YXBG Ch. 21.2: Fight

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When Yao Fei saw the appearance of Xianxian, she almost fainted. She hurriedly pulled her to the sofa: “What’s wrong with you, how did you make yourself like this! God, I promised your mother to take good care of you. You, kid…”

“What’s the matter?” Zhang Xiang saw Lu Xianxian swollen into a pig’s head as soon as he walked out of the room.

Yao Fei immediately found the person to vent on: “Look at you, what’s the matter, how did Xianxian get hurt like this! I told you to take good care of her.”

However, Zhang Xiangyi was even more surprised than Yao Fei, his voice became abruptly cold: “Who did it?”

“You don’t care about it,” she frowned, “I’ve taken care of it.” She looked at Zhang Xiangyi firmly and repeated it, “It’s taken care of. “

Zhang Xiangyi looked at the girl in front of him, and suddenly felt a strange feeling. Maybe because she no longer spoke in such a strange voice or maybe it was the strong expression in her eyes, Zhang Xiangyi, who has always been rough, actually felt moved. He knew that she must have fought for Yin Zhefei again. But in order to maintain her dignity, he finally said nothing.

“Mom, since Xianxian said it’s okay, forget it, let’s go eat.”

“It’s okay, look at her injury…”

“Mom!” Zhang Xiangyi’s tone revealed full persistence, “Let’s go eat.”

Yao Fei was taken aback, only then did she understand what her son meant, sighed, and didn’t speak any more. Although Lu Xianxian’s head hurt as if it is about to split, she felt happy in her heart. After all, she had taken another step forward, hadn’t she? However, Zhang Xiangyi looked at her secretly happy look, but his heart was very heavy.

The next day, the two went to school together. Only when they arrived at the school gate, they saw Hu Fei walk out nervously. Seeing Lu Xianxian, he seemed to be relieved: “Ah! Sister-in-law, you are here.” He strode forward: “Sister-in-law, did you have breakfast? I’ll buy it for you.”

Lu Xianxian lowered her head, afraid he would see the wound on her face: “No, I have eaten it.”

“Eh, Sister-in-law.” Hu Fei still stood in front of her, “Would you like to eat more?”

Zhang Xiangyi was already impatient: “Hu Fei, what the hell are you doing, we will be late if we don’t go in for class.”

Hu Fei bit his lips and said, “Boss, wait, wait …” How should he explain? Now the entire classroom and corridor were covered with various posters insulting Lu Xianxian. He had never seen the facial paralyzed Yin Zhefei so angry, and now he and Qin Yuan were clearing the posters, while he was sent to intercept Lu Xianxian.

However, Lu Xianxian who didn’t know anything still raised her foot and walked in: “You fellow, if I’m late, I will beat you.” She barely maintained her sharp and lively voice, but she felt ominous in her heart. Hu Fei scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously but didn’t know how to stop her. He could only hope that Yin Zhefei and Qin Yuan would have settled it by now, and quickly tore off all the posters.

But Lu Xianxian still saw it. Looking at the overwhelming dirty words, she felt her eyes hurt.

Yin Zhefei was taken aback when he realized her arrival, holding a ball of paper in his hand, not knowing what to say. In the next second, Lu Xianxian was already crazy and ran to the next class. She knew who did it, and she was going to kill the woman who broke her promise.

The girl was laughing proudly in the classroom with her friend. Lu Xianxian rushed in like the wind. She overturned her desk and shouted, “Why! I have won!”

If it wasn’t for Zhang Xiangyi coming in time to hold her up, she was about to rush to beat the girl.

“Why! Why are you still doing this kind of thing, I have already won!” She wanted to step forward and beat the girl hard!

“I just can’t understand why you are always attached to Yin Zhefei. Do you think A Fei will fall in love with something like you… this kind of thing?” The arrogant girl didn’t dare to mess around in school, and simply made a fuss.

Lu Xianxian’s head exploded, and she still wanted to shout something, but felt that her throat seemed to be blocked, and she couldn’t make a noise. Her eyes kept blurring until she burst into tears. Everyone was quiet all of a sudden, they never thought that Lu Xianxian would cry.

“This is enough!” Yin Zhefei walked in with a sullen face and stood in front of Lu Xianxian, blocking the eyes of the spectators. “I never hit women, but you don’t force me anymore.”

The girl was surprised: “A Fei, why do you want to speak for her, don’t you hate her, she is so ugly, why do you want to protect her!”

“You shut up!” Yin Zhefei’s chest was sore from anger. “I don’t like her, but she is my friend. If you insult my friend, I will not forgive you!”

“She, she is simply a disgusting pig…” The girl trembled and tried to make Yin Zhefei disgusted with Lu Xianxian.

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Zhang Xiangyi said angrily, “You are not as good as a pig, you paint yourself like a ghost, I didn’t beat you up, so you think I’m a vegetarian?”

However, Lu Xianxian couldn’t hear any more. She just felt that the sky was moving, and her headache was getting worse. She freed herself from Xiangyi and turned and ran out.

She always thought that she just had to beat the women around Yin Zhefei away, and as long as she was strong enough, she could keep him by her side. But she knew that it was just her own low self-esteem. Yin Zhefei didn’t like her, but she was deceiving herself and wanted to catch him.

However, until today, she didn’t know how big the gap between them was and how ridiculous what she did was in the eyes of others.

She ran indiscriminately, tears constantly coming out of her eyes, she was not strong, she was not strong at all, she was extremely inferior in her heart, except for her good skills, she had no place to attract boys, she was really stupid! She felt the pain in her heart was as if she had been struck by a knife, more painful than all the physical injuries she had experienced!

Although Yin Zhefei stood up to defend her, when she saw his stiff and perfect back, she felt that she had always been a toad, but Yin Zhefei had always been tolerant and had been careful to maintain her self-esteem, but how could he like such an ugly self…

When she was tired from running, her movements continued to slow down, eventually turning into a lost pace, aimless.

Her mind was so confused, she was swaying around in a muddle-headed manner, she just didn’t want to face those gazes, and didn’t want to go back.

“Huh? Sister-in-law?” came the childish voice, which made her feel refreshed. She walked up and down like this and reached to the gate of Yin Xiaomei’s school. Yin Xiaomei looked at her red and swollen eyes, she was very surprised. They had run out to the small supermarket in front of the school to buy food and saw a figure walking there. She thought she had seen it wrong, it turned out that she was Lu Xianxian! And she was crying!

But why was she crying, was she going to be caught back to her home on Mars? Xiaomei stared blankly at her. If that was the case, she wouldn’t have to worry about explaining to her that she was selling photos secretly behind her back

Lu Xianxian saw that it was her sister-in-law, and her expression immediately became cramped. She was not used to showing her weakness to others, especially when the other party was such a little guy who seemed as if she would fall when the wind blew!

But Yin Xiaomei was very enthusiastic. She asked gossiping: “My brother bullied you?” Well, it turned out that Yin Zhefei was the one who overpowered the overlord. She really underestimated him! Xiaomei respected her brother again.

However, Lu Xianxian didn’t speak, just didn’t look away from her.

Xiaomei scratched her head anxiously, she was about to go to class, she couldn’t finish her food now. She handed her leftover potato chips to Lu Xianxian with some distress, “Now, sister-in-law, eat it, do you want to go back with me? You can stay in the teacher’s office for a while and take a break!”

Lu Xianxian originally wanted to refuse. But then she let Xiaomei drag her into the elementary school campus.

T/N: Words really hurt… People don’t realize that when they say something. The girl is really vicious and unkind and should be taught a lesson but the biggest lesson is that you should be careful what you say because even seemingly strong people could also have glass hearts.

And another thing about LX’s inferiority complex.. It is shocking how common it is and how much we try to compensate for it in other ways. And if any of you feel like that.. I just want to say you’re not alone and you don’t need to be alone.. Reach out and you’ll realize that there are a lot of people willing to tell you how awesome you are, including me.

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