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After returning to the president’s office upstairs, Lu Chengyu turned on the computer and began to look for the photos of his parents stored in the computer, especially the photos of his family of three on the beach after the college entrance examination.

He opened the folder where the photos were saved, there were countless photos in it. Lu Chengyu found the photos of playing on the beach. His and his parents’ faces in the photos had bright smiles, and there were many tourists who also came to travel around showing in the photos.

After carefully seeing all the photos three or four times, Lu Chengyu found that in their photos, several passer-by had strayed into their lens several times, but these passer-by’s were both male and female, and even children wearing straw hats. Moreover, the faces of these people were not clearly photographed, and he couldn’t be sure who these people were at all.

When Yan Mu walked to Lu Chengyu, he found that Lu Chengyu was looking at his photos when he was with his parents, thinking that he was missing his parents, he said “Xiao Lu, tomorrow weekend, we will visit uncle and auntie together. You can consider it as meeting your parents!!

“Okay,” Lu Chengyu pulled the person to sit down next to him, pointing to his photo when he had just graduated from high school, “Look at me when I was young, was I very funny and handsome?”

The boy in the photo smiled brightly. There was a gentle-looking woman behind him, and Yan Mu nodded, “Well, you look a lot like auntie.”

“It’s a blessing to look like mother,” Lu Chengyu clicked on several more photos to Yan Mu. In one of the photos, he was wearing a junior high school uniform standing on the stage to receive the award, and there were even photos of him attending a high school poetry recitation. “These are all taken by my parents.” When he said this, his voice carried a sense of loss, it seemed that it was only yesterday when he was young, but in a blink of an eye he was older, and his parents were no longer there.

“I’ll take your pictures for you in the future.” Yan Mu reached out and touched Lu Chengyu’s head, “Don’t be sad.”

“Who said I was sad?” Lu Chengyu twitched his mouth and smiled, “Actually, I want to show you something else.” He closed the folder, clicked on the five photos copied to the computer last night, and then told Yan Mu what happened.

Yan Mu repeatedly looked through these photos with a serious expression, and said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, I will let someone check it out for you.” He thought for a while, and made a call to Mu Qihua, “We will have lunch with my two cousins.”

Lu Chengyu knew that he might be discussing this matter with the two brothers of the Mu family, and nodded, “For my business, should we trouble them?”

“The younger brother asks his brothers for help. What’s the trouble in it,” Yan Mu said indifferently, “Brothers should always help each other, right?”

Lu Chengyu raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Mu. Seeing that the other party looked serious, he smiled but didn’t refute.

My business is your business, and your business is mine. Did Yan Mu mean this?


At noon, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu arrived in Baiweixuan’s private room and within five minutes Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong also arrived. Mu Qihua’s attitude towards Lu Chengyu had improved a lot, and after the meeting, he did not mention that his grandfather asked him to bring something to thank Lu Chengyu, but said that Grandpa was very grateful to Lu Chengyu for his help.

Lu Chengyu knew that the old man of the Mu family was not an ordinary person, and after a few words with Mu Qihua, he stopped talking about the famous old man, and instead talked about some irrelevant topics.

After the meal was almost finished, Mu Qihua drank the soup and said, “Xiao Yan is not at work today. How did you two have time to invite us to lunch?” After he finished, he pointed to the fish soup, “This mullet in the soup is good for wound healing. Xiao Lu can drink more.”

“Thank you, Brother Hua,” Lu Chengyu took a bowl of mullet soup, and when it reached the corner of his mouth, he heard Yan Mu say, “I do want to ask you for help.”

“Is it the car accident yesterday afternoon?” Mu Qihua kept the bowl down and looked at Lu Chengyu, “It might be something related to Xiao Lu.” After he had said this, he still do not see panic in Lu Chengyu. After drinking the soup, he knew that Lu Chengyu might have a good idea about this, so he said, “Do you want me to help you find out who is behind the accident?”

Yan Mu nodded, and Lu Chengyu put down the soup bowl and said to Mu Qihua, “This time, I’m troubling Brother Mu.”

“Between the two of you, there is no need to say that you are not involved,” Mu Qihua waved his hand. “There is nothing simple behind this matter. Qirong and I have already found someone to investigate. I believe Xiao Yan is in your hands. Those people, have they also started to investigate this matter?”

Yan Mu did not refute, but said, “I guess this matter is related to Xiao Lu’s parents.” He told them about the USB flash drive in Lu Chengyu’s hand.

“Well, this is a bit interesting,” Mu Qihua said to Lu Chengyu with a smile, “Someone wants to harm you and someone wants to protect you secretly, but people on both sides threw you aside, it’s interesting.”

“Yesterday, the second generation official drove the Maybach to pass by your side because he was eager to pick up a female artist after he bought this car from someone else,” the taciturn Mu Qirong said at this time, “this female artist agreed to meet him, after discussing the time, this second-generation official was so dizzy by the female artist, how could he give up such a good date? Who knew that this kind of problem would happen halfway through?”

“Who is that female artist?” Lu Chengyu was a little bit surprised, “What do you mean is that this female artist knows that someone wants to design against me, so she helped me find a dead ghost?”

“This second-generation official is not a good person. There are many women who have been ruined by him. He also killed a person because of drunk driving,” Mu Qirong said coldly, “Whether it was a coincidence, or someone secretly helped, he died unjustly.”

Mu Qihua sneered, “No, he recently was infatuated with a woman surnamed Liu, and vowed to his friend that he would chase the person successfully within a week. As a result, if the person did not get the hand, her life would be lost.”

Liu? Lu Chengyu felt a little lost in his heart: “Brother Hua, Brother Mu, the female artist you are talking about, isn’t Liu Qiyan?”

“Yes, it’s her, you know this person?” Mu Qihua lit a cigarette and held it in his hand. “Don’t think this woman is just an entertainer. There are many men in the capital who are interested in her. People who want to support her can line up around the capital. It’s a pity that this woman is so skilled that no one has succeeded yet.”

“I don’t know this person.” Lu Chengyu couldn’t think of how Liu Qiyan would get along with him, and his parents were just ordinary people. Why did things develop in a strange direction? Also, did he really die accidentally in his previous life?

“Why does she want to help me?” Lu Chengyu’s self-confident mind seemed to be inadequate at this time. “She and I have never met before. If she deliberately invited the second generation official to come out for me, the other party would get into a car accident, wouldn’t it make her offend the second-generation official’s father?”

“So many people in the capital can’t manage the unspoken rules, do you think there is anyone behind her?” Mu Qihua breathed out a smoke ring, and then blew it away. With a sigh, the smoke ring suddenly turned into blue smoke and dispersed, “Don’t say you don’t understand, even I don’t know which Buddha your parents have offended, and which noble person you met, and let them fight in the air and keep you dry.”

Hearing this, Lu Chengyu’s back was cold, and he suddenly remembered his previous life. After Liang’s interview failed, other companies dared not hire him because of Liang Deyou’s intervention. In the end, he went to work in an entertainment company somehow, as if it was because when he was eating out, someone was talking about which entertainment company was hiring?

In fact, thinking about it now, it seemed that this matter was also quite suspicious. In addition to the fanfare of selecting artists, entertainment companies wouldn’t make ordinary people know about other things. Moreover, celebrity assistants would not be recruit from among ordinary people. What if this person was a crazy fan of a certain celebrity?

In this way, was it because someone deliberately led him to enter the entertainment company, and even more maybe this person wanted him to be an entertainer, but he just didn’t know that this person wanted to increase his exposure and deepen the difficulty of another attempt to harm him? Or was this person trying to take advantage of his acting time and let him die by accident?

However, what surprised this man was that, with his outstanding appearance, he had no intention of being an entertainer at all. Instead, he became Zhong Zhenghan’s assistant. Later, he targeted by Huang Chuan halfway and was forced to leave the entertainment company.

After that, he had been in various troubles in the capital. Even when he opened a restaurant, there were incidents of gangsters looking for trouble, unqualified sanitary conditions, and food poisoning among customers. Later, he lost a large sum of money, and the restaurant could not be opened anymore, so he went to a martial arts dojo as a training partner, but after working for more than a year, the martial arts dojo caught fire. He was supposed to be guarding the martial arts dojo that night, but he was greedy for supper, and he suffered a bad stomach, so he was sent to the hospital. Although his life was saved, the martial artist dojo couldn’t be saved. Later, he simply left the capital and went to work in a hotel outside the city.

When he became a lobby manager in the hotel and was about to be promoted, he unexpectedly died in the middle of the road. He used to think of his previous life and feel that it was rough and unlucky. But now when he thought of those things from the past, he felt both unlucky and fortunate, but there was also weirdness everywhere.

“Isn’t your relationship with that Zhong Zhenghan very good?” Mu Qihua pinched out the cigarette in his hand, and said with a smile, “Liu Qiyan and him are at same brokerage company, you can ask him to help you inquire about Liu Qiyan, maybe there might be other discoveries.”

Yan Mu looked up at his cousin who was relying on an artist to ask for the news. It would be better for them to find out more things, but this cousin had already opened the mouth, so he didn’t talk about other things.

Who knew that Lu Chengyu would agree to it, because only he knew how gossipy Zhong Zhenghan really is and how much he liked to inquire about these various scandals, but only few people in the company knew that he has such a hobby.

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