IHSB Ch. 44

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“Big Brother~” The milky and soft cry seemed to be coquettish, Nuan Nuan’s eyes were clear and innocent, as she looked at Gu Nan eagerly, it was as if she wanted to melt people’s hearts.

Gu Nan tapped his index finger on Nuan Nuan’s forehead, “Why didn’t you come in?”

Nuan Nuan handed him the fruit plate, stood beside him obediently, poked her finger, and answered softly.

“I was afraid I’ll disturb big brother.”

Gu Nan put the fruit plate away and asked in a low voice, “What do you like to eat?”


The little sister replied very crisply.

A chuckle escaped from the corner of Gu Nan’s mouth. With his slender fingers, he twirled a big grape and peeled it slowly, before feeding it to a certain little girl.

The little girl who was being fed obediently opened her small mouth and ate the whole juicy grape with a groan. Her small cheeks puffed up again, causing a cool finger to poke it, which almost caused her to spit out the grapes she had just eaten.

Nuan Nuan’s agitated little mouth paused for a moment, but she didn’t get angry when she was poked, she just rolled her cheek with a soft temper, and the round big grape twirled around in her mouth and was transferred to the other cheek, the big grape was wrapped a bit slowly in her mouth, and she was unable to swallow it for a while.

Gu Nan’s indifferent and seemingly unmechanized gaze turned to the other side of the little girl’s cheek, and then poked it again, but this time he mastered the force, so he didn’t poke it out anyway.

His warm, moist and clean big eyes still looked cold, but the big brother had a hint of warmth in his pupils and his curly eyelashes were fluttering, like the beautiful wings of a butterfly, very pretty.

Seeing that the grape in Nuan Nuan’s mouth was almost finished, Gu Nan peeled another big round grape and fed it to her mouth.

The soft little girl was like a small animal that was tempted by food. After being fed one by one by the person in front of her, she completely relied on him, and slowly moved her little paws closer to him, and finally the limp little body lay directly on her elder brother’s slender thighs.

Quiet and well-behaved, her temper was as soft as a fluffy bunny.

The corners of Gu Nan’s mouth became more and more raised, and he became more and more proficient in feeding her.


A coughing sound came from the computer, breaking the silent and warm interaction. Gu Nan turned his eyes away from Nuan Nuan and looked at the computer indifferently.

As if it was only now that he remembered that he and his younger sister were not the only ones here.

At this moment, the subordinates in the computer were so shocked that their jaws had almost dropped to the ground, and many of them stood up from where they were sitting and looked hard at the screen.

Because Nuan Nuan was too short, they couldn’t see anyone at all!

They could only hear the soft voice calling their boss “big brother”, which sounded like a girl’s voice, and their boss, after the little girl came in, had become completely different.

Although he still looked as cold as ice, it gave people a completely different feeling.

And… they seemed to have heard their boss laugh just now!!!

Although the sound was very short and they didn’t even have time to catch it, they definitely couldn’t have heard it wrong!

Careful people also noticed that the corner of the boss’s mouth was raised a little bit!

This was so incredible and shocking to them, it was even more shocking than meteors hitting the earth. Their boss, who was as cold as a towering iceberg and as emotionless as a robot, was actually laughing.

It was also because of the shock that they didn’t make a sound for a long time, and it took several minutes of silence before someone came back to their senses and realized that they were still in the meeting now! Their serious and meticulous boss had actually deserted a meeting.

Gu Nan wiped his fingers with a handkerchief slowly, and the moment he raised his eyes, the warmth in his eyes had almost disappeared, and the corners of his mouth were straightened, then he turned into that cold robot again, as if everything they saw just now was their illusion.

“The “Nuan Nuan” project will be followed up at any time when I want, and the few program errors will be corrected as soon as possible. Apart from that, I will send you “Nuan Nuan’s” character modelling image…”

Leaning on her big brother’s lap, Nuan Nuan who was engrossed in grapes seemed to hear her brother calling her? But he didn’t look at her, he was still talking to the people in the computer.

Hearing him mention Nuan Nuan a few times, the little girl’s clear eyes flashed blankly, but despite the doubts in her heart, she obediently kept quiet, her little chin rested on her arm, and the weight of the whole little person’s body was almost on her big brother.

At this moment, she was fed another grape.

Nuan Nuan raised her beautiful little face and glanced at her big brother with her black and white eyes. He was still talking seriously to the person on the other side of the computer, as if he was not distracted at all, but he was focusing on feeding her, still he was really not disturbed at work at all.

Well… so amazing.

Nuan Nuan opened her mouth to grab the grape in the elder brother’s hand and ate it with puffy cheeks, looking at her elder brother with aura-filled eyes, she started adoring him even more.

While she was eating happily, a wide palm wrapped around her back and hugged her, and then Nuan Nuan was made to sit on her big brother’s lap.

Gu Nan gently pressed her little furry head against his chest, he looked down at her slightly, and then continued to stare at the computer with indifferent eyes.

Nuan Nuan was only a little frightened when she was first hugged, but she was incredibly well-behaved, the soft little body while sitting on her big brother’s lap slightly leaned back, the little one rested her face sideways on her big brother’s broad chest, and listening to the slight vibration of his chest when he spoke, Nuan Nuan felt extremely at ease.

For the rest of the time, she basically leaned in her brother’s arms, watching him work quietly and obediently eating what he fed her.

Nuan Nuan yawned a little, and then the meeting ended.

The screen went black, and her little head was rubbed twice.


Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, “A little bit.”

“Go to sleep.”

The little girl shook her head, rubbed her eyes with her soft hands, and said softly.

“Little brother is going to finish class. Nuan Nuan promised little brother that she will pick him up, and she also has to send gifts to the fourth brother to school.”

She bought gifts for everyone in the family and remembered her promises. At the same time, she wanted to work hard to fulfil her promises to her brothers, so as not to let them down.

Gu Nan hummed, and ran his fingers along her fluffy and soft hair without forcing it, he just brought another strawberry over.

Nuan Nuan touched her little belly, it was swollen and a little bit stretched after being fed.

“Nuan Nuan won’t eat, big brother you eat.”

Looking at the little fruit left in the fruit plate, she blushed with embarrassment. She originally came here to get her big brother to eat fruit, but it seemed that all of it basically ended up in her little stomach.

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