CFCS Ch. 222: Road to Immortality (11)

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Lan Manzi was sent back to the room, crying and out of breath, Xiao Liangqi originally wanted to comfort her, but knew that once he opened his mouth, Lan Manzi would definitely vent his anger on him. Even though they had been married for so many years, he had never loved this woman in his heart, and the longer the time, the more he felt disgusted with this woman, so now seeing her swollen and crying, he didn’t feel any heartache at all.

Because this was the boat of the Lan family, and Lan Manzi’s parents were on board, he had to do something otherwise Xiao Liangqi would have gone to hide somewhere else. But Lan Manzi kept crying, and Xiao Liangqi waited for a long time but didn’t see that she was about to stop, so he got impatient and got up to go out.

“Stop!” Lan Manzi’s eyes were red and swollen, and her vision was blurry, but she felt it immediately when Xiao Liangqi was about to leave. She stood up and asked, “Where are you going?!”

Xiao Liangqi saw her finally stop crying and didn’t want to argue with her here, so he sat down again and remained silent.

“Ling’er’s face and eyes were scalded by that little bastard! Are you looking at it so indifferently?” The pain on Lan Manzi’s face was not comparable to the hatred and pain in her heart. She wished to kill Jing Yang immediately.

“Xiao Jing is also my son. Don’t talk about a little beast. If he is a beast, then what am I? What is Xiao Ling?” What Xiao Liangqi hated the most was Lan Manzi’s shrew-like appearance. Xiao Jing’s mother seemed gentle and considerate. The thing he regretted the most was going to Heming City to celebrate his birthday, and then being attracted by this woman.

“He is your son, isn’t Ling’er your son?!” Lan Manzi slapped the table and said loudly, “Now Ling’er is burned, and you are not only indifferent, but you only want to speak for Xiao Jing! Do you still have us mother and son in your heart?!”

“Xiao Jing is now the great apprentice of the God Venerable Bai Guang, his status is much better than before, and even father-in-law dare not ask for someone, what do you want me to do?” Xiao Liangqi looked at her and said, “When Xiao Jing was so young, you sent someone to throw him into the fire to burn him to death. Do you think he won’t hold grudges?”

“He wants revenge, so he can come at me! Why did he torture my Ling’er?!”

“Xiao Ling used to bully Xiao Jing a lot. If it wasn’t for you mother and son who have done too much these years, how could he do it now?” Xiao Liangqi said.

“Us mother and son?!” Lan Manzi stared fiercely at Xiao Liangqi and said, “Then you are now trying to separate yourself from us mother and son, and refuse to admit that Ling’er is also your son? When Xiao Jing fell into the fire, you rescued him regardless, and even had a big fight with me. Now that Ling’er has an accident, you have such an attitude. Not only are you not worried about Ling’er’s injuries, but you also keep saying good things and defending your son. In your heart, did you never care about us?”

“How do you want me to answer you? Anyway, no matter what I say, you think it’s wrong. You should calm down.” Xiao Liangqi thought she was very irritable and didn’t want to entangle with her any longer, so he got up again and prepared to leave.

“Xiao Liangqi!!” Lan Manzi pointed at Xiao Liangqi and said loudly, “Don’t think that Xiao Jing can really do whatever he wants now that he is Bai Guang’s apprentice! Our Lan family is not easy to mess with! If my Ling’er was really tortured to death by Xiao Jing, I will want everyone in your Xiao family to be buried with him, if he dies, everyone will die together!! You go and pick up Ling’er for me right now, do you hear me?!”

“As I said just now, even your father doesn’t dare to ask for someone, how do you ask me to take him over?!” Xiao Liangqi also roared loudly, “Can you stop making trouble for no reason?!”

“Now it’s your big son, if he hurts your little son, you, as a father, will just watch coldly and do nothing?” Lan Manzi became more and more angry as she said, “You can’t even control your own son. Why did I fall in love with such a useless man like you!!”

“Yeah, it would be great if you didn’t fall in love with me at the beginning, and these things wouldn’t happen now. So the result now you have to take it upon yourself.” Xiao Liangqi walked out after finishing speaking.

“Xiao Liangqi!!” Lan Manzi thumped the table vigorously, watching Xiao Liangqi leave, she sat on the ground and began to cry again.

Lan Manzi had always been happy since she was a child, and she had never been so angry during this period of time in her life. She was about to hate Jing Yang to death, and she only wanted to kill Jing Yang to avenge Xiao Ling and herself. Such thoughts became more and more intense, so she suddenly stopped crying, because the increasingly intense hatred made her wake up instead.

Lan Manzi thought, crying couldn’t solve any problems at all, the more sad and painful she felt, it would only make Xiao Jing feel more comfortable and proud. She couldn’t sit still, she must find a way to kill Xiao Jing, and the only way was to persuade her father to invite that god-like ancestor of the Lan family back to Heming City.

Jing Yang closed his eyes and meditated in the house, thinking about how to make the father and daughter of the Lan family suffer more pain and torture. It was easy to torture Lan Manzi, since Xiao Ling was now in his hands. As long as he used all means to torture Xiao Ling, it would make their mother and child have a hard time. But if he wanted to torture Lan Daonian so that he couldn’t bear it anymore, he might have to be more ruthless.

Jing Yang was thinking about it, when a disciple came in and told him that Xiao Liangqi who wanted to see him. He opened his eyes, and after thinking for a while, he refused to see Xiao Liangqi.

After all, the tragedy of Xiao Jing mother and son was all caused by Xiao Liangqi, and he was the main root cause. When Xiao Jing was still alive, he hated Xiao Liangqi quite a bit. Although he didn’t hate Xiao Liangqi so much that he wanted him to die, he would never be able to forgive him, let alone think of him like a normal father and son.

Xiao Liangqi stood outside, knowing that Jing Yang didn’t want to see him, sighed silently in his heart, then turned and left, feeling a little lonely. In fact, he had already expected such a result in his heart, but he still came here with a glimmer of hope. He did have the idea of interceding for Xiao Ling, but he also knew the hatred in Xiao Jing’s heart. Lan Manzi and Xiao Ling would definitely not be easily let go.

Xiao Liangqi looked into the distance with his hands behind his back. For so many years, even though he regretted it countless times, he could never return to the past, and it was impossible to do it all over again. He thought that since he started everything, maybe he should also finish it. After so many years, some things should have a result.

“Father, even if you don’t feel sorry for your daughter and grandson, you should still think about the Lan family and Heming City, right?” Lan Manzi said with an aggrieved and resentful look, “Xiao Jing has now become the apprentice of the Lord Bai Guang. He wants to avenge his mother. It’s not just your daughter and Ling’er that he won’t let go of. It’s the entire Lan family that he wants to take revenge on. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have followed us to Heming City. Dad, don’t you think so? Will you just watch him destroy the Lan family and do nothing?!”

“Is it not all because of you that our Lan family was forced to where it is today!” Lan Daonian glared at Lan Manzi.

“Daughter knows it’s daughter’s fault. She shouldn’t have allowed Xiao Jing to survive in the first place, but things have already happened, and you scolded me as well. You have to find a way for the Lan Family.

“Great, but if he intends to destroy our Lan family, what can we do?”

“Should we all just watch the Lan family be destroyed and wait to die?!” Lan Manzi stood up excitedly and said “Father, have you forgotten that our Lan family also has an ancestor who has become a god? You invite him back to Heming City, and then use all the power of Heming City. Could it be that we still can’t deal with Bai Guang?”

“What do you know?” Lan Donian said in a teaching tone, “Do you think that the ancestor of the Lan family who has become a god is so easy to invite back? If you really invite him back, let him try his best to deal with Lord Bai Guang, do you know the price we have to pay?”

“No matter how high the price is, it is better than the destruction of the Lan family. If the Lan family is gone, what’s the point of caring about the price?” Lan Manzi now only thought that as long as she could kill Jing Yang, she didn’t care what the cost she would have to pay.

“Let’s talk about everything after we return to Heming City.” Lan Daonian said, “If he just wants to vent his anger and doesn’t want to put our Lan family to death, then no matter what he wants to do, we have to do it. In the world of cultivating immortals and the world of immortals, the strong have always been respected. Now that he has Bai Guang Shenzun as his backer, we have to lower our posture and let him vent his anger. But if he is determined to put the Lan family to death, so naturally I won’t let him succeed.”

Lan Manzi clenched her fists tightly, she didn’t want to bear it, she didn’t want to bear it at all, why did she have to endure the torture of a person she could easily trample on before? And her Ling’er, she couldn’t watch her son being tortured but could only bear it, he couldn’t bear it! She must find a way to completely eradicate that scourge Xiao Jing!


After they arrived at Heming City, the first thing Jing Yang had to do was to send the Gathering Magic Bead to the Soul Cleansing Hall.

The magic power of the magic gathering bead was too strong, and if the cultivators with low immortal power approached it, they would be easily eroded by the magic energy. Once the devilish energy entered the body, it would be impossible to cultivate immortality or repair it in the future, and it was basically equivalent to becoming a disabled person.

So after Jing Yang sent the magic-gathering beads to the Hall of Cleansing Souls, he asked Xiao Ling, Yang Junmao and others to stay by the side of the magic-gathering beads, which not only made them crazy with anger, but also made them stare at Jing Yang with cannibalistic eyes. The faces of the other three heads of the big family also became particularly ugly, but no one dared to raise objections.

Jing Yang opened the ice box, and after seeing the black magic energy coming out of the ice box, he turned around and glanced at the people standing below one by one with his eyes and sneered with the corners of his mouth. His revenge in place of Xiao Jing was only now about to officially begin. All the people below must pay the price for what they have done. This was the reincarnation of heaven, and the retribution was not good.

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