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Probably because Luo Ning didn’t remember what happened last night at all, that’s why he woke up this morning with a calm face. This was also a good thing. After all, it was impolite to steal a kiss. Luo Ning must be very disgusted when he finds out.

I can’t kiss him secretly again in the future, I’m an upright Alpha, I can’t take advantage of an Omega like this. Thinking in this way, Qin Yize made up his mind in his heart – if he wanted to chase Luo Ning, he had to start by caring and loving him, and let him feel his love, which would slowly penetrate into his heart.

It was better to help him make breakfast first.

Today, Xi Wei would follow the military officials to the scene of the military exercise to take aerial shots of some war scenes. The actors didn’t need to appear on the scene. It would be Qin Yize’s turn tomorrow, so he had plenty of time today. Qin Yize thus went downstairs to get breakfast himself.

As a result, as soon as he entered the restaurant, he saw a familiar man—Major General Benjamin.

The man in military uniform was sitting in the corner eating breakfast, and he was always graceful in his gestures. He did not have the airs of a major general at all, and there was always a gentle and polite smile on his lips.

Benjamin was chatting with the director Xi Wei, and when Qin Yize passed by, he happened to overhear him talking about “Luo Ning” with Xi Wei.

Qin Yize immediately walked over to say hello calmly, “Director, good morning, General.”

Xi Wei looked up at him, and said with a smile, “Yize, you don’t have any scenes today, so you could have slept a little longer.”

Hearing this, Qin Yize said, “I’m used to getting up early.”

Seeing no one around, he smiled slightly, and said softly, “Luo Ning is up too, so I came to get him something to eat.”

The implication of this sentence was very obvious. Him knowing Luo Ning’s schedule showed that he and Luo Ning slept in the same room, and this was intentionally told to Benjamin. Benjamin was not stupid, so he naturally heard the meaning of Qin Yize’s words, looked up at him, and said with a half-smile: “I remember, Luo Ning liked to sleep late when he was a child, did he change his habit?”

He was so familiar with Luo Ning? Did he even know Luo Ning’s childhood habits?

Qin Yize raised his eyebrows unhappily, and said, “Luo Ning is no longer a child. Once you get married, your habits will obviously change.”

No matter how slow Xi Wei was, he could sense the tense atmosphere between the two Alphas. So, he stroked his hair in confusion, and said to Qin Yize: “Yize, you may have misunderstood, Benjamin and Luo Ning, in fact…”

As soon as he said this, he saw several crew members coming in at the door, and the three immediately stopped talking.

Qin Yize nodded politely to the two and left with the breakfast.

People from the film crew came over to say hello and sat down consciously at a distance. Then Xi Wei said in a soft voice: “Yize seems to have misunderstood you, why didn’t you tell him what you told me? Didn’t you just say that you only think of Luo Ning as your younger brother?”

Benjamin smiled lightly, and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t affect their feelings, it’s Qin Yize who thinks too much.”

Xi Wei was thoughtful: “You mean, Qin Yize is jealous of you?”

Benjamin smiled happily: “It seems so. I seem to have become his false love rival.”

Xi Wei had a splitting headache: “You young people have so many thoughts, can’t you just talk about it?”

Benjamin said, “If Luo Ning doesn’t speak, I don’t need to get involved. Let them settle the matter between them by themselves.”

As they were talking, Li Xin hurried into the restaurant with his eyes rolling around, as if he was looking for someone, with an anxious expression on his face. Soon, he locked on his target and walked towards the girl who was eating in the corner. He gestured with his fingers and muttered non-stop, and the girl nodded repeatedly to express her understanding.

Seeing that Benjamin was looking at Li Xin all the time, Xi Wei introduced with a smile: “This is Li Xin, Qin Yize’s manager, who is famous for being serious and responsible. He’s quite long-winded. He keeps talking about little things, and sometimes I get a little headache from him talking about it.”

Benjamin gave a light “um” and asked, “I heard that he is Qin Yize’s senior?”

Xi Wei nodded: “Well, he is three years older than Yize.”

Benjamin smiled and said, “That’s almost thirty, doesn’t he have a girlfriend yet?”

Xi Wei didn’t pay attention to why Benjamin would be interested to know if Li Xin had a girlfriend or not, upon hearing this, he just explained: “In addition to arranging various announcements for Yize, Li Xin also helps Qin Yize manage the affairs of the studio. He is usually very busy. Probably because of this he doesn’t have time to think about personal relationship issues at all. Apart from being a little talkative, he actually has a pretty good personality. It is said that he is good at cooking, and he also helps Qin Yize with some housework by the way. He is a very considerate manager. In this way, as a Beta man, it must be easy for him to find a wife.”

Benjamin looked thoughtfully at the back of Li Xin leaving in a hurry, and slightly raised the corners of his mouth—although his mouth was a bit long-winded and he liked to babble, but he had a gentle and considerate personality, and also knew how to do housework, what kind of wife would such a Beta find? He should find a husband.

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