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After all, Kang Yingjun had never shown his face in front of the public. People who knew his appearance were in a minority. Besides, he had lost weight before this signing, so his appearance was also different from his previous appearance.

Thus, many netizens had doubts.

[You said he is Handsome, so he is Handsome?? Go find out about Yingjun’s status in the literary world, he isn’t someone who will be on the entertainment section, OK???]

[Don’t drag Handsome into the water, I’ve seen Handsome before, Handsome doesn’t look like this at all! …Although the mole at the corner of the mouth is a bit like him ORZ.]

[Impossible, how could the Handsome writer be with the mysterious man! It’s awesome to handle four cats at the same time, but don’t mess with their identities!]

[Blindly rubbing the heat! It has nothing to do with my Handsome!]

However, without the writer Yingjun’s own Weibo to clarify, those who doubted were slapped in the face at the speed of light, because those who participated in today’s autograph session came out to testify.

[…Don’t believe it, this TM is really Handsome!! I saw it in person today!! Handsome said that he lost a little weight recently!]

[+1 at the signing event, unfortunately no photos were allowed, Handsome’s face is really amazing!!!]

[It’s Handsome… Although I was hit critically, this is really Handsome QAQ.]

[Suddenly I remembered, so the young man I saw with Handsome at the scene was the mysterious man??? Oh!! I saw the mysterious man???]

[????? What does the mysterious man look like, brother! Say it quickly!!]

Seeing that Kang Xing Luo was being talked about a lot, but in the end there was no photo after all, he could only draw a good-looking description based on his impressions.

Netizens expressed that it was true that people could not be judged by appearances, and their curiosity about Kang Xing Luo had grown.

After Kang Yingjun’s appearance was exposed to the public, it triggered a wave of fan rampage. After a short time, Dahei’s Weibo fans increased by hundreds of thousands.

Naturally, the Prince, Miao and Xiaoxue, who were also the parties involved, were all firmly on the trending searches. Some people were waiting for them to express their opinions, and some people swiped their screens feeling distressed for them.

The name of the mysterious man spread a level higher than before, and the online evaluation of Kang Xing Luo was completely off.

In the past, there had been a large number of fans from all walks of life begging him to let their brothers and sisters go away. Now that the four cats had gathered together, netizens had gradually started mythologizing the mysterious man and regarded him as an existence akin to a love saint.

[I don’t think I will make a fuss about anything anymore.]

[Everyone, come out and stand in line, the Prince brother is first, while Miao SNOW and Handsome came later!!!]

[Damn, fans of Brother Prince, don’t be hypocritical!! We crush the prince, your brother Prince is the fattest!!]

[Sorry, I’m going to compete with the other three. I stand with SNOW, and SNOW is invincible in glory.]

[Please draw your swords, gentlemen, my sister Miao has no fear.]

[The Handsome who just took office, his fan has something to say, please listen carefully. As the saying goes, you can only listen to newcomers laughing and can’t hear old ones crying. Judging from the photos that broke out in the news, our Yingjun has already won. After all, we are in the arms and you are on the ground, hehe.]


There were different comments on the Internet, and the cats sitting at home also had different thoughts.

Kang Yingjun was flustered by the rising voices of fans on Weibo, while Prince Kang, Kang Miao and Kang Xue got the same answer in the process of scrolling through the comments.

Kang Dahei…was really scary!!

He just came out, but not only did Xing Luo hug him and never let go, even his approval rate on the Internet was so high.

In the online voting of who the mysterious man would choose, Kang Yingjun got equal shares with them in the gossip section as soon as he appeared and was even showing a tendency to surpass them!

How amazing!

A new favorite was the new favorite???

This was the country they managed to conquer!!

This was the case with Kang Miao, Kang Xue and Kang Taizi[1], and there was no need to mention Kang Lai Yin, who had no name at all. While other cats browsed Weibo, Kang Lai Yin’s state was basically the same as dying, and he didn’t even move.

Kang Dahei shrank into Kang Xing Luo’s arms, and said: “I’m so happy now, suddenly I feel very inspired, and I want to write something.”

Kang Xing Luo was attracted by this sentence and was pleasantly surprised. “Really? Then I’ll get you a computer!”

He liked Handsome’s books, Handsome was his Dahei, and Handsome wanted to write in front of him. The combined power of these three things couldn’t be underestimated, so Kang Xing Luo immediately walked out.

Dahei said what he said, and the other three cats looked at each other, feeling a strong sense of crisis in their hearts.

No, it was absolutely impossible to continue like this, it would be bad if this situation was allowed to develop! Dahei was the white moonlight in Xing Luo’s heart, once the white moonlight returned, he would soon be favored alone!!

As one of the many cats, they strongly demanded that the rain and dew equally wet all of them!!

It was impossible for them to live without rain and dew!

Kang Xue lowered his head to fiddle with something, the phones of the four cats except Kang Yingjun all lit up.

There was news from the group of three cats where only Kang Taizi, Kang Miao and Kang Xue were left.

After a while, Kang Lai Yin, who was kicked out of the group before, was also pulled in, and the group name was changed to: Anti-Dahei Alliance.

Kang Xue: Our slogan is: Unity!

Kang Xue: Twist into a rope, in the battle to guard Xing Luo, we must win.

The small group of six cats was very large, and it could be used for anything at ordinary times. But this time when Dahei came back, Kang Xue thought about it and felt that it was necessary to form an alliance.

After all, the scary thing about Dahei lay in his strong affinity, if they were not careful, Kang Xing Luo would be led away.

Kang Xue said: In order not to repeat the same mistakes and stick to our position in the family, we need to confirm our position and must not be swayed by Dahei.

Prince Kang said: “I want to say something.”

Kang Xue: Tell me.

Prince Kang: It’s enough to have me and Xiaomiao, why bring in that Chang Maozi?

Kang Lai Yin who was pulled in: …

Kang Lai Yin sincerely felt that he was more qualified to say this.

In his opinion, the most useless person to deal with Kang Dahei was Prince Kang.

When it came to the relationship between the six cats, it could be described as intricate. Among them, Dahei was the eldest in the family, with a good personality, and his relationship with each cat was not bad.

If it weren’t for the fact that there are too many cats in the house and there was only one owner, everyone would basically have a good relationship with him. Fortunately, there was an eternal theme of competing for favor. And Prince Kang…

Prince Kang was really hard to describe.

Don’t look at how fierce Prince Kang was when he misunderstood Dahei just now, in fact, the silly and proud Prince Kang most often acted coquettishly with Dahei.

The two cats often slept together with their heads close to each other.

The reasons for this were dire.

Prince Kang was the fourth eldest in the family, and half a year younger than Dahei and Xiaohua. When he first entered the house, he hadn’t been weaned yet, and he was hungry every day.

At that time, Dahei and Xiaohua could be considered as half-grown adult cats and looked like parents, so Prince Kang chased Dahei and Xiaohua every day.

Xiaohua was the overlord, she would beat as soon as she was chased, so he could only chase after Dahei.

Dahei had a docile personality, and nine times out of ten he would cooperate with the Prince and be caught. After he caught up, the Prince would shove back and forth against Dahei’s belly… as if he was looking for milk.

Yes, Prince Kang, was looking for milk on Dahei’s belly.

He searched for it for several months, until the white hair on Dahei’s belly turned yellow.

So the relationship between the crown prince and Dahei…was indescribable.

Naturally, it was impossible for Crown Prince Kang to admit this unbearable past, but with this layer of shyness covering his face, Crown Prince Kang’s feelings for Dahei were very unusual, he was both father and mother, brother and rival.

If this alliance was not reliable, it was because there was a 100% chance that Prince Kang would rebel at any time.

However, Prince Kang didn’t know anything about it, and felt that he was very reliable.

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[1] Prince’s actual name, I haven’t used it until now but it looks good so I left it this time… Sorry for any confusion…

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