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Qiu Li’s brows and eyes showed him to be a little drunk, but when he suddenly turned around and saw the girl by the floor-to-ceiling windows of Qing Bar, he kept thinking that he was hallucinating.

He turned his head, shook his head, and looked again.

The girl held her cheek with one hand, and lay softly on the edge of the table.

She was wearing a very elegant European-style retro dress, and there were red lights in the bar from time to time, which made her cheeks blush, looking decadent and sexy, and her clear eyes contained a gentle aqua color.

She also recognized Qiu Li after a long time, then she frowned delicately and looked at him with a bit of grievance.

The two stared at each other for a long time through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

In Qiu Li’s view, Jiang Yu had really changed a lot.

In just a few months after graduating from school, she seemed to have shed the grey feathers of the ugly duckling and turned into a white swan that really stretched its neck and spread its wings.

She was so beautiful that he seemed to think it was a dream.

Ashamed of their appearances, they dared not recognize each other.

Qiu Li in Jiang Yu’s eyes had also changed a lot.

He who never interacted with others in the past unexpectedly gathered a few friends around him, a group of boys were talking and laughing with them, and there was a smile on his mouth, completely different from his lonely and withdrawn appearance in the past.

Jiang Yu rubbed her eyes, thinking that she had misread in a trance.

He had a cropped haircut, which made his silhouette look more rigid. He was wearing a black short-sleeved T-shirt and trousers. The tight skin on his arms was wheat-coloured, and the scars from the past were still faintly visible on it.

The two people were separated by glass, as if they were isolated in two different dreams.

Qiu Li looked away, walked in disorder, turned and left in a hurry.

In this relationship, he had become the deserter, and when they met again, his face was completely changed, and he had no face to say goodbye.

After walking for more than ten meters, looking back, the girl seemed to really regard him as a dream. She lay on the bar by the window and fell asleep like a nap.


After all, Qiu Li still couldn’t leave her here alone. He strode back to the bar and came to Jiang Yu’s side.

There were several empty cocktail glasses on the table, and the girl was lying on her stomach half asleep, staring blankly at the crystal music box in front of her, lost in thought.

The music box ticked the crisp tune of “Swan Lake”, and the crystal ballerina spun round and round, pulling her into the deepest part of her dream.

Qiu Li’s hand fell on her shoulder, as light as a feather, but Jiang Yu’s body shrank sensitively, looking back at him defensively.

The familiar handsome face that had been missed countless times in her mind made her a little unbelievable. She stared at him and confirmed again and again: “A Li?”

“When did you learn it?”

Jiang Yu raised the corners of her mouth lazily, and skilfully took out a lemon-flavored lady’s thin cigarette from the cigarette case, put it in her mouth, and lit it with a delicate and lovely embossed lighter.


“Jiang Yu!”

She ignored his sudden anger, took a puff, and handed the long and thin cigarette holder with lipstick to Qiu Li’s mouth.

“It tastes good, try it.”

Although Qiu Li thought it was absurd, he still couldn’t hold back the temptation, and licked the lipstick on the cigarette holder with his tongue.

The taste…was good.

Inhaling the freshness of lemon, fortunately there was not much nicotine.

In her dream, Xiao Yu thought about the scene of goodbye countless times, but she never expected that this would be the case now.

Jiang Yu seemed quite drunk, so he took the cigarette out of his mouth, and put it on her bright red lips again.

Qiu Li pulled out the cigarette butt very rudely, and directly stubbed it out with his fingertips.

With a sound of “Zi La”, he didn’t seem to know the pain.

“Jiang Yu, what are you doing?”

Jiang Yu sprayed the young man’s face with the last puff of smoke, then patted his cheek, and giggled: “I’m learning from you, idiot.”

Qiu Li picked up the table. He crumpled the cigarette case on his back, holding the girl with a gloomy expression, and left.

“Hey, I haven’t finished the wine yet. A glass is so expensive here.”

Jiang Yu struggled to go back to get the wine. Qiu Li picked up the triangular wine glass, drank the remaining half of the glass, slammed the glass hard on the table, and pulled the girl out of the bar.

The early autumn wind patted their faces coolly, and both of them had red cheeks at this time.

Qiu Li’s dark eyes were filled with more and more intense anger, and he couldn’t vent his anger on her, so he could only stabilize his emotions and say restrainedly: “What should you do if you meet bad people when you came to the bar alone and drink like this?”

“The worst person I’ve ever met is A Li.”


Qiu Li held her slender waist and helped her walk towards the end of the alley: “I will send you back to the hotel.”

“Are you A Li?” Jiang Yu paused, held his face, and looked at him carefully: “If you are not, I will not go with you.”

Qiu Li looked into the little girl’s watery eyes and asked: “Recognize me now?”

“No, you have three heads blurring, and I can’t see any of them clearly.”


Jiang Yu stared at him carefully for a minute, tracing his face with her eyes. As if memorizing his facial features, Qiu Li was very patient and let her take a look slowly—, “Did you recognize me?”


“You don’t even remember your boyfriend?”

“It’s been a long time since I saw you, and I almost forgot how you looked.”

He asked angrily, “What should I do?”

“Then I can only taste you.”

His lower lip was sucked lightly.

Qiu Li didn’t expect that she would go to this trick directly!

In an instant, his five senses magnified, and the numbness spread all over the body along the cells, and then rushed up the spine, sweeping his nerve endings.

The girl’s soft tongue licked him tenderly, sucking and biting.

He narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth slightly to welcome her.

There was a taste of wine and lemon on her breath.

She kissed him until his ears turned red, and there was no other thought in his mind except occupation and possession.

The inner order that had been maintained for so long suddenly became chaotic.

Just as he was holding the back of her head and was about to regain the initiative, the girl turned her face away.

He wanted to get closer again, but she leaned back even more, preventing him from kissing her.

Qiu Li licked his lips eagerly, swept away all her taste, pinched the back of her head, and wanted to ask for it, but Jiang Yu immediately took a step back, firmly expressing her unwillingness to continue.

Qiu Li didn’t force it, and asked patiently: “Have you tasted it?”

“Well, it’s A Li’s taste.”

“Let’s go then.”

“Where are we going?”

“I’m sending you back to the hotel, don’t go out for a walk alone at night,” he said, taking her hand.

Jiang Yu stubbornly stayed where she was and refused to leave, and looked at him with a smile: “Taking me to the hotel as soon as we meet, what is the intention of my ex-boyfriend.”


“Will you go back or not.”

“No, you are a very bad man.”

“If I really wanted to treat you badly, I would have already…” He held back.

“You’re very bad.”

Jiang Yu pointed to her heart and said, “You stabbed a knife here, which caused me to bleed, and hurt.”

Because of the environment in which she grew up, she was actually quite restrained, a bit like Xie Yuan.

Most of the time, she would not express her love or sorrow, so she seldom said anything about love to Qiu Li.

She would rather endure it, because she always felt that the love that needed to be expressed was not so precious anymore.

She hid herself in a thick shell.

In the past two months, almost no classmates saw that she was broken in love, including her mother and two fathers, who thought she was still in good condition.

She even cried, but she just bit her sleeve and cried in the dance classroom at midnight, without making a sound…

Was it because she didn’t say anything that he walked away so freely and cruelly.

Qiu Li looked at her silently, breathing a little unsteadily.

“Have you nothing to say?”


The person who owed her had nothing to say.

Jiang Yu took a deep breath, and didn’t ask any more questions, let alone ask him to come back.

That city had his most unbearable memory, perhaps as Teacher Ling Xuan said, when he was young, he thought that love could save the whole world.

In fact, when the world collapsed, love really paled in comparison.

Jiang Yu followed him blankly, under the moonlight, she stepped on his shadow, walking very slowly.

It was as if she wanted to use this slow life to finish this road with him.

Qiu Li stopped several times to wait for her, and finally took her hand and led her forward.

She flung his hand away, and he grabbed her again, pulling her to pick up the pace.

The girl walked…and sobbed softly.

The long-lost piercing pain filled Qiu Li’s heart.

“Don’t cry.” He wiped away her rolling tears with his fingertips, feeling a bit at a loss, seemingly be begging and comforting at the same time: “Xiaoyu…don’t cry, okay?”

Jiang Yu hugged his waist reluctantly, burying her face into his chest: “Then you don’t go…”

“I won’t go.”


“Since you are hugging me, I can’t go either.” He coaxed softly: “Be good.”

Jiang Yu wiped away tears on his chest, and held his little finger: “I will be very good.”

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