CRA Ch. 86

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The scales of mermaid cubs were different from those of adult mermaids. It was easy to see from the appearance that the scales of the cubs were smaller than adult mermaid’s, and the scales of the cubs were also slightly softer than those of the adult mermaids. You could feel it when you touched them.

The ice-blue scales held in the hands of the mermaid in front of him had a beautiful color. At first glance, it even looked like transparent gem fragments. It seemed to have a translucent crystal feeling under the light.

Mermaid cubs would drop scales from one to five years old, but after this time, the mermaid would hardly drop scales until they reach adulthood.

The scale in the palm of Gale’s hand was a scale that he noticed was about to fade after he returned to the water to stare at his fish tail in space these past two days.

He deliberately moved the fish’s tail more in the water, which accelerated the falling of this scale.

Xie Luan was stunned for a second when he heard the mermaid with only light gold and long hair whispering to him. The mermaid’s voice was very clear and pleasant, and his reaction slowed by half a beat.

But of course, Xie Luan saw the scale that the mermaid held to him and didn’t want the other party to misunderstand that he didn’t want to accept this scale. Xie Luan stretched out his hand immediately after reacting.

Taking the scale under the careful gaze of those azure blue eyes, Xie Luan took out a small carved wooden box from the space button in front of the other person, put this ice blue scale in it, and then put the small wooden box back in the space button.

After completing this series of actions, Xie Luan saw the mermaid in front of him immediately move his ear fins. Although there was no expression on the other’s beautiful face, Xie Luan could easily understand that the mermaid was happy now.

“I will take good care of it.” Xie Luan skillfully raised his hand and touched the soft blond hair of the mermaid. In order to make the other party feel at ease, he said this sentence in a certain tone.

Knowing that it was not a cub’s scale, but that scale was something the mermaid in front of him wanted to give him, hoping that he could accept it for safekeeping, of course Xie Luan would choose to comply with his expectations.

Even if it was not the first scale dropped by the cub, it would still have the same significance to Xie Luan.

“Papa.” The voice was cold, and the tone of calling the youth did not sound even slightly like a cub, but the mermaid lowered his head and lightly touched the youth’s shoulder, showing obvious dependence in his actions.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan let out his voice and responded clearly.

When called by the cub, he had to respond clearly. Although the mermaid in front of him was no longer a cub, he still looked like a big baby in Xie Luan’s eyes.

After comforting the mermaid who expressed dependence on him, Xie Luan browsed the star network with an easy mind in the arranged residence. After a few days, he had a clearer understanding of the current overall situation of this world line.

The world here was originally in a relatively peaceful state a few years ago, but this peace was broken without warning. Inexplicable contradictions aroused, and several races suddenly started war without weighing up their interests.

As if using this as the fuse, the originally peaceful interstellar gradually started having frequent wars.

Ya Yi took Gaia back from the Saen tribe and formed the huge army of today. After several actions to destroy the planet, he had become the most feared party in the current interstellar space.

The planets with value for use were retained after they were captured, and planets with no value were destroyed. The nox adopted merciless and cruel methods.

Many planets had been destroyed. For example, several planets close to Gaia had been destroyed. The Saen Kronos star had also been destroyed. The Mermaid star Hailumite had been destroyed by half, and there were some other planets which Xie Luan was not familiar with.

Looking at the names of those planets, Xie Luan sighed.

This part of the established facts could no longer be changed. Xie Luan could only think about whether… even if there was even a slight possibility, to change the ending that this world would originally have had.

Xie Luan had this idea that as long as Ya Yi no longer wanted to destroy the world, that unknown enemy who hadn’t shown his face may not be difficult to defeat.

In the house where Xie Luan was arranged to stay, there were now quite a few people squeezing to live with him. The originally empty house seemed to be lively, although the few people who squeezed to live with him were actually very quiet.

“Don’t eat too much, it will cause tooth decay.” Xie Luan fed a few toffees to the adult Muka who was close to him, while the large Muka continued to stare at him with scarlet eyes. Xie Luan shook his head and put away the toffees left in the package.

As soon as he finished speaking, Xie Luan heard the adult Muka make a low hiss at him from his throat, and then stand motionless.

The body of the adult Muka was really huge, and the fearful appearance was even more terrifying under this size gap but staring at the scarlet vertical pupil on him, this terrifying adult Muka inexplicably looked quite obedient, as if he was acting like a good baby in front of the youth.

Xie Luan always thought that Nick was very well-behaved. Even if this Muka cub grew up, he would definitely be a good boy. He would not attack and hurt others casually…

He stood on tiptoes and wanted to touch the adult Muka’s head. The moment Xie Luan raised his hand while on tiptoe, he suddenly remembered that the other’s height had changed after growing up, and he couldn’t touch Nick’s head by doing this now.

The raised hand froze in the air for a moment, Xie Luan wanted to look around to see if there was a stool that he could move over to step on, when his raised hand in the air hit something hard gently.  

The adult Muka who was nearby took the initiative to lower his head to Xie Luan, controlled his strength, and gently pressed the head covered with the cold and hard shell on Xie Luan’s hand.

After successfully completing this action, the adult Muka made a little low hiss.

Xie Luan was stunned for a moment, touched the hard shell he touched, and then moved his hand to the sharp forearm of the adult Muka and patted twice.

The memory was also shared with him. This adult Muka had firmly remembered his name. It was Nick. The young man in front of him was his most important and favorite person.

It was not clear how long the huge clock of the Saen clan could keep him here. Xie Luan couldn’t let go of the cubs who had grown up in this world, and on the other side was also worried about the nox who was waiting for him in the original world line.

The other party watched him disappear with his own eyes, and now he didn’t know how anxious he must be- before the clock effect disappeared, Xie Luan also had a place to go to in this world.

Gaia Star.

Xie Luan proposed this idea, and his wish was satisfied the next day, but this time it was a group movement of the entire army.

In the main hall of the Ark ship, he once again saw a man with his eyes closed and the only female member of the high-level legion. Xie Luan held two extra caramel puddings in his hand. After thinking about it, he gave one to each of them.

The young man with closed eyes was called Ain. When he heard Xie Luan’s voice, the man quietly moved his gaze, and after a few seconds he looked away without any reaction.

The opponent was blind and could not see, but his ability to distinguish positions by hearing was very strong, and his actions were basically the same as those of a normal person.

The female member’s face was colder, and Xie Luan saw the other party’s race at a glance.

The Kesu tribe, this tribe was full of creatures that resembled western dragons in their original forms. In their adult humanoid form, there would be an inverted scale on their necks.

Xie Luan just saw a few scars on the opponent’s hand when he sent the toffee, some of which were quite deep, which made Xie Luan frown slightly.

Did people in this legion dislike treating their wounds so much?

Xie Luan took out his old model of treatment equipment from the space button and placed it in front of the opponent, but before waiting for the other party to respond, Ravi, who was not far away from Xie Luan, spoke to him first: “Her physical attributes and treatment repel the beams of the equipment, and the treatment equipment cannot be used to treat the wound.”

The original form of this Kesu female was a black dragon, her natural attributes were dark, and the abilities she developed had the same attributes.

Then they could just let the wound heal on its own…

Xie Luan finally took out a white medical bandage from the space button. Nosy, he approached the black dragon and said in his usual tone: “I will help you to bandage it.”

Probably she didn’t expect the youth to say that. Aoni didn’t respond for a long time, and she didn’t say anything. By the time she reacted, Xie Luan had already bandaged her three times during the period.

“Don’t touch me.” Aoni kept her distance from the young man when she said these three words in a cold voice.

The power of the dark attribute often attacked indiscriminately, even in the cub period, Aoni, who was a baby black dragon, had seen the destructive power of this attribute.

Xie Luan didn’t care about the other party’s response attitude. In the short time after boarding the ark, relying on the leaping function of the Ark ship, Xie Luan could quickly see the planet he was familiar with displayed on the virtual screen.

He had arrived at Gaia Star, and somehow, Xie Luan suddenly felt a little vaguely that the time he could stay on this world line might be running out.

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