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In other words, was Lu Yin’s injury in the morning also caused by this man?

Hei Yu and A Xue also hurried over.

Lu Yin shivered slightly, got up from the ground, and said in a hoarse voice: “No, nothing.”

“You, what are you doing!?” The guards were wearing ordinary clothes, and the man didn’t know who they were, so he roared angrily, “I’ll teach you a lesson. You want to take care of me!?”

Lu Yin hesitated to speak, but finally lowered his eyes.

Jing Yi shouted: “Cover his mouth too, hurry up!”

The guards quickly took out tissues and handkerchiefs and stuffed them into the man’s mouth.

Man: “Woooooooooooooo!!!

One of the guards stepped forward to help Lu Yin up.

And the man who was suppressed on the ground was still staring at him.

Lu Yin trembled, and quickly moved his eyes away.

At this time, several tall men in suits also ran over, and when they saw the scene here, their expressions changed: “Master, master!”

Two of them stepped forward and supported Lu Yin.

“Master, are you alright?”

“He did something to you? Master, why didn’t you call us over!”

“Bodyguards?” Hei Yu asked, “It’s a bit late.”

Hearing the word “bodyguards”, the eyes of the man on the ground were full of surprise.

The bodyguards immediately panicked.

Lu Yin explained in a low voice: “I told them… not to come here until they received my call, so don’t blame them.”

The bodyguards had been guarding at a distance just now, but because the sky was too dark, so they didn’t know what happened.

It’s just that the young master once told them not to be nervous when this man came to meet him, so even though they all felt that this man was trouble, they kept holding back and did not take any action.

It wasn’t until they saw a group of people rushing in that they realized what had happened. They ignored the young master’s previous orders and rushed out without any instructions.

At this moment, even though they didn’t know Qiao Xi and the others, this did not prevent these bodyguards from guessing what was going on here, and saying, “Master, I have long said that this guy must be punished. You have always been afraid of him—”

Another bodyguard slapped him to shut him up.

And Lu Yin lowered his eyes.

Qiao Xi was quite conflicted. Lu Yin seemed to be a person who liked to bury things in his heart. Qiao Xi didn’t like to ask questions when others didn’t want to speak up. But in his heart, he always felt that if he didn’t care, Lu Yin wouldn’t know what to do next.

After thinking about it, he said, “Send him to the police station? Or… to your parents?”

According to the bodyguards, it was not just once or twice that this man had come to find fault with him. Well, the Lu family elders probably didn’t know about this man.

The man immediately yelled “woo hoo”.

Lu Yin shook his head in a panic: “Don’t, don’t.”

The bodyguard immediately persuaded: “Young master, this man can’t go on like this.”

“He wanted to hit you just now!” Chris and Lu Yin had completely opposite personalities, hearing this, he subconsciously said, “And aren’t you very afraid of him?”

Qiao Xi suddenly thought that when Lu Yin left with the man just now, he said that the man was his “friend”, but the man just said that Lu Yin was “Lao Tzu’s man”, he asked: “…are you being threatened by him?”

In this situation, it seemed that… after breaking up, he was entangled endlessly.

Lu Yin opened his mouth, and suddenly, he groaned, and his body changed.

The bodyguards and guards quickly let go, and the boy transformed uncontrollably before their eyes. His body shrank and changed and was finally covered under a pile of clothes.

The guard quickly removed the clothes, and everyone saw… a little white pig had appeared in front of them!

His hair was longer and thicker than that of animal pigs, but it was far less than that of ordinary wolves. With that appearance, it was really similar to piglets.

The little white pig came back to his senses, realized that he had transformed himself, and suddenly became hysterical, screaming “Aww”, running around in panic, as if he wanted to escape, but when he thought that there were more people outside, he backed away again. In the end, he got down on the spot, covered his head with two short paws, and “wowed” miserably.

Qiao Xi and the others were all stunned, while the man who was suppressed on the ground sneered contemptuously.

The bodyguards rushed over, took off their clothes and covered Lu Yin: “Master!”

Lu Yin cried miserably, Qiao Xi and the others quickly ran over after realizing it, and comforted him: “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Hei Yu: “It’s okay, no one saw…”

A Xue interrupted Hei Yu. This was obviously unqualified comfort, and he said gently: “Don’t be afraid, it’s normal to have uncontrollable transformations when you are emotional, just calm down.”

“You’re cute, don’t, don’t cover it like this…”    

Chris said foolishly, “I’ve never seen such a cute wolf clan member!”

Hearing this, he quickly turned his head and said, “Look at you, you carry private goods with you at any time!”

Jing Yi: “I’m trapping myself, and you’re trapping your man!”

Chris: “That’s trapping, too. Bring private goods!”

Jing Yi: “It’s different! Single dogs and cash recharge are different!”

Chris: “Aww!”

Jing Yi: “Aww!”

Hei Yu, A Xue, Qiao Xi: No, when did these two people learn Jing Yan’s blind howls so well!

Lu Yin was breaking down at first, but when he heard the little leopard and little black wolf howling at each other in front of him, he couldn’t help but stop crying slowly, then he raised his head from the cover of the bodyguards with tears in his eyes in a daze.

Seeing him look up, Qiao Xi hurriedly said, “Lu Yin, it’s okay, don’t cry.”

The little white pig flinched again. His eyes were red, he looked at Qiao Xi, and then at the man not far away.

“Let this person be handed over to your parents!” Chris said, “Let your parents deal with it!”

The man immediately yelled vigilantly.

“Does he know who you are?” A Xue asked.

The man showed a suspicious look. It was probably the first time he saw Lu Yin’s bodyguards today.

Lu Yin choked, paused, shook his head, and said in a low voice, “He doesn’t know…he only knows that I’m rich, so after we broke up…”

Qiao Xi was almost sure that his guess was right, so he asked: “What did he threaten you with?”

Lu Yin moved his lips.

“Tell me, what are we afraid of?” Chris was impatient, “We will help you solve the problem on the spot!”

“Master…” The bodyguards also sighed.

“…” Lu Yin said softly, “He said that if I don’t give him money, he will expose my animal form… I, I finally managed to transform stably and walk out of the house. I don’t want to…”

“Hey, the mouth is so cheap,” Hei Yu said, “Then just get rid of him, what are you afraid of.”

The man: “?!?!?”

Lu Yin said in a daze, “You mean killing people?”

Hei Yu “Yeah!”

Man: “Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

“This kind of guy looks like a maggot living at the bottom of society at first glance, and no one will find out when he disappears someday.”

Chris nodded: “Hei Yu is right. By the way, how did you find this kind of boyfriend? Isn’t it too bad?”

A Xue said softly: “Hei Yu, Chris.”

The two consciously shut up and stopped their threatening behavior.

Qiao Xi was confused, and asked: “…Why didn’t you tell the family?”

Lu Yin paused, then said in a hoarse voice: “I, I don’t know, I think I’m terrible, and I have added a lot of trouble to my parents.……”

Perhaps because he finally couldn’t help but want to pour out his emotions, Lu Yin lowered his head and said intermittently: “Because my beast shape is like this, I have never dared to go out since I was a child… Even when there are guests at home, I just want to hide …It was hard for me to survive until my body was able to transform stably, so I dared to go out to study…”

“Later, later, I met him years ago…” Lu Yin lay on the ground again, covered his head and said, “I like men, but I have never thought that someone would like me, because I think they would not be able to accept it if they knew what my animal shape looks like! But that time I was accidentally drunk and transformed in front of him, and he didn’t dislike me, so I just…”

“Did you see his expression at that time?” Qiao Xi asked with a sigh, “Are you sure, he really…”

Lu Yin shook his head.

The truth was obvious.

Regardless of whether it was because Lu Yin was drunk and didn’t see clearly that day, or because the man had already discovered that Lu Yin was rich and approached him with a purpose, anyway, what Lu Yin saw that day was not the man’s true face.

And the real face of this man was the sneer he made when he saw Lu Yin’s transformation just now.

“After we broke up, he started to threaten me with my animal form. I, I dare not let the bodyguard deal with him… because as long as he is provoked, he will spread my animal form…”

Hei Yu interjected: “This kind of person really deserves to die.”

Everyone: “…”

Man: “Wooooooooooooooo!”

The guard kicked him to shut him up.

Lu Yin slowed down and continued talking.

To this man, he flinched again and again, always tightening like a string.

Just now, he was still hesitant to let the bodyguard appear.

But when he hit the wall and was rescued by Qiao Xi and the others, he felt very tired instantly.

He couldn’t go on like this anymore.

He couldn’t keep being threatened any longer.

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