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A while after Quan Juncai left, Xiang Zhen also took a taxi to the entrance of the pet shop. The sparrow spirit knew Xiang Zhen, so he let him go to the backyard without stopping him.

When he walked to the door of the hut in the backyard, Xiang Zhen was too shocked by the gold, silver and jewelry in the room and dared not enter the door.

“This… so much?” Xiang Zhen asked subconsciously, feeling that the photo Mi Wan sent him just now did not show anything at all.

“You are the only one here, can you move all this?” Mi Wan asked.

“You really want to give us all these…?” Xiang Zhen still couldn’t believe it. After all, such generosity was not in line with Mi Wan’s usual personality.

“No~~” Mi Wan raised her eyes.

“Yes!” Xiang Zhen nodded resolutely, fearing that if he was too late, the conscience that Mi Wan suddenly discovered would disappear again.

“What nonsense?” Mi Wan was speechless.

“Then…then I will notify the people from the association to come and move it away.” Xiang Zhen reconfirmed cautiously. He always felt that Mi Wan could not return the gold bars all over the floor to the association so easily.

“Wait a minute.” Mi Wan said sharply.

I knew it!

Xiang Zhen was not disappointed by this sentence, but instead showed an expression of expectation. That performance, it seemed that if Mi Wan didn’t impose some conditions, he wouldn’t dare to take the gold bars.

However, Xiang Zhen’s expectant expression stunned Mi Wan. What kind of operation was this? What do he expect her to do?

“What do you want?” Xiang Zhen asked impatiently.

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Mi Wan said with a slight smile, “I just mentioned it to you during the day, I want a copy of the most wanted list of your Demon Hunter Association, or you can sort out a batch of just a dozen or so more and give it to me.”

“Do you want to continue catching demons?” Xiang Zhen was startled, and then suddenly remembered that when Mi Wan caught the golden toad, she seemed to have said that she would send him to plant trees, so he asked, “Did you really want to catch the toad to go and plant trees?”

“Yes, I recently got a piece of land, and it’s a pity to see it deserted, so I plan to turn it into a forest park.” Mi Wan told him her grand plans.

“Convert it into a forest park?” Xiang Zhen always felt that this operation was somewhat familiar, and soon he found a similar case, “Are you going to follow the example of Wanwu Park?”

Wanwu Park was a company owned by a demon, and most of the employees in it were all demons, Xiang Zhen, a demon hunter of the Demon Hunters Association, naturally knew this. In fact, before Mi Wan appeared, Wanwu Park was even the favorite place for the degenerating demons. Because only the Wanwu Park would still provide jobs for the degenerated demon race, and even after the demon race had completely degenerated, those completely degraded demon race could still live as ordinary animals in the forest park they built.

The Demon Hunters Association had been paying close attention to Wanwu Park, but after years of attention, they found that the other party didn’t seem to have any other purpose other than buying land and planting trees. Even because the other party was committed to afforestation, it could be rated as the most environmentally friendly company and the company with the most contribution to the country every year. Because of these, various national policies were inclined towards Wanwu Park. It was said that from its opening to the present, their Wanwu Park had not paid a penny of tax.

It was simply better than a state-owned enterprise.

“Almost.” Mi Wan nodded, she was more than imitating, the land was given to her by the owner of Wanwu Park.

Xiang Zhen thought for a while, and he felt that Mi Wan’s conditions were not harsh, not to mention that afforestation was a good thing, moreover those demons on the most wanted list were not good demons anyway, and it would be better to not let them out to harm the world. So he could let Mi Wan grab them and plant trees. Such a good thing, even Chairman Bai should agree.

“Then I should discuss it with President Bai first?” Xiang Zhen said.

“We still need to discuss.” Mi Wan frowned, “I originally wanted to pick a few demons on the wanted list, and then ask you to take all their tasks. After I capture them, you can go back and hand in the task, it would be like repaying the favor when you lent me the magic weapon last time.”

If you want to give me the demons you caught, then what’s the matter with you wanting them to plant trees?

Wait, it might work. Xiang Zhen suddenly had an idea, then his expression changed and he smiled and approached Mi Wan, and said, “Senior sister, you really plan to return my favor.”

“Nonsense, otherwise I would have asked Bai Feng directly for the arrest warrant. Why would I look for you?” Mi Wan rolled her eyes, it was not that she didn’t have Bai Feng’s WeChat account, even if her relationship with Bai Feng was not very good, but for such a good thing as helping the Demon Hunter Association to catch demons, Bai Feng would never refuse her.

“But… in our Demon Hunter Association, when we hand in the task, we have to bring back the captured demon at the same time.” Xiang Zhen said.

“That’s it, then forget it, then I’ll go directly to Bai Feng for the wanted list.” Mi Wan said as she was about to take out her mobile phone.

“Don’t, don’t, senior sister, aren’t you paying back the favor?” Xiang Zhen hurriedly pressed Mi Wan’s hand that was about to make a call.

“My main purpose of me catching demons is to plant trees. The demon will definitely not be able to be given to you. I will return your favor next time.”

“No, not next time, there is a way.” Xiang Zhen said hastily, “You can make tell President Bai that you want to catch a few demons with serious crimes to plant trees recently, and you need a list provided by the Demon Hunter Association, but all the points and bonuses from this list would belong to me.”

Mi Wan blinked her eyes, then she recognized something: “Huang Mao, do you have a problem with Bai Feng?” Otherwise, he wouldn’t cooperate with her to decieve the Demon Hunter Association like this.

“Nor…not really, I just want to exchange my points for magical artifacts and treasures recently.” Xiang Zhen coughed in embarrassment.

“Okay.” Mi Wan didn’t have a good impression of Bai Feng at all, and she was very happy to cheat him, “Then you just say that, if Bai Feng asks me, I will cover for you.”

What Xiang Zhen wanted was Mi Wan’s these words, and there was nothing to worry about now, so he happily took out his mobile phone and made a video call to Chairman Bai. During the video call, Xiang Zhen displayed his superb acting skills, repeating what he said just now, and at the same time expressed that he actually didn’t want to take advantage of the association, but Mi Wan insisted on repaying his favor, and he was very helpless.

Mi Wan silently watched Huang Mao’s performance, and when the camera turned to her, she nodded silently, which was regarded as cooperating with his performance.

“Okay, I’ll prepare the list tomorrow.” As Mi Wan expected, for her sudden desire to catch demons, the Demon Hunter Association was happy to see it. Compared to the demons who were about to be captured, the points given to Xiang Zhen were nothing at all. It’s just…President Bai thought that he had just told Xiang Zhen that he might be lucky for money, and then he came out like this, and he couldn’t help sighing: Has the cultivation of that golden toad improved again? This kid’s fortune has improved much more than his own back then.

The conditions were settled, and Mi Wan was very satisfied. She left the house full of gold to Xiang Zhen, and then went home to sleep with the special products, leaving only the sparrow spirit guarding the store door, who would the door after the gold was moved.

When Mi Wan returned home, the members of the Demon Hunter Association also happened to arrive at the pet shop. The Sparrow Spirit, who was left behind to guard the door, suddenly felt a little weak when he saw so many demon hunters. He quietly sent a message to his boss: Boss, there are so many demon hunters, they look at me so scarily, they probably want to take me in.

Mi Wan comforted: Don’t worry, they won’t.

Sparrow Spirit: But I’m still scared, can I leave first and lock the door after they finish moving?

Scared like this? The members of the Demon Hunter Association wouldn’t really take advantage of her and dare to bully the Sparrow Spirit anymore, right. Mi Wan thought for a while, and then made a phone call to Bai Feng.

“Hey, student Mi Wan, what do you want from me?” President Bai laughed and said, “Do you have any requirements for the list?”

“No.” Mi Wan said.

“What’s the matter?”

“It’s like this, our little sparrow was frightened by your people, so tell your people not to frighten him, otherwise the gold won’t be moved.” Mi Wan reminded.

“…” President Bai was speechless, your sparrow is timid, and we are all to blame? Even if he was speechless, the gold still needed to be moved, so President Bai could only open WeChat and send a group message to all the demon hunters who were moving the gold: Don’t scare the sparrow spirit in the shop.

“…” Everyone who had gone to move the gold.

Soon, the sparrow spirit noticed the changes in the store: Hey, why did these demon hunters stop looking at him and walk around him?

Hearing no more news from the sparrow spirit, Mi Wan knew that her reminder must have worked, but she didn’t go to sleep immediately, instead she waited until the sparrow spirit told her that the people from the Demon Hunter Association had moved the gold away. Then she just turned off the light and fell asleep.

Spring was the most suitable season for sleeping, and Mi Wan fell asleep within a short time after putting on the quilt. At this time, the moonlight outside the window was extremely bright, even covering the somewhat dim street lamps, illuminating everything on the earth clearly.

In the moonlight, a vine was quietly growing in the courtyard next door, as it slowly took the shape of a human being. It was someone who had returned home.

The first thing Fan Chen did after returning home was not to open the door and go back to his room to take a hot shower, but to stand in the courtyard and look up at the window on the second floor next door, but unfortunately, the window was dark. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, looked down at his phone, and confirmed that the time was half past eleven, not yet twelve.

Mi Wan went to bed early today.

A faint sense of disappointment flashed across his eyes, but Fan Chen didn’t dwell on it for too long, he withdrew his gaze and walked into the living room. As soon as he entered the living room, a faint wave of spiritual power permeated the air. Fan Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise, then reached out to turn on the light in the living room, and a light blue thermos cup fell straight into his eyes.

This was the medicine Mi Wan made for him.

Walking over and unscrewing the lid, he found that the medicine in the thermos cup had already turned cold, obviously the thermos cup had been here for some time.

Did she prepare it for him after she came back from Qianwu Mountain that day?

“Obviously knowing these medicines have no effect on me.” His injury came from the collapse of nature. If the natural environment could not be restored, his injury could not be healed, so the medicine Mi Wan made for him could not repair his injury and at most could ease some of his pain.

Although he said so, Fan Chen still raised his head and drank the medicine in the cup, and then a warm current surged from his stomach in an instant, soaked through Fan Chen’s limbs and bones, and finally gathered in his chest, forming a faint golden aura which shrouded the black wound. That golden aura seemed to want to fight against the black power, but it was like a summer firefly, extremely small, and was swallowed by the black in just a flash.

But even though it was small, it still ignited a burst of warmth.

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