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But he really didn’t want his family to know about it.

He whispered: “My life is already terrible. I really don’t want to cause them more trouble and disappoint them. Just because someone accepted my beast shape, I fell in love with such a man, and it turned out not good at all. It’s a burden that I can’t get rid of, and I don’t have the face to say this kind of thing.”

Even Ruan Yue, who grew up with him, didn’t know that he had broken up with this man a long time ago, and was still entangled with him.

In fact, the man didn’t beat him many times. Last night, he was living in the outside apartment. When the man came over, because he didn’t want the bodyguards to pay too much attention, he let the man into the room to talk. In a place where the bodyguards couldn’t see, this man moved against him for the first time. However, when he woke up today, he put on makeup, and most people didn’t notice it at all.

Just now, even though the bodyguards rushed to his side, with such a dim light, they obviously didn’t see it.

But now… after transforming, those wounds were hidden under the hair, and it must be even more difficult to find if you don’t look carefully.

It was also because of this that he was able to hide it from others until now.

Lu Yin just really felt terrible, everything was terrible.

He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want anyone to discover his more unbearable side, and at the same time he wanted to get rid of this man’s entanglement.

Qiao Xi sighed.

After thinking about it, he asked A Xue: “Is there any way to make this man shut up?”

The man flinched and stared at them with wide eyes.

The white rabbit said softly: “Even if you don’t kill someone, there are many ways to make a person shut up forever.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

The others: “…”

No, this threat was not inferior to Hei Yu and Chris in the slightest!

A Xue really just looked gentle, but in fact, he was as terrifying as the bright moon in his heart…

A Xue turned his head and said to the little white pig: “Lu Yin, you have to remember your own identity, and you still have to deal with this kind of person. It’s too much for you to be in such a mess.”

Lu Yin trembled and closed his eyes.

He knew that he was too cowardly.

As the only child of his parents and as the most important heir of the family, he was not qualified at all.

A Xue said: “Let’s leave it to your parents, okay? They are fully capable of handling things like telling this man to shut up.”

The man felt deep fear!

Lu Yin panicked, as if he wanted to say something, but the guards had already picked up the man. At the same time, a speeding car landed between the two buildings, and the guards directly stuffed the man in. Seeing this, two of the bodyguards hurriedly followed, regardless of Lu Yin’s objection.

Seeing Lu Yin struggling, Qiao Xi said, “Do you think your parents love you?”

Lu Yin was startled and nodded.

They had always protected him, so he felt that he had caused them a lot of trouble, and he was not willing to cause them more trouble.

“My parents don’t even look at me,” Qiao Xi said, “I still remember that sometimes they would frown when they accidentally saw me.”

Lu Yin had heard that Qiao Xi was not in a good situation in the Bird Clan Palace before but did not expect it to reach this level.

As a parent, did they really hate their child to such an extent?

He said in amazement: “But you were born by them…”

“Yes, my genes are also inherited from them, so I didn’t understand it when I was a child. It’s fine if others laughed at me, why even my parents treated me like this,” Qiao Xi said in a relaxed tone, “And my brothers and sisters also laughed at me and bullied me. I only have one brother who treats me well, and I only met friends who like me after I went out to study.”

“Can you imagine the feeling that your family hardly cares about you and loves you?” Qiao Xi said, “You are much better than me. Your parents care about you and love you. If I were in your position, I would feel guilty for causing trouble to them, but if there is such a person who was bulling me, I would definitely sue him in front of my parents! Lu Yin, when you have the ability to retaliate against the person who bullies you, don’t be a bun. Don’t wrong yourself.”

“No, Qiao Xi, I think you won’t see that kind of man at all!” Chris said.

Lu Yin: “…”

He was embarrassed.

Qiao Xi laughed dryly and said seriously: “That’s right. I used to feel inferior, but I quickly figured it out. It’s not my fault that I look like this, and I think I look pretty good too. Is it a mistake just to look different from others? It shouldn’t be like this.”

“Anyway, I feel much better after accepting it calmly. I must hold on to something… I only like people who can really attract me, so I met Jing Yan!”

Lu Yin hesitated: “But…”

“I know this level is hard to get over, no one can force you, and no one can help you, you can only overcome it by yourself,” Qiao Xi said, “but I think you can try to face yourself like this. The truth is, when you really calmly appear in the crowd with a special appearance, there will still be many people who like you. If you are afraid, we can accompany you, no matter how many times you look at us, we will be by your side.”

Qiao Xi joked: “Actually you have seen it too, many people look at me when I go to school every day!”

“My brother would definitely be jealous if he was there, Qiao Xi, you really get too much attention in school!” Jing Yi yelled.

“But if Qiao Xi appeared in human form, he would definitely be very popular, and Jing Yan would also be jealous…” Hei Yu said.

“That can’t be helped, maybe Jing Yan is destined to be full of jealousy!” Chris said seriously.

Qiao Xi: “…”

He took a breath and said seriously to Lu Yin: “As long as you walk upright and sit upright, everyone is worthy to live with their head held high.”

The little white pig was slightly startled, and his eyes widened, as if hearing the sound of a beating heart.

Qiao Xi stretched out his wings to the little white pig, and said with curved eyes, “Okay, stand up, don’t cry.”

Lu Yin looked up at him, and then at the other people.

The night fell and the lights smudged.

He was in a daze.

Live with your head held high…?

Jing Yan and Jiao Yue returned to the forest a few hours earlier than expected because they finished handling things ahead of schedule.

However, the forest… was empty!

Jing Yan was surprised: “They haven’t come back yet?”

They only knew that Hei Yu and A Xue ran to find Qiao Xi in the morning when they were idle and bored.

Jing Yan was about to take out his mobile phone, when Jiao Yue said thoughtfully: “There is a welcome party tonight, they might have gone to see it, but they didn’t think to tell us about it, because we were going to come back later.” Jiao Yue narrowed his eyes again and said: “Speaking of which, I seem to have heard Hei Yu say that Chris and Jing Yi have been running with Qiao Xi these days.”

These days he and Jing Yan were not in the forest during the day, so they didn’t know the specific situation.

Jing Yan stopped making calls.

Jiao Yue raised his eyebrows and said, “Shall we go over quietly to have a look?”

Jing Yan put down his phone with a solemn expression.

On the other side——

When the matter was almost finished, the bodyguard asked Lu Yin: “Master, shall we take you to the off-campus apartment? We will take care of that man’s affairs, so you don’t have to worry!”

Lu Yin lived in the dormitory most of the time. But occasionally, he would stay in an off-campus apartment prepared for him by the Lu family. Lu Yin looked like a little white pig at the moment, even if he was enlightened by a friend, he would not want to appear in the crowd with this appearance for a while.

Chris asked Qiao Xi: “Then shall we still go to that party?”

Qiao Xi thought for a while and said, “Anyway, we are here, so let’s just take a look.”

Lu Yin couldn’t help looking at Qiao Xi and the others.

After discussing it, Qiao Xi turned to Lu Yin: “Then… you go back and rest first?”

Lu Yin opened his mouth.

At this time, the flying car that was escorting the man had already taken off, and another Lu family flying car landed.

The speeding cars back and forth attracted the attention of many students outside.

Lu Yin couldn’t help shivering from those vaguely gathered gazes, but when he saw Qiao Xi and the others…

Lu Yin hesitated for a long time, feeling a surge of impulse in his heart.

After a few breaths, he plucked up his courage and said to the bodyguards: “Please let the flying car stop somewhere else, wait for me, wait for me…wait for me to finish one thing.”

The bodyguards were stunned for a while.

The little white pig ran over and said to Qiao Xi and the others: “I, I will accompany you to the Grand Theater.”

Qiao Xi was a little surprised.

With the current appearance… to the Grand Theater?

What this meant was self-evident.

Glancing at each other with her friends, Qiao Xi looked at Lu Yin again, nodded happily and said, “Okay.”

While Lu Yin’s bodyguards cleaned up the mess with the palace guards, they looked at the direction in which the white pig had left anxiously.

Lu Yin followed behind Qiao Xi, step by step, and stepped out.

The Lu’s flying car moved away, while Lu Yin trembled slightly with every step.

There was fear in the heart, and his blood flow was also accelerating.

I want to shrink back, I want to hide in a corner where no one can see, I want to stay alone like this for a lifetime.

But at the same time, there was another voice echoing in his mind.

“——Don’t let the people who love you down again.”

“——If you want to change yourself, you can’t just stay like this for the rest of your life!”

So Lu Yin moved forward step by step, standing in front of the dormitory building, under the street lights.

At that last step, he seemed to hear a heavy “boom”.

When he felt the eyes directly falling on him, he couldn’t help shaking and kept his head buried.

The Little Chicken was beside him, comforting: “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay!”

“I’m used to being the center of attention!” Chris said seriously.

“It’s impossible to be cute and not get noticed!” Jing Yi said firmly.

Lu Yin: “…”

Why do you have such strong self-confidence?

However, he took a deep breath, still trying to raise his head little by little.

Behind them, the bodyguards were a little surprised, and then mixed emotions surged in their hearts.

The little white pig’s eyes were dark, so against the warm lights, with pedestrians going back and forth, and in front of the dormitory building with countless lights on, they seemed to be disturbing everything.

How long had it been since he saw the outside world from this angle?

Lu Yin was in a daze.

“Come on, time is running out, let’s go.” Qiao Xi encouraged.

Lu Yin swallowed and nodded.

The little chick wobbled and turned around, the white rabbit was holding the milk tea in his hand, the milk tea was not covered, the butterfly was flying aside and sucking small sips, while the little leopard and the little black wolf quarreled, and shouted: “Ah, my milk tea is gone!”

The people on both sides cast their gazes at them, but they didn’t bother to look sideways, they walked forward calmly, walking in their own lives.

Lu Yin couldn’t tell what he was feeling at this moment.

He seemed to have let go of something, gained something, closed something, and opened something.

In the end, little by little light gathered in his eyes.

He quickened his pace, “da da da da” to keep up with the group of people in front of him.

They got out of the dorm area.

They crossed the endlessly flowing road.

They entered the extraordinarily lively campus tonight.

Keep going forward, forward.

Ruan Yue sent a message to Lu Yin: “Are you here? This girl has reserved a VIP seat for you. Call me when you arrive.”

Soon, she received a reply: “Hello Miss Ruan, I am the young master’s bodyguard, something happened to Master just now, the mobile phone was left on our side. He has already gone to the Grand Theater, but it is not clear whether he will stay to watch the performance, why don’t you contact Xiao Li, he is following behind the master.”

Ruan Yue looked confused, what happened?

“Are you waiting for a friend?” On the side, an elegantly dressed woman put down her teacup and asked.

Ruan Yue thought for a while, got up and said, “I’m sorry, something happened to my friend, I’ll go out and wait for him, queen, you can sit first!”

The queen’s smile faltered, and then she kept smiling and said, “Well, it’s okay, you go first.”

When the girl left, her face darkened.

The Ruan family and the Lu family doted on their children very much. Although the old vixens of the two families had been reluctant to express their views, as long as she could capture the hearts of these two children, everything was possible.

But they seldom came out for activities, and they hardly even participated in palace banquets, so it was difficult for her to get in touch with them usually.

It was a rare opportunity, and she tried her best to get closer to them, but the little girl kept being perfunctory to her.

And the one in the Lu family… seemed to be in the same class as the bird prince.

The queen clenched her hands tightly, stood up and said to the attendants, “Go out and have a look.”

Ruan Yue just ran out of the VIP room, went down to the first floor, and came to the corridor, where she saw… a group of small animals.

When she noticed a little white pig inside, she said in shock: “Lu Yin?!”

And, and there was Qiao Xi ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Ruan Yue, who had been depressed for several days, finally showed signs of recovery. Ruan Yue didn’t care about her blushing, she just ran over, looked at Qiao Xi, then at Lu Yin, and said, “You…why did you come out like this? Are you not afraid? Is it?”

The little white pig raised his head and his eyes sparkled: “I feel…it seems to be okay!”

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