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Gu Nan’s fingers touched Nuan Nuan’s slightly protruding belly through the fabric of the clothes. It was indeed because she was full that Gu Nan let her go, and ate the other fruits in a leisurely manner. On the other side of the meeting room, after the big screen went dark, the whole meeting room became lively.

“Did any of you see clearly the girl that called our boss brother just now?”

“No, she seems only a few years old from her voice, maybe she’s too short for the camera to take a picture!”

“I’ll say, that girl just now, is she really our boss’s sister? If it wasn’t for the fact that he was still so cold to us, I would have thought he had been possessed!”

“That’s not true, the expression on boss’s face didn’t change much, but that feeling, tsk…why? It’s so different anyway.”

“God, I swear I saw boss smile just now, the corner of his mouth was at least a centimetre up! A full centimetre!”

“Damn, your eyes measured even this?”

“I also saw boss smiling, and his eyes were very gentle when he lowered his head.”

“That he must be looking at his sister.”

“By the way, why have we never heard of our boss having a younger sister?”

“I really want to see what the boss’s sister looks like.”

Everyone started a heated discussion, because of the boss’s sister, many people began to want to go back to China to have a look.

Someone had an idea and immediately thought of Nan Feng who had gone back to the country with the boss, soon, Nan Feng’s mobile phone kept ringing with messages, everyone was asking about Mr. Gu and his sister, and there were a few people who were even dreaming and wanted photos.

He didn’t even have a picture.

Gu Nan and Nuan Nuan came downstairs just after he finished talking to the few colleagues who had been dreaming all day.

Nan Feng hurriedly put away his mobile phone, looked up and stared blankly at his frosty Master Gu walking down with a beautiful little girl who looked like a delicate doll in one arm.

And the young lady was obviously more dependent on Gu Nan than before, she took the initiative to hug him with her small arms and lie on him, with a smile on her brows.

“Master.” Nan Feng called out respectfully. Although he had seen this scene before, he still couldn’t react to it.

“Prepare the car.”

Gu Nan responded lightly, left two words and turned to look at the Nuan Nuan he was hugging, his voice softening a few degrees when talking to her.

“Will you drink milk or water?”

Nuan Nuan rubbed her soft head on her brother’s neck, and said in a soft and milky voice, “Milk.”

Gu Nan went to the kitchen with Nuan Nuan without saying a word, there was warm milk in the insulator, and he took it out and fed it to the little girl.

“I’m taking Nuan Nuan to pick up Gu An.”

After coming out of the kitchen, Gu Nan left such a sentence and walked out with Nuan Nuan.

Father Gu was angry, “Stop, I’ve thought to take Nuan Nuan with me!”

Gu Nan, “Don’t leave your work to me.”

Gu Linmo: “…”

His son was getting worse and worse, but there was still a little guilty conscience.

However, this was not over yet, Gu Nan turned his head and looked at Mother Gu to complain expressionlessly.

“Mom, behind that portrait of you on the wall in the corridor is the private money hidden by Dad.”

Father Gu staggered and almost fell to the ground, gnashing his teeth while looking at his big son, not daring to turn his head to look at his wife’s expression.

He smiled and gave his son a thumbs up, “You’re good!”

That gritted teeth didn’t look very good.

“Old Gu?”

A gentle voice rang in his ears, Father Gu closed his eyes and opened them again, who would have thought that, the big boss of a successful conglomerate who was known as a smiling tiger outside, had a strict wife at home, the kind who he had to hand his salary over to.

Gu Nan, who easily solved his father’s ignorance of guilt, left at a leisurely pace with the dumbfounded Nuan Nuan in his arms.

Nuan Nuan worriedly grabbed her brother’s clothes, hesitating in a soft voice, “Dad won’t be beaten, right?”

Should she fight?

Gu Nan almost laughed out loud.

He rubbed the little girl’s head, “No, at most the private money will be gone.”

Nuan Nuan said, ‘Then there is nothing to worry, as long as he doesn’t get beaten.’

“Go to Nanjin Biewan.”

Nuan Nuan looked at her big brother blankly, didn’t he say they were going to pick up the little brother from school?

The back of her neck was lightly pinched again, Nuan Nuan shrank her little neck and leaned softly on her big brother.

“Nanjin Biewan is where your brother lives. I’ll take you to identify the door. You can go there at any time in the future.”


After she answered softly, she realized, “Doesn’t big brother live at home? “

Gu Nan knew that the home she was talking about was the villa of the Gu family’s old house, so he explained patiently.

“Brother is grown up and has gone out to create his own home.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, “Will little brother also go out when he grows up?”


“What about Nuan Nuan? Will I also go out?”

Gu Nan paused, then remembered that girls would marry when they grew up.

Marry and go to someone else’s house and he would lose his sister.

He was not happy!

Gu Nan pursed his lips tightly and frowned, Nan Feng, who was driving in front, suddenly felt his scalp go numb, he was too familiar with the look of his master being angry, usually at this time it meant that someone was going to be unlucky.

But this person was obviously not Nuan Nuan.

After a few seconds, his expression relaxed, and he said slowly when he met Nuan Nuan’s ignorant gaze with his lowered eyes.

“No need.”

Gu Nan’s slender fingers pinched Nuan Nuan’s soft little hand, “Gu family, big brother, your second brother, your little brother is your home, you can go there if you want, you don’t need to go out.”

As for the future, the man who might marry Nuan Nuan…


Nan Feng almost cried with joy, Master Gu could say so many words at once, how could he not know before!

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, she didn’t know why, but she always felt that the current big brother was very dangerous.

Nanjin Biewan was a villa area with beautiful scenery. Like the villa area where the Gu family was located, the people who could live in it were either rich or noble.

Gu Nan brought Nuan Nuan and entered her fingerprints and face into the villa’s system as soon as she arrived, now she could enter here at any time in the future, which could be said to have given her the greatest authority there.

Nan Feng clicked his tongue, this was the place where the master often lived, a private territory, except for himself, he had never let anyone stay here, let alone have so much freedom of authority, this showed how much importance he attached to the lady.

“Brother, why don’t you grow anything here?”

There were many beautiful flowers and plants planted in the old house of the Gu family, but there was nothing in the garden here except the lawn.

And Gu Nan’s reason was very simple “too lazy to take care of it.”

He didn’t like strangers in his own space, just like a beast king who didn’t allow anyone else to set foot in the territory, so the villa here was only for him every day. The part-time workers who came to clean regularly all left after cleaning within the specified time.

Occasionally, Nan Feng also came here to look for him because of work, but no one else came here, let alone looking for someone to take care of the flowers and plants. He didn’t like it.

So, the garden of this villa had always been empty.

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