RCFS Ch. 139: We are Family 4

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The waiter smiled apologetically: “I’m sorry, tomorrow’s reservations are also sold out.”

Sunshine and thunder!

Ye Lanshan felt dim on the outside but tender on the inside.

Was it because he didn’t wake up, or was this world too mysterious? Or was the waiter here to be funny?

There must be a hidden camera nearby, right? It didn’t really make any sense if one person show was made like this!

Ye Lanshan’s handsome face was slightly distorted.

“Brother, haven’t you finished buying? Is it so troublesome to buy a ticket?”

Ye Wanjia took off her earphones, leaned her head over, and instantly saw the screen full of seats.

Damn, there wasn’t a single vacant seat!!!

“This, this really needs our whole family to join us?”


“Then give me a ticket for the day after tomorrow!”

Ye Lanshan went all out, he had to get a ticket!!

“Well, I’m sorry, we’re all booked for this week, otherwise, would you come over earlier next week?”

Ye Wanjia and Ye Lanshan: …

“Brother, what should we do?”

Ye Wanjia was helpless, Dad asked us to come and join in, but they couldn’t buy a ticket!

“Let me think about it.”

When Ye Lanshan turned his head, he saw Ye Wanting. This girl’s legs were not good yet, but she no longer needed crutches, and she was walking slowly.

“Give me a ticket for “Latent”.”

“I’m sorry this week’s tickets are sold out, please come back next week.”

With the same reply, Ye Lanshan knew that this show would not last.

Ye Wanting obviously didn’t expect that, she squeezed out of the line with an ugly face, and met Ye Lanshan’s gaze head-on.

“What are you looking at!”

Ye Lanshan yawned, and turned around lazily: “Hey, it’s so hot, don’t worry at all, Wanjia, let’s go home and sleep.”

Ye Wanjia grabbed Ye Lanshan’s clothes: “Let’s call Dad first, it would save him from disliking us and not supporting us.”

As for Ye Wanting, she didn’t like this person herself, so just ignore her.

The two almost identical faces both chose to ignore Ye Wanting, which made Ye Wanting half dead.

“You are so slow when buying a ticket!!!”

Ye Junliao came rushing over, holding drinks and snacks in his hands. It didn’t feel like he had come to watch a movie at all, but on an outing.

Anyway, he didn’t intend to watch the movie seriously.

“I can’t buy it, we have to wait until next week, so we have to come in advance.”

“What the hell? For this shit movie, we have to wait until next week?” Ye Junliao found it inconceivable, so he squeezed to the front desk to ask, and the answer was the same.

Hold a big grass!

Ye Junlai was shocked, what the hell was going on?

Still wanted to see a joke, they suddenly felt that standing here, they were a big joke!

“Dad, let’s go!”

Ye Wanting didn’t want to stay any longer.

“Hey, don’t rush away!”

Ye Lanshan stopped the way, and said with sleepy eyes: “My dad said, let’s wait a little longer, he said that someone will come to give us tickets later!”

Send tickets!!!

Ye Wanting and Ye Junlai looked at each other, feeling that something bad would happen if they waited.

“No, we’re leaving now.”

Ye Junlai wanted to leave, but was stopped by a petite figure.

“Didn’t the second uncle come to support my dad? Why are you leaving in such a hurry?”

Ye Yunxi stood in front of several people with a smile on her face, her long hair spread out like silk, her eyebrows and eyes had become more and more smiling, and she looked beautiful.

But Ye Junlai had no intention of appreciating, instead he felt more and more uneasy.

Once this little trash came out, there must be nothing good!

Facts had proved that Mr. Ye was not a very good person, but his sixth sense was still good.

Didn’t Ye Yunxi come today just to disgust them?

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