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Performance classroom.

Si Huang returned to this place but had changed from a member of the audience to a member of the judge panel.

“Red Moon” had different characters in each episode except for the heroine Ding Hong and the hero Yue, and there was also a cat that remained unchanged. There were very few such small-unit stories in China at present. Such a character had never been on TV, and even if there were, none of them were high-quality goods. Both the filming and the actors were usually quite amateurish in such productions. It was precisely for this reason that the original “Red Moon” immediately became popular when it came out. The novel plot and story led the trend, and the Golden Canon could not be copied. Even if someone imitated it later, it could never replace the original “Red Moon” in people’s hearts.

Because of this, Si Huang explained that those who would be auditioning for the heroine must apply for a suspension of school, so other than the female students who were about to graduate, other people were also free to audition if they could fulfil this condition.

Originally, a large number of girls obviously couldn’t meet this requirement, but they still wanted to give it a try, however they were stopped by Liu Yan and the others in an organized way, “You have to think about Your Majesty, if you can’t meet this requirement, don’t go to audition. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and effort for Your Majesty to check you one by one!”

The girls immediately came to their senses when they heard this, and retreated in large numbers, feeling both regretful and grateful.

“Fortunately, Yanyan, you reminded me in time, otherwise I would be too embarrassed in front of His Majesty.”

“Yes, yes! Let’s just look at Your Majesty from here!”

“I don’t know which female trotter will get this role, I’m so envious!”

Yu Xi, who was not far away, after hearing their words, left silently and returned to Si Huang’s side, then he bowed his head and explained the matter briefly in her ear, and said: “For the first time, I think girls are really considerate.”

Yu Ling glanced at him, “We can be very considerate to the people we like!” A second after saying this, her expression changed belatedly, and she continued to say with a blushing face: “All girls will like male gods!”

Yu Xi ignored his younger sister.

By this time the auditions had begun.

There were currently seven roles in the main audition. In addition to the heroine, there were two protagonists in each episode of the three unit stories.

With the warning from Liu Yan and the others before, all the people who came to the audition were genuine acting students, and they were all well-known and capable people recognized in Huaxing Art School.

Everyone’s performance was different, which was understandable—it had only been one day since Si Huang released the news yesterday, which meant they only had one day to understand the audition character and think about how to act. In addition, Si Huang deliberately gave a simple introduction to each audition role, and the most they had was only two audition lines.

What she wanted to see was the character’s personality as understood by the students themselves.

Students went up and down, and time passed unconsciously.

Xu Wanjun scribbled on the notebook in front of him, and his confidence increased more and more: the students in Huaxing Art School were stronger than he expected.

“My name is Jiang Yajing. I come from Fenghua Entertainment and want to audition for the role of Ding Hong.” The warm and melodious voice came out of nowhere, attracting everyone’s attention.

The beautiful girl wearing a turtleneck sweater and blue jeans on the stage looked directly at Si Huang in front of her and said boldly: “I just checked the content of the script of the audition on the Internet. It is scene of two people. I want to act with you for the audition, then you can personally test whether I am suitable to be the heroine.”

Before Si Huang could speak, the girls who were sitting quietly in the auditorium became shouting first.

“Why do you want Your Majesty to play against you? Who do you think you are!?”

“It’s Fenghua Entertainment again! If they don’t make trouble for a day, they won’t feel comfortable!”

“Get her out!”

Jiang Yajing scolded back, “Since you want to make this movie well, you wouldn’t let good actors go, right?”

Si Huang first looked at Xu Wanjun and found that he was staring at Jiang Yajing as if he had lost his mind and thought to himself: Some things that should happen will really happen.

The heroine of “Red Moon” in her previous life was Jiang Yajing, the girl who caused a sensation in the entertainment industry. She didn’t expect her to get this script by herself, and that she would still come even though the filming was preponed by a few years.

It’s just that before she appeared as the heroine of “Red Moon” in her previous life, she was already a rising star who won the Outstanding Newcomer Award in the music scene and was praised as the national sister.

Si Huang withdrew her thoughts, and when she stood up, everyone else fell silent.

“I’m with you.”

Yu Xi looked towards the door of the performance classroom, and found that at some point, two people carrying a camera had arrived to record the situation here, and one of these reporters looked a little familiar. After thinking for two seconds, he remembered, wasn’t this person the former Yan Yan’s manager! A sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, Yu Xi looked away and turned to look at Si Huang who had already walked to the stage, and did not send them away: Since you want to shoot, I’ll let you shoot, even Director Liu is full of praise for Si Huang’s acting skills, so will he lose to a little girl who hadn’t even debuted yet?

However, the next scene surprised Yu Xi and everyone present – the little-known girl actually played well against Si Huang!

This scene was the first time when Ding Hong and Yue met.

In winter, when the moon had turned red, Ding Hong suddenly started having heart palpitations. Something seemed to be coming out of her body, and the pain was so much that she almost fainted. Then she saw Yue, a man who seemed to be as cold as ice, who even looked like a monster, and was ruthless and tyrannical.

The first meeting between the two was not harmonious… Just like the interpretation of Si Huang and Jiang Yajing in front of them, the atmosphere had turned weird and made the audience’s palms sweat.

After Si Huang’s aura was released, she seemed to be transformed into the demon fox Yue from “Red Moon”. Her face was cold and lifeless, and her blood-red eyes were confused at first, without any focus. As her eyelids opened bit by bit, the luster inside flowed back to life slowly, and her gaze was fixed on Jiang Yajing who was on the ground, revealing a wild animal-like cautiousness. Her eyes were initially cold and sharp, which finally turned into a touch of disdain.

“Who… are you?” Jiang Yajing was stunned, with pure amazement and a hint of panic in her eyes.

How could Yue with his arrogance respond to a weak human’s inquiry, so he left coldly, Si Huang perfectly conveyed this mental activity with subtle changes in expression and eyes. The next moment, her blood-rose eyes widened, revealing rage and killing intent, but her lips opened and closed uncontrollably, “My name is Yue.”

“Yue?” Jiang Yajing murmured. Immediately afterwards, her pupils shrank, as she watched the beautiful and perfect face approaching her in horror, his eyes were stained scarlet with cold anger and killing intent.

He… wants to kill me!

Jiang Yajing instinctively drove her body back quickly, but bumped into the prop then the pain in her back woke her up for a moment: Am I not acting?

At this moment while she was feeling stunned, Si Huang’s curved fingers had already come close to her neck. At such a close distance, it seemed that the fine hair on her neck had been touched, but the tactile sensation was lost before it was carefully realized.


Si Huang’s hand seemed to be hurt by something, and it left Jiang Yajing’s neck in an instant, then her body took a heavy step back, when her heavy step hit the wooden floor, the sound shook the hearts of the audience.

She frowned tightly, her eyes filled with murderous intent, and a trace of imperceptible confusion, and asked coldly, “What the hell are you!”

“I… I’m not a thing.”

Jiang Yajing was frightened. She was frozen in place, and after she said this, she realized something within a second, and said hastily, “My name is Ding Hong, and I don’t know what’s going on…you…”

Between the two, one was standing while the other was on the floor, and the atmosphere was becoming more and more dignified, making everyone scared of the fierce and hostile Si Huang.

However, at this time Jiang Yajing moved, she stood up hesitantly, and stretched out her hand to Si Huang, “Are you okay, I remember there is scald medicine at home, is your hand burnt?”

Pa—— “Don’t touch me!” The tone of disgust and rejection, no matter how attractive the voice was, still hurt the person who was rejected.

Jiang Yajing stared at him blankly, the back of her hand was slapped red, the light in her eyes dimmed a little bit, but she didn’t blame him or get angry, she was only sad and depressed.

The figure of the girl standing silently aroused everyone’s compassion.

As for Si Huang, the hand she had used to slap was hanging aside, trembling slightly, as if she was in great pain. But her expression was unruly, at this moment, she could only be angry, confused, and disgusted that she was bound and controlled by a weak human being for no reason, could not hurt her for no reason, and could even feel her sadness for no reason.

Time was flowing quietly, and in the silence, people’s hearts were also tightening with the passage of time. They wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.

At this moment, few people had the courage to face Si Huang, who was full of a ferocious and dangerous aura.

Everyone thought that this girl who stood silently and dejectedly would also be afraid and timid. But she raised her head again hesitantly, with a look of fear remaining on her face, but she still looked directly at Si Huang, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what happened, I’m sorry for hurting you!”

“It’s over.”

Once these words sounded, not only Jiang Yajing, but also everyone present was startled.

Then they noticed the person on the stage, he was still cool and handsome, but there was no trace of viciousness that made people’s hearts tremble.

Si Huang said to Jiang Yajing, who was still a little out of sorts, “I said, the audition is over.”

“Ah…” Jiang Yajing nodded in confusion, and the brilliance in her eyes was rekindling little by little.

Sure enough, nothing had changed, this talent was simply terrifying. Si Huang looked at Jiang Yajing quietly, her thoughts drifting away. She remembered that the Jiang Yajing she met in her previous life was still like this, as if nothing in the world could stop her, she would keep going forward when she had found a reason, she liked to sing so she put all her heart and soul into it, and this quality of hers could easily infect others.

She had not received a traditional drama education, but she could easily enter any role that suited her emotions and develop it into a true performance.

In her previous life, Si Huang envied Jiang Yajing and her freedom. Even Si Zhihan indulged her and would not force her to do dirty things secretly, but she was still controlled by Fenghua Entertainment. Because she absolutely obeyed Si Hua’s words and loved him frankly and unswervingly.

If it wasn’t that she really didn’t know how to act and she could only play roles similar to her nature; if it wasn’t that she was born with a terminal illness and wouldn’t live for many years, Si Huang never doubted that she could have stood taller and would have been able to compete with her.

Si Huang still remembered that she once said to her: “Si Huang, you don’t know, but I also admire you very much. I admire your tenacity and strength. Looking at your efforts, lets me have the strength to work harder. And to live one more day. Don’t look at me looking as if I’m not afraid of anything, but I’m actually afraid of death. I’m afraid of death. That’s why I want more people to remember me before I die. Will you remember me?”

— — I will remember. ——

“Si Huang, you are really amazing!” A familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

Si Huang withdrew her thoughts calmly, looked at Jiang Yajing who was looking directly at her, and said with a smile, “You’re not bad.”

Jiang Yajing was stunned, and then laughed, “Are you really A Hua’s twin? He looks much better! Even though you are fraternal twins…you must have sucked away A Hua’s nutrition in the womb!”

Si Huang’s eyes darkened, it was obviously a few years earlier, Jiang Yajing should have just arrived. It didn’t take long for her to adopt this tone, as if she had already recognized Si Hua.

“How can that scumbag compare to Your Majesty! I said you are almost enough, come down after the audition, don’t waste other people’s time!” Huo Yuzhi jumped onto the stage and shouted.

“Who do you say is scum?” Jiang Yajing asked.

Huo Yuzhi sneered and said, then Si Huang turned to look at her, “Are you also auditioning?”

Huo Yuzhi’s expression changed immediately, and she smiled brightly and looked forward to it, “Yes, yes! I want to play with His Majesty too… is it okay?”

“Yes.” Si Huang said.    

Huo Yuzhi’s face was full of surprise, and as soon as she turned her head, she said to Jiang Yajing in a vicious voice, “It’s my turn, you still don’t want to get out!”

Jiang Yajing’s face turned cold, but she walked off the stage without saying anything.

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