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Xu Maomao thought it was the income from his previous live broadcast, so he practiced harder today and started the broadcast on time in the afternoon.

He opened the curtains wide to make the light brighter. After adjusting the camera and music, he stepped on the spot and started dancing. While shaking himself especially hard when jumping to the social shake, the waist of the fleshy cat was about to break in a flash.

And there was a special action added today-curtain call!

After stepping on the last rhythm point, he stood upright, touched his chest with his paw, and lowered his head slightly to express his gratitude for watching.

Sure enough, the sound of increasing love value almost drowned his eardrums.

Xu Maomao happily returned to the study room to review the message board in the live broadcast room, and found that the content of the message board today was a bit strange, not to mention those who were calling him cute, were stunned, and begging for a repeat for the time being, the key was that what the audience seemed to be very concerned about was the live broadcast of him with Phoebe, and they even knew her name.

[The cat anchor is big, where is your little backup dancer? Didn’t you take it with you to pretend to fly together?]

[I know that cat upstairs, it is Zhang Meimei’s Phoebe]

[Ah? no?]

The bottom part of the message board was all about the history of Phoebe’s appearances at Zhang Meimei’s concerts. Xu Maomao guessed that these people might be Zhang Meimei’s fans, so it was normal for them to recognize Phoebe. But then a wave of people came, and the content of the message board became even more bizarre.

[The cat anchor is the healing cat!]

[Yes, that’s it!]

[Knwoing eighteen kinds of martial arts, only the cat anchor is omnipotent, there is no one else]

[My cat anchor is amazing!]

[Please, please, please cure my cat, my cat master is also not taking food and tea recently]

[Cure my cat’s breathless syndrome first, please breathe and breathe]

Xu Maomao shivered, for some reason, he suddenly felt that there were countless invisible hands on his body, and he always had the illusion that he would be picked bald by these crazy cat slaves once they showed up. However, the next barrage scared the cat even more as the people who wanted to steal him before came again!

[Hahaha, I recorded the video of it dancing just now, and I found out the specific address of the community]

[I won’t kill you if you submit the address upstairs]

[According to the scenery outside the window in the video, after analyzing it from multiple angles, I have come to a conclusion that the anchor should live in the U district of city B, among the buildings No. 7 or 8, and looking at the angle of the sky door outside the floor-to-ceiling windows, it is likely to be between the B and F floors]

[Surprised, God!]

[It’s not very far from me, guys, let’s form a team to watch]

Xu Maomao was sweating now, because the address analyzed was indeed correct, this was Shen Yu’s home address.

He was so frightened that he quickly closed the curtains, which undoubtedly sparked another discussion, and they became more and more sure of the judgment of the great god, and even those who lived nearby were already discussing how to form a team to visit this “healing cat”.

Xu Maomao was already unable to trace the origin of the healing cat. He was terrified and very worried that if they really came, they would definitely cause trouble for Shen Yu, and Shen Yu would discover the secret of his own live broadcast.

Xu Maomao quickly closed the live broadcast room. He felt that he might not dare to dance with the windows open again in a short time and would even have to temporarily stop the live broadcast.

However, the increase in love value did not disappear, but intensified, and his love value increased by nearly one million in just one day. Xu Maomao suspected that these people had recorded his video and circulated it everywhere, and immediately regretted it, feeling that he had exposed his coordinates too carelessly.

He was trembling all day long, lying at the door from time to time to listen for any suspicious sounds.

He didn’t intend to go online anymore, but he didn’t know that the real reason came from Zhang Meimei.

Because Zhang Meimei was so happy, she sent out two posts with pictures and videos. One was to celebrate Phoebe’s recovery with a before and after comparison, and the other was the video of Oscar healing Phoebe through touching and “licking kisses”. Although it was very bizarre and everyone doubted its authenticity, there was no doubt that this video had indeed become popular through the star effect!

And there was an overlap between the viewers of Pain Xun’s cute pet channel and star fans, so the video of him dancing with Phoebe was also shown on the live page. The combination of the two videos doubled the persuasiveness, and the rumors of the “puppet cat” healing Phoebe spread like wildfire, and the attention was getting bigger and bigger. Without any commercial means to push, the news of “Healing Cat” had climbed to the top ten most searched, and it was still gathering popularity.

On Xu Maomao’s side, he squatted at home to guard against suspicious people, while on the other side, Shen Yu’s pet shop also got into trouble.

His store address was picked up by enthusiastic netizens. Many pet owners were very curious about the nursing center mentioned by Zhang Meimei, so they made appointments to bring their pets for a diagnosis, and the phone was almost ringing off the hook all morning.

But this was nothing, instead, it made Shen Yu realize that the pet shop should deal with the problem of its popularity in the future. The key was that in addition to the customers, reporters had also found the pet shop.

“Mr. Shen, we are from the Huang Yi News Center. May I ask if Zhang Meimei is in your shop?”

“Mr. Shen, we are from the Tudou Network Media. I heard that your cat cured Zhang Meimei’s cat. Is it true?”

“Is the video fake? Is it a joint hype tactic with Zhang Meimei?”

“Recently Zhang Meimei has been in a lot of trouble. Netizens are suspecting that she is trying to divert the focus from her ex-husband and herself. May I ask what is your relationship with her?”

Apart from entertainment reporters and ordinary reporters, there were also people from the Animal Protection Association holding guns and short cannons and microphones to ask questions. Among them, entertainment reporters had the largest number of people and the loudest voice, which seriously affected the normal business of the pet shop. The tenderness on Shen Yu’s face had completely faded, and he was expressionless. Then he suddenly picked up one of the cameras and smashed it to pieces, startling everyone.

“You, you!” The man was shocked and angry.

Shen Yu looked at him coldly: “I’ll reimburse you for the equipment fee, get out now, I’m not from the entertainment industry and I’m not obliged to accept your interviews, if you come here to make trouble again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

People from the Pet Association asked tremblingly: “Then can we interview you and your pet?”

He caressed his painful temple, searched the Internet, and combined with the reporters’ questions, he found out that it was Zhang Meimei who caused all this.

Although she didn’t mean anything malicious, she had already caused trouble for him and his employees. Shen Yu was a little angry, so he immediately dialed her phone number to question her about this incident unceremoniously.

Only then did Zhang Meimei realize that she had caused trouble unintentionally.

“I’m sorry, Manager Shen, I didn’t know about those media… Anyway, it’s all my fault! Don’t worry, I will try my best to minimize the situation!”

Not long after this call, when she saw that the video she posted had already climbed to the seventh place, “Healing Cat” was quickly withdrawn, and Zhang Meimei self-sacrificingly released her and her ex-husband’s lawsuit process and behind-the-scenes footage for netizens to watch in order to further divert attention, although there was still some small discussion about Shen Yu and Oscar, but no entertainment media continued to harass them.

Shen Yu breathed a sigh of relief and wrote back to express her thanks. After all, removing hot searches required contacts and money, and she did her best.

But when he got home, he saw the reporters again!

They actually found his home!

“Mr. Shen, we are members of the National Cute Pet Club. We saw the relevant information on the live broadcast of Pain Xun and would like to interview your cat…”

Shen Yu didn’t bother to listen to what they said, and blocking people at the door of the house was definitely beyond his lower limit of tolerance, so he shouted angrily: “Get out of here!”

Then he quickly pressed the alarm bell, and the security guards who came soon drove these outsiders away.

Shen Yu suppressed his breath, then he went downstairs and personally complained to the property management office of the community before returning home with a cold face. But when he opened the door, he had already changed into a peaceful expression, for fear of conveying his emotions to Oscar.

But upon entering the door, Oscar was squatting tremblingly not far from the door, his ears still trembling. Obviously in a state of mental tension, seeing him, he didn’t immediately rush up to ask for a hug like usual.

Xu Maomao was actually feeling guilty because he heard the movement outside and was worried that Shen Yu would settle accounts with him because of the live broadcast, but Shen Yu didn’t hear clearly just now. He did not block the reporter.

After appeasing Xu Maomao for a while, he planned to contact Zhang Meimei again. The matter was related to Oscar, and he didn’t want to disturb its mood because of the tension of this matter, so he closed the door after entering the study to prevent it from following in.

“There are still reporters?” Zhang Meimei asked suspiciously, “It shouldn’t be, I have already ensured that the media will not interview people outside the circle… Wait, let me take a look!”

The reason was not just the two Weibo posts she posted, but the traffic on the other side also came from the Pain Xun live broadcast platform, and now the cute pet channel of that platform was pushing Xu Maomao’s videos on the whole platform.

“Manager Shen, you still keep a low profile,” Zhang Meimei said with a smile on the phone, “You are also doing a live broadcast for the cat yourself, but it is really cute and smart…Look, it is dancing the Little Apple, What!”

Shen Yu couldn’t understand what she said, live broadcast? What was that?

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