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Jiang Lan returned home, took a hot shower, changed into clean clothes, and started to relax.

The rain outside has decreased, but it hadn’t stopped, and the rain lines were continuous. He ate a piece of jade and ordered another takeaway, then he hugged Suan Ni on the sofa and played with his mobile phone.

In the department group, Xue Meng was complaining about his grandfather in real time. His grandfather was an old revolutionary. His favorite was Mao Zhu Xi. Whenever a junior came to the door, he had to recite a section of Mao Zhu Xi… Going to the study, he was full of grief, anger and unwillingness to copy Mao Zhu Xi’s quotations.

While copying, he was babbling in the group, just like talking stand-up comedy.

Jiang Lan flipped through the chat logs and laughed while reading. The negative emotions that had just been riled up by the taxi driver soon dissipated.

There were all kinds of people in human society. There were good people, and naturally there were bad people, or there were people who couldn’t distinguish between good and bad.

But in general, there were still many lovely and kind people in this society.

Jiang Lan turned over the records of the department group, and then went to see the messages below that he hadn’t had time to read. It turned out to be from Ying Qiao.

He was in the car at the time of the message.

Ying Qiao had sent over several photos in a row, all of which were different kinds of candies, and finally asked him which one he liked and he would bring it to him next time.

Looking at these photos, Jiang Lan seemed to taste the sweetness of peaches again. He was not greedy, he chose carefully, and sent a can of fruit candy to Ying Qiao.

[Little Monster: This/Picture]

Then he asked again: [Why did you buy so much sugar?]

There were several cans of candies on the coffee table in front of Ying Qiao, all of which were available at any brand price. He asked someone to buy them this morning specially.

He didn’t plan to send all of it over to the little monster, but he was going to bring a little water to him every time.

In this way, there would be a surprise and expectation every time they met.

“Bringing Up Cubs” stated that parents should prepare small gifts for cubs from time to time. This could not only give cubs a sense of expectation, but also increase the intimacy between parents and cubs.

Rubbing his fingertips on the screen for a while, he replied: [Received it from others, I can’t eat so much.]

Although it was just a small gift, it shouldn’t be too deliberate, lest the little monster feel uneasy.

Jiang Lan’s tone really became much more relaxed: [Then I will help you eat/Happy]

Ying Qiao: [Well, I have some work next Monday, and I would happen to pass by your unit, so I will send you candy by the way.]

Jiang Lan happily agreed.

He hugged Suani Ni, rubbed his chin on Suani Ni’s hairy head, and said with a smile: “I’ll have candy for work on Monday.”

Of course, he could buy sugar himself, but it was always sweeter when someone else gave it.

Suan Ni obviously felt the same way, and happily rubbed his chin back.


This sudden rain didn’t stop until Sunday afternoon. Although the rain stopped, the weather was still cloudy, and the originally warm temperature dropped a few degrees. Jiang Lan put on a thin coat and left Suan Ni at home, as he went to the hospital to pick up Uncle Yao and Xiao Hei.

Uncle Yao’s injuries were not serious, but he was in the hospital for a week because he was older and had injured his joints. Now he could just go home and rest.

This week, Xiao Hei had quickly adapted to human society, and when Jiang Lan arrived, he had already completed the discharge procedures. Uncle Yao sat on the hospital bed and laughed while drinking tea, while Xiao Hei was busy packing away.

Jiang Lan helped him clean up together, Xiao Hei pushed in the wheelchair, picked up and placed Uncle Yao on the wheelchair, then they went to the outpatient building to get medicine together.

The inpatient department and the outpatient building were not far away, Xiao Hei went to get the medicine, and Jiang Lan and Uncle Yao were guarding their luggage in the lobby. Because it was the weekend, the hospital was extremely crowded, especially during the two days when the temperature suddenly dropped. Many people had fallen ill with the flu. In just a short while, eight out of ten people who walked past them were coughing.

“In the ward, I still didn’t think it was really cold until I came out.” Uncle Yao took out his wallet, counted 500 yuan, and said: “I don’t think Xiao Hei has any decent clothes. Let me give him money and he can go buy some for himself. I don’t want you to tell him that I bought them. I’ll give you the money, so please take him to buy some clothes so that he doesn’t get sick.”

Jiang Lan was about to say that he had clothes there and he didn’t need to waste money to buy them, but Uncle Yao forced the money into his hands.

Between the two of them, a coin floated to the ground. Jiang Lan bent over to pick it up, but then he heard a harsh voice yelling: “Fool, you’re blocking my way!”

The voice was sharp and harsh, and for a while, Jiang Lan was not only surprised, but even the people around him were stunned, turning their heads to look at the speaker. Jiang Lan also straightened up to look, and even he was a little surprised—the other party turned out to be a gentle-looking girl. The sharp and mean voice did not match her gentle appearance, which seemed a bit contradictory.

Jiang Lan was about to say something, but he suddenly blushed when the girl stared at him, and then looked away awkwardly.

On the contrary, Uncle Yao couldn’t see it, and said angrily: “You look like a gentle girl, how can you say something so ugly?”

The girl was stunned for a moment. Seeing Uncle Yao’s puzzled expression, she said, “What’s up with you?”

Uncle Yao obviously hadn’t been scolded like this before. He only reacted after being in a daze. Then he was so angry that he patted the armrest of the wheelchair: “The little girl is so young, why is her moral quality so bad?!”

There were people around who had seen everthing, and they all spoke and criticized: “Obviously you didn’t watch the road while playing on your mobile phone. Why did you blame this little brother?”

“Yes, how can you talk so meanly when you are young?”

“She also scolded the old man, she’s so uneducated…”

The girl looked around in panic, her face flushed at the accusations, she seemed to have reacted, then covering her mouth tightly, she rushed out of the hall with shame and anger.

The author has something to say:

#Making something out of nothing#

Mr. Ying: I have to do something on Monday, just passing by the street office.

Chen painting: …what’s the matter? I do not know of anything?

Ying Qiao (smiling): That’s why you want to think about it.

Chen Hua:…Fuck!


Our Longlong can not only pull hatred, but also do tricks.

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