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Mi Wan: This huge pile of gold bars is too difficult to deal with. You ask the Demon Hunters Association to send a few people over to transport them away.

Xiang Zhen’s finger froze, but it only lasted for 0.000001 seconds, and he quickly deleted the conversation just now, and then sent a sentence himself: Wait for me to come over.

Then he put away his phone and said to President Bai: “I’ll go over now and have a face-to-face interview with her. If the negotiation is successful, the president will remember to give me three times the reward.”

“No problem, go quickly.”

President Bai: I wish I could send a helicopter to transport him directly there. If this year’s gold bars cannot be snatched back, the relevant state departments will come to make trouble.

“Well, I’m going to pass now, President, don’t worry, I will definitely do my best.” Xiang Zhen clenched his fists to express his determination to contribute to the association, and then rushed into the elevator, tense all the way until he ran out. In the association building, after confirming that there were no association members around, he put his hands on his hips and laughed.

“Hahaha… This young master is really lucky.”

On the other side, Mi Wan saw that Xiang Zhen said that he was coming and guessed that she would not be able to return home for a while, so she turned around and sent Butler Ye another message and said that she would go home late today.

Butler Ye asked a few worried words, and after making sure that his lady was not in danger, he didn’t insist on asking anything anymore. After all, her young lady was also an adult, so she had to have her own life, and the young lady had become more beautiful now, maybe she would have to fall in love after a while. Speaking of falling in love, Butler Ye said that falling in love was fine, but he would never let the young lady spend the night outside before getting married.

With nothing to do, Mi Wan found out the special dried fish that Jin Mingxuan gave her, and cut the fruit that Han Xiao gave her next to it. One bite of dried fish and one bite of sweet fruit, Mi Wan ate with satisfaction and sighed secretly. He said: No wonder so many people snatch Jin Mingxuan’s dried fish, it tastes really good.

While she was eating happily, there was a familiar fluctuation of demon power in the sky. Mi Wan looked up and saw a huge fox flying down from the sky. Quan Juncai showed up at the pet store twice in a day.

“Quan…quan assistant.” Golden Toad seemed to know Quan Juncai and was pleasantly surprised when he saw the person coming, “Quan Assistant, please help me, I am willing to work as an accountant in Wanwu Company.”

“Haha… it really is you, finally got caught.” Quan Juncai saw that Golden Toad and laughed a lot, he had known that this guy would be caught one day.

“Why, do you know each other?” Mi Wan asked.

“I’ve seen it once.” Quan Juncai explained, “Golden toads are a race of toads with the talent to attract money. So when Wanwu Company first opened, I thought about finding a few toads to be accountants. At that time, I found this golden toad, but he didn’t seem to like going to work very much, so we didn’t force it.” The racial talent of the golden toad was attached to their voluntariness, if the golden toad was not willing to recruit money for you, it would be like kidnapping, even if there was occasional fortune, it would not last long. So when the Golden Toad was unwilling, Quan Juncai did not use force to coerce him.

“I am willing, I am willing now.” When he worked as an accountant at Wanwu Company, he could still count money, but if he went to plant trees, he could only count leaves.

“Sorry, there are no vacancies in the finance department recently.” Quan Juncai said ruthlessly.

“Then you take him away, I think he has a good cultivation, give him a bigger piece of land.” Mi Wan handed the golden toad to Quan Juncai.

“Okay.” Quan Juncai reached out and grabbed the golden toad in his hand.

“No, master, master, my strength is not planting trees, my strength is making money.” Golden Toad was dying, so he started promoting himself frantically, “I think you also run a shop, you put me in your shop, and with me here, you will definitely make a lot of money.”

Quan Juncai heard what Golden Toad said, and persuaded Mi Wan: “If he really works for you, it will indeed make your pet shop a lot of money. “

“I am sincere, I will work for you master wholeheartedly.” Golden Toad said that he really didn’t want to go to the desert to plant trees.

“Then I should send him to plant trees. I can’t keep up with the good business of my pet store, but my wasteland hasn’t made any money yet. I’m still waiting for the wasteland to be turned into a park to earn ticket money.” Mi Wan looked at Golden Toad with a smile, and said sincerely, “Little Toad, do a good job. When the money you make for me catches up with what you robbed before, I will let you go free.”

What? When the money I make catches up with the money I robbed before, I should never want to leave that wasteland in his life.


When Quan Juncai flew away with the golden toad, the miserable cries of the golden toad continued to come from the sky. And Mi Wan on the ground began to imagine the days when she would be able to collect the money from tickets.

Quan Juncai flew back to the Wanwu Group, found a plastic box and stuffed the original golden toad into it, then threw it out skillfully, and the box was caught by a white bird again.

“Send it to Wasteland No. 88?” The white pigeon murmured in a gentle bass.

“Yeah, you may have to run a few more times recently.” Quan Juncai said with a smile.

“Okay.” The white pigeon nodded, spread its wings, and disappeared into the sky again.

After sending off the No. 2 gardener of Wanwan Park, oh, this Wanwan Park was the name Quan Juncai gave to the No. 88 wasteland. Since his lord had already given the land to others, the land could no longer be called Wanwu Park after it became a park, so he decided on this name privately. Moreover, when he reported to his lord, his lord didn’t refute it, which showed that he also liked the name very much.

“My lord, I have already sent Gardener No. 2 of Wanwan Park.” Quan Juncai immediately reported the work progress to his lord.

“Gardener No. 2? Wan Wan found a new gardener so soon?” Perhaps it was because of the name Wanwan Park that Fan Chen subconsciously called Mi Wan Wan Wan, but he didn’t find it awkward at all.

“Yes, she caught that golden toad that likes to rob banks.” Quan Juncai guessed, “I think Master Mi may catch a wave of demons for his own park. Do we want to interfere?”

Although it was said that these demons violate the regulations of the two races of humans and demons, and were within the scope of capture, if the demon hunter was really allowed to capture these demons, they may release a kind of demon to the demon hunters, which would be a sign of clan weakness. So to a certain extent, the demons also needed to intervene. But fortunately, the Demon Hunters Association had not yet reached the point where they needed to intervene, but Mi Wan was too strong. If she really wanted to catch demons seriously, maybe these little demons outside would really be caught clean.

Quan Juncai didn’t sympathize with these demons, but he was afraid that the Demon Hunters Association’s arrogance would increase too much.

“It’s okay.” Fan Chen said lightly, “Wanwan’s pet shop has already fully stated her position, and neither the demons nor the Demon Hunter Association will think about it. You should communicate these things to the various patriarchs. If they get angry, let them restrain their subordinates, if they still want to die, let them go. Besides, the park is only that big, and she won’t catch too many.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to the patriarchs later, but…” After talking about the business, Quan Juncai suddenly began to gossip, “Master Mi built this park for you, sir.”

“…” The other end of the phone was quiet for a moment, without speaking.

In fact, this question did not need Fan Chen to answer at all. As a human being, Mi Wan could be keen on sorting garbage, use less disposable chopsticks, be enthusiastic about environmental protection, and walk without stepping on flowers and plants, but she would not suddenly decide to build a forest park. This was no longer environmental protection. This was a commitment to changing the ecology of the earth with one’s own efforts. This ambition was exactly the same as that of their Lord. If it wasn’t for my lord, who else could it be for?

“My lord, Master Mi seems to care about you very much.” Quan Juncai said with a smile.

“En.” Fan Chen hummed lightly, he naturally felt Mi Wan’s concern.

“My lord, do you know what a girl’s concern usually means?” A fox’s smirk slowly emerged from the corner of Quan Juncai’s mouth, but it was a pity that Fan Chen couldn’t see it through the phone.

“What?” Fan Chen asked blankly.

“It means she might like you.”

“Buzz~~~” Fan Chen felt a sudden buzzing in his brain, and then he was stunned. When he came back to his senses, he found that his body temperature had actually risen a lot strangely, not like the body temperature of a plant at all.

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Fan Chen frowned, and reprimanded Quan Juncai on the opposite side in a cold voice.

“My lord, I’m just giving you an analysis based on my many years of love experience. Of course, it’s not 100% accurate. Just listen to it, and don’t take it seriously.” Quan Juncai said with a smile on his mouth, but he was really gloating in his heart: I am not 100% sure whether Master Mi likes you, but I am 100% sure that you are interested in Master Mi. One minute, a full minute, sir, you were silent for a full minute just now, is this the old tree blooming?

“Is there anything else? I’ll hang up if you don’t have anything.” Fan Chen suddenly felt a little frustrated. What do you mean you can’t be 100% sure? Are you talking so much about love for nothing? Trash fox.

Wait, what was I thinking, could it be…

Fan Chen felt that his body temperature, which had dropped just now, was starting to rise again, could it be, could it be that he was expecting something strange?

The author has something to say:

Quan Juncai: My lord, you were stunned for a minute when you heard that someone liked you. Could this be your first love?

Fan Chen’s face was flushed red, then he sealed his cultivation and sent Quan Juncai to the desert to plant trees.

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