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“I’m glad you could come.” This opening sentence was conveyed from the condenser microphone on the lectern.

When every student heard this, they found that Si Huang’s aura had changed during the speech.

Her eyes were burning with heat, and the smile outlined at the corner of her mouth could easily infect people’s hearts with enthusiasm.

“I stand here today because I want to tell you a few words in my heart, so that you can feel at ease, and also give you a sense of enlightenment and a way.” The clear and low voice seemed to be filled with heat, all the while silently infecting everyone, “When I was at the school gate, a reporter asked me why I chose Huaxing Art School to recruit people from for the filming of “Red Moon”. Is it because of insufficient funds or because I didn’t take it seriously at all. I didn’t answer this question just now, because I don’t need to explain to them, the only ones I need to explain to are you, my classmates.”

“Now I’m saying in front of you, it’s not that I can’t find a more experienced filming team, nor that I can’t find better actors, and I don’t worry about funding. As long as I want, I can get a loan or find a sponsor immediately. And I also have the confidence to assert that “Red Moon” can give everyone a refreshing effect, and it will be popular and profitable! If this is the case, why should I find you?”

Everyone present who heard her words couldn’t help asking in their hearts: That’s right, then why did you seek us?

Then they saw Si Huang smiling on the stage, her smile was bright and pure.

“Because what I want is you.”

These words… hit the hearts of countless young people.

“Maybe many people have heard that after the end of this year, I will leave Huaxing Art School. This year will be my last winter vacation in Huaxing Art School. This is my alma mater and my starting point. There is you guys.” Si Huang raised her head and looked directly at everyone in front of her with a smile. The first few girls were Lu Ningning’s trio and Huo Yuzhi’s quartet, “The Knights who have supported me, thank you. I want to leave you with something before I leave.”

“”Red Moon” is divided into episodes, there are a total of twelve episodes, each episode is an independent story, so whether it is a senior who is about to graduate, or juniors who still want to continue their studies, you can rest assured to participate in the filming of “Red Moon” without worrying about your studies. I will finish filming the three episodes of “Red Moon” during the winter vacation. In the recruitment rules of the forum, it is also clearly written that after the filming, if you are not willing to sign a contract with Fenghuang Entertainment, you can leave at any time, and those who participated in this filming will also be eligible to sign the best contract with Fenghuang Entertainment.”

“I am not a pure businessman, I stand in front of you as a classmate now, and I want to experience a youth together with you, and fulfill a dream that may be praised by others in the future, are you willing?”

She stood in the light, with both eyebrows slanted, his eyes and smile bright.

The hall was silent for two or three seconds, and then girls screamed, and each figure stood up.

“Willing—! We are willing—!”

“Hey! It’s so fucking sensational, I’m on fire!”

“What should I do, my grades are not good, so I’m sure I won’t be selected, why don’t I join the logistics job?”

“I love you, Your Majesty!”

“Come on! I wanted to try to make a movie myself a long time ago!”

They roared, laughed, and even cried.

A piece of red underwear suddenly fell on a boy’s head, causing the boy to yell, “Fuck, what woman loves me so much! She’s so passionate…”

“Get out! I was trying to throw it to His Majesty!” A girl stood up, blushed and shouted.

The audience burst into laughter.

“Pfft!” Si Huang on the stage also laughed, and the laughter was conveyed through the condenser microphone and was heard by everyone.

“No, no, I’m going to faint!”

“Hey, hey! Don’t faint on me, I don’t want to be responsible for you!”

“Your Majesty, I am willing, and I am willing to give myself to you! “Another girl even lifted up her clothes, wanting to learn how to lose her underwear like the unrestrained girl before, “If you meet me, marry me!”

Si Huang saw it, and said helplessly, “Don’t make trouble.”

“Hahahahaha——!’ Another burst of laughter broke out.

At the entrance of the great hall, no one noticed that there were two more people.

Zhou Jian pointed at Si Huang and said to Jiang Yajing in a low voice: “It’s him, you will fight for the role of the heroine later, you must give full play to your talents, you must not be overwhelmed by him, it is best if you are able to overwhelm him.”

Jiang Yajing blinked, still staring at Si Huang, “He doesn’t look bad.”

“You can’t judge people just by their appearance!” Zhou Jian raised his voice, “Yan Yan’s life was ruined by him, from a big star to a high-class prostitute… Cough.” Thinking that Jiang Yajing didn’t know anything, he stopped talking in time. Looking carefully at Jiang Yajing’s expression, he found that although she was staring at Si Huang, her expression did not seem obsessed, so he couldn’t help but let go, “In short, you just need to take the role with all your strength when the time comes, and you can definitely do it with your strength. Don’t forget, if you succeed this time, your dream will come true.”

“Yes! I know!” Jiang Yajing laughed brilliantly when he mentioned her dream.

Seeing this, Zhou Jian felt a little guilty.

This child was not hypocritically innocent like Yan Yan, but genuinely innocent.

Si Huang at the lectern on the high platform raised his eyes, glanced over the heads of many students, and caught sight of the two people at the entrance of the great hall.

Zhou Jian shrank his body back instinctively and looked away with a stiff face.

Jiang Yajing raised her head and smiled at him calmly, her eyes full of fighting spirit.

[Your Majesty, you are amazing, you can control your voice to such a degree in such a short time. Hehe, they are all infected by His Majesty!] Five Treasures came out and said.

Si Huang didn’t explain it to it, there was such a great effect because what she said before was indeed her sincerity.


After the speech in the Great Hall, the students were full of fighting spirit and joined the recruitment process.

Classrooms were utilized, technicians worked on the same subject in a room full of computers, and whoever could do it the fastest and best would win. The photographers shot the same scene, while the writers wrote down the main points and attention points for the shooting, plus their own personal understanding characteristics, and submitted it. Those who could make props and costumes drew pictures and design costumes based on their understanding of the script of “Red Moon”.

The most important thing was the choice of actors, which was being supervised by Si Huang himself.

Seeing the atmosphere on the campus, the vice-principal couldn’t help sighing, as he went to his office to make a call.

“Hahahahaha, Zhang Hexuan, isn’t my grandson doing well!” The phone was answered within a few rings, and Grandma Yu’s triumphant laughter came from the other end.

The corner of the vice-principal’s mouth twitched, “Yes, yes, you have recognized a good grandson, you have a good vision! If it weren’t for the fact that everyone has their own ambitions, I really won’t want to let him go.”

“How dare you not let him go!” Then she said: “My God, my Xiao Huang, can your Huaxing Art School, accommodate him.”

“What’s wrong with Huaxing Art School?! Didn’t Si Huang come out of Huaxing Art School, and he has deep feelings for Huaxing Art School too. Not only did he bring his classmates to film together, but he is also participating in the New Year’s Day party for free!”

“You can have fun secretly, the higher and farther Xiao Huang flies, the more benefits you will get from Huaxing Art School.”

“Humph!” The vice principal hung up the phone very arrogantly, and then his face moved up into a chrysanthemum smile.

Buzzing —

“What are you doing? I’m not kidding myself!” the vice-principal said as soon as he answered the phone.

There was silence for a second, and then a man’s mature voice came, “Vice-principal Zhang, I’m Si Zhihan.”

“Ah? Oh.” The vice-principal realized that he had made a mistake, and his tone returned to his usual seriousness, “Yes. What’s the matter? President Si.”

“You can just call me by my name.” Si Zhihan said: “The reason for interrupting is because of my unfilial son. It’s all because I didn’t discipline him well and let him cause a lot of trouble for your school. I think…”

“Hehe.” The vice-principal cut off his words naturally, “No trouble, no trouble, I think Si Huang is a pretty good kid, you have taught him well! With such a good son, you should be happy, I don’t know how many people envy you! If he was my grandson, I would definitely show it off everywhere and never leave him outside.”

Si Zhihan: “…”

The vice-principal pretended to call out: “Ah? Professor Li, what’s the matter? Okay… I see.” Then he said to the phone: “Oh, Si Huang’s father, I’m so sorry. I’ll just hang up! Let’s talk later, let’s talk later!” Without giving Si Zhihan time to react, he hung up the phone with a snap, and clicked his tongue on the phone: “Scumbag!”

“Grandpa, you also know what a scumbag is.” Zhang Nianmeng walked in through the door.

The vice-principal put the phone back in his pocket calmly, “To be the principal of an art school, of course you have to keep up with the times. What’s more, you’ve been whispering in my ear these days, and grandpa even has calluses in his ears.”

Zhang Nianmeng shrugged and walked to the desk, then she picked up the vice-principal’s seal and stamped the documents she had brought, and then started to leave smartly.

The vice principal realized later, “Mengmeng! What are you doing!?”

Zhang Nianmeng turned to him with a smile and raised the document in her hand, “It’s nothing, it’s just a strike application from the student council president.”

Vice-principal: “…” Suddenly, he could understand Xiaoliu and Lao Tie’s feelings, his face felt swollen and broken.

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