CFCS Ch. 198: Apocalypse World (2)

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The original owner, Qiu Jin, was a rich second-generation, his parents were dead and had been orphans, so he did not even have any relatives anymore.

When Qiu Jin’s parents were still alive, they were busy with work and making money every day, and the family spent very little time together. But they were very attentive to Qiu Jin’s education, allowing him to receive the best education since he was a child, and they also attached great importance to cultivating his self-discipline and his upbringing.

Therefore, as a rich second-generation with subdued emotion, Qiu Jin was not only cold and arrogant, but also neither foolish nor depraved, and had been admitted to the top university in China by his own ability.

After going to college, Qiu Jin made some friends, but not the kind of friends who were really his friends. He just wanted someone to accompany him when he was lonely, so that he could escape the reality of being alone in this world. He was usually generous, and played only high-level things, so many people were willing to be friends with him, even if they were not sincere.

Qiu Jin didn’t care if they really treated him as a friend.

Qiu Jin was a particularly picky person, even when making friends, even if it was not a heart-to-heart best friend, but just some playmates, not everyone could catch Qiu Jin’s eyes. Therefore, his playmates were also people with good family conditions and similar values. Because he always felt that if he made friends with people whose family conditions were too different, he would always have to take care of the other’s feelings and wouldn’t be able to live according to his own ideas. It would be too tiring. In that case, he might as well be alone.

Originally, these people played together pretty well, and they had fun together without interfering with each other. Until Qi Yun joined their circle, and then Qi Yun brought Zhao Gang to join them, that is when everything changed.

Among all the friends, Qiu Jin and Wu Hao had the best relationship, they had known each other since high school. But because Qiu Jin used his cold and arrogant appearance to protect his heart, which was easily hurt, he kept a layer of guard against everyone, so the two of them could only be regarded as good friends, and they were only just a little closer.

Later, Wu Hao got to know Qi Yun, and slowly began to bring Qi Yun into their circle. For example, when they partied or went out to play, Qi Yun would appear.

In fact, Qi Yun deliberately approached Wu Hao in order to join them, and maintained an ambiguous relationship with him.

It was fine in the beginning, it was just one more person. Although Qiu Jin paid more money every time he had a party and went out to play, he didn’t care much about paying for one more person.

But he didn’t know when it started, but Qi Yun seemed to have won over the hearts of everyone in their circle except Qiu Jin, and slowly it became that they would do whatever Qi Yun wanted to do, and they would play whatever Qi Yun wanted to play. But Qiu Jin was still the one who had to pay the money.

Qiu Jin made these friends for his own happiness. If they could not make him happy, and he also had to spend his own money to indulge others, then there was no use to have such friends. He did not know what the point of him continuing to associate with these people was. So, he also slowly started to stop participating in their group gatherings, let alone go out with other people to play and connect with others. He did not want them to isolate Qi Yun, he didn’t like to force others, and he also didn’t want to do things that would make him feel tired.

Later, Qi Yun brought Zhao Gang to their circle again. This person almost blatantly disliked Qiu Jin, and he almost wrote on his face that he hated Qiu Jin and would quarrel with Qiu Jin every time they met.

Qiu Jin was not someone who would endure silently when he was angry, and he had no reason to bear it, so every time Zhao Gang wanted to quarrel with him, he would not show weakness at all. When they were about to fight, Qi Yun would stand up. When he came out to persuade and smooth things out, it seemed that every time Qiu Jin would come out looking as if he deliberately looked down on them and that is why they had to compromise.

After a long time, Qiu Jin was also annoyed, so he stopped interacting with all of them at all, and completely quit the circle.

Qi Yun felt that Qiu Jin’s heart was very difficult to approach from the very beginning, and it was not as easy to win over him as other people, and he didn’t want to deliberately try to please Qiu Jin, because from the beginning, he had hated him from the bottom of his heart.

Qi Yun was jealous of Qiu Jin, to put it bluntly. He was jealous that Qiu Jin’s family was so rich, jealous that he was not only rich but also able to spend as much as he wanted, and no one would care about him. He was also jealous that he could do very well in exams without studying much, unlike him who just pretended to be relaxed on the surface but spent more time studying in private than others to get good grades. What made him jealous the most was that Qiu Jin not only looked good, studied well and had a lot of money in his hand, but that he also lived very casually, as if there was no person or thing in this world that was worthy of his nostalgia. This was his dream. The life that he wanted to have, was all realized by Qiu Jin.

So, after Qi Yun joined their circle, he tried his best to intentionally isolate Qiu Jin together with others, and brought in Zhao Gang who had a crush on him into the circle, and then privately told Zhao Gang that Qiu Jin looked down on him, so that Zhao Gang in order to avenge him would deliberately quarrel with Qiu Jin.

Later, Qiu Jin slowly faded out of their circle, and Qi Yun still had a feeling of winning, although after Qiu Jin faded out, the consumption level of their group was greatly reduced, and he could not be as careless as before. However, the others were also born in wealthy families, and usually had a lot of pocket money, so although their consumption level had decreased, the number of times they went out to play had increased, but the content was different than before.

Qi Yun enjoyed the feeling of being surrounded like a moon by stars. He thought that after graduation, with the help of these rich second-generation friends, he could struggle for a few years less than ordinary people and would be able to achieve success faster.

But suddenly one day, the sun that rose was completely different from usual. It was actually a black and red sun that appeared in the sky, and the whole world was shrouded in these black and red colors, which made people feel very depressed. Even breathing was very difficult in this environment. People kept falling down on the street, but when they were sent to the hospital, the doctors could not find out why they fainted. This kept on happening until all the hospitals were full, but people still kept falling for unknown reasons.

The black and red sun appeared for three days in a row. Everyone didn’t know what was going on. They were all very panicked and prayed that the black and red sun would not appear again. They hoped that they would wake to a normal sun the next day.

On the morning of the fourth day, it was finally no longer the black and red sun. Although the sun still looked a little weird, it was at least much more normal than the black and red sun.

Those who were sent to the hospital after fainting, as well as those who could not get into the hospital and lay at home, all began to wake up. But before the family members of those people had time to be happy, they found that those people’s eyes and state were very strange, as if they were possessed by something bad.

Just when the family members of those who had fainted were overwhelmed by the obvious abnormality of those people, those people suddenly and quickly turned into zombies, and then began to attack the people around them, no matter who they were, as long as they appeared within the range of their senses, they would be wildly attacked and bitten by them, and those who were bitten would soon also become zombies.

A good person after being turned into a zombie had no sanity at all. Anyone would be attacked, whether it was a city or a suburb, as long as there were people, so it caused a huge panic. Screams, fights, and cries were heard endlessly. Even after someone was bitten, in order not to turn into a zombie and attack others, they created an explosion themselves, endured grief, and shattered their bones together with their family members who had turned into zombies.

Qiu Jin, Qi Yun, and other people in thier circle were very lucky not to become zombies, but they began to hide and escape in order to survive.

There were several large food factories and many chain pharmacies in Qiu Jin’s family. Although people started to snatch materials during the chaos, there were some warehouses that were controlled by computers and could not be opened without a computer unlock. The general terminal of Qiu Jin’s warehouse was in Qiu Jin’s house, and it must be unlocked by Qiu Jin before it could be opened, because the amount of incoming and outgoing goods had to be recorded by the general terminal, which made it convenient for management.

Qi Yun had a lot of supplies and medicines without having to rob. Qi Yun was naturally unwilling. He led someone to break into Qiu Jin’s house and forced Qiu Jin to hand over the supplies and share them with everyone. However, the security system of Qiu Jin’s house was too strong, and they couldn’t get in at all, so he spread the fact that Qiu Jin had a lot of materials to others and let those with weapons force their way into Qiu Jin’s house.

Qiu Jin didn’t want to occupy so many materials by himself. Although those materials belonged to their family, he was very angry with Qi Yun’s behavior.

Before they broke into his house, Qiu Jin had already opened all the locks, and then fled early. By the time those people rushed to the warehouse, the warehouse was almost emptied. Those people felt that they had been tricked, so they wanted to take Qi Yun out. Because Qi Yun saw that the situation was not right, he also fled before those people found him, but his hatred and anger towards Qiu Jin became more serious.

More and more tragedies happened, and many people chose to commit suicide in the absence of hope and extreme pessimism. However, some people had a stronger desire to live, and among these people, some people had begun to awaken supernatural powers.

People with supernatural powers found that they could fight zombies even without weapons. However, some people’s abilities were stronger, and some people’s abilities were weaker, and more people chose to team up with other capable people, so that their hope of survival would be greater.

Then someone discovered that the original ability could be continuously strengthened. In addition to collecting the crystal cores of zombies, there were some other hidden methods that could make people quickly become stronger in a short period of time.

Qiu Jin and Qi Yun had fought very hard several times. Sometimes Qiu Jin won, sometimes Qi Yun won, but in general, Qiu Jin won a lot more than Qi Yun. Naturally, he was not convinced, and his hatred for Qiu Jin grew even greater.

The grievances between the two became deeper and deeper, and finally, in a certain battle, both of them held the mentality of whether you die or I live, and both wanted to kill the other. Then during the fight, they killed each other.

After Qi Yun died, he was reborn ten days before the rising of the black-red sun.

After Qi Yun’s rebirth, the first thing he did was to find a way to buy more things that were beneficial to him and hide them, and the second thing was to kill Qiu Jin ahead of time when he knew how the future will develop, so that he could take revenge for his previous life.

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