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Friday passed quickly in a relaxed atmosphere, but the weather did not stay so beautiful, and it started to rain when it was time for them to get off work.

The rain was rushing and heavy, so the three of them started chatting while waiting for the rain to stop in the office.

Xiao Xiaoyu suggested: “Are you going to be free on the weekend? If you are free, let’s go to the movies. Recently, a few new movies are said to be good.”

“I’ve agreed to go see Grandpa this week.”

Xue Meng helplessly spread his hands: “I haven’t been to see the old man for a long time, and I think I will soon be disinherited from the house.”

Jiang Lan also said, “I’m going to the hospital to pick up people on Sunday.”

Uncle Yao was going to be discharged from the hospital on Sunday, so he had to go to help.

Xiao Xiaoyu had to shrug and said regretfully, “Then let’s make an appointment next time.”

At this moment, the rain became weaker, and the three of them bid farewell to each other and went home.

Jiang Lan did not bring an umbrella, so he took a taxi home. The taxi driver was a middle-aged man, who should be a local, speaking with a strong Jiangcheng accent. Seeing Jiang Lan holding the black backpack in his arms, he joked, “What brand-name bag does the young man carry?”

The taxi driver had seen many girls carrying brand-name bags. On a rainy day, they would rather get wet than let their bags get wet. But it was the first time he saw a man doing this.

Jiang Lan sat in the passenger seat, wiped the rain from the bag with a tissue, and said with a smile: “The kitten raised at home is in the bag.”

The driver uncle screamed in surprise: “What kind of cat is it? Why didn’t I hear it?”

“It’s not a cat of a particular breed.” Jiang Lan unzipped his backpack a little.

The driver vaguely saw a yellowish-brown kitten flicking its tail and meowing softly.

“You cat is so good, not even making noises.”

Jiang Lan took this as a compliment and agreed with a smile: “Yes, it’s obedient and easy to raise.”

Suan Ni in the bag immediately meowed crisply again when he heard it, as if he was responding. A little fluffy paw also stuck out of the backpack, pulling at Jiang Lan’s fingers to play.

Jiang Lan’s community was not far from his workplace, and he usually reached after riding a bicycle for more than ten minutes. But while driving, they had to turn around and make a big circle, and the speed was also slowed down due to rain and traffic jams.

The driver was obviously a chatterbox and couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He switched on the car radio and began to talk to Jiang Lan about the latest news again.

The car happened to pass through a crossroad, and the driver turned towards the fork on the right hand side: “Just the neighborhood where the road turned, you know it is the same where that woman died last night, don’t you?”

Jiang Lan nodded: “From Hong Jingyuan? I looked at it in the morning. When I read the news, it was said that the manhole cover was stolen, and the woman fell and hit her head.”

The driver seemed to be talking about something strange, so he lowered his voice and said: “Where did she fall to her death, I heard people say that the woman was killed.”

“Murder? Impossible, right?”

Jiang Lan watched the news seriously. The police did not mention a murder. This should be a case of accidental death. The deceased was not a native of Jiangcheng. It seemed that she came to Jiangcheng to work. She used to live in a rental house.

The driver snorted with a sense of superiority and shook his head: “How can you believe those reports in the news? I have an old friend who lives in that community. He said that that woman is not a serious person.”

He showed a smile that a man could understand which made him look a little wretched: “She was said to be in the flesh business. It seems that last month, she brought a guest to the house. The price was not agreed upon, and the two fell out. So, the guest left. After that, the woman actually called the police, saying that the man raped her.”

Jiang Lan frowned: “The news said she was a bar waitress.”

The driver said indifferently: “Where is the bar? Which serious woman would go to work there? And as my old friend said, the woman was always dressed up fancily, she used to go out in the dark every day and come back early in the morning. The entire community knows that, she was just sitting on the stage.”

His tone was filled with a sense of superiority and his words were enunciated, as if he had mastered all the truth.

Jiang Lan only watched the news, and his knowledge of the deceased was limited to the news. He was not willing to echo the unfounded malicious speculation of the driver, so he simply turned his head and looked out the window.

However, the driver was very chatty, and continued: “It is said that she was retaliated against because she angered the guest by calling the police. If I was asked, I would say she deserves it. Why did you get the police involved for what you wanted. Don’t you want to be a **** and want to set up an archway?”

Just then the car reached the gate of the community, and Jiang Lan scanned the QR code to pay. When he got out of the car, he still couldn’t help saying: “The specific circumstances of the case are still subject to the police notice. We had better not spread the false speculations. If we say too much, it’s bad karma and will be retributed.”

The driver didn’t seem to expect that this handsome young man would refute him and curse him to suffer retribution, and his face was suddenly pulled down. He cursed a few times loudly in Jiangcheng dialect, and deliberately stepped on the accelerator, such that the wheels rolled up and splashed water as he whizzed past Jiang Lan.

Fortunately, Jiang Lan hid so quickly that he was not splashed with water.

He sighed and shook his head, then holding his backpack, he strode into the community.

What he said just now was not to scare or curse the driver.

Buddhism had three evil karmas: oral karma, body karma, and mental karma.

Words could kill people worse than swords and guns, so the deepest evil karma was oral karma.

The fourth commandment also said: Don’t speak lies.

However, in this society nowadays, there were too many windows to speak up, and many people could not control their verbal desires. They happily talked about the “truth” they had speculated, expressed their opinions like a speaker, lashed out at others, and gave pointers to the country. They just hated that they couldn’t let everyone know their insights.

Those comments under the news were the same, and the same was true of the driver just now.

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