NHSRE Ch. 140: Extra 1

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“Welcome to the infinite nightmare game.”

The young man opened his eyes in a daze and found that he was not sleeping on a bed but was randomly thrown on a messy floor.

His first reaction was – he was kidnapped.

The young man stood up in a daze, looked around, and found that there were other people standing in this small room, most conspicuous was a child squatting on the opposite side.


The young man wanted to know the current situation, but before he could speak, he was interrupted by a neat girl.

“You haven’t been kidnapped, you haven’t traveled through time, and you’re not on the set of a TV drama.” The girl with the high ponytail moved her lips and said quickly.

The young man was even more at a loss: “So… what happened to me?”

The girl with the ponytail didn’t know how to explain: “You entered a game…”

The kid who hadn’t made any movement said lazily: “Correction, you entered a stupid game.”

Young man: “Huh?”

The girl with the ponytail looked serious: “This is a real game. You are the unlucky player who was pulled in. It is true that you may die here, so you must be careful, don’t run around, just follow me.”

The young man had read a lot of game novels, and soon realized what was going on now, he looked at the girl with the ponytail who had created an illusion that you are lucky enough to hug my thigh.

“So…” the young man said cautiously, “What should we do now?”

The girl with the ponytail was asked this question: “The game hasn’t released a notification yet, let’s wait a little bit.”

The little boy said again: “There is still one person missing, this is a six-player dungeon.”

There were still two people standing in the corner, but they didn’t say a word, so it was easy to be ignored.

“Oh.” The young man nodded, then turned to the kid again, “Are you an unlucky player too?”

The little kid rolled his eyes and didn’t answer.

The young man muttered: “Why is such a small child dragged into the game? Doesn’t the game have protection measures for minors?”

The little kid who looked very small, but in fact whose age could be counted in three digits: …

Just as the young man was thinking this, there was a sudden “bang” at the door. The dilapidated door panel fell down, the weather outside was dark, and a thick fog lingered further away.

The young man was taken aback and shrank back behind the girl with the ponytail without any manliness.

In fact, it was considered to be hugging the thigh of the girl with the high ponytail. Looking carefully, she was also a little panicked.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a scary ghost that came in, but a young man in a white T-shirt. He was smiling and had a small dimple on his cheek. He looked very sunny and kind.

“Sorry, sorry.” He walked in with a big bag of things in his arms, “I’m late.”

The girl with the ponytail looked at the person, thoughtfully: “You are…”

The little boy jumped up, interrupting the girl with the ponytail’s words, he hurriedly urged: “Hurry up, this dungeon is not fun at all.”

Shen Dongqing glanced at him, and the little boy shrank his neck and closed his mouth. He took out a bottle of Wahaha milk from the bag and stuffed it for the little kid, then turned to look at the girl with the ponytail: “You know me?”

The girl with the ponytail covered her mouth first, then nodded: “Yes, yes, we used to, we had been matched to the same copy.”

Of course, the girl with the ponytail belonged to the type of player who paddled for fish, and being able to pass the level was purely due to the strength of his teammates, so Shen Dongqing had no impression of her, and he just nodded politely, which was regarded as an acknowledgment.

The girl with the ponytail’s eyes fell on Shen Dongqing’s back, and she couldn’t help asking: “Where’s your companion?”

She remembered that in that dungeon, Shen Dongqing was always followed by a man, and they seemed to have a good relationship, um… It was the kind of “goodness” that went beyond friendship.

Now that she didn’t see that person, the girl with the ponytail was full of doubts, thinking, could it be that two people had a falling out? This kind of situation was very common in the game, but she thought, these two should not be like this?

Shen Dongqing said: “He entered the game illegally and has been sent back.”

The game was originally fair and just, and only those who conformed to the rules could enter the game, but over time, the game system was infected by viruses, and many of the programs were destroyed, not only pulling people into the game at will, but also setting up various difficulties to prevent players from leaving.

After some operations, they destroyed the infected system. Now the new system was in control of the game. It had repaired the game and repatriated all offending players, including Zhou Wenyan.

Zhou Wenyan didn’t want to leave the game so early, but there was nothing he could do about the rules. Shen Dongqing could only play hard and go out to find him.

Fortunately, probably because he helped the game, the system opened a back door for him, allowing him to get the key to get out faster, without having to look for a needle in a haystack in each copy.

Of course, it definitely didn’t mean that the system thought that Shen Dongqing was too destructive and wanted to expel him quickly.

This copy was the last one. When the young man heard this, he looked forward to it: “Can I also be deported?”

People who were on the verge of death in an accident, if they stayed in the game and still had a chance of survival, they would die as soon as they left the game.

Hearing this, the young man let out an “ah” in disappointment.

Shen Dongqing encouraged him: “Play well, and you may have a chance to go out.”

The little kid took a sip of milk and said impatiently: “Hurry up, I want to go out!”

As a reward for helping to fix the game, the kid who has always been a little villain had also obtained the identity of a player. As long as he cleared the level, he could also get out of the game.

Shen Dongqing tore open a bag of potato chips, and bit into the potato chips: “Why is it so urgent, the extras aren’t in place yet.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sudden “boom” in the empty cabin, as if someone knocked on the clapper.

Everyone looked to where the sound came from.

At some point, a carriage stopped at the door, and an old man driving a carriage sat on the shaft. It seemed that his dress belonged to the style of the Western Middle Ages.

The young man: “Have I really crossed?”

The old man said impatiently: “Hurry up and get in the car, or you will miss the Harvest Festival, and the Earl of Carlisle will be angry!”

The girl with the ponytail did not dare to act without authorization, and was about to hug Shen Dongqing’s thigh, and listen to him on everything.

Shen Dongqing tilted his head and said to himself: “It seems a bit familiar.”

The girl with the ponytail asked in a low voice: “Get in the carriage?”

The carriage was now packed to the brim.

Tap-tat-tat- the horse’s hooves stepped on the muddy ground and slowly left the cabin.

There was silence in the carriage, only the sound of Shen Dongqing nibbling on potato chips.

Accompanied by a crisp “cha”, the young man said in a low voice: “How about introducing yourself to each other?” According to the law of novels, should you not introduce yourself as soon as you come in, and then distinguish which ones are cannon fodder and which ones are the protagonists.?

Why not follow the routine at all?

The two people who had been silent all this time said: “It’s not necessary.”

For some reason, the young man felt that these two people were a bit weird, and the way they looked at them was like looking at a dead person, which made people very uncomfortable.

The young man moved his buttocks, squeezed to the side of the little boy, and distanced himself from the two of them.

The little kid said dissatisfied: “Go over!”

The young man had to move over again.


The woodpecker ornament on the small table uttered crisp bird calls, attracting everyone’s attention.

After a while, the bird’s beak opened and closed, and a human sound came out.

[You are on your way to the Earl of Carlisle’s estate]

[The Earl of Carlisle owns a vast land… In order to hold the annual harvest festival, six virgins will be carefully selected from the territory to be dedicated to the Earl of Carlisle…]

[Your identity, it’s one of the six virgins]

Shen Dongqing’s first reaction was: “I’m not a virgin.” The second reaction was, “I seem to have been to this dungeon before.” Then he let out a sneer.

“What big talk?” said a muscular man with a tattoo on his arm, “It is impossible for a player to enter the same instance twice.”

As soon as he saw Shen Dongqing, he felt that this person was very pretentious, obviously the game was very dangerous, yet he pretended not to care, and didn’t even bring any weapons, only a bag of snacks.

This kind of player was either a real boss, or had some brain problems, but looking at Shen Dongqing like this, it must be the latter. Originally, he didn’t bother to take it apart, but he actually put it on, so he couldn’t help but say it.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that this person would not only not be ashamed after being exposed, but also asked curiously: “How do you know?”

The tattooed man was asked, and after a moment of silence he said: “There are so many copies in the game, it’s impossible to play in a lifetime, and the dungeons a player enters are random, and according to the probability, it is absolutely impossible to enter the same dungeon twice.”

Shen Dongqing said thoughtfully: “You make a lot of sense.”

The tattooed man: “It’s just…” Halfway through, he came to his senses, “I’m not reasoning with you!”

Shen Dongqing blinked his eyes and said, “But what you said is indeed very reasonable.”

Tattooed Man: …

Why could this person pretend so naturally?

He was a little powerless, so he simply ignored this person, huddled in a corner and closed his eyes to rest.

The carriage swayed, and the tattooed man thought, this time was really unlucky, look at the composition of this team, a useless kid, a timid newcomer, a young man with some brain problems and a useless woman, it seemed that this dungeon was more or less inauspicious.

Whew— the carriage stopped.

Shen Dongqing, who was closest to the door, was the first to jump down. After taking a breath of fresh air, he looked at the castle ahead: “Ah, I have indeed been here!”

What the tattooed man said on the carriage just now was indeed correct. There are so many dungeons, according to the probability, the system would deliberately avoid the probability of a player entering the same dungeon twice – unless the player used the dungeon token to force it in.

But when it came to Shen Dongqing, the game probably thought that since this dungeon had been ruined once, it must have resistance, and it shouldn’t be ruined again…

“Ah—” the gate of the castle opened a gap. But before the person came out, a scream was heard first, and then the heavy door was slammed shut, and no one could be seen.

The young man hesitated: “What, what’s the matter?”

Shen Dongqing touched the tip of her nose: “It seems…she just took a look at me and ran away.” He turned back to ask others for advice, “Do I look scary?”

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