IHSB Ch. 43

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The speed of the face-slapping was so fast that he was caught off guard. Looking carefully, the other members of the Gu family at the dining table were also showing expressions of surprise. Obviously, they also knew about Gu Nan’s obsession with cleanliness.

But Nuan Nuan didn’t know, so she smiled even more happily after seeing Gu Nan eat the food she picked up, and her belly turned round in the end, and there was one more person in the team going out for a walk today.

Nuan Nuan ran around with Rhubarb and Briquettes in the front, and occasionally she went to the garden to sit on the swing with her family, and her father would push it from behind.

For this walking exercise, everyone had a smile on their faces, of course, there was only one exception, Gu Nan’s expression was like ice lumps the whole time, it even made mother Gu and Grandpa Gu’s eyes hurt.

Obviously it wasn’t like this when he was a child, why did he grow and become more and more disabled!

In fact, if they had to say it, he became this cold and ruthless, in fact, when Nuan Nuan disappeared… It was all because of those people back then!

After Gu Nan came back, Nuan Nuan especially loved to hang around him, following him like a little tail, calling him brother softly from time to time.

Gu Nan took the trouble to respond every time, although there was only one word every time, but the little girl was still happy.

“Big brother.”

About to go back, Nuan Nuan walked to Gu Nan’s side with small steps, and she boldly grabbed her brother’s index finger with her soft little hand.

Brother’s fingers were slightly cool, but the weather was relatively hot now, so the coolness was just right for her.

“Big brother, why are your hands cold?”

Nuan Nuan raised her face and asked in a childlike voice, looking at him with big black and white eyes, but because he was too tall, she seemed like a dwarf and she could only see her big brother’s sharp, resolute and beautiful chin.

Gu Nan slightly bent his finger that was caught by her, “I don’t know.”

Nuan Nuan followed him step by step, similarly, Gu Nan also walked very slowly in order to accommodate her short legs.

“Are my brother’s hands cold in winter?”

Gu Nan nodded and hummed.

Nuan Nuan immediately looked at him with distressed eyes.

Gu Nan “???”

“Then elder brother must be very cold. When it’s cold, Nuan Nuan will grab her elder brother’s hand, okay? Big brother’s hand is cold, Nuan Nuan’s hands are warm, then elder brother won’t be cold.”

Gu Nan lowered his eyes, looking at the little girl with crooked eyebrows, who spoke in a milky voice, the corners of his straight mouth raised slightly in an imperceptible arc.

“En.” He agreed, and the little girl smiled even more happily, like a little sun, beautiful and warm.

Gu Nan himself had a lot of work to do, so after returning from the walk, he went into the study to get busy.

Nuan Nuan reluctantly left her big brother’s study room. In fact, big brother let her stay and play by herself, but she didn’t want to disturb big brother’s work.

“I didn’t expect Nuan Nuan to be so clingy to Xiao Nan.”

Father Gu felt sour in his heart, so he said, “My son is so cold, I don’t know why Nuan Nuan likes him so much!”

His tone was so yin and yang, even if he didn’t say it, everyone could smell the sour smell of old vinegar.

Mother Gu rolled her eyes at her husband, “You are even jealous of your son, I really can’t convince you.”

Father Gu said stubbornly, “Before, Nuan Nuan used to stick to me the most.”

At this time, Mr. Gu was walking beside him and gave a disdainful look, “What nonsense are you talking about, Nuan Nuan obviously likes to cling to me the most.”

Father Gu immediately became unconvinced, “Dad, you are wrong, as long as I don’t go to work, Nuan Nuan obviously likes to cling to me the most and spend time with me.”

The father and son started arguing again. Mother Gu shook her head and walked away. Her elegant and steady husband had become so naive for some reason.

Mother Gu went to the kitchen to prepare fruit, and Nuan Nuan ran in with small steps.

Mother Gu immediately fed her a big round grape. The little girl’s cheeks became round when she ate it, and her clean and bright eyes turned a little bigger. Even if she looked at Nuan Nuan like this, she could see it every day. Mother Gu still adored her precious daughter.

“Why is my family’s Nuan Nuan so obedient?”

Mother Gu knelt down and gently poked Nuan Nuan’s swollen cheeks, which immediately sank into a small meaty pit, and she looked innocent with her big eyes open. She looked so cute.

Mother Gu hugged her daughter curiously, and kissed her little face.

Nuan Nuan chewed and swallowed the grapes in her mouth, and gave her mother a fragrant kiss while standing on her toes.

“My daughter is so good.”

“My mother is so beautiful!”

The mother and daughter began to complement each other in turns, and then both laughed.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

The little girl pawed at the kitchen counter with her claws, and looked over seriously with her big watery eyes. She had already washed a lot of fruits.

“Mom, what fruit does big brother like to eat?”

Mother Gu knew that Nuan Nuan wanted to send fruit to her son as soon as she heard it.

“You like big brother so much?” Mother Gu asked amusedly.

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, “I like him a lot.”

Nuan Nuan answered extremely softly.

Mother Gu rubbed her hairy head, “Your elder brother is cold, and many children were scared by him before.”

Nuan Nuan puffed her cheeks to defend her elder brother.

“They’re timid.”

After finishing speaking, she added softly, “Big brother is very good.”

It’s not big brother’s fault.

Mother Gu burst out laughing, and handed her a packed fruit plate, “Okay, I know your big brother is good, let’s take it to him.”

Nuan Nuan blushed shyly, stretched out her arms to hug the fruit plate, and walked away with her short legs.

When she came to the door of her big brother’s study, she pushed the door open, carefully exposed half of her little furry head and looked inside.

Gu Nan sat on the leather office chair with an indifferent expression, staring at the computer in front of him indifferently, responding from time to time, when his voice said something without any emotion, like a cold robot, one could feel the strong sense of oppression brought by him through the screen.

The subordinate employees on the other side of the computer were used to him being like this, and they all worshipped Gu Nan very much, this person was like a god-like existence to them.

Nuan Nuan poked her head around the fruit plate, wondering if she should go in, she wanted to feed her big brother, but she was afraid of disturbing him, the little girl’s delicate face was all tangled together, until…

“Come in.”

A familiar indifferent voice came from inside, but if you listened carefully, there was a trace of unnoticeable tenderness hidden.

As if she had been discovered, Nuan Nuan nodded her head in embarrassment, and walked in with the fruit plate in her small arm.

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