TBVSR Ch. 86

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Jiang Yu did not expect that this year’s autumn would come so quickly.

It seemed that shortly after Qiu Li left, the yellow leaves on the branches fell down one after another, laying heavily on the side of the tree-lined road.

The moment Qiu Li left, her world was stripped to nothing but an empty shell.

After Qiu Li went to Haicheng, he changed his mobile phone number and all his contact information, as if he wanted to completely disappear from her life without a trace.

The ballet major at Beicheng University had many acquaintances, all of whom were her Esmera fellow classmates.

Commuting to and from the academy and arts center with the girls every day, life was full and simple.

Although she was very busy every day, Jiang Yu still felt empty in her heart.

Up until now, she still dared not think about the sunshine that morning, or the words that Qiu Li said to her to break up.

Jiang Yu texted him every day, but he never replied. He had changed his phone number and couldn’t be reached anymore.

Early that morning, Jiang Yu came to the physics building, waited at the door for half an hour, and finally waited for Ren Xian to go to work.

“May I ask if Teacher Ren has class later?”

Ren Xian opened the door of the office and asked gently: “I don’t have any class, what do you need, classmate?”

“I’m Qiu Li’s girlfriend, I…I want to find you to talk about him.”

Ren Xian asked Jiang Yu to sit on the sofa in the office and poured her a glass of warm water: “Qiu Li is very good, and I hoped he could have filled in our physics major, but he seems to be more interested in inheriting his father’s career and filled in the clinical psychology major.”

Jiang Yu looked at Ren Xian’s expression, who looked as if she was talking about a matter that had nothing to do with her.

“Ms. Ren, you call him classmate Qiu Li?”


“Isn’t he your son?”

Ren Xian turned pale with shock: “Student Jiang Yu, why did you say that?”

Jiang Yu was even more shocked than Ren Xian, so she stood up and asked: “Ms. Ren, for all these years, all his hope and the courage that supported him to live, isn’t it just that one day he can become better, get admitted to the best university, and get the best grades to come to see you! How can you call him…, classmate Qiu Li!”

“Did you misunderstand?”

Ren Xian frowned and said: “I have a family and a daughter. My daughter is older than him. How could he be my child. Yes, I do know him. He is the son of Dr. Qiu Shao. At that time, I stayed up all night because of my doctoral thesis and suffered from insomnia, so I did several courses of rehabilitation with Dr. Qiu, and I got to know him…”

Hearing this news, Jiang Yu’s temples jumped suddenly, and her heart was almost suffocated.

“You mean… you’re not his mother…”

“Of course I’m not. In the past, Dr. Qiu and I talked about Qiu Li’s mother. She died of dystocia when she gave birth to him. At that time, I saw that Dr. Qiu loved his dead wife very much, whenever he mentioned her, his eyes were full of sadness. I don’t know if it was because of this reason that he would do such horrible things to that child later.”

Jiang Yu understood, completely understood.

Qiu Shao paranoidly turned all his love for his dead wife into hatred for his son, mistreating and hurting him.

Qiu Li’s lack of maternal love when he was a child made him mistakenly regard Ren Xian, a kind aunt, as his mother.

At that time, his mental state was already very bad.

After Ren Xian finished her treatment and stopped visiting, Qiu Li thought that his “mother” had abandoned him.

Over the years, that memory had been continuously strengthened and had become the deepest obsession in his heart.

He would become the leading clinical hypnotist in China in the future.

No one would have thought that the first object of his hypnosis was himself.

And this kind of hypnosis truly changed his memory, making him believe that Ren Xian was his mother.

So that day at the playground, when Qiu Li called Jiang Yu and told her with a forced smile that his mother recognized him, liked him very much, was proud of him, and asked him to move in to live with him.

That was not consolation, and it was not “false words.”

At that time, Qiu Li was already… terminally ill!

Jiang Yu resisted the twitching pain in her heart, walked out of the office, turned her head and bowed deeply to Ren Xian, the moment she bent down, tears rolled down her eyes.

“Teacher Ren, I…I know it’s difficult to force someone like this, but can I ask you to see him in the future…”

She choked up and could barely speak.

She didn’t cry when Qiu Li broke up with her, but at this moment, her heart ached to the point of death.

“Student Jiang Yu, do you need my help? Just say…”

Jiang Yu choked up for a long time, but could only say, “Forget it.”

It was too late, and Ren Xian couldn’t help Qiu Li with anything.

His mother had been all his hope, and now his faith had crumbled.

Without hope, without light, he was like a wounded beast, so he hid back in his dark lair, locked himself up, and hid himself completely.

Ren Xian also seemed to recall that at Zhen Xuxu’s birthday party that day, Qiu Li’s face was not right, and she asked eagerly: “Student Jiang Yu, where is Qiu Li, can you let him come to see me, I want to have a good time with him.”

“He’s gone.”

Never coming back.

After walking out of the physics building, Jiang Yu’s thoughts became very slow.

On the day he left, she chased him to the airport, but failed to see him, and squatted in the terminal crying like a child.

She complained that Qiu Li played her and lied to her, but she never thought about breaking up with him.

Later, Jiang Yu called him and was told that the machine was shut down. After going to his home once, she opened the door with a spare key, and saw the sofa covered in white cloth and dusty furniture inside, and realized…he had really left.

[Knowledge] The app reminded Jiang Yu again that [Save the Demon Boy] task had not completed for a long time, and the account balance of 500 had been deducted.

If the deduction continued like this, Jiang Yu’s account would be completely depleted.

But this was not the most important thing, no matter whether the money was deducted or not, Jiang Yu must go to Haicheng once.

She wanted to tell him that even if the whole world didn’t love or want him, Xiao Yu would still want him.

When Qiu Li arrived in Haicheng, there were stars floating in the sky.

The air in Nancheng was hot and humid, and even the wind that blew here was extremely dry.

After Qiu Li got off the plane, he didn’t even turn on his phone, and just threw the card away.

He was afraid of seeing the messages Jiang Yu sent him, and if she cried and begged him, he wouldn’t be able to take a step forward.

Beicheng was a city he doesn’t want to stay in for a minute, but there was the most cherished girl in his life there.

Lying to her and abandoning her was probably the most stupid and unconscionable thing he had ever done.

But fuck it… he was such a rotten guy, he couldn’t drag her with him to hell.

It’s good, it’s like the earth went around in a circle and finally returned to the origin.

He was still the same ignorant, heartless piece of trash he used to be. Even if he died in the next second, there would be no pity.

University life was meaningless to Qiu Li.

He had a smart mind and could digest all the classroom knowledge points without special effort. He listened to what he wanted to listen to, and slept on the table when he didn’t want to listen.

In the evening, he went to KTV to drink with a group of boys who didn’t study much and had nothing to do. His life was free and easy.

There were often women in the bar who offered to buy him a drink, and Qiu Li always refused them and left.

Alcohol could make him fall asleep faster, otherwise, once the thoughts started, it would be a long night of endless torture.

If he had no money, he could earn money. Don’t say that he was smart, just show his face. In Haicheng, an international metropolis paved with golden bricks, you could earn money by doing everything.

Money was no longer an unbearable burden in his life.

He would never return to the midsummer when he exchanged bags of cement for a crystal music box.

Now Qiu Li, everything he did was flirtatious, his mind was always in a trance, the smile on the corner of his mouth was getting more and more frivolous, not looking like a person.

After earning money, he started overeating, trying to fill the void that could never be filled, or went to play cards and earn more, or had fun.

What did it matter if he starved to death the next day?

That night, at the play house bar, he met Zhen Xuxu.

Qiu Li was already half drunk and collapsed at the bar. He heard someone calling him, turned around in a daze, and saw the beautiful face of a young girl.

She was wearing hot pants and suspenders, with smoky makeup and scary eyelashes.

When she saw Qiu Li, she went crazy, grabbed him and shook him desperately: “Oh my God! Ahh…! You came to Haicheng! Don’t say you are studying in Haicheng! Don’t say…don’t say that you are in Haicheng University!”

Qiu Li was shaken dizzy by her, and threw off her hand rudely: “Who are you?”

“Zhen Xuxu, you actually forgot me, it’s so sad, and I’ve been thinking about you all the time, and I can’t get a phone call from my mother.”

“Zhen Xuxu…” Qiu Li searched for these three words in his mind slowly: “Who the hell is this?”

“I’m Ren Xian’s daughter.”

Zhen Xuxu pouted, “You really hurt my heart, I decided to ignore you for three minutes.”

The word “Ren Xian” pierced Qiu Li’s heart, and after a while, he finally became a little sober.

He reached out, pinched her jaw, and lifted it slightly: “You are her daughter.”

This extremely aggressive and ambiguous action made Zhen Xuxu feel as if she had been electrocuted all over her body, and her mind was buzzing with sparks.

A man like Qiu Li had a cold and hard temperament in his handsome facial features, and it was written all over his body that strangers should not approach him, but he was charming as hell.

From the outside to the inside, it was like sparks hit the earth, hitting the spot of Zhen Xuxu’s favourite person.

From the very first day they met, she fell hopelessly in love with him.

Qiu Li pinched her soft chin and looked at her for nearly half a minute, making Zhen Xuxu’s cheeks flush.

“Qiu Li, what are you looking at?”

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Qiu Li’s mouth, and he shook it off—

“Your face is so fucking ugly.”


Zhen Xuxu slapped him lightly: “How can you talk like that!”

“I just talk like this, if you can’t stand it, get out.”

Seeing him like this, Zhen Xuxu was completely different from the silent boy when they first met.

“It’s so wild.”

“Get out.”


Zhen Xuxu was a popular senior in the school. She was the president of the school’s student union and the president of the hip-hop club, and her grades had been ranked first all year round. Not long ago, she also got a place in the graduate school; under her leadership, the hip-hop club often won prizes… So the boys chasing her, they could go around the playground twice.

She had never suffered setbacks, her journey had been very smooth, and she grew up under the protection and love of her parents. No one had ever spoken to her in such a fierce and unreasonable tone.

“Qiu Li, are you here to play alone?” Zhen Xuxu continued to ask tentatively, “Where’s your girlfriend?”

The word “girlfriend” made Qiu Li’s nerves, which had been paralyzed so hard, start to hurt again.

Can’t say, can’t think…

Zhen Xuxu ordered another mojito and handed it to Qiu Li: “Student, I’m not in the mood tonight, so let’s stop talking. I’ll leave after drinking this cup. When you sober up, see you at school.”

Qiu Li needed more alcohol to numb himself, so he simply picked up the glass and drank it down.

However, what he didn’t expect was that when the tip of his tongue touched the alcohol liquid, there would be sweet carbonic acid bubbles!

Since leaving Beicheng, he had never tasted any food again.

Qiu Li raised his head in disbelief, and looked at Zhen Xuxu in front of him.

Zhen Xuxu looked at him with a smile, and patted his forehead: “Be good, junior, let’s go.”

After speaking, she turned and left.

Qiu Li ate the last green orange in the wine glass, and his teeth were so sore that they chattered.

The feeling of being patted on the forehead reminded him of the first night when he first met Jiang Yu.

Xiao Yu hit him in the same way.

Since then, the whole world had come alive.

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