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On the sixth day of the new year, most people were still immersed in the joy of the holiday and the entanglement of returning to work with only two days left. Yu Siyang had already rushed to the film and television city of Tenglan City to participate in the launching ceremony of “The Battle of Feishui”. Next was the expected three-month filming cycle, not only in Tenglan Film and Television City, but also in several different locations.

It became clear that the couple of lovers who hadn’t been in a relationship for long would be forced to separate like this. The two people who showed affection and spread dog food all the time were depressed. As a single dog, Luo Peng was simply delighted to hear about it.

The producer who was sent to pick them up was called Kong Chengjie, who was very enthusiastic, and soon became friends with Luo Peng. Yu Siyang nestled in the back seat to watch Luo Peng and Kong Chengjie call each other brothers, and messaged Mr. Xue with his mobile phone.

Chef Yu: [I have arrived in Tenglan, and the producer came to pick us up. He and Luo Ge have similar personalities. If they looked alike, I would have thought they were brothers.

Papa Xue: [Well, you should take care of yourself when you’re out alone.]

Papa Xue: [[Touching Head.gif]]

Chef Yu: [With Tang Hang, how can I be alone? Don’t worry.

Tang Hang was also sending messages with his mobile phone. Luo Peng and Kong Chengjie were laughing and joking. Seeing that they were both playing on their phones, Luo Peng thought that Xiaoyu needless to say, must be sending WeChat to the boss. As for Tang Hang… Luo Peng always thought that Tang Hang didn’t seem to be a single dog anymore. Although there was no evidence to prove it, his intuition was there and Luo Peng couldn’t be more envious and jealous.

After arriving at the hotel and settling down, Luo Peng led Yu Siyang to knock on director Chu Quan’s door. On the way there, he had already inquired about Chu Quan’s room number, and when he arrived at someone’s site, he always worshiped the dock.

The director was discussing the launch ceremony for the next day with the producer. The investment in “Battle of Feishui” was huge. The management hoped to carry out a rhythmic promotion from the start of the movie, and then make a lot of money after the movie was released.

Chu Quan could be considered to have painstakingly prepared for “Battle of Feishui”, the script had been grinding for three years, and he finally got the capital, the other party was also considering the box office, so although he did not like to expose his movie prematurely, Chu Quan did not think it was impossible. It was just the degree of promotion; where he and the producer had always been unable to achieve unity.

When Yu Siyang arrived, Chu Quan was having an unpleasant conversation with the chief producer Bao Sheng. Yu Siyang knocked on the door of the room. After he was allowed to enter, he opened the door and saw two black faces. It did not seem to be the right time to come.

“Director Chu, I’m Yu Siyang, I’m here to join the group to report.” Although it was not the right time, but he bit the bullet, and still said what he should say.

Chu Quan’s face was still dark, and he didn’t have to speak to Yu Siyang in a gentle tone, “It’s pretty early, and I will send you a notice later.”

Yu Siyang nodded and seeing the opposite face of the black-faced god, left him a little stunned, and he blurted out: “I’m going to have dinner, what will you two eat?”

Luo Peng raised his forehead, and it was impossible for Xiaoyu to think that the director and the chief producer were both foodies.

Bao Sheng and Chu Quan glanced at each other. The former asked, “Will you do it?”

Yu Siyang’s craftsmanship was well known in the industry, and he did not lose to those well-known chefs. Even if he hadn’t eaten it before, Bao Sheng still wanted to try it. He wanted to try the culinary skills that everyone respected.

“That… can the hotel lend the kitchen?” Yu Siyang’s head was full of black lines. He just wanted to ask if they wanted to eat the hotel buffet together. It was included in the room rate. They could just eat by showing their room card. He didn’t know how they got him to make his own dishes.

Bao Sheng was very interested, “No problem, I’ll talk to the hotel.” Then he called the hotel manager.

For the hard-working and kind-hearted Chinese people, there was no dispute that could not be resolved by a good meal. If there was, then two meals.

When Chu Quan and Bao Sheng were sitting in the private box of the Chinese restaurant of the hotel, the two people who had been fighting because of the publicity issue had returned to the good condition of being brothers, and they swallowed wildly at the vegetable-wrapped beef cubes on the table.

The beef cubes wrapped in vegetables were made by marinating beef with tender meat powder, egg liquid and starch into the pot, then seasoning with oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, sugar, water starch thickening, and filling it with lettuce and potato chips. On the finished base, it was cut into a shell by Yu Siyang, and the light-colored base formed a strong visual contrast with the bright red beef cubes on it.

After the beef cubes were fried, a savoury fragrance continued to emanate, seducing people’s sense of smell. They did not know about others, but Bao Sheng and Chu Quan were seduced anyway.

There were only eight small portions of beef diced in a dish, and the presentation was according to Yu Siyang’s personal style-it was small and delicate. Bao Sheng couldn’t help it, and he stole a small portion of the diced beef.

The beef cubes were extraordinarily tender and soft. After frying, it had a very simple seasoning, but it was incredibly fragrant. It was eaten with the lettuce and potato chips on the bottom, and it rustled in the mouth. It was in sharp contrast with the fresh, smooth and elastic taste of the beef cubes, but they complemented each other, as if eating beef cubes must be like this.

Bao Sheng was very satisfied with his food. Chu Quan snorted coldly, “You can eat it before anyone else is on the table.”

“It’s so delicious, Lao Chu, don’t you want to try it?” Bao Sheng had a thick-skinned face. Well, he didn’t think it was disgusting at all.

Chu Quan swallowed, thinking “don’t don’t” in his heart, but his body was very honest, and he picked up the beef cubes wrapped in vegetables on the table and put it in his mouth. He was immediately surprised by the food and his eyes lit up.

Bao Sheng didn’t laugh at him anymore, just staring at a few beef cubes and wondering: Do I want to eat another one? Ouch, I’m really tangled.

At this time, Zhan Heng pushed open the box door and came in, “I found out that you guys are eating here. Tsk tsk, will you eat such a shabby dish.”

Chu Quan rolled his eyes, “If you find it shabby, don’t eat it.”

Zhan Hang right away before the sharp-eyed Chu Quan, grabbed a beef cube, “How could I not eat it? This is what Xiao Yu made.” He ate at this hotel almost every year, which chef of their hotel could reach this level.

With the emergence of a strong competitor, a third person, Chu Quan and Bao Sheng had a rare united front. They first agreed to fight against the outside and waited for Yu Siyang to lead the hotel waiter to help bring in the dishes. There was an empty plate left.

Luo Peng looked at the plate, grievous and speechless. Fortunately, he had just eaten some in the kitchen, otherwise he would be pissed off by the empty plate.

The waiter put the dishes on the table one after another, and then swallowed his saliva while going out of the box.

Yu Siyang and Luo Peng took their seats. The former asked Zhan Heng: “When did Brother Zhan come?”

“Not long ago,” Zhan Heng smiled: “I saw two thieves as soon as I arrived.”

Chu Quan and Bao Sheng said in unison: “It sounds like you didn’t eat it.”

Zhan Heng had a thick-skinned face, shrugging his shoulders and said, “But you ate first.”

Chu Quan and Bao Sheng decided not to talk to Zhan Heng for the time being and concentrated on eating.

No wonder the culinary skills of this person were admired in the circle even though those people could eat anything delicious. Yu Siyang’s culinary skills were really good.

Look at this sweet and sour pork[1]. The pork belly was fatty but not greasy. It was full of flavor. When eaten in the mouth, the stewed meat would melt in the mouth with a bite. The sweet and sour taste was just right. If it was any more or less, they would have felt bored.

The only thing Bao Sheng felt dissatisfied with this dish about was that the portion was too small.

A stack of sweet and sour pork actually only had four pieces of meat, with green vegetables and cherries dotted around it. Although even the green vegetables were delicious, it was not as good as meat. Fortunately, he was quick to grab it with his eyes and hands. It had to be grabbed, there was no other way.

However, the Shrimp Rolls[2] Baosheng wasn’t able to grab it, and the old bastard Chu Quan took it away.

The shrimp spring rolls had been opened, marinated in ginger onion juice and salted cooking wine, with a little ham added, and then were fried in a frying pan until golden brown. The fried Shrimp Roll had a crispy outer skin, but the shrimp inside was tender and smooth. The two different tastes collided and become the ultimate deliciousness.

When Chu Quan saw that Bao Sheng hadn’t eaten the Shrimp Roll, he couldn’t help but feel proud.

After eating the meal, Bao Sheng was still entangled when he walked out of the box while touching his stomach. He was going to spend three months in the same crew with Yu Siyang. If he ate like this every day, wouldn’t he become a big fat man.

This person was purely thinking too much, not to mention Yu Siyang’s tense shooting schedule, even if he had time to cook, it was impossible to do it every day, then he would not be filming, just guarding the stove every day.

Returning to his room, Yu Siyang took a shower, laid on the bed and video called Mr. Xue.

“Why didn’t you dry your hair?” Xue Chengxiu asked in disapproval when he saw Yu Siyang holding his wet hair in the video.

Yu Siyang shook his head and said, “Such short hair will dry out in a while, so you don’t need to blow it.” The appearance was so rough that you couldn’t look directly at it.

Xue Chengxiu said: “Hurry up and blow your hair. Wet hair on cold days is not good. You are not too cold. What if you have a headache?”

“Hey, I’m going to blow it.” Yu Siyang jumped up, leaned his phone on the table, took a hair dryer to blow his hair, and kept gossiping with Mr. Xue about today.

It was a pity that the hair dryer was buzzing so loudly, that Xue Chengxiu couldn’t hear his lover’s words, so he had no choice but to wait for him to finish before chatting.

The night in Tenglan Film and Television City was very lively. From the window of the hotel, you could see a number of crews working overtime to shoot night scenes. Yu Siyang held up his mobile phone to let Xue Chengxiu watch the shooting in the distance, and said, “I read the script. And I have to report within a week, I will definitely have to work overtime at night. Thinking about the three crews I stayed in before, it is simply the trend of the industry.”

“Don’t tire yourself.” Xue Chengxiu comforted him softly.

Yu Siyang grinned and said: “No. I will definitely be lazy when I find an opportunity.”

“Ghost will believe you.” Xue Chengxiu said, “You will be lazy when you find an opportunity. How did your gastroenteritis come out?”

Yu Siyang quibbled: “That’s different. I used to be an 18th line star. I am now the male lead, so I can play the big name card.”

“Male lead?”

“Well…one of them…”

“Good, one day this “One” will be removed.” Xue Chengxiu said with a smile.

Yu Siyang said triumphantly: “Of course.”

The two talked for two hours. It was very late before they hung up the video call.

Yu Siyang charged the almost dead cell phone and threw himself on the bed, humming and rolling a few times.

——What should I do? I just left and I miss Mr. Xue very much. I am really hopeless.

Mr. Xue, who also wanted to miss his lover, had one more way to dispel depression than Yu Siyang-to keep his eyes on the Xue family, who was about to collapse, and Xue Chengji, who was as good as dead in the detention center.

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