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After the beef brisket was cooked, Su Yemu began to boil the noodles. The freshly pulled noodles didn’t need to be boiled for a long time, so he just boiled them in boiling water for a while.

He boiled two green vegetables with noodle soup, poured beef brisket and radish juice on the noodles together, and a bowl of delicious and authentic beef brisket ramen was ready.

Refreshing, full of elasticity, so powerful, I didn’t expect the things made from this flour to be so delicious.

I’m willing to pay a month’s salary to buy this bowl of beef brisket noodles, it’s so delicious.

At this time, the Sixi meatballs were done; the surface was golden in color, and the inside was fresh, salty, crispy and tender. When you bit down, the delicious thick soup burst out in the mouth, which was hot and sweet. While eating, people couldn’t help but salivate.

The bullet screen was full of the word delicious, and everyone didn’t know how to describe it. It could be described in a sentence on the bullet screen: “The delicacy of these foods can no longer be described in any language, but can only be expressed with gifts.”

After a wave of gifts were given, those gourmet anchors who came to ‘spot the enemy’ with their trumpets turned red-eyed, and said with tacit understanding: burn this anchor to death.

After all the food was cooked, Su Yemu looked up, ready to announce the lottery draw, but saw that everyone was scrambling for food, and seemed to have forgotten about the lottery draw: “You don’t care about the lottery draw anymore?”

There are only two places, with 150,000 people, I think it’s worth eating two more bites.

Add the front, by the way, the marshal bless me.

Asking the anchor to open a shop every day.

I am Erha, master, I am Erha, I have already packed my luggage, and I am waiting for you to provide me with the address, master.

Erha’s words made Su Yemu think, if he really opened a shop, it would be a good choice to accept disciples.

“Then I’ll start.” Su Yemu notified the terminal to draw a lottery, and the bullet screen instantly swiped up, swiping Buddha Lord, God Lord, Universe King, and Marshal He. The corners of Su Yemu’s mouth twitched. Why was this feeling so subtle! Also, didn’t you say you don’t care about the lottery?

As the system announced the list, ‘123 Wooden People’ and an audience member named ‘Bai Yitu’ won the prize. Everyone expressed disappointment, even rolled around begging for a new draw, and clamoured to rob the two winners. Although the barrage was not harmonious, the gift swiping showed that everyone was just joking.

Saying goodbye to the audience, Su Yemu started to pack the food after notifying Star Delivery. Each serving of ramen was served with a Sixi meatball and green vegetables, and the beef brisket was packed in another food box. In addition to the soup, the beef brisket also had noodle soup blended in it, so that the soup was not too salty, and the beef brisket was full of flavour.

Su Yemu packed three servings of food, one of which was given to ‘Food is Tasteless’, and two were given to the audience who won the lottery. Su Yemu was a little concerned about the address of one audience named ‘Bai Yitu’. It was not somewhere ordinary people could live.

Three minutes later, the star delivery took away the food box, Su Yemu turned off the live broadcast room, opened the background to see today’s income, there were more than 30,000 star coins, of which ‘Bai Yitu’ smashed five ‘captains’ and three ‘star ships’, what a local tyrant!

Su Yemu finished the remaining two bowls of noodles, brought them out and saw that Su Xiaonan was still tossing 033, and said with a smile: “Xiaonan, it’s time to eat noodles.”

She installed a few screws, and then circled 033 twice with satisfaction, and patted it on the shoulder: “033, clean up the kitchen.”

033 turned his head, and walked in obediently.

Su Yemu specially followed it in the kitchen and saw that it moved neatly and orderly. It felt weird when the cleaning work was done faster than him, and it was even cleaner. Why did he think it was so inconsistent? It didn’t feel like 033 was a butler robot.

But it didn’t matter, from now on he didn’t have to clean the kitchen anymore, which put Su Yemu in a good mood. When eating, he mentioned to his sister about going to school; at present, he still couldn’t afford Xiaonan to go to Neptune to study, but according to Su Yemu’s current situation, the money he had earned was more than enough for her to go to the first district of Saier Star to study.

“Brother, I don’t need to go to the first district, I can also study in the third district.”

“No, I have the final say on this matter, and I have money. Xiaonan, you are very talented in mechas. I hope to see you driving a mecha one day. You must be very intelligent.”

The power was divided into levels, physical and spiritual power, and the spiritual power was divided into two types, one was combat type, and the other was healing type. The awakened combat type was generally men, and the healing type were generally women.

But there were also special cases, and Su Xiaonan belonged to this special case. Since she was born, she had awakened the spiritual power of the combat system. As for the level, only their parents knew, and after their parents passed away, nobody tried to gauge it. Su Yemu guessed that Xiaonan’s level should not be low, because she was too smart.

As for Su Yemu, he should have nothing to do with spiritual power; the sooner spiritual power was awakened, the higher the level would be. He was already twenty-three, so his hopes were slim.

Fearing that Xiaonan wouldn’t believe it, Su Yemu showed her the balance to dispel her desire to save money for Su Yemu. At the same time, Su Xiaonan said to her brother righteously: “It’s time to write your recipe.”

“Xiao Nan, your pen is too modern, I want to find a brush to write with.” If you can’t beat the instrument, at least you have to make it soothing to your eyes.

“What’s a writing brush?”

“To put it simply, it’s a brush made of hair.”

“I don’t understand.” Even though she didn’t understand, Su Xiaonan didn’t want to ask further: “Brother, I’ll take you to the trading market! There may be some there.”

“Okay, go to sleep!”

After eating, 033 was responsible for cleaning the dishes. Su Yemu also got up and went back to the room after driving his sister to bed. He just felt weird, as if he had forgotten something.

As night fell, Su Yemu was in a daze, always feeling that there was a voice calling him, and he woke up from the dream suddenly; after sitting on the bed to relax for a while, Su Yemu got out of bed with bare feet, and walked towards the window instinctively. When he opened the window, a tall black shadow suddenly appeared, and Su Yemu cried out in shock, and took two steps back.

Under the moonlight, the man’s half-length black hair covered his face, and the eyes of A Sha pierced through it, making people feel a chill; if it wasn’t for his attire, who would believe that he was a fool.

“Silly? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

A Sha didn’t say a word, just covered his stomach with his hands, and stared at Su Yemu.

Su Yemu was puzzled, and also fixedly looked at Ah Sha. The two of them looked at each other through the window, while the faint moonlight came in. Suddenly, the story of Romeo and Juliet meeting on the balcony appeared in Su Yemu’s mind, but…


In the silent night, the voice was very clear, and Su Yemu’s mind flashed: “You haven’t eaten?”

A Sha would not respond to him, so Su Yemu could only ask him if he wanted to come in. Then he went to the kitchen to get him something to eat.

A Sha still kept silent, just staring at Su Yemu.

Su Yemu had no choice but to say, “Then you wait here, I’ll come back in a while.”

Su Yemu closed the window casually, and within two steps, the window opened with a sound of ‘Yeeah’. Su Yemu thought A Sha had changed his mind and wanted to come in, but when he turned around, he was still standing outside the window, motionless.

Su Yemu shook his head and ignored him.

When he came to the kitchen, Su Yemu dug out the rice and put it in the pot to cook. He was going to make fried rice with eggs. While waiting for the meal to get cooked, he went back to his room to talk to A Sha, trying to get something out of his mouth, but in the end he was talking alone, and A Sha just stood there, motionless.

Fried rice with eggs was not difficult to make, and it took only 20 minutes to fry; then he steamed the two leftover Sixi meatballs, put them on the rice, and it looked very delicious.

It tasted delicious too, he could tell by the way A Sha looked, he had grabbed a spoon and was eating hard, without even saying thank you; Su Yemu sat on the window sill, with his legs bent, he was hugging his knees and yawning, then unconsciously he fell asleep leaning against the window.

After A Sha finished his meal, he put the plate on the window sill and stared at Su Yemu with a confused expression.

As the night deepened, A Sha, who was standing outside the window, left at dawn, and Su Yemu also woke up as soon as the sun came through.

His whole body was in pain, as he had fallen asleep sitting up like this, while the person standing by the window had long since disappeared.

The live broadcast entered the seventh day, and Su Yemu’s popularity ushered in a big explosion. As the saying goes, there were not many popular things. This morning, Su Yemu just announced the menu on the bulletin board of the live broadcast room, and it attracted a large-scale scolding. It was said that Su Yemu copied another food anchor on the gourmet platform, not only copied the food recipes, but also imitated that anchor to arrange a story for each food, add color to the food, and use it to play emotional cards.

This gourmet anchor had been stationed on the TV live broadcast platform for three years, with 10 million fans. He was already a gourmet anchor on the Green Popularity List. His ID name was very interesting, called “Yunying is not married”, which sounded very poetic, and most of his fans were male fans, with amazing fighting power.

Su Yemu’s fans had just reached 300,000, which was insignificant compared to 10 million.

Soon, the bulletin board of Su Yemu’s personal space was occupied by fans of this male anchor, and the page full of insulting messages made people angry.

It was still morning at this time, after Su Yemu announced the menu, he went to Grandpa Zong’s with Su Xiaonan, completely oblivious to what happened on Xingwang.

Before Su Yemu came this time, Grandpa Zong had already put all the ceramics into the kiln once. After the glaze was finished this time, he would go into the kiln again, and it was done.

Glazing the earthen pot was very simple, just put on a layer of brown glaze slurry and glaze the casserole, Su Yemu had chosen black glaze slurry for the clay pots, when it came to three cups, Su Yemu thought that the cooked brown color was very beautiful, and the rough texture was very special, so there was no need for glazing. After discussing with his sister, Su Yemu drew a smiling face on each of the three cups, and wrote names beside them: Su Yemu, Su Xiaonan, A Sha.

Modern technology was advanced, and machines were used for everything, including glazing. Grandpa Zong’s batch of ceramics was glazed by the machine, and it only took ten minutes.

It took only five hours for them to get cooked in the kiln for the second time. After they came out, they were directly put into a special potion to cool down. After half an hour, all the processes were completed.

Su Yemu was a little tangled holding his five jars, three clay pots, two casserole pots, and three cups. He really didn’t expect ceramic firing in the Ephemeral Era to be so simple and crude; he has played pottery and been to Jingdezhen, he had seen with his own eyes how the staff there fired a kiln of porcelain, and how the porcelain that came out could be directly exhibited in the art exhibition.

Thousands of years later, the ancient Chinese porcelain kiln technique was lost, and Su Yemu, the only one who knew how to make it, would feel suffocated if he just kept it hidden.

Considering that in the end, Su Yemu was going to wait a little longer. He had a plan, and now was not the time.

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