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Less than ten minutes after the two walked out, a brand-name luxury car drove into the community openly and stopped downstairs at Siyu’s house. The door opened and Duan Rulan walked down, beckoning the driver to lift the gifts in the back seat, then raised her hand to tidy up her hair, and looked up at the floor where Siyu lived.

That girl really didn’t have a natural fate of wealth. Since, she was still living in such a bad place after holding the golden thigh of Fifth Master of the Lu family, she was indeed a poor ghost, and she couldn’t change into a phoenix even if she flew on a high branch.

Duan Rulan’s eyes were full of irony. She stroked the corners of her mouth, and the tingling of her hands made her resentful. These were all injuries caused by fighting with her husband yesterday. Today, she put on heavy makeup, so the bruises were covered, but Ji Wenhan still blamed her for not treating her ex-husband’s daughter well, which made them have such a bad run-in with a great evil spirit like Fifth Master Lu, but could she be blamed for this?

That girl Zhou Siyu didn’t say anything, she didn’t see her as her mother at all!

In fact, to be honest, Ji Wenhan forced her to come and apologize to Siyu. Duan Rulan was uncomfortable. Why was it that only children should always honour their mothers? Mothers should also honour their children!

But Ji Wenhan was distraught by the company’s constant bad news. He was so furious that he smashed everything that could be smashed in the living room. Looking at Duan Rulan, his eyes became colder and colder. Duan Rulan always felt that if she dared not to agree, she might have nothing. After thinking on this matter, she nodded reluctantly.

“Carry all these things up.” Duan Rulan stood by and directed the driver. Of course, these gifts were not prepared by her. They were all bought by messengers. She didn’t seem to have thought about what would happen if Siyu didn’t accept them. She even notified the driver in advance.

The driver responded and proceeded to move things, but before they could walk into the corridor, seven or eight murderous black-clad bodyguards emerged from nowhere, and densely blocked their way up.

Duan Rulan had been stared at by them while she dug up the ground. Now, when she saw this group of people again, her soul almost flew away. She even took back several steps: “You, how are you…”

These bodyguards were all the ones who stayed with Zhou Siyu on Fifth Master Lu’s orders, especially since the fire incident last time, they dared not slacken the slightest. No matter where Siyu went, someone would follow her secretly, and people like Duan Rulan…before Fifth Master Lu left, he especially told them that if these flies dared to come, they should be thrown as far as possible.

“Mrs. Ji, was the lesson you received yesterday not enough?” The leader stared at Duan Rulan coldly, “Miss Zhou doesn’t want to see you, so, don’t waste your time.”

Duan Rulan’s painful experience yesterday was lingering, she quietly glanced at them. These people were tall, and they seemed to have weapons on their bodies. To use force against them would definitely not work. She squeezed out a smile and said flatly, “I am Siyu’s biological mother, just came to her to recount the past. That’s it…”

The leader sneered, too lazy to talk nonsense with her, waved a big hand, and a few people came up next to him, and directly took Duan Rulan away. Duan Rulan was full of horror. Just when she wanted to speak for help, she was thrown into her own car. A few seconds later, the driver was also thrown in, shaking all over.

The leader looked at Duan Rulan through the car window, “If you don’t leave, then I can only take you to Fifth Master Lu’s place.”

The name Fifth Master Lu had become Duan Rulan’s nightmare, and she paled with fright. She didn’t care about how to explain to her husband after she returned home, and urged the driver desperately, “Quick, leave!”

The driver was also shocked by the murderous group of people. No matter what Duan Rulan said, he immediately stepped on the accelerator and left. The two disappeared from the community in the blink of an eye as if a ghost was chasing behind them.

They walked fast, but the bunch of gifts that Duan Rulan brought was ignored. They were all thrown on the ground. The bodyguard leader turned over and found that they were all luxury items such as brand-name clothes and shoes.

“Throw these away quickly, don’t let Miss Zhou get upset when she sees it.” The leader thought to himself, this Duan Rulan was really not good, she didn’t know how to send the gifts to her own daughter, and then she said that she was Miss Zhou’s biological mother, bah…

Siyu had a rare vacation and was finally able to concentrate on drawing her comics regardless of other trivial matters. Little did she know that Fifth Master Lu standing up for her in Ji’s house, and his calm expression of support for her had seemingly grown wings. It seemed to spread throughout the upper class society.

Of course, there was no lack of people wanting to curry favor with Fifth Master Lu.

Not only Duan Rulan alone, but other families who had received the news also acted immediately, squeezing to the downstairs of Siyu’s small building, all kinds of precious gifts started to come in, but they were all caught before they went upstairs. The dedicated bodyguards threw them out, one by one, and they never gave any face to anyone.

Wang Dong, who had a close relationship with Xu Qingwan and helped her entered the crew of “Allure”, was a member of the gift-giving team.

Ever since he heard that Zhou Siyu, a poor actor who everybody thought could be bullied easily, turned out to be the woman that Fifth Master Lu liked, he was so shocked that his jaw dropped, and then he began to rejoice. Fortunately, he didn’t make any moves at that time. Later Xu Qingwan had asked him to buy a navy to go against Zhou Siyu, but he had already cleaned up the traces, otherwise, if Fifth Master Lu found his actions, he would have died?

Wang Dong wanted to go back in time and choke his brain-dead self, but everything had been done. Now, he could only find a way to establish a relationship with Zhou Siyu. If something really happened, just confess that Xu Qingwan did everything. Anyway, at first, it was not he who had come up with the idea.

He wanted to be successful, but just like everyone else, he was thrown out without seeing Siyu’s face, and he could only go back home with disappointment.

Siyu didn’t know that so many things had happened below her own house. After the filming of “Qin Guo”, she had no work to do. Originally, she signed the freest contract at Huanyi, and no one would come to force her. At work, her little assistant, Shen Yue, was very ambitious. He brought all kinds of invitations every day to let Siyu choose. In the end, Siyu couldn’t help it, so she picked an advertising endorsement, and rejected everything else.

In addition, Siyu just kept doing crazy updates at home. Within a few days, her comic editor, Mu Yan, called in person and said beamingly: “Koi, didn’t I tell you about the film and television copyrights of “Fashion Strategy” before being sold?”

“Well, yes, what’s the matter?” Siyu certainly remembered that her “Fashion Strategy” was the hottest serialized comic nowadays, and the number of fans was very large, so, the copyright of this comic had sold at a high price of one million, this was already considered a sky-high price in the entertainment circle that was not very optimistic about the adaptation of works for film and television, and thanks to this money, Siyu no longer had to worry about her livelihood.

“I’m telling you, the TV series is about to be established, and filming will begin soon!” Mu Yan looked very excited. This was the first comic under her that had ever been filmed into a TV series. It was of great significance! She couldn’t wait to share her joy with Siyu, “Koi, what actors do you think should play the roles? My God, you are so awesome! Do you know that your newly serialized “Sesame Custard” has people asking for the prices. Yes, there is also the “Papa Cat”. I have contacted the Children’s Autism Foundation and plan to do a joint promotion. Some companies have inquired that you still have a comic book with no content. They also want to buy it! You are now a hot and popular star!”

Siyu blinked, “Is there such an exaggeration…”

“Really, you think I will lie to you!” Mu Yan had already started to figure it out, “Koi, now “Fashion Strategy” is still in the stage of selecting actors. They seem to want to invite you to be a consultant. After all, you are the original author and are familiar with all aspects of the plot. It may be easier to adapt.”

“…” Siyu remembered that she had fooled other celebrities to publicly confess for Koi’s work on Weibo. She couldn’t imagine the consequences of disclosing Koi’s identity, so she tactfully refused, “No, I believe in the crew. Besides, I still have a manuscript to draw…”

Mu Yan was in a state of excitement. She didn’t listen to Siyu’s words at all, and continued to say enthusiastically, “Speaking of which for the heroine candidate, do you have a favourite actor? I think Zhou Siyu is not bad. I watched the issue of “Unfathomable Challenge” and fancied her. She looks like a little white rabbit with sesame filling inside. Don’t you think it’s similar to the heroine’s setting in the comic? Koi, are you listening, say something…”

Siyu: “…” She didn’t want to talk.

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