carelessly, “I don’t have so much time to play with kids like him.” Cao Jingshen felt that if Song Junyan heard this, he would not be so complacent.

“Boss, I also heard the news that Shengrong Company in City S seems to be interested in entering the capital.” Cao Jingshen frowned when he thought of the president of Shengrong Company. He was a smiling fox, who smiled better than anyone else. But his methods were more ruthless than anyone else, “This person has always changed his style and is difficult to deal with.”

“I won’t move,” Yan Mu said with a serious expression, “Sheng Shaoyuan has his methods, and I also have my methods. He wants to come to the capital to grab the market from me, so let him come.”

“I understand.” Cao Jingshen put down the folder, “It contains some information from Shengrong Company. If you have nothing else you need from me, I’ll go back to the office first, thank you.”

Yan Mu nodded to him, than he lowered his head and thought over some things that were not easy to know about Shengrong Company.

In the assistant’s room, Lu Chengyu looked at the latest news from the business community on the computer, and then saw that Liang’s new person in charge formally entered the board of directors today, with a photo of Liang Deyou wearing a suit and tie. Interestingly, the number of comments under this news is more than that of entertainment news, but most of them are negative comments, and some people even bluntly said that the Liang family should go bankrupt.

The news was still about the Liang’s topic, saying that a young new shareholder also entered the Liang’s board of directors today, and also introduced the person’s education. The graduate student who had returned from studying abroad was handsome, dignified, with a smile on the corners of his mouth. The commenters really had a taste of elites.

Lu Chengyu looked at the photo of the new shareholder known as Song. Although he looked good, he had a narrow forehead and thin lips. He touched his chin and closed the webpage. According to the theory of face, such people don’t have any heart and are uninterested. They are not the first choice for making friends. He does not know if this kind of statement is reliable. Anyway, this person did not suit his eyes.

When he went to the cafeteria for lunch at noon, Lu Chengyu received a lot of people’s greetings. Even the auntie shook his hand and scooped a few more spare ribs for him. When she handed him the lunch plate, the aunt also smiled and said: “Young people should eat more for their body.”

“Thank you.” Lu Chengyu smiled sincerely, and when he walked to sit next to Yan Mu, the smile on his face had not disappeared.

“In a good mood?” Yan Mu glanced at Lu Chengyu’s lunch plate, the food in it was about to overflow, and the amount was even more than his boss.

“Very good,” Lu Chengyu nodded, “There are so many good people in the world.”

Although these are just trivial things, but people are willing to do it, which is a kind of goodwill. Although he does not like others to sympathize with himself, he does not think that sympathy is an insult. No one is a big idler. It’s the kindness of others to take time to sympathize with you.

“Did you thank the canteen aunty?” Cao Jingshen sat across from the two of them, and saying this, he also picked a spare rib from Lu Chengyu’s plate, “So many dishes, can you finish it?”

“I will try my best,” Lu Chengyu hadn’t moved his chopsticks. Before he started eating, he gave another spare rib to Yan Mu, “You guys help me eat some too.”

Cao Jingshen noticed his skilful actions when picking vegetables for Yan Mu, and raised his eyebrows, “Okay, I will help you eat the ribs, and you can eat potato chips by yourself.”

“Okay, Brother Cao , don’t bully me honestly.” Lu Chengyu picked up a piece of spare ribs and stuffed it into his mouth, and said after a quick bite, “Next time you ask the aunty in the cafeteria to scoop more for you. The premise is that you do a beauty treatment to make yourself look younger and tenderer.”

“Your mouth is so cheap, do the other female employees in the company know about it?” Cao Jingshen took off his glasses and gave him a blank look. He wasn’t ashamed to call himself honest, he almost didn’t recognize the two words honest.

“I have always been gentle with female compatriots, of course they don’t know it.” Since the last time the three went to M City together, Lu Chengyu and Cao Jingshen have become more and more comfortable getting along with each other. The teasing odds are getting higher and higher, “Besides, where am I being so mean, isn’t it just to give you a suggestion?”

“Honesty is a human virtue,” Yan Mu said lightly on the side, “However, sometimes it is better not to speak when you are being too honest.”

“If you have a new love, you will forget your old love.” Cao Jingshen silently took a bite of food. “Boss, didn’t you always used to work without food and sleep?”

“Occasionally I can talk about interesting topics.” Yan Mu glanced at him and began to eat the ribs that Lu Chengyu gave him.

“Why don’t you say that you sacrificed your honour for a few spare ribs?” Cao Jingshen put on his glasses back, and he tried to see the ugly face of the capitalist.

Yan Mu looked up at him and didn’t answer his question, “It wasn’t you who said that you want to eat and sleep?” After saying this, he continued to lower his head to eat.

It turned out that this kind of topic is meaningless for the boss, and there is no need to speak? This kind of boss who is usually not irritating but suddenly changed really make you fell helpless.

He didn’t know why, Cao Jingshen had a kind of illusion that his boss deliberately said to make Lu Chengyu happy. Although he doubted the accuracy of this intuition, he thought of the things he had seen about Lu Chengyu on the Internet before, and he felt that it was possible for the boss to do this kind of thing.

Because even he himself, after seeing those things, couldn’t help but want to rush to the Liang family to drag Liang Deyou out and beat him up. It’s not that he is not calm, but that kind of stuff is too disgusting.

The people in the cafeteria who were worried about Lu Chengyu, saw Lu Chengyu eating happily as usual, with a smile on his face, and were relieved and moved, and felt that he could deal with so many things indifferently. Assistant Lu really deserves to be treated. Those people on the Internet called him male god, and even they wanted to call him male god.

After getting off work in the afternoon, when Lu Chengyu returned home, he found that a moving company was moving furniture upstairs. He didn’t care too much. It was a new community anyway, and it was normal for new residents to move in.

The two workers who moved the refrigerator saw that he was about to enter the elevator were too embarrassed to squeeze with him. They were ready to wait for another elevator to get down. Lu Chengyu said, “It’s okay, you can come in.” He glanced at the two of them and pressed the necessary button. It turns out that the new tenant is upstairs. One of the workers said: “Sir, thank you, we didn’t want squeeze you.”

“It’s okay,” Lu Chengyu smiled, “You can’t squeeze me in such a large space.” When the elevator arrived, he got out of the elevator. The two workers were thanking him, but he smiled helplessly, watched the elevator doors closed, and turned back to his home.

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