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The Wen family was a century-old family with a profound heritage, and there were also many outstanding descendants of the Wen family, with huge branches. They could be seen in the military, politics and business circles. Wen Jiaxiyao was the daughter of the current head of the Wen family in Haicheng. In her generation, there were few direct descendants. She had three older brothers, but she was the only girl, which showed how favoured she was.

“Qinglan.” Fu Hengyi walked in and didn’t see Shen Qinglan. He looked in the corner, and he found her as soon as he looked for her. He smiled helplessly and walked over.

Wen Jiaxiyao looked at the man in front of her, took a look at Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi, understood it instantly, and blinked at Shen Qinglan ambiguously, girl, you have a good eye, this man is very good.

Shen Qinglan smiled, “This is my husband Fu Hengyi, and this is my senior sister Wen  Jiaxiyao.”

Wen Jiaxiyao smiled gently and greeted Fu Hengyi in a friendly manner.

After all, she was the daughter of the Wen family, and good etiquette was naturally indispensable, but his surname was Fu, and he didn’t look like an ordinary person. She glanced at Shen Qinglan suspiciously, and finally realized her own behaviour belatedly. The identity of the school girl was also not simple.

“Senior Jiaxiyao, the elders at home are looking for us, so I will go there first and contact you another day.”

Wen Jiaxiyao nodded with a smile, noticing the direction Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi were walking towards, she saw the Shen family, smiled, and thought now it occurred to me that the junior I have known for so many years was actually members of the Shen family… Wait… The Shen family, doesn’t that mean that Shen Qinglan and Shen Junyu are siblings?’

Wen Jiaxiyao wanted to scold someone at this moment, so she shook her head, and put those uncivilized thoughts in her mind at the moment behind her.

The birthday banquet had already started, and Chu Yunrong was looking for two people to sit. Wen Jiaxiyao’s seat was far away from Shen’s and Fu’s, so Shen Qinglan didn’t see her.

There were a lot of people coming to this birthday banquet. The Shen family and the Fu family had a very close relationship with the Zhou family, so their seats were naturally at the front, and with the identities of Mr. Shen and Mr. Fu, there was nothing wrong with them sitting here.

The birthday banquet was divided into two sessions, the first half was a traditional Chinese banquet, and the second half was an occasion similar to a dance. At the end of the first half, many people present moved to the downstairs floor. This time, the Zhou family directly took over the upper and lower floors of this hotel, which could be regarded as a big expense.

“Qinglan, Hengyi, you all go down and play, just let us old people talk here.” Mr. Fu was sitting there talking, and when he saw Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan sitting on the side, he said.

“Yes, you young people just go and play by yourself. We old people have not seen each other for a long time, so we just take this opportunity to talk more.” Mr. Zhou said with a smile, and then looked at his grandson Zhou Cheng, “You don’t stick around here, just go play together.”

Zhou Cheng nodded with a smile, greeted the several old men, and went down with Fu Hengyi and the others.

Mr. Shen looked at the back of Zhou Cheng leaving, and asked Mr. Zhou, “Is Xiao Cheng twenty-seven this year?”

“Well, he is indeed twenty-seven. His mother is anxious about his marriage recently, but he himself is not in a hurry at all.”

“Young people today are different from us at that time, they get married late, and we are old, so let them take care of the children and grandchildren, don’t worry so much.” Mr. Shen was quite open-minded. Well, Shen Junyu was thirty this year, and he hadn’t urged him, but it was Chu Yunrong who nagged him from time to time.

“What Brother Shen said is that children and grandchildren have their own blessings.”

Mr. Fu had not said a word, which was a bit out of his character. Mr. Shen and Mr. Zhou talked for a long time before they realized that something was wrong. Looking at him, they saw Mr. Fu holding a mobile phone in his hand, and they didn’t know what he was playing with.

“Brother Fu, what are you doing?” Mr. Zhou was curious, and stretched out his head to take a look, but he didn’t understand.

Mr. Fu laughed, “I’ve been studying WeChat recently, and young people like to play it now. Although we are old, we must keep pace with the times, and we must not be eliminated by the times.”

This WeChat was recently applied for by Shen Qinglan for Mr. Fu, and for this purpose, she went to buy a smartphone for Mr. Fu.

“I can’t play with these things of young people.” Mr. Zhou shook his head. The current technological development was too fast, and he couldn’t keep up with that speed.

“Don’t pay attention to this old man, he’s just playing for a while because it’s new, and he won’t play with it in a few days.” Mr. Shen sneered, he knew very well about Mr. Fu’s temperament.

Mr. Fu snorted softly, “You are just envious. Girl Qinglan bought me a mobile phone and applied for WeChat for me. You are jealous. I have never seen an old man who loves himself so much.”

Mr. Shen turned pale, “Old man Fu, you want to argue?”

“Come whenever you want.”

Mr. Zhou laughed, but his eyes were full of memories. The three of them went to the battlefield together. Because of their similar temperaments, they slowly came together. The relationship was very good, they even saved each other’s lives many times. He didn’t look at the fact that Mr. Shen and Mr. Fu were bickering from time to time, but the relationship between the two was indeed still stronger than iron.

“I’m still really envious of the two old brothers. In a short time, your fourth generation will come out. Where is it like me, the granddaughter-in-law is still missing.” Mr. Zhou sighed, he was really envious, the one granddaughter from the Shen family was snatched away like this, and he felt a little regretful when he thought about it. If he knew than he would’ve also settled in the capital, so close to the water, they did not know whose family the Shen family’s granddaughter would belong to then.

“Hey, just put away your thoughts. Girl Qinglan belongs to our family. Even if you think about it again, she can’t become a member of your old Zhou family.” Mr. Fu saw Mr. Zhou’s thoughts at a glance and sneered.

Mr. Zhou just sighed like this, but he didn’t really take it to heart, but looked at Mr. Shen, “Is the wedding going to be held in June this year?”

“No, the wedding is scheduled for September.” Speaking of this , Mr. Fu got excited, “I want to hold a Chinese-style wedding. We are all Chinese. We can’t lose things from our ancestors. The Fengguan Xiapei[1] is so beautiful. Qinglan girl will look beautiful in it. If you want me to say, we should hold a Chinese-style wedding.”

“It’s not that you’re getting married, what’s the use of your liking.” Mr. Shen scolded him.

“Hmph, Old Man Shen, how dare you say you don’t like Chinese style?” Old Master Fu snorted coldly.

Mr. Shen stopped talking. He really preferred Chinese weddings.

“But if girl Qinglan likes Western-style weddings, we can also hold two weddings, one Chinese-style and one Western-style.” Mr. Fu said to himself, his eyes glowing, the only grandson was going to get married, he was still extremely satisfied, so he naturally paid more attention to this wedding.

Mr. Shen didn’t contradict Mr. Fu this time. When Qinglan got married, the wedding must be grand. He couldn’t wrong his only granddaughter, even holding two weddings was fine.

“Brothers, when Qinglan and Hengyi get married, don’t forget about me. I must come to attend. Even if there is no invitation card, I will have the cheek to ask for a glass of wedding wine.” Mr. Zhou smiled.

“How can I forget you, we originally planned to ask you to be the officiant.” Mr. Shen said with a smile, the relationship between the three of them was known to the outside world as inseparable, even if it was high-profile, it was not a big deal.

Mr. Zhou smiled heartily.

The three old men here were having a great time discussing the wedding of Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan, but the two protagonists who were discussed over there were not in the hall downstairs, but had found an opportunity to go out.

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