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The environment of the orphanage was not very good, only one room was set up as a “classroom” in the backyard.

There were blackboards, tables, chairs and benches, and they were said to be donated by well-meaning people. After all, the number of orphans adopted this year was far more than the number of abandoned babies. There were more and more children in the orphanage, and some of them needed relief to go to school and some simply couldn’t get the chance to study.

This small classroom had become the only place where many people could gain knowledge.

Pre-school children in the classroom accounted for the majority. They could not go to early lessons like other children with parents. There was a kindergarten pre-school. Volunteers had always been responsible for playing with them and teaching them to read and write.

“Students, this is Sister Yan. Today, she will give you a class to teach you knowledge. Call Teacher Yan.” The old dean introduced Yan Han to the students intimately.


“Sister Yan is good ~”

The children said milkily.

Yan Han: “…”

Looking at the little beanbags sitting in their seats cleverly, Yan Han chuckled on the surface. After the old dean left, he leaned on the desk and said, “Call me Uncle.”

Beanbags: “?”

“It’s all right.” Yan Han waved at them. “Let’s call Teacher Yan.”

“Yan~ old~ teacher~ good.”

The students greeted him again politely.

He tried to control his expression so that it didn’t become distorted.

It was only after Yan Han went there that he knew how hard life was in this place.

When he was a child, his family was not very good and he didn’t have much money, but somehow there were people who offered him to study and eat, and he could eat a full meal. So, he didn’t really experience the desperate situation of being an orphan.

Now he felt uncomfortable when he came to this place. He felt sorry for these children, but he was helpless and didn’t know how to change.

…he only had to roll up his sleeves and go to work.

Since there were children of all ages, Yan Han’s business scope here was more than teaching them writing and arithmetic.

It also included playing in the soil with older children and changing diapers for younger children.

Anyway, he even played with children and took care of the children. He was not used to it at first… The eldest brother had never brought a child in his life!

But he couldn’t hold back the little beanbags. They all looked at him with enthusiasm. They called him elder brother Yan with a milky voice, and walked around him, so that Yan Han was confused by the milk, and he was completely taken into the post of kindergarten teacher.

After going back and forth, he also brought out some doorways with the children, and he became one with the group of children.

The first day passed smoothly. Yan Han didn’t return to school until five o’clock in the evening. On that day, he got a total of more than 30 points of contribution, and he was basically satisfied.

With one day tomorrow, plus Saturday and Sunday the next week, he would be able to get a random treasure chest at the end of next week.

Life was full of energy.

Yan Han didn’t slack off after returning to school. After eating something, he continued to study at night.

Soon it would be the placement test. The atmosphere in Class 17 was really not good. He wanted to go to the previous classes.

Moreover, every exam was a verification of a period of study, and Yan Han wanted to cherish the two weeks of sprinting.

Although it was really uncomfortable to learn to learn!

Too sleepy, but he had to endure it, Yan Han wanted to hang his head several times.

He knew that he couldn’t sleep, and once people got used to comfort, it was all over.

So he abruptly struggled into the early morning, racing against time to finish a few homework before going to sleep.

The next day was another day to report to the orphanage.

He thought he was still watching children, but he was told after he went there, that Teacher Gong, who had been teaching the children before, came today and brought another teacher.

Only one class naturally did not need too many teachers. The kind-minded old dean said embarrassingly: “Teacher Gong should only take the morning class, or Xiao Yan, you can do something else first and come back in the afternoon…”

“Ah.” Yan Han didn’t care if he brought the children. He told the dean that he could arrange other tasks for him.

“Oh, I’m so embarrassed, the kids like you very much…”

“It’s okay, Dean, I can do anything.” Yan Han said indifferently.

Although Xiao Wu said that it was easier to accumulate contributions with children, but now there was no way.

At first, he came here for the sake of contribution, but after getting along with that group of small bean bags, Yan Han felt that as long as he could help, it was good.

Yan Han finally got a job dealing with weed branches and mowing the lawn in the yard.

He also worked with several half-and-a-half-year-old children, all of whom were not adopted in the orphanage when they were young. The oldest of them was 16 this year.

“Yan Han” had already had his birthday. It was his birthday in January. This year he was seventeen years old. The two were actually only a few months apart in age, but the child was in the third year of junior high.

Because the road to school was bumpy and the entrance examination was about to arrive, the child’s enthusiasm was not high, and he was worried about the tuition fees of high school, as he didn’t want to add a burden to the orphanage.

Before coming, the old dean asked Yan Han to persuade him, and Yan Han deliberately talked to him and asked him: “Where are you studying?”

The name of the sixteen-year-old boy was Ji Changdong, whose surname followed the old dean’s surname, and the first name was given by the dean.

Ji Changdong told him that he was from 19th Middle School, which was a famously bad school. Knowing that Yan Han was from Luze High School, his eyes suddenly gave birth to some yearning and admiration.

But quickly turned to disdain:

“Teacher Gong is also from Luze High School. Isn’t she called Gong Yuxue? You may know her.”

“Huh?” Yan Han thought for a while, bared his teeth and said, “I haven’t heard of her.”

When it came to Teacher Gong, Ji Changdong’s sarcasm was even stronger.

This was what Yan Han didn’t understand.

“Usually, when Teacher Gong is not here, do you accompany those beanbags?” Yan Han asked him again.

“Yes, we are all together, whether older and younger.”

“Oh, those kids must like Teacher Gong very much. You don’t have to think about it. Children like fresh people…”

He was thinking of the stickiness of the group of children yesterday, thinking that the irony in Ji Changdong’s words was because Teacher Gong won the children’s favor.

Unexpectedly, Ji Changdong smiled, “You are wrong, they don’t like her. They really like you.”

Yan Han: “…?”

“Gong Yuxue doesn’t like children, and she doesn’t have much patience. She comes here to teach entirely to act for others.” Ji Changdong said indifferently, “but she also donated a lot of things and money to the orphanage, coming here from time to time. So, everyone can bear it for a day and a half.”

Yan Han: “…”

No, this routine was too deep, right?

But he let it enter the left ear and go out from the right ear. Yan Han had heard many things, all of it was gossip.

The old dean asked him to persuade Ji Changdong not to give up on himself. To be honest, Yan Han really didn’t know how to persuade him.

He didn’t even know how to make money to survive, so what could he tell this kid?

That was how things were in the world.

Together with Ji Changdong and the few children, they cleaned the backyard. After lunch, the teacher Gong had not left yet.

Yan Han thought that he had to find some work.

But he didn’t expect that the job was not found, but another matter came first.

At that time, Yan Han was demonstrating how to play mobile games to a group of older children in the backyard, when another child ran over, whispering and saying: “No, Yang Zihui and his group are here to trouble Ji Changdong!”

The few children counted as one, and they all jumped up and picked up the guy.

Yan Han who didn’t know what happened: “…what’s the matter?”

At the same time, on the other side, a few little peas in the class were practicing writing properly.

The children were skinny and couldn’t sit still. At least they were laughing and chatting together when Yan Han was there, but now there was no sound at all.

Gong Yuxue with a gloomy face on the podium was using her mobile phone to scan the anonymous forum.

Her sight had always been fixed on the latest photos in the Lin Jianlu building.

The photo showed the backs of two tall and slender people. It looked like a man and a woman dressed in school uniforms and skirts with the boy’s arm slung on the girl’s arm, very close to each other.

The boy’s shoulders were sunk, his waist was straight and he was upright. The back figure made people want to lick the screen, but why… he would let this girl hug him on his shoulders?!

Gong Yuxue’s eyes burst with unwilling light. At this time, the best friend she brought suddenly ran over: “Yuxue! Come! Lin Jianlu is finally here!”

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