RNMG Ch. 78.2

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“Follow me.” Xia Qitong didn’t give a damn.

Li Jiming booed, “Qitong, you’re too biased. Just now when we wanted to see, you insisted on hiding it, but now you agreed as soon as Si Huang asked.”

“That’s right! Xia, I’m not happy!” Simon pretended to be angry. He said it, but he didn’t look like it at all.

Ji Xiang didn’t say anything, but stood beside Li Jiming and the two, clearly attacking Xia Qitong silently.

Xia Qitong smiled lightly, and responded calmly, “It’s a good thing, it’s only interesting when everyone sees it together.”

They couldn’t refute this.

With Xia Qitong leading the way, Si Huang, Li Jiming, Ji Xiang, Simon, and Zhou Jun all followed in his footsteps, and a dozen men and women behind them also followed them a few steps behind in order to watch the fun.

A group of people entered the forest at the back. The trees in the forest were not lush, and signs of artificial planting and repair could be seen.

When Xia Qitong stopped, Si Huang also saw her purpose of coming here in the first place.

A thin net circle surrounded a range, and a handsome eagle was standing on a tree inside.

It looked exactly the same as in the photo, even more majestic and fierce than the photo, full of the spirituality of wild birds.

The eagle was very vigilant, so when he turned his head to look at the crowd, his black and brown eyeballs kept rolling from time to time, repelling the crowd.

It seemed a little restless, as if its body was ready to attack at any time.

“Wow——! This is so cool, the pure white eagle is almost extinct, look at its crest, I guess it has the bloodline of the Egyptian condor, very ancient!” Simon exclaimed, “Xia, give it to me, you know I’ve always wanted to have a Costin as a pet!”

“Hey, hey, you want to make a deal before we have talked?” Li Jiming interrupted, “Qitong, I ran over from Province Y all the way here.”

Ji Xiang didn’t speak, but the love in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

As long as one was a man, he should not be able to refuse the temptation of this bird of prey.

Si Huang didn’t speak, because the Five Treasure in her mind was already going crazy, [What’s yours and mine, this must belong to this uncle Five Treasure! No one rush to grab it!]

“Si Huang?” Xia Qitong looked at her who seemed to be in a daze.

“Huh?” Si Huang’s expression remained unchanged, Five Treasure was too noisy in her mind, so she couldn’t hear what other people said clearly. She blinked her eyes and asked Xia Qitong, “Can I take a closer look?”

Xia Qitong said, “Yes, but it’s wild and untamed, so be careful.”

Si Huang gave him a reassuring look and walked into the net circle range.

[Your Majesty, the distance is enough! Look into its eyes, just aligning for three seconds is enough! Hey Hey–!] Five Treasure’s excitement never stopped.

Si Huang did as it said, looking directly into the eyes of the handsome eagle.

Its eyes were bright and sharp, with an indomitable integrity and determination, as if nothing could shake its heart.

Such spiritual eyes reminded Si Huang of the Saier (horse) she had met before, and thought: Maybe this eagle, like Saier, has a more intelligent spirituality than ordinary animals, with its own personality and soul.

If the Five Treasures occupied it, it might just kill its original personality.

This idea flashed in Si Huang’s mind, but she didn’t stop her act of assisting Five Treasure.

Between an eagle that she didn’t know and Five Treasure, who had been with her all the time, if she had to choose between the two, she would always choose Five Treasure without hesitation.

The eagle seemed to sense the danger, and suddenly spread his half-raised wings, flying like lightning.

[Ah ah ah! Don’t even want to run——! Hurry up and dedicate yourself to Uncle Five Treasure!] Five Treasure shouted domineeringly.

Si Huang felt her head turn dizzy, as if something rushed out from between her eyebrows, it didn’t feel very good.

Fortunately, the dizziness lasted only for a moment, and no one noticed anything, so Si Huang continued to look at the eagle’s situation.

The eagle flew to the ground, then he had grabbed something from the fallen grass, and then raised his head to look at Si Huang.

Si Huang saw it clearly, it had a snow-white fluffy… hamster in its mouth?

This hamster may have been put in as the eagle’s toy or food, and it stopped moving after being caught in its mouth. The U-shape of its body was hanging down. It was either dead or not far from it.

Si Huang waited for two seconds, still staring at the eagle’s eyes, and found that there was no change in its eyes, she couldn’t help frowning slightly, and silently call out with her consciousness: “Five treasure?”


There was no response, but Si Huang sensed its emotions.

This feeling no longer came from the eagle’s mind, but from the eagle’s side…but not on the eagle’s body, instead…

Si Huang’s eyebrows trembled, and her eyes turned to the half-dead hamster in the eagle’s mouth.

The hamster moved delicately, and slowly opened its closed eyes. The watery black glass-like eyeballs shone with human shock and despair.

If it weren’t for the fact that its eyeballs were so big, it might be able to crack the eyes.

“Squeak squeak squeak squeak——!” The heart-piercing sound that the hamster’s tender and weak cry could express was probably one only Si Huang could understand.

“…” Si Huang understood that this was an accident.

The hamster’s death and resurrection, and such a big commotion, shocked the eagle.

The eagle instinctively closed the sharp mouth holding it.

Hamster: “Squeak!”

If it was an ordinary hamster, it would probably be dead by now, but this strange creature was not only not dead, but looked hopeless, with its limbs hanging down feebly.

Si Huang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so she took a step forward, and said to the eagle, “Let go.”

The eagle looked at her vigilantly, its eyes flickering with fragments of light, and the sharp beak actually pushing a little harder.

Si Huang’s eyes turned cold.

“What’s the matter?”

“Haha, what are you being serious about with an eagle?”

“Let go of what? It touched your things?”

Xia Qitong and the others saw Si Huang standing still with a strange expression on her face, so they all came over.

Next, they saw a very miraculous scene –

The eagle probably felt that they were too numerous to resist alone, or for other reasons, it finally spit out the half-dead hamster in his mouth, and then spread his wings and flew high to hide in a place where the trees intersected.

The hamster didn’t move for a few seconds, and no one except Si Huang paid attention to how it was doing. As a result, the hamster trembled suddenly, turned over slowly and tremblingly, raised its furry little head, and locked Si Huang with a glance, then the black glass eyes the size of mung beans burst into tears, and it ran towards Si Huang with all four limbs moving in unison. “Squeak, cheep, cheep, cheep!”

[Beep! Your Majesty, Your Majesty! Your Majesty! I don’t want to live anymore, I… blah blah——!]

Si Huang: “…”

Probably because Five Treasure had left her mind and had a physical body, so Five Treasure’s words could still be heard in her mind, but it was different from the previous vibration directly from the depths of her mind. Now it seemed to be real. She could ‘listen’ to understand Five Treasure’s words. The voice came from the direction of Five Treasure’s body, but she was the only one who could understand it.

This time Xia Qitong and the others didn’t care whether they wanted to pay attention to this hamster with well-developed limbs.

They had never seen a hamster running towards a crowd with such agility and purpose.

Si Huang sighed silently, squatted down and stretched out her hand.

Before everyone understood the reason why she did this, they saw the hamster running up to her palm without stopping, holding her thumb with all four limbs, its small body trembling constantly, like a little daughter-in-law who had been greatly wronged.

Si Huang stroked its head with the other hand, and comforted it softly: “Okay, okay, this one is also good, very cute and convenient.”

“Squeak!” The Five Treasure hamster was still feeling distraught.

Why was it so unlucky? It was all because it was too excited, and it just rushed towards the eagle. Who would have thought that the eagle would just catch a hamster, and the moment it raised its head, it coincided with the consciousness itself that it was rushing towards, and the position was just pointing at the hamster in its mouth.

It obviously wanted to shoot the eagle in the face!

“Oh my god, this hamster is really crying, look!” Simon pointed to the Five Treasure holding Si Huang’s fingers in surprise.

Li Jiming and Ji Xiang thought he was joking, but they found that his eyes were really tearful, even the hair under his eyes was wet, which showed how much he was crying.

“…It’s amazing.” Ji Xiang looked at Five Treasure and then at Si Huang, “Si Huang, you raised this? No.”

Si Huang smiled calmly, “Now I’m raising it.”

In her hands, the Five Treasures noticed everyone’s gaze, and realized that he was ashamed. It was okay to lose face in front of His Majesty, but others can’t think about it!

It buried its hairy face in Si Huang’s palm in pain, determined not to show its head.

This reaction caused Simon to yell again.

Si Huang: “Don’t tease it, it will be shy.” As she said, she put the Five Treasures into her coat pocket.

If it was normal Five Treasure who heard this, he would definitely refute. Now Five Treasure, who had been severely injured physically and mentally, said that he had no power to care anymore.

The more she refused to let him see, the more interested Simon became. He even asked Xia Qitong where the hamster came from, whether it was an ancient high-intelligence rat that was about to become extinct like the Costin eagle.

Xia Qitong: “Don’t make trouble. Are you not interested in the Costin?”

Simon immediately said: “Xia, little…” The little nickname didn’t come out, but was interrupted by Si Huang’s look, “Si Huang has already got a pet, the Costin must be given to me.”

Before Xia Qitong could speak, Li Jiming and Ji Xiang retorted one after another.

When the three of them were arguing with each other, Xia Qitong asked Si Huang: “Not interested?”

Si Huang was still using his consciousness to appease the Five Treasures who was almost devastated. “This one is a more interesting pet.”

Xia Qitong glanced at her pocket and laughed, “From Costin to little hamster.”

Five Treasure in the pocket heard this and straightened up, his eyes glazing over.

Si Huang said with a smile: “The important thing is the feeling.”

“Unfortunately, I still want to favor you.” Xia Qitong shook his head, and glanced at the three who were still arguing.

“Thank you.” Si Huang raised her eyebrows, “This will save you a lot of trouble.” Seeing Xia Qitong’s suspicious eyes, she said frankly: “Before I came, I not only wanted to take down the Costin, but also wanted you to help me get a certificate or something for its adoption.”

Xia Qitong smiled gently: “It’s not easy for you to owe favors.”

At this moment, the three of them also stopped arguing, and they came up with a way, the three of them would play snooker, and the person who finally won would get this Costin.

The author has something to say:

Puff Hahaha——! You are so naive! He actually thought it would really be Costin!? If you are too serious you lose!

Five Treasure: My heart is so tired, I don’t know how to care anymore, all beauties and sisters, can you cure me with a monthly ticket? (The little hamster is being polite here, lying down and rolling, begging for a ticket to buy melon seeds and rations~)

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