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Ji Changdong’s junior high school was too bad, and there were many gangsters in the school, so campus bullying incidents were not uncommon.

Ji Changdong was a very energetic and delicate young man. He used to have good grades, but he didn’t know why he was caught by the bullies in the school.

Later, they learned that he was still living in the orphanage and was an orphan, so they bullied him without any reservations.

In the first and second grades of junior high school, he still kept swallowing his anger. In the spirit of doing more than less, he didn’t want the old dean to worry about it, so he just tolerated it.

But his patience made the group of bullies worse.

Ji Changdong was often beaten. He didn’t have much money to eat since he was robbed. He was also harassed so much that he didn’t want to study at all, and his grades deteriorated.

Bullies were quite powerful on campus, they were rampant, their parents also condoned their actions, and the school didn’t care, so no one could control them.

Ji Changdong even tried to report to the police, but the other party was also underage and the police could not do much except give them some criticism and education. The report also had a negative impact on the school’s reputation. So, instead of the bullies, Ji Changdong was punished.

By the third grade of junior high school, Ji Changdong, who was aggrieved and desperate, had no intention of learning. He was forced so hard. One day when he was blocked by the group of **** robbing money, he hit the two men back.

The bullies never thought that he would fight back and ended up being hit.

Later, Ji Changdong was given a severe lesson. He could only go to school after lying in bed for more than ten days. Because the impact was too serious, the school took the matter slightly.

But the bullies won’t be honest for a long time, and the peace lasted only for a month. Now they were coming again.

“Outrageous, is there any reason for this?” Yan Han listened to a group of children’s narration, and he felt aggrieved just listening to it.

“Go, let’s go and see.” Yan Han said.

His eyes moved around in the yard, then finally he picked the small shovel meant for planting into his hand.

A few young boys followed him, and they heard someone outside the courtyard yelling from a long distance away: “Ji Changdong, if you are so courageous—come out!—”

A few children in the yard dragged Ji Changdong out, and the scolding had become even worse: “Ji Changdong, you little snitch, if you dare not come out today, don’t think of coming out ever again. If you let me see you in school again, look at how my brothers won’t let go of your legs!”

Ji Changdong was also forced to desperation by this group of people. He had been suffocated for three years, and anyway, sooner or later, he would die. It was better to die while fighting with this group of people!

He shook everyone away, strode forward, and pushed the latch on the backyard door away.

As soon as he opened the door, he had only time to see the people who were surrounded by darkness outside, when he was pulled back by the back of his shirt.

In front of the narrow back door, Yan Han “bumped” the shovel to the ground, stood there alone, and slowly asked, “What’s the matter?”

The brows and eyes that had been infused with the system skills were very beautiful and delicate, but the look on the opposite side was full of chill and suffocation.

He was still wearing yesterday’s clothes, standing with his legs open wide, with one hand in his pocket, he was full of a wild and unruly energy. With a beautiful and somewhat excessive appearance, he was a bit difficult to distinguish for a while.

The sudden appearance of Yan Han stunned the life out of the opposite party.

After a long time, one person sneakily asked the person headed by them: “Boss, is this a **** man or a woman?”

The appearance of this group was very immature, they looked to be younger than Ji Changdong.

They seemed to be headed by Yang Zihui, he had a plane head, was dressed expensively, was holding a machete in his hand and looked scornful, but his appearance still betrayed his shock.

The appearance was a bit ridiculous.

But sometimes, children’s evil was really evil.

Ji Changdong was also out of luck. He spent a year tutoring at night because he couldn’t make up the tuition fees, while this group of students became a gang of bullies.

Yang Zihui was the nephew of a leader at the 19th Middle School. He hit someone and the school would only wipe his **** and cover for him. After a long time, he naturally started running wild, and a group of younger brothers who were willing to mess around with him were gathered around him.

And Ji Changdong was the target of their collective bullying.

Yang Zihui was frightened by Yan Han’s expression and couldn’t figure out his identity. For a while, there was still a little timidity in his heart.

But in front of the younger brothers, how could the eldest brother admit being afraid?

And they still had so many people!

Yang Zihui quickly regained his confidence and became as domineering as in the past. He looked at Yan Han and said, “Whether he is a man or a woman, 80% of him is a non-male or female. Hey! You the **** do you know who you are blocking. What about it? Hurry up and let Lao Tzu…”

The following words were not finished, Yan Han standing at the door had already moved!

Yang Zihui saw a shadow fall, and he subconsciously took a knife to block it, but Yan Han had excellent jumping ability. He had anticipated the opponent’s movement a long time ago, so he blocked his knife with a shovel, swept across the kick, and kicked out Yang Zihui directly!

Yan Han, who had landed steadily, had more evil spirits in his eyes, as he scolded: “Today I will let you **** know whether Lao Tzu is a man or a woman!”

A fierce battle started in the dilapidated alley.

Yang Zihui’s younger brothers each carried weapons, two or three had knives, and the others had swing sticks, but they had no combat experience. Yan Han only used a shovel to knock down several of them.

He used to have very good physical fitness, and he had it much rougher than the kids in this world, so he almost grew up fighting all the way. Otherwise, there won’t be a big scar on the corner of the eye before.

Now coupled with the body-feeling and soft-bodied skills provided by the system, with both rigidity and flexibility, Yan Han had become more powerful than before.

Someone came and stabbed him with a knife? It didn’t matter since he could somersault.

Someone tried to hit him with a swing stick? It didn’t matter since he could perform a split!

Under Yan Han’s offensive, all the people who had just been arrogant and domineering turned into rookie chickens.

Originally, when Ji Changdong and the others saw that Yan Han was fighting, they all wanted to use weapons to help, but they were all suppressed by Yan Han.

The scene was very chaotic, but Yan Han’s rhythm was quite good, and it was no problem to play with the few of them.

Obviously, they couldn’t help much if they joined, on the contrary, they were likely to be unhelpful.

In a short while, Yan Han had finished the battle, and Yang Zihui and all his younger brothers, were all beaten away by him.

Yang Zihui, who was kicked first, hadn’t run yet. There was dirt all over his body, and he wanted to run, but he was struggling with his stomach for a long time, and he couldn’t get up.

Yan Han pushed his shovel to the ground again and walked slowly to Yang Zihui. In response to the panic and anger of the other party, he relentlessly reached out and grabbed his feather-like hair, forcing him to hold his head up until he was looking at him.

“If you let me see you cause trouble with the people here again, any one, even once, I will make sure that you can’t eat and walk around.” Yan Han said coldly without emotion.

His overly beautiful appearance was like the most beautiful mandala flower in the world. He didn’t even have a single strand of hair messed up at this time, and he was exquisite and beautiful everywhere, but it reminded people of horror and death.

There was a kind of person in this world who was like this. A chuckle would make people feel open-minded, and a slight frown would make people feel pity.

And when he was angry, he could make people tremble with fear.

Yang Zihui was first stunned by him, and then threatened by him again. Not only was he frightened, but even Ji Changdong didn’t dare to show up now.

Trembling, Yang Zihui said: “You, you are so brave! How dare you intimidate me! If you do this kind of thing, you will kill me! I, I want to call the police to catch you! I want you to go to jail!”

Yan Han’s beautiful eyes narrowed, and a smile suddenly appeared on his lips.

“That you reminded me.”

He let go of Yang Zihui’s hair, grabbed the collar instead, lifted the person up involuntarily, patted off the shoe prints he had left on his clothes, and helped him tidy up the messy clothes.

Yan Han smiled, showing a cordial and pleasant side, and said in an innocent tone: “I didn’t hit you, so many people watched, don’t wrong the good people.”

Yang Zihui: “…”

Ji Changdong: “…”

Changing your face was faster than flipping a book. He could really open his eyes and tell lies without drafting it!

“You, you wait for me!” Yang Zihui still couldn’t get up without restraint, even though he said harsh words, he still turned around and ran away.

At this moment, there was no one around him, which showed what his group of little brothers were usually like.

“Bye bye, little brother.” Yan Han waved his arm at his back, and then screamed again.

“It’s really troublesome.”

He looked around and wiped out the marks of the fight before turning back.

He thought he had successfully concealed everything, but he didn’t know that from the moment he just started, his behavior fell into the eyes of someone.

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