TBLF Extra 5 (Ch. 105): Little Dedicated Cutie

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City Bureau Criminal Police Team.

There was a loud bang in the closed office. They didn’t know if the chair was kicked over or the table was kicked down. With a burst of scolding, the group of people who were eavesdropping outside the door shuddered, one after another.

The door quickly opened, and the young man in the police uniform was dejected after being scolded, and said, “Xiaoguan, Captain Ji Rang called you in.”

The policeman who was named suddenly looked down, and his colleagues around him cast him a consoling look. Xiao Guan took two deep breaths and made preparations for a long time. He looked resolute and determined to die. As soon as his hand touched the doorknob, someone from the other side of the corridor quickly ran over and shouted excitedly: “Sister-in-law is here!!!”

Everyone present showed the joy of escaping from death at the same time.

The little girl carrying the lunch box quickly appeared in everyone’s excited eyes. Xiao Guan immediately greeted her, “Sister-in-law, Captain Ji Rang is getting angry inside.”

Qi Ying shook her head amused, and swept a look around: “Were you scolded again?”

There was an eggplant-like expression all around her.

She was trying to comfort them. The door next to her was pulled open. Ji Rang stood at the door with a face so cold as to freeze them to death. Her voice was full of violent anger: “Guan Qing! Where are you! I told you to get in here!”

Guan Qing subconsciously stood at attention, but looking at his expression, he was almost on the verge of crying.

Qi Ying couldn’t help but walk up from the crowd.

Ji Rang saw her now.

He performed a face change for the subordinates on the spot.

“How did you come?”

The smile that was like a spring breeze, and the soft voice that dripped water, was completely opposite from the living Hades who seemed to be wanting to eat people just now.

Qi Ying shook the lunch box in her hand: “I brought you food. I’m on vacation this afternoon and made a lot of delicious food.” She took his hand and acted softly, “I haven’t eaten yet, I’m so hungry.”

Ji Rang immediately left the group of cubs who made him angry.

He took the lunch box and led her to the office.

After walking a few steps, he thought of something, then turned around and looked at the shivering subordinates behind him blankly: “Run ten laps with a load, and you are not allowed to eat until you finish the run. Supervise each other. Whoever dares to slack, increase it by ten times.”

What was corporal punishment! Compared to being taught by Captain Ji Rang face to face, all corporal punishment was a benefit!

Without a word, the group of people turned and ran towards the playground downstairs.

Sister-in-law saved their lives again!

Oh, oh really an angel!

After the group of people had run the ten laps and were lying panting on the edge of the playground, Guan Qing looked at the playground which was dyed red by the setting sun, and asked the partner next to him: “You say, did Captain Ji Rang take all the gentleness and patience of his life and left it for sister-in-law alone?”

Partner: “……it seems to be.”

Woo, it’s horrible to work under the great devil.

On the other end, the big devil was leading the little girl to wash her hands.

He squeezed the hand sanitizer in her palms, rubbed bubbles, and then wrapped her little hands in his palms, rubbing them, and not letting go.

Qi Ying felt like a kid who couldn’t even wash her hands, but Ji Rang had a good reason: “Two people wash together to save water.”

Qi Ying remembered that he said the same when they took a bath last time, but in the end he was…

Especially bad!

She snorted, Ji Rang seemed to have guessed what she was thinking, and smiled badly: “Little idiot, what are you thinking? Your face is blushing.”

Qi Ying knew that he was teasing her deliberately and said solemnly: “Thinking that your cursing today was particularly fierce, and it’s not likable at all!”

Ji Rang raised his eyebrows: “Can they solve the case if I’m likable?”

He wiped the water off her hands with a dry towel and led her back to eat.

When he took the lunch box out, he told her a few sentences about the case: “There shouldn’t have been such a mistake. If it weren’t for them rushing in, now the trafficker should be locked in the interrogation room instead of disappearing.”

Qi Ying also knew that he was investigating a child trafficking case recently. After eating a few mouthfuls of rice, when she saw his brows were still frowning, she stretched out her hand to caress his forehead: “You are so powerful, you can catch him soon. Eat more. Only when you are full can you have the strength to investigate the case.”

The finger was soft and warm, and when it brushed his eyebrows, it seemed to have wiped away all his troubles.

Ji Rang took a few bites of his rice bowl and raised his eyebrows: “Are you doing cooking at home with me behind your back?” After thinking of something, he said: “Isn’t it my turn to cook today’s meal? It’s written clearly and plainly in the rule book, why are you breaking the rules?”

Qi Ying licked the corner of her mouth, took out a piece of paper from her pocket, and handed it to him obediently: “I wrote a cooking application, you see.”

Ji Rang was about to be laughed to death by his little baby.

After eating, he had to work overtime. Qi Ying packed up the lunch box and left. When she walked downstairs, Guan Qing and a group of people ran over to thank her. Guan Qing said: “Sister-in-law, Captain Ji Rang has been very angry these days. If you are free, give him some soup that reduces the heat.”

Qi Ying smiled and nodded.

When Ji Rang came back from work at night, there was a bowl of soup on the table. He drank it as supper. When he returned to the room, he carried Qi Ying, who was reading by the window, onto the bed.

“Did you really listen to them and make soup for me to reduce the heat?”

Qi Ying deeply felt that there should be a traitor among Guan Qing and them.

She blinked innocently: “Isn’t it delicious?”

Ji Rang undressed: “It’s delicious, but how can my heat really be brought down, don’t you know?”

Qi Ying: “…”

Dedicated to the people! She can!

It was rare for her to take the initiative.

Ji Rang was simply ecstatic.

The night breeze swept across the window lattice, and heard her whisper softly in his ear: “Captain Ji Rang… is so amazing.”


He almost didn’t pace himself.

The next day, Guan Qing found out that Ji Rang was not so irritable.

Tears filled their eyes.

Thank you sister-in-law for the soup!!!

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