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Ever since Queen Tang Qinlan revealed her feelings to Cui Ling, he knelt on the bluestone slab in front of the palace gate, and refused to eat or drink, and went on a hunger strike.

Tang Qinlan caught a glimpse of the figure outside the door early in the morning, her face became pale with anger, and she stretched out his foot but couldn’t bear to kick him.

In the court, some ministers carefully reminded the new empress that marrying a husband as soon as possible was the way to consolidate the country.

Tang Qinlan’s smile did not look like a smile, as he said, “Whoever dares to climb up the lonely palace tower, this empress will keep him as her husband.”

As soon as these words came out, the audience was in an uproar.

Although Dongnuo lied in a remote corner, they admired Tang customs and traditions, so they emphasized decency to the bone on weekdays.

Her Royal Highness the dignified queen said such frivolous remarks, and it almost took the lives of these old ministers.

Halfway through the court proceedings, Tang Qinlan found an excuse to demote the minister who had suggested her to marry a husband as soon as possible by three levels and sent him to a remote army camp a hundred miles away.

The courtiers shook their heads secretly, feeling that the new empress was not as merciful as the previous one. How could a master who was so arrogant and worthy of retribution be able to spread her word and recruit talents?

After finishing court, Tang Qinlan first went to the martial arts field to find a few guards to practice martial arts with, and then she went to the library to read some books. After lunch, she went fishing, sat in the garden in a daze, but did not return to her bedroom. Her maid Cen Baoqian watched and could only follow silently. Finally, at night, Tang Qinlan returned to the bedroom.

Cui Ling knelt as usual, his back straight, like a pine or a cypress tree. Tang Qinlan didn’t seem to see it and walked straight towards the palace.

Cen Baoqian didn’t know what had happened between these two? In the past, the Queen always liked to have Cui Ling follow her, and as long as Cui Ling was there, Her Highness would always look better.

After Her Highness went to bed, she walked up to Cui Ling and persuaded him to take a step back. As a result, before Cui Ling said anything, Tang Qinlan said coolly from inside: “You have a leisurely mind, why don’t this empress send you to guard the Ruoshui River Ferry?”

Frightened, Cen Baoqian hurriedly knelt down and pleaded guilty.

In this scene, Tang Qinlan was annoyed that she was soft-hearted towards Cui Ling alone, and at the same time that Cui Ling didn’t know what to do. Jiang Zheng wanted to show her inner anger, shame, helplessness and sadness with a sullen face. At the beginning, she couldn’t find her state, and when she saw Ji Muye kneeling on the ground, who stayed stubborn, with low eyebrows and pleasing eyes, what she brought in was the feeling of pity for him, so the feeling of the performance was always wrong.

Later, director Xing Weimin asked everyone to take a break. Jiang Zheng ran to the side by herself and thought about it calmly.

Ji Muye wandered around, and finally walked over and said, “Teacher Jiang, I’ll talk to you about it. It’s like you like me, but I don’t agree. You are angry with me for rejecting you, and you are angry with yourself. Can you think about this feeling?”

Jiang Zheng was stunned, “How can I like you?”

Ji Muye: “…”

Jiang Zheng saw Ji Muye’s face suddenly change, and then realized that she had said something wrong. She hurried to remedy her mistake, “No. What I said about liking was not the kind of liking you said. In fact, what I said about liking was…” The more she said it, the more confused she became, and the more what she said became unclear.

Ji Muye felt that his whole heart was full of sharp swords, and he couldn’t help but wave his hands and said, “My fault. It’s my fault that I gave an inappropriate example.”

Ji Muye didn’t know how Jiang Zheng found his state later. Anyway, he couldn’t find the state. Fortunately, he only needed to kneel on the ground to show a mighty and unyielding appearance throughout today’s play.

At the end, the producers came over to announce the good news of the success of the premiere.

It was only an hour after the premiere, and the Douban score was already out, with a high score of 8.2 points. Everyone’s praise for “Dongnu Country” focused on the novel theme of the story, the acting skills of the actors, and the respect for history and the IQ of the audience.

The CP fans had been overjoyed with the opening song since the first episode, and they were afraid that they were running wild on the road of picking materials and making candy.

Jiang Zheng’s fans were very excited. One, this was Jiang Zheng’s first large-scale costume drama. They had at least two months to see the goddess on TV; secondly, they heard that this drama was designed according to Jiang Zheng’s image of Tang Qinlan. The fans felt honored that their idol was recognized by such a famous screenwriter. Third, this experience was very secretive and weird. Seeing Ji Muye obediently calling Sister Zheng Her Majesty in the play, wow, they didn’t know why, it made them super excited.

And Ji Muye’s fans seemed to have been beaten up at first, and they couldn’t figure out the reason why Brother Ji took this drama? Later, they helped Brother Ji to find a reason: to break through, actors always had to break through themselves! They couldn’t always play the chief executive, the chief director, the army chief or the clan leader, they occasionally had to play some “ingenious” characters. For example, Cui Ling, the little valet behind the queen.

Of course, there were also many media reporters who had been beaten to death by Jiang Zheng, who wrote sourly: “Jiang Zheng, an actor who is unwilling to let go of the queen’s character”, “She is a cruel devil in and out of the play. It is worth pondering whether her road as an actor can go a long way.”

However, in the current entertainment industry, as long as you cause discussion, it was traffic, and a play continued from fan’s discussion to passers-by’s discussion, which meant that this play had been successful right out of the gate, and it was not far from its goal of success.

The response to the broadcast was good, and it gave the crew a shot of chicken blood. The director was very happy. Taking advantage of the early end to today’s shooting, he set up a bonfire in the square directly below the palace, barbecue stalls were also set up, and beer bottles were piled up to the side. Many of the extras and staff hired by the crew were from the local Qiang ethnic group. How could there be no Qiang dance[1] by the bonfire?

As soon as the director shouted, all the people took each other’s hand, and danced around the bonfire. It was so lively.

Jiang Zheng did not participate in this kind of collective carnival dance. She wanted to stand up twist her waist and stretch her legs, but… no one dared to invite her. With a sigh, she took out her mobile phone and opened the account “Brother Mu’s Little Fudge” to sneak into Ji Muye’s fan group.

The group was very lively as usual. Everyone was discussing the drama “Dongnu Country”. Someone had even posted a still. Jiang Zheng glanced at her, and this person actually cut her away. The original photo of riding a horse and enjoying flowers turned into Ji Muye riding alone to enjoy flowers.

As soon as the photo was posted, a group of people commented: Thank you. It finally looks more pleasing to the eye.

Jiang Zheng: “…” Everyone’s misunderstanding of her was really big. It seemed that the road to repairing the relationship was long and arduous.

She exited the group and went to Ji Muye’s Weibo to read the comments.

The style of painting here was a little gentler. Some passersby said that Ji Muye’s acting skills were more sophisticated this time. It was probably because he met a strong player like Jiang Zheng, and it made sense to grow stronger when the counterpart was strong.

Jiang Zheng blushed a bit when she saw this sentence, continued to scroll down, and then saw a comment that was liked and followed by many people.

She took a look and was so shocked that she almost lost her phone.

#Kneeling and asking my little brother and my little sister to get married on the spot.

Jiang Zheng was still confused at the beginning, but she didn’t know who Brother Mu was pressed by fans to match up with, but when she clicked in, it turned out that it was her.

She twitched the corners of her mouth and found that there were quite a few people who had commented +1,+10086, etc. below. Many of them strongly demanded that the two of them be together after watching the first two episodes of “Dongnu Country”.

Ah! Be a ghost together!

-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 all minus for you!

Brother Mu wants to pursue a career, so how can he have the heart to fall in love. What’s more, in her heart, no one deserves such a good brother Mu, not even herself!

Speaking of which, it seems like she didn’t see him tonight.

Jiang Zheng stood up and looked around and found him at the back of a watchtower.

Ji Muye had his back leaned against the wall, while holding a bottle of beer in his hand, half of his body was hidden in the darkness, where he looked lonely and quiet.

Jiang Zheng groaned in his heart. Was he not happy?

When Ji Muye was happy, the end of his eyes would be slightly raised, and his straight nose bridge and lip line would rise and fall like happy wavy lines. When he was upset, the corners of his lips curled up, like a child who couldn’t get candy.

The corners of his lips were now high.

Hearing the footsteps, Ji Muye turned his head slowly, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes.

Jiang Zheng lowered his head, kicked the pebble beside his feet, and said softly, “Teacher Ji, congratulations. The premiere was successful.” In any case, this time, “Dongnu Country” could bring him a wave of traffic and praise, and his career was going well, so he should be smiling.

Ji Muye really laughed and walked from the dark night into the light and shadow. He fixedly looked at Jiang Zheng, his eyes seemed to have a lot of words to say, but he finally turned it into a sentence, “Teacher Jiang, we should be happy together.”

Jiang Zheng pursed her lips, “No. It is mainly your credit, Teacher Ji.”

Ji Muye paused and teased: “Do we have to be so self-effacing?”

Jiang Zheng said in a very serious and irrefutable tone: “I said it was yours, and it was yours.”

Ji Muye: “…” The tone was so rude. But why did it sound like it contained a hint of anger?!

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[1] You can check out the dance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVwI7r0suBE

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