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The distance between the villas was very large, and you had to drive back and forth if you wanted to get through the door, so it didn’t matter what you did in each villa or how much noise there was.

When Si Huang arrived, she was greeted by an acquaintance, Zhou Jun.

She hadn’t seen him for a while, but this kid’s mental state was much better than before, and he was also well dressed, and he had vaguely begun to have a bit of the future King Zhou’s demeanor.

“Young Master Si.” But seeing Si Huang, Zhou Jun’s attitude was very polite.

Si Huang responded, “Long time no see.”

Zhou Jun was a little flattered by these words, “I see Young Master Si every day.” He was talking about seeing her on TV.

Si Huang was noncommittal about this.

After a few words, the two walked into the villa, and there were four people sitting in the spacious hall.

All four were young men.

Si Huang squinted her eyes. She had an impression of three of these four people. One was Xia Qitong, another was the eldest son of the well-known Wanheng Group, Li Jiming, and there was another whose name she didn’t know, but remembered seeing him at a banquet in his previous life. He seemed to be the son of a well-known game manufacturing company. The last man was the only foreigner among the four. His blond curly hair felt fluffy and soft, he had high brows and deep-set eyes, paired with a pair of blue eyes, very handsome. The facial features and clean blue eyes made people think of angels in church murals at first glance.

“Wow——!” The first person to exclaim was this foreign man, he stood up and stared at Si Huang, “Xia, this is the friend you mentioned? He looks so small, so cute!”

It was true that Si Huang was not yet an adult, but her height and temperament were enough to make people in this country mistake her for an adult. It was just that such a height, especially the facial features, looked immature in the eyes of people from M country.

“Hahahahaha! Cutie, cutie!”

“Simon, he won’t be happy if you say that.”

Li Jiming and the other young man laughed out loud.    

Xia Qitong sighed softly, stood up and walked to Si Huang, and greeted her personally, “This is Simon Dolly, from country M, only 19 years old this year.”

This let the two people who were still laughing in the living room stop.

Xia Qitong introduced the two of them one after another, “The one on the left is Li Jiming, the head of the Wanheng Group; the one on the right is Ji Xiang, the son of Honeycomb Game Company.”

Li Jiming and Ji Xiang also stood up following his introduction.

Xia Qitong looked at Si Huang again and smiled, “Si Huang, the hottest new star at present, my friend and male god.”


“Tsk tsk, male god~”

Li Jiming and Ji Xiang immediately booed, but the look in their eyes when looking at Si Huang was obviously more serious and sincere than when she first came in.

This was due to Xia Qitong’s attitude.

How the friends around you treated the other group of friends you brought depended entirely on the attitude you showed.

If Xia Qitong acted as if he looked down on Si Huang, Li Jiming and the others would definitely not take Si Huang seriously. After all, in their opinion, Si Huang’s current worth was not enough to compare with them.

“Hey! Hey! Si, Huang? How old are you?” Simon immediately leaned over, showing great interest in Si Huang, “I heard from Xia that you are not only beautiful but also very skilled!”

Si Huang glanced at Xia Qitong.

The latter seemed helpless and said: “Simon is very curious about you, and he is very annoying when he is curious.”

Si Huang smiled slightly and said to Simon: “17.”

Simon’s eyes widened, “You are really underage! You are so beautiful, more than Xia who is still pretty, I always thought Xia was the most beautiful man in Country Z!”

“You speak Chinese very well, so you should know the culture of country Z very well.” Si Huang replied lightly, and then asked Xia Qitong: “When he said you were beautiful for the first time, what was your reaction?”

Xia Qitong smiled modestly, “I tried my skills.”

“Understood.” Si Huang nodded and raised her chin to Simon, “Let’s go out and practice.”


Except for Xia Qitong, the other three were all stunned. They didn’t expect Si Huang to ask for a fight as soon as they met? It didn’t match her delicate appearance!

Simon quickly came back to his senses and his eyes sparkled, “Wow! That’s great! Let’s go, I want to see how powerful the little boy Xia admires is.” He walked towards the backyard as he spoke.

The villa was backed by a mountain, and there was a large backyard space behind it, which was enough for a display.

Li Jiming and Ji Xiang looked at each other, neither of them persuaded them, and followed them to the backyard.

Xia Qitong gave Si Huang a thumbs up when she turned her head to look at him, and his gentle smile seemed to have a soft light effect. She had to say that his temperament was really outstanding, so outstanding that people could ignore his appearance, but even his appearance was top-notch.

When several people went to the backyard together, Si Huang discovered that there was already a group of people gathering in the backyard. There were more than a dozen men and women gathered together, and the women inside were all beautiful. Si Huang guessed that most of them were young models and stars. She didn’t know them, but they all recognized her identity and she could hear her name being said in whispers.

The identities of this group of people obviously could not be compared with those of Xia Qitong and the others. When they saw the four of them approaching, they immediately became quiet. A young man inside came out and said to Li Jiming, “Young Master Ming, let’s play together?”

“Get out of the way, Young Master Si wants to practice with Simon.” Li Jiming said directly.

When everyone heard that he took the initiative to call Si Huang as Young Master Si, the way they looked at Si Huang changed immediately.

This was obviously not an attitude towards a plaything but treating Si Huang as someone of an equal status.

The group of people obediently moved out of the way, leaving enough space for the two to display their skills.

Simon jumped on the field first, moved his hands, and smiled brightly at Si Huang, “Little cutie, seeing that you are younger than me, how about I give you a move?”

“Okay.” Si Huang readily agreed, while taking off his coat.

Zhou Jun on the side wanted to come over to pick his coat up, but seeing Xia Qitong had already stretched out his hand, his heart was shocked, but the shock did not show on his face.

Li Jiming and Ji Xiang also saw these things in their eyes, and they started valuing Si Huang more and more in their hearts, thinking: Si Huang and Xia Qitong really have a very good relationship.

Si Huang glanced at Xia Qitong inexplicably, did the boss of the dignified wildfire team treat her too well? However, Xia Qitong acted naturally, with a gentle smile, so that no one could find any fault, as if all this was taken for granted.

She temporarily put this aside and said to Simon in front of her: “Let me say it first, if I win, you are not allowed to call me nicknames in the future, just call me by my name obediently. And little cutie, little angel, or little Simon, it’s up to me to call you, you can’t refute.”

Simon was dumbfounded.

Xia Qitong pursed his lips and smiled.

Si Huang said again, “Of course, if I lose, you can call me whatever you want.”

Simon’s dumbfounded look was really cute, attracting the attention of all the women around him.

He felt something was wrong, but he couldn’t find what was wrong, and was about to speak… but Si Huang said before him: “Isn’t this fair? Or are you afraid of losing?”

This aggressive method made Simon stare unhappily, then he saw the beautiful oriental boy on the opposite side raise his eyebrows to him, his eyes were provocative, and his smile was so dazzling that he was stunned. Then he heard the other party say: “Even if you lose this time, you can still win next time. I won’t stop the betting agreement with you.”

Simon’s eyes lit up, “Okay! I’ll bet with you!”

“Five Treasure.” Si Huang consciously called out.

Five Treasure’s cheerful voice sounded: [Understood! For the most invincible and handsome body for Five Treasure, go!]

Si Huang was amused, and the eagle’s appearance appeared in his mind, inexplicably making her think that would it be good for this idiot to live in that kind of handsome and cool body? This idea had just passed away in a flash, mainly due to Five Treasure’s own liking, after all it had been looking for it for so long, and it was rare to meet a body he liked so much.

In the eyes of outsiders, her smile was an expression of self-confidence, as if she didn’t take Simon seriously.

Li Jiming asked Ji Xiang in a low voice: “Who do you think will win?”

“At first I thought it was Simon, we have all seen his skills, but now seeing Si Huang’s appearance, I think he will win.” Ji Xiang explained.

“Why? Maybe he doesn’t know Simon’s ability, so those who don’t know are fearless.”

“He can indeed be fearless if he doesn’t know, but do you think Xia Qitong would be so polite to a person who has no brains? Don’t say anything about beauty, after being in touch with Xia Qitong for a long time, do you think he is a lustful person?”

Li Jiming nodded approvingly.

They actually didn’t know Xia Qitong’s identity and background, in fact they had become friends with him either because of an accident, or because Xia Qitong once helped them.

Xia Qitong said frankly that he was a gangster, but he didn’t make it clear about his status in the underworld, and the two of them didn’t ask. They knew in their hearts that this person was not an ordinary character, and he was definitely comparable to them. He had multiple identities and backgrounds. A good friend had multiple paths, maybe one day they would need to help each other, and Xia Qitong made people feel very good, so it was very easy to be friends with him, and the few of them got along with each other just like that.

Simon was the friend introduced by Xia Qitong. They had all heard of the surname Dolly, one of the most famous families in Country M.

From the time they got acquainted to now, both of them had a little natural respect for Xia Qitong, so seeing that Xia Qitong cared so much about Si Huang, they naturally had a better opinion of Si Huang.

When Xia Qitong introduced Simon to them for the first time, they had never seen him be so considerate to Simon.

At this moment, the competition between Si Huang and Simon, who were surrounded by everyone, officially started.

When Simon said to let Si Huang make a move, he really planned to let her make a move and stood still.

He didn’t move, but it didn’t mean he was defenseless.

From Si Huang’s point of view, there was almost no flaw in Simon’s body at this time. No matter where the attack was, the opponent would definitely be able to react quickly to take the attack.

Sure enough, it really was not amateurish.

Si Huang thought of Qin Fan’s lesson. With her fighting skills, ordinary people were not her opponents, but it was more difficult to meet people who had really learned orthodox fighting.

But… so what?

Si Huang narrowed her eyes lightly, showing a hint of a smile.

She didn’t believe that everyone had the strength and reaction speed of a monster like Qin Fan.

If the person in front of her had it, Five Treasure would have reminded her long ago.

Si Huang kicked back and rushed towards Simon.

Hit hard if there is no flaw!

By the time everyone saw Si Huang move, she had reached a distance of several meters in less than two seconds, and the speed of the instant explosion made many people exclaim.

Simon’s eyes became more excited, and he was ready to dodge – he told Si Huang to make a move, but he didn’t plan to take it.

However, seeing Si Huang approaching, he saw a smile appear on her fair face.

Simon instantly felt a severe sense of crisis.

Immediately afterwards, he found that Si Huang’s punching speed was almost twice as fast as he expected!

I was cheated——! It was only then that Simon realized that Si Huang hadn’t tried his best at first to induce himself to relax his vigilance.

Now it was too late for him to escape, so he could only confront Si Huang head-on.

Simon wasn’t too nervous. He was very confident in his own strength. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t beat this tall and thin juvenile boy.


Their fists collided.

Simon: “Hiss!” Half of his arm seemed to be numb.

Immediately, he felt a sharp pain in his abdomen, and the scenery in front of him receded rapidly.

The onlookers, Li Jiming and the others, also opened their mouths wide, watching helplessly, they had thought it would be an exciting match, but in fact it lasted less than two or three seconds.

One punch, one kick.

The front punch was caught, and Si Huang’s next kick was so fast that it was almost invisible, and Simon was kicked out.

Fuck -! How much strength was this? He looked like there were no muscles, but why was he so strong! He even kicked Simon, a man who was 1.8 meters tall, into the air!

He really kicked off! He even flew half a meter off the ground, then landed and rolled.


Simon’s cough brought Li Jiming and the others back to their senses.

“I can’t tell!” Li Jiming looked Si Huang up and down, “What did you eat to grow up?”

Ji Xiang gave Si Huang a thumbs up, “Amazing! Awesome!”

Si Huang smiled at the two, then looked at Simon.

The latter stood up holding his stomach, “It’s terrible! Are all the beautiful people so powerful?” He didn’t seem to resent Si Huang for this.

Xia Qitong said: “I’ll teach you a lesson for the future.”

Although he said admonishing words, his warm voice made people feel uneasy, as if he would keep his words in his heart.

Simon still gritted his teeth and refused to admit it, “I’m obviously complimenting you.”

Si Huang walked over and said with a smile: “Thank you for your compliment, but some compliments should just be kept in your heart and don’t need to be said. Lovable boy.”

Simon’s face suddenly turned red. It was really not a good experience to be called that by a boy younger than himself. He immediately said: “Hey! Even if I lost this time, let’s compete again, let’s compare in shooting.”

As soon as his words fell, Si Huang heard Xia Qitong beside him whisper: “This is Simon’s domain.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrows, “No comparison, Cherub.”

“Ahhh! Don’t call me that!” Simon was a little mad, “Why not? You clearly said before that we can compare again.”

Si Huang: “I just said you can compare to offset this bet, and I agreed without saying that you are better than me.” After saying this, she directly ignored Simon’s broken expression of “you are playing with me”, and turned to face Xia Qitong, “You have a new pet, right. Where’s your collection?”

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