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Shen Yu, a confused computer novice, worked hard to find the live broadcast platform based on her few words. When he saw Oscar’s past live broadcasts, he was in shock.

His first thought was: it turns out that his Oscar didn’t learn from Little Apple because of him… He thought he was the only one for Oscar, but it turned out that his Oscar had opened a harem on the Internet! A feeling of being out of favor arose spontaneously!

Zhang Meimei was still making fun of him there, thinking that he started the live broadcast.

“Mr. Shen, your cat is so cute. I am his little fan now. Remember to let him learn a few more dances. I will apply for it to be a guest at my next concert!” Shen Yu didn’t know how to deny it, because he didn’t want to let Oscar’s peaceful life be disturbed too much.

But now, Oscar was live broadcasting! What a high-profile cat!

It played with the computer just to do this? Didn’t even tell him yet! Did it think it was fun or did it want to show off?

The more Shen Yu thought about it, the more chaotic he became, so he simply walked out of the study, carried Oscar in and put it in front of the computer, clicked on the video, and said calmly, “What did you do?”

Xu Maomao almost stood up when he saw the content of the video clearly.

“Meow!” Why, how was it discovered!!!

Yes, was it an accident? Why did Shen Yu suddenly have the leisure to watch some live streaming platform? How could the cute pet channel use his video as the big cover today! No wonder his love value had been rising so fiercely today, it turned out to be promoted by the platform… No, no, no, what should he do, was it possible to admit that he was a human?

But Shen Yu loved Oscar so much, would he feel angry with that cat?

It’s not impossible! After all, between a blind date partner who he met by chance (and broke up because of pet issues) and a beloved cat, Shen Yu must choose the cat! And the cat immortal had warned not to disclose it… so, he couldn’t expose QAQ.

After Xu Maomao made up his mind, he turned his head away without saying a word and refused to watch the video, pretending that he was just a silly cat, and the videos were all synthesized and used to deceive people.

“…” Could Shen Yu not understand its body language? Finding it funny, he said, “It’s useless to pretend to be dead.” Xu Maomao let out a meow and wanted to jump off, but Shen Yu refused to let him, and fixed it on the table with a little force. Shen Yu’s handsome face moved close to his and Shen Yu’s eyes turned cold, while his lips parted lightly: “How dare you?” How dare you threaten me!

Xu Maomao carefully retracted his paws aggrievedly and squatted down obediently.

Shen Yu’s eyes were playful, and his somewhat chaotic thoughts gradually calmed down.

That’s right, Oscar started the live broadcast behind his back, but this only showed that it was very smart, maybe it was really an enlightened cat spirit! And his responsibility as the owner was not to investigate its faults, but to protect it. Even if it was a live broadcast started by this cat, it was just learning how to dance on the Internet. If it weren’t for it, could he still be harsh on it? On the contrary, he still found it cute.

“Oscar, I know you did it, I don’t blame you, it was just too unexpected.” Shen Yu patted its head, “But you have attracted a lot of people’s attention, you know?”

Yes, they even came to your house QAQ, the person who was going to interview you just now probably came for my live broadcast.

Xu Maomao lowered his head knowingly.

Shen Yu sighed, stroked its fur, hugged it and began to carefully read the message board in that live broadcast room, and squinted his eyes when he saw that someone wanted to form a group to watch.

“So that’s the case, no wonder someone blocked the house.” Shen Yu sneered.

Xu Maomao flinched, shivering in his arms.

“So you’ve been broadcasting so many episodes, Oscar, you dance Little Apple well.” Shen Yu said coolly, “Why didn’t you know how to dance for me?”

Xu Maomao buried his face down, his claws pressed against his head like an ostrich, looking shy and timid.

Shen Yu poked him unhappily, then slipped him to the big desk, searched for Little Apple and clicked on it, then the corners of his mouth curled up viciously: “Show me the dance once, if you dance well, I’ll forgive you for playing the live broadcast behind my back.”

For some reason, his expression looked a bit like a dude who went to a brothel to order the top dancer to perform for him privately…

Xu Maomao opened his eyes wide and meowed twice in shock to express his protest, but Shen Yu was unmoved, his eyes were lowered and went so dark for a second, that it scared the cat!

After all, once some expressions were made by gentle people, they could be extremely lethal.

In the end, Xu Maomao was still suppressed under Shen Yu’s lustful power, and jumped up “bearing the burden of humiliation”.

“You are my little apple, I can’t love you too much…” The music that was popular in the streets and alleys, especially the music deeply rooted in the hearts of the aunts, accompanied him cheerfully.

Because the food had been good recently, Xu Maomao had a chubby figure, coupled with nervousness, he couldn’t stand firmly in several movements, and fell on the table with a bang.

Shen Yu looked at it and the seriousness on his face did not collapse, but he smiled lightly, and stretched out his hand to support it: “Okay, let’s stop dancing.”

“Meow?” I, I can finish the dance, you let me take care of it.

“I’m not good at business, I’ll punish you to dance again next time.” Shen Yu turned off the music and tapped his little nose, “I want you to dance, um, the one with the left hand and the right hand in slow motion, right? Learn it hard, you know?”

What? Left hand right hand slow motion? Is there such a song? Wait, Shen Yu still wants me to learn? Is he going to hold me accountable for playing with his computer without permission?

Xu Maomao raised his head meowingly.

Shen Yu really said: “If you like live broadcasting, you can live broadcast. I won’t deprive you of your hobbies, just don’t get hurt. Don’t worry about other things.”


Male God, I love you to death!

Xu Maomao jumped into his arms and licked his face excitedly, but Shen Yu didn’t seem to like his saliva, so he frowned and avoided it.

——The cat’s tongue is very rough, and it is actually very uncomfortable to lick.

At this time, Qiao Lingfeng called. Shen Yu signaled Xu Maomao to stay outside and locked the door before connecting.

After all, Oscar was so smart and could understand a lot of words, and he didn’t want to put too much pressure on it because of this matter, if there was any external harassment, he hoped he could solve it quietly.

“Shen Yu! I’ve seen the news, okay, why have you been teaching the little baby to dance without telling me?! And what happened to the video of the Healing Cat? It couldn’t really be the Oscar baby, right?”

Shen Yu’s brain ached from his series of questioning, and he said half truthfully and half false: “Well, I started the live broadcast, and I don’t know about the Healing cat. It might be some unsolved mystery.”

Qiao Lingfeng laughed loudly: “It’s still an unsolved mystery. Anyway, everyone thinks that it is a cat that has extraordinary healing power. Of course, maybe Phoebe’s cataract slowly recovered after her mood was cured, but you are broadcasting live again here, and it is so smart and so cute in it, everyone suspects that your cat is a spirit hahaha, I heard that a lot of media went to our shop this afternoon?”

“Yes, but it was publicized by Zhang Meimei.”

“The public relations are too late. Anyway it’s too late, many netizens have already seen it.”

Shen Yu: “I know, so what do you want to say?”

Qiao Lingfeng stopped laughing and said seriously: “I just want to tell you that this matter cannot be suppressed now, and there is also no need to suppress it, it is not a scandal, and it can bring about positive effects!”

“What positive effects? At present, I only know that there are reporters following me home.” This had seriously affected his life, and it may even hurt the little guy, so Shen Yu’s first thought was to minimize the exposure.

“You are an outsider, I understand that you are not used to spotlights and microphones, but I am sorry to tell you that they will continue to pester you, so you should be mentally prepared, unless you create some news for them and let them have content, do you have something to hand in.”

Shen Yu knew that Qiao Lingfeng, who had to deal with the media all the year round, had a point. “What do you suggest?”

“It’s very simple, you hold a press conference with little Oscar.” Qiao Lingfeng explained, “The more you hide, the more curious people will be, but if the secret will be revealed at once, and people’s curiosity will be aroused. After they are satisfied, they won’t care so much about this matter.”

Shen Yu frowned: “I can’t let those people speculate about Oscar.”

“Of course, the focus of the press conference will definitely not be to discover the abilities of the little baby—let’s call it a superpower, our focus is to bring the topic to the nursing center. Let’s say that Oscar is the treasure of the store. He is born to dance with the music. His happy attitude can infect the pets around him, thereby healing the pet’s mood, Phoebe. The reason why it recovered was because it was already in the recovery period, and the Oscar baby accelerated its recovery process. In short, the whole interview should focus on promoting our recuperation business and taking the opportunity to make a name for yourself.”

After listening patiently, Shen Yu felt that for the first time that his friend was finally not so useless.

Qiao Lingfeng would take care of notifying the reporters, and what Shen Yu had to do was to say hello to Xu Maomao.

After he hung up the phone, he solemnly walked up to Xu Maomao.

“Oscar, you need to attend a press conference tomorrow.”

“Meow?!” What, what?

“Too many people want to dig out your secrets. This is the best way to calm them down. You just need to cooperate and take some photos.” Shen Yu gently patted its head, and changed the subject, “That’s it. I know you can understand.”

Xu Maomao: …

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