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Shen Qinglan’s face was calm, but she felt a little uncomfortable being watched like a monkey. Finally, when she arrived downstairs in the dormitory, Shen Qinglan breathed a sigh of relief.

Fu Hengyi chuckled, “So there are still things you can’t handle.”

Shen Qinglan gave him a blank look, it was all because of who.

“This is where you lived?” Shen Qinglan looked at the place where Fu Hengyi lived. The area was very small, about ten or so square meters, except for a bed, a table, a stool, a wardrobe and a bathroom, there was nothing, but it was cleaned very well.

Shen Qinglan walked into the bathroom and saw a washbasin on the floor of the bathroom, which contained Fu Hengyi’s clothes, and glanced at Fu Hengyi with a half-smile.

Fu Hengyi supported his forehead. He had a severe headache last night. He wanted to go to bed after taking a shower. So, he put his clothes there and planned to come back to wash tonight. Who knew that Shen Qinglan would come and it would be seen by her. Fu Hengyi was a little embarrassed, he was definitely a hygienic person on weekdays.

Shen Qinglan rolled up her sleeves and was about to wash his clothes. Fu Hengyi grabbed her and said, “Just let me do the washing. The water is very cold.” Even though it was spring, the water was still very cold.

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly, “Fu Hengyi, I’m not made of glass.” She wouldn’t break if touched.

Fu Hengyi let her be, leaning against the bathroom door, he watched Shen Qinglan squatting on the ground washing his clothes, with a gentle smile on his lips.

“Fu Hengyi, help me tie up my hair.” Shen Qinglan said, her hair always fell in front of her eyes, which was very inconvenient. Fu Hengyi stood up straight, “Where is the rubber band?”

Shen Qinglan stood up and turned slightly sideways, “It’s in the right trouser pocket.” She put the rubber band in it casually in the morning.

Fu Hengyi stretched out his hand. The fabric of the trousers was not thick, so it was inevitable that he would touch the skin on Shen Qinglan’s thigh. Even through a layer of fabric, Fu Hengyi could still imagine the delicate skin when he felt the warm touch under his hand.

The temperature of Fu Hengyi’s palm was a little high, and Shen Qinglan could clearly feel the heat against his skin, “Fu Hengyi.” She said softly.

Fu Hengyi was a little distracted, and hummed absently, his mind was full of some unsuitable images for children, Shen Qinglan knew what this person was thinking just by looking at his eyes, and was a little speechless.

Fu Hengyi took out the rubber band from her pocket, looked at Shen Qinglan’s hair with concern, “How to tie it?” He had never tied a girl’s hair before.

“You can do whatever you want.” Shen Qinglan turned around cooperatively, making it easier for Fu Hengyi to tie her hair.

Fu Hengyi frowned slightly, but still felt unable to do anything. Shen Qinglan waited for a while, but didn’t see him move. When she turned around, she saw Fu Hengyi frowning and meditating with a rubber band, as if he was thinking about some major event in life.

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Shen Qinglan washed his hands and planned to do it by herself, but this person obviously couldn’t.

“No, I’ll do it.” Fu Hengyi was eager to try, his wife rarely asked him to do something, she rarely gave him a chance to show off.

Shen Qinglan turned around again.

Fu Hengyi put the rubber band on the sink, and reached out to pick up Shen Qinglan’s beautiful hair. Her hair was smooth and shiny, and it felt like touching soft silk.

Fu Hengyi picked up one side, but a few strands of hair slipped from between his fingers. Holding the hair with one hand, he scooped up the rest with the other, then took the rubber band and threaded it through the hair.

As soon as he let go, the rubber band slipped from her hair.

Fu Hengyi: “…”

Shen Qinglan: “…”

“Forget it, I’ll do it myself.” Shen Qinglan picked up the rubber band and quickly tied up her hair. Fu Hengyi kept watching her movements, “Let me try it once.”

Shen Qinglan glanced at him speechlessly, was it on her hair? But she still complied, took the rubber band out of her hair, and handed it to Fu Hengyi.

Following Shen Qinglan’s example, Fu Hengyi threaded the rubber band through her hair, and purposely wound it a few more times to prevent it from slipping off again.

“Hiss…” Shen Qinglan hissed lightly, a lock of her hair was wrapped around by a rubber band just now, and it hurt a lot when Fu Hengyi easily tied it.

Fu Hengyi became nervous, “What’s the matter, did I hurt you?”

Shen Qinglan shook her head, but forgot that the hair was still in Fu Hengyi’s hands, and was pulled by the lock of hair just now, she frowned, “It’s okay.”

Fu Hengyi looked a little frustrated, “Forget it, you do it yourself, I’m afraid I’ll hurt you again.”

Shen Qinglan put the rubber band on, and a few hairs fell on the ground, um, not a few, but many.

Fu Hengyi looked annoyed, and glanced at his hands. He used to think that he was quite capable, but now he couldn’t even tie her hair.

Shen Qinglan tied up her hair, and glanced at someone who was upset, “Fu Hengyi, I want to drink water.”

Fu Hengyi came back to his senses, and immediately fetched water for her, but there was no hot water in the room, so he told Shen Qinglan, and took the kettle out the door, there was a place to collect water downstairs.

“Hengyi, are you there?” A female voice came from outside the door, and Shen Qinglan immediately recognized the voice she heard on Fu Hengyi’s phone call last night.

With a flicker of eyes, Shen Qinglan got up and went to open the door. Jiang Wenjing outside the door had a strange expression on seeing the person inside.

“Hello, I’m looking for Fu Hengyi, is he there?” Jiang Wenjing smiled politely.

“No, he went to fetch water, you would need to wait for him for a while.”

“Oh.” Jiang Wenjing mumbled, holding a box of medicine in her hand for pain relief.

Jiang Wenjing just heard someone in the military region say that Fu Hengyi brought in a woman, who seemed to be his wife. She panicked and came to Fu Hengyi with the medicine. She wanted to see what the woman Fu Hengyi chose was like.

In the end, it was a strange woman who opened the door. Reminiscent of Fu Hengyi’s words about his marriage, the identity of this woman was not difficult to guess, but she didn’t expect Fu Hengyi’s wife to be so beautiful.

Before meeting Shen Qinglan, Jiang Wenjing was very confident about her appearance, but after seeing her, she suddenly felt that if she were a man, maybe she would choose the woman in front of her.

“Is there something you came to find Hengyi for? If you’re not in a hurry, I can tell you that I’m his wife.” Shen Qinglan said lightly, her eyes cold.

It was obviously without any emotion in her gaze, but Jiang Wenjing was extremely embarrassed, “Well, I am here to deliver medicine to him. This is a painkiller. If he feels a headache, he can take one. Since he is not here, then I’ll leave it to you.”

Jiang Wenjing handed the medicine to Shen Qinglan, Shen Qinglan took it, glanced at it, and said thank you.

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Wenjing said hastily, then turned and left with hurried steps.

“Who was that person just now?” Fu Hengyi came up after heating the water, and all he saw was a corner of Jiang Wenjing’s clothes.

Shen Qinglan shook the box of medicine in front of Fu Hengyi’s eyes, with a smile that was not a smile, “Your peach blossom.”

Fu Hengyi understood in seconds, and smiled lightly, “Madam didn’t cut this peach blossom?”

“How dare I, if I cut it, and it’s broken, you will blame me in the future.” Shen Qinglan’s expression seemed serious, like a joke.

Fu Hengyi put the hot water bottle on the table, took the medicine in Shen Qinglan’s hand, and put it aside, then stopped her waist, looking down at her, “I am a tree living in the madam’s garden, and only belong to the madam, if others dare to covet me, Madam can cut it with scissors. There is absolutely nothing wrong in the eyes of your husband.”

Shen Qinglan couldn’t hold back her smile, Fu Hengyi looked at the smile on her face, lowered his head slightly, and kissed her lips.

They hadn’t seen each other for several days. Ever since he met Shen Qinglan, Fu Hengyi wanted to do this, but he never had the opportunity. Now that he finally got his wish, Fu Hengyi couldn’t control it.

At some point, they rolled onto the bed, Shen Qinglan’s coat was still on the ground, she was wearing a shirt inside, and Fu Hengyi had unbuttoned several of them, exposing the snow-white skin on her chest.

Her underwear was unbuttoned more than once, and Fu Hengyi was buried in her neck. There was a tingling wetness on her neck, and it seemed that an electric current was passing through her body.

Shen Qinglan groaned unbearably, and Fu Hengyi felt his body tense even more. He put Shen Qinglan’s hand on his belt, the meaning was obvious.

With a “snap”, the buckle of the belt was undone, and when Fu Hengyi was about to go further, the door panel was slapped.

“Little sister-in-law, big brother, are you inside?” Gu Yang’s ghostly roar sounded outside the door, Fu Hengyi’s face darkened, and the veins on his forehead popped up. This boy had to be kicked out.

And the current Fu Hengyi would never have imagined that one day in the future, he would experience today’s events more than once, making him regret giving birth to a certain brat a hundred times.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes regained clarity, she glanced at the direction of the door, and then looked again at Fu Hengyi, then she couldn’t help laughing, she could already imagine Gu Yang’s miserable days in the future.

Gu Yang didn’t know that he was interrupting his elder brother’s good business, and he was still knocking on the door outside, “Brother, I heard that my sister-in-law is here, is it true?”

Being interrupted at a critical moment, Fu Hengyi’s current mood really wanted to kill someone. Getting up from the bed, he tidied up Shen Qinglan’s clothes, with a gloomy face the whole time, and air-conditioning all over his body.

Shen Qinglan held his face in her hands and pecked his lips, “Okay, don’t be angry, let’s continue at night.”

Fu Hengyi’s mood did not improve because of these words, and after confirming that Shen Qinglan’s clothes were neat, he went to open the door.

Gu Yang met Fu Hengyi’s cold eyes and shuddered, “Big…Brother.” Why did he look at him with such eyes, he was so scared.

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