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The Demon Hunters Association.

Holding the arrest warrant for Golden Toad, Xiang Zhen was thinking about a headache-inducing question, that is, should he close the case of Golden Toad?

If he didn’t close the case, the golden toad had already been taken away by Mi Wan, but if he closed the case and since he didn’t bring back the golden toad, it didn’t meet the regulations for closing the case at all.

What a hassle.

Xiang Zhen really wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but he just couldn’t, because there was a rule in the Demon Hunters Association that a demon hunter could not give up on the tasks assigned to him by the association. In the case of not completing, if the demon hunter wanted to continue to take other tasks to earn money and earn points, then the difficulty of the tasks he accepted after that must not be lower than the difficulty of the tasks he had not yet solved. Until the one-year period expired, then only will the association revoke the mission and reassign someone else.

In other words, if the task of the sixth-level golden toad was not canceled, then in the next year, Xiang Zhen could only accept the task of catching demons above the sixth level. This was something a little demon hunter of less than the fourth rank could not even think about, how could he mess around?

Of course, under normal circumstances, when the Demon Hunters Association assigned tasks, it usually did not let the demon hunters with low cultivation levels catch the demons with high cultivation levels, but the narrow-minded president Bai Feng deliberately gave him the task because he was angry with him. He got a not dangerous but troublesome task. Although Golden Toad’s cultivation base was at the sixth level, every time Golden Toad committed a crime, he only stole money and did not hurt people’s lives, so this task was not life-threatening at all. And he only needed to find the location of the golden toad, and then notify the other demon hunters in the association to catch the demon immediately. When the golden toad was caught, he could close the case.

But the problem was that now that the golden toad had been taken away by Mi Wan, even if he ran to tell Chairman Bai that the golden toad was in Mi Wan’s hands, Chairman Bai would definitely not ask for the golden toad. And if Golden Toad didn’t come back, he still won’t be able to accept the task. Even after President Bai found out, he might say to him cheekily: “Xiang Zhen, aren’t you familiar with Mi Wan? Why don’t you just go and get the golden toad back, and the case will end naturally.”

“Shameless, it’s really shameless.” Just thinking about it, Xiang Zhen couldn’t help but curse out.

“Who is shameless?” Perhaps Xiang Zhen’s resentment towards Bai Feng was so strong that he summoned the real person. Just as Bai Feng came out of the pantry with a cup of coffee, he looked up and saw Xiang Zhen standing in a daze in the corridor. When he got closer, he heard him swearing again, so he asked a question naturally.

“No… I… I’m scolding the demons.” Xiang Zhen broke out in a cold sweat, why he accidentally scolded him out of his heart, but luckily he didn’t name him just now.

President Bai glanced at the arrest warrant in Xiang Zhen’s hand, and said clearly, “You’re scolding the Golden Toad, this guy is really shameless.”

“President, have you come into contact with him?” He had the appearance of knowing the golden toad well.

“That’s right, this golden toad has been on the most wanted list of our association for thirty years, and every year we have to change a demon hunter to catch him. Naturally, I have also received this task.” Chairman Bai said.

“Then may I ask, President, what was your cultivation level when you took this task?” Xiang Zhen asked intentionally.

Chairman Bai paused his hand stirring the coffee, thinking, was this kid Xiang Zhen complaining that he deliberately arranged such a task for him? Well, he admitted that he did deliberately make things difficult for this kid, but this was not a big problem. Although this golden toad was difficult to catch, it was not dangerous. At most, Xiang Zhen would not be able to receive other tasks this year and earn less points.

“Hehe…Xiang Zhen, you don’t think I’m trying to embarrass you on purpose, do you?” As the president, he still couldn’t leave such a narrow-minded impression on the people below. “I am giving you this task, but it is actually for your own good.”

“You asked me to track down a sixth-level demon clan, for my own good?” Xiang Zhen sneered.

“You don’t understand, this golden toad is a very special demon.” President Bai explained with a smile, “Golden toad has always been a symbol of wealth in the folklores, you know.”

“Yes.” Xiang Zhen nodded and waited. Let’s see how Chairman Bai explains next.

“This implication is actually true.” Chairman Bai continued, “You don’t know, this golden toad has been on our most wanted list for thirty years, and it’s caught by someone every year, and that person will be caught in a magical common ground every year.”

“What common ground?” Xiang Zhen was aroused by curiosity.

“As long as anyone who accepts this mission and has contact with the golden toad during the mission, he will have a fortune in the coming year.” President Bai recalled, “Back then, I went to buy a lottery ticket. I won a grand prize of 500,000 yuan.”

Xiang Zhen looked at Chairman Bai who had an expression of “thank me soon”, and really wanted to scold him.

“So, you don’t have to put too much pressure on it. After all, no one in the Association has caught the Golden Toad for so many years, so you don’t have to catch it. Just try to find out his location during this time, and then try to get in touch with him.” Chairman Bai didn’t care, anyway, the role of Golden Toad was to attract money for others, and he couldn’t keep it no matter how much money he took back. Otherwise, for more than 30 years, why even though Golden Toad often robbed banks, but they didn’t make great efforts to catch them? The reason was that within a year, Golden Toad’s position would be revealed, and once his position was revealed, all the gold, silver and jewels that were stolen by him would be recovered by them. At that time, it would be returned to the country.

At the same time, in the backyard of the pet shop, the caught golden toad was spitting out gold, silver and jewelry all over the place, and Mi Wan’s eyes were almost going blind.

To be honest, after rebirth, Mi Wan was actually very rich, her family background was good, and she earned a lot, but money in modern society had completely become a number. She clearly knew how much assets she had, but it was a cold number. Where there was gold, silver and jewelry all over the floor, it was shocking.

“Master, please let me go. These gold bars and jewels will belong to you.” Golden Toad was used to it, anyway, every once in a while, his gold bars would be snatched back by the demon hunters. But it didn’t matter, as long as there was still freedom, it could grab it again in the coming year.

“Where did you get so many gold bars?” Mi Wan asked in surprise.

“I robbed the vaults of a bank and two jewelry stores.” Golden Toad replied honestly.

Rob a bank? Mi Wan frowned, raised her hand and slapped the golden toad flat.

Mi Wan’s slap didn’t use any spiritual power, so the golden toad just let out a pained cry but didn’t suffer any substantial damage.

“Why…why hit me?” Golden Toad was confused, I gave you money, why are you still hitting me.

“My money is also stored in the bank. Isn’t you robbing the bank the same as robbing me?” Mi Wan snorted coldly.

“…” People all over the world keep their money in the bank, so can people all over the world hit me? Golden Toad trembled, “I… I returned all the money to you. “

“You think it’s five hundred years ago now. Now soft sister coins are numbered, and large amounts of property with unknown origins need to be explained. If I take your gold bars and sell them, the police uncle will ask me for tea.” Mi Wan really admired the wisdom of modern people, who could find everything.

Thinking of this, Mi Wan looked at the gold bars in this room, and her head started to hurt. How to deal with this, if it was not handled well, she would really be invited to the police station for tea, Mi Wan thought about it, and finally took out her mobile phone and sent Quan Juncai a WeChat message.

Mi Wan: I caught a toad spirit, come over and take him to plant trees when you have time.

Quan Juncai sent a surprised expression first, and then typed: Master Mi, you got No. 2 gardener again so soon?

Mi Wan: Well, but there is a problem.

Quan Juncai: What’s the trouble?

Mi Wan: This toad spirit robbed a bank and the vaults of two jewelry stores, and spit out a whole room full of gold, silver and jewelry. I don’t know what to do with it.

Quan Juncai laughed. He probably knew who this unlucky toad spirit was. He smiled and asked, “Master Mi, what do you plan to do with this batch of gold, silver and jewels? Do you want to accept them quietly or return them to the bank?”

Mi Wan: Of course it has to be returned to the bank.

Mi Wan was taken aback. Although she was a little greedy for money, she was not so frantic that she would take money from the bank. The gold bars in this place were the deposits of thousands of people. Although she wasn’t the one who robbed them, she still felt very guilty.

Quan Juncai replied: Then you just need to notify the Demon Hunters Association, and they will send a special person to deal with it and return the gold bars to the bank.

When Mi Wan heard this, she immediately felt that the Demon Hunter Association was still useful, so she closed Quan Juncai’s chat box, opened the chat box with Xiang Zhen, took a photo and sent it to him.

At this time, Xiang Zhen was still dubious about President Bai’s so-called good fortune argument. Suddenly, a notification tone sounded on his mobile phone. He took out his mobile phone and looked at it casually. Then he trembled: Could it be, could it be, could it be that I am really going to be lucky?

“What’s the matter?” President Bai saw that Xiang Zhen looked at his phone as if he had been struck by lightning. He couldn’t help but glance at it curiously. When he saw clearly the content of the photo on Xiang Zhen’s phone, his expression also changed. Not much better than Xiang Zhen, he reached out and snatched the phone, and Bai Feng carefully looked back and forth several times.

That’s right, the squatting toad in the corner of the photo of the pile of gold, silver and jewels was definitely the golden toad.

“The golden toad was caught by Mi Wan?” The photo was sent by Mi Wan, President Bai almost confirmed his guess.

“Yeah.” Xiang Zhen nodded foolishly.

“Can you ask her for help?” President Bai asked again.

“Yes… She offered to help.” Xiang Zhen replied.

What? Offer to help? As a demon hunter who supported the demon clan, Mi Wan’s name was also well-known in the demon hunter association. How could such a demon hunter who was close to demons catch demons for the sake of the people?

Chairman Bai took another look at the gold on the ground in the photo, and suddenly had a bold guess: she must know that the golden toad is rich, so she deliberately caught it for the gold bars on the ground, that’s right.

“Xiang Zhen, I have a very important task for you now. The gold bars in this photo were all stolen by the golden toad. These gold bars belong to the country, and you must get them back from Mi Wan.” Chairman Bai said.

“She… What if she doesn’t give it?” Xiang Zhen asked back.

“Xiang Zhen, I believe in your ability, and you also have to believe in yourself. You will definitely get it back. As long as you can get it back, the Golden Toad case will be closed for you, and the association will double the bonus and points for you. No, I’ll give you three times.” President Bai promised a bribe.

“Then… I… I’ll try.” Xiang Zhen took back his phone and was about to send a message to Mi Wan to test it out, when he saw another line of text from the other side.

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