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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

The box office of “Pretending Overload” continued to rise. After being released for three days, the box office exceeded 200 million. The film showing rate also went from 5% at the beginning to 14% on the fourth day. It was called the box office dark horse by the media and audiences.

While the box office was rising, word-of-mouth continued to ferment. The Broad Bean score was as high as 8 points. When the movies of the same period are hovering at 5 points, this score was almost doubtful whether it was from the navy. But you could understand after taking a look below it. The audience’s film reviews could actually be felt. This was the true reputation of the film.

“It’s been a long time since I saw such a pure and unpretentious domestic comedy movie. It’s not the same as those glamorous bastards outside.”

“Praise praise and praise, it really caused me to laugh to death. When I got out of the movie theatre, my face was stiff as I was trying to keep my mouth closed.”

“Wall Crack recommends to watch it. It’s super funny. Two such handsome actors actually let go of their idol images to play comic roles and show their hearts.”

“I originally planned to watch “Yin of Longevity”. Yes, my friend Amway sold this movie, hahaha, fortunately, I listened to my friend’s, it’s really good-looking, cry.”

This movie had an investment of not more than 10-million-yuan, full real-time shooting, almost no special effects and no blasting. But it unexpectedly emerged ahead from among movies with strong visual experience like scenes, under the joint siege of many special effect blockbusters with investment of more than 100 million yuan. They had broken a bloody path and reached the top of the single-day box office champion. Many well-known producers and capitalists in the industry looked dumbfounded.

Wu Bo, the boss of Huaren Yinghua, felt regretful when he saw the latest movie box office database. At the time, Jin Ce brought the script of “Pretending Overload” for investment to him. He didn’t even read the script, as he just disliked the name of the script. And seeing that the director was still a newcomer who had just graduated, he rejected it in one fell swoop, and instead invested in the big IP movie “Yin of Longevity” jointly created by famous directors and screenwriters.

Although the pre-sale of “Yin of Longevity” reached 130 million, but only three days after the release, the box office showed a weak trend, and the reputation was mixed. Naturally, the idol fans felt that everything their idol shot was good. While the book fans were very disappointed in the movie, they said that the director and actors had ruined the “Yin of Longevity” in their minds and changed it beyond recognition. They urged everyone not to watch it, and they were stunned as fans.

The box office of “Yin of Longevity” was over 200 million in the three days it was released, but it also included 130 million pre-sale amount. If you compared it with the actual box office after the release, “Yin of Longevity” was not only crushed by “Pretending Overload” but other several movies on schedule were not comparable as well.

The more serious problem was that the investment in this film was nearly 300 million, and the box office must reach at least 900 million to recover the cost. However, in the current situation, the cost of recovery was somewhat suspended.

The film schedule rate also dropped again and again, and the communication with the theatre party had no results. The other party just said, “their theatre needs to consider many aspects.” To put it bluntly, it was to make money. The most popular film was the most popular film.

Wu Bo’s intestines were green with regret now. He should have read the script carefully. He shouldn’t have rejected it because the script’s name was too frustrating.

Thinking about it this way, he was not reconciled, and murmured that the screenwriter gave a bad name. The script was so good, but it had to take a name that was so frustrating that it caused people to be confused. Wasn’t it intentional not to let people watch it?

Regardless of how Wu Bo’s mood was now, “Yin of Longevity” had already lost first in the competition in the Spring Festival stalls, even if there was a ticket of big-name celebrities sitting in town, the people who spent the money had the final say, and a bad movie was a bad movie.

The other movies that performed better than “Yin of Longevity” were actually not much better. There was a dark horse movie in the same period, and they couldn’t compete with it at the box office or reputation. They could only compete with the use of a water navy.

It didn’t take long for a well-known film critic to sharply comment on “Pretending Overlaod”.

“The plot is vulgar and there is no logic at all. This is Huaxia’s comedy? Use deliberately piled up jokes to sensationalize, excerpt some online funny paragraphs and say it is comedy, whether the director and screenwriter understand comedy, if Huaxia movies are like this, people would be ruined.”

As soon as this Weibo came out, it immediately caused a wave of reaction. Netizens did not know how to tear into the film critic, and only queued up to post “Haha” in the comments.

Thousands of “haha” in the comments below made the crowds who were holding a small bench and eating melon seeds want to follow the “haha”.

People outside the circle watched the excitement, and those who are familiar with the operation in the circle could see that this was the rhythm of other suppressed movies. However, this rhythm had not been brought, and it has been confused by “haha”. The two topics of #MovieDarkHorse# and #Poison-TonguedMovieCriticwas “Haha”# also quickly became popular, but it also helped “Pretending Overload” in front of passers-by. More people felt interested and went to see the movie

When Jin Ce first saw this comment, he was so angry that he vomited blood. This was a bad film critic. It was not easy to have a new year. He really wanted to send him a blade.

Before they had time to react, the plot reversed on its own. The film critic was ridiculed by the netizens, and the Weibo was deleted.

Jin Ce said that he was stunned that there was such an operation.

Not long after that, another film critic posted a film review article titled “Good Movies, Audiences Will Use Their Feet to Vote”.

In the article, there was no praise for “Pretending Overload” by name and surname. Instead, he commented on all the movies released on New Year’s Day without any partiality, and the netizens also bought into it.

The enthusiasm of the movie had also made the film’s actors and actresses popular, especially the two protagonists.

Hong Zhehao’s acting skills were finally affirmed by the audience and he had gotten rid of the title of vase. Yu Siyang was even more so popular. With the cloud award newcomer trophy half a month ago, his popularity was almost equal to that of an old star, and the hot search was even more popular.

Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao were the hottest male stars at the moment, especially for starring in comedies. In the movie, they were all miserable. They were praised by netizens as having no idol baggage, and they were directly named as powerful actors.

The two hottest little fresh meats unexpectedly took a group photo on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, and the two had a meal together.

Hong Zhehao V: “#MoviePretendingOverload# celebrates the film’s box office exceeding one hundred million, @YuSiyang invited me to eat. He made it by himself~[Proud][Proud]”

Yu Siyang immediately reposted his Weibo:” A movie with a box office of over 100 million yuan should let the director invite me to dinner, why did I end up cooking? [Question]@JinCe //Hong Zhehao V: “#MoviePretendingOverload# celebrates the film’s box office exceeding one hundred million, @YuSiyang invited me to eat. He made it by himself~[Proud][Proud]”

Fans were almost laughing to death, so they helped @JinCe and asked the director to treat them to dinner.

Then, Director Jin Da appeared and reposted Weibo.

Jin Ce V: “I obviously called and said that I wanted to invite you to dinner. One of you said that you were busy and the other that you wanted to lose weight. Then you still had a private dinner and didn’t call me. …”

The movie itself was very funny. They didn’t expect that the main creators would get along with each other like this in private. The people who ate melons said they liked it, and even thought it was the way to make such a funny movie. Those who hadn’t seen it all said they would go to the cinema to see it. And those who had seen it said that they want to go to the second brush and the third brush.

Just a few microblogs, but he didn’t expect such a publicity effect. Yu Siyang put away his mobile phone with emotion, and when he was about to pick up food, he found that the plate was half empty.

He was stunned: “Hong Zhehao, have you been hungry for several days?”

This person carried a big bag and a small bag to say New Year’s greetings. He opened the big and small bag and found that there were all kinds of ingredients to be processed. He looked at him eagerly and waited for it to be ready to eat.

Yu Siyang was speechless for a while, but in front of Hong Zhehao’s puppy-like eyes, he had to take the big and small bags to the kitchen.

There were rabbit legs in the things Hong Zhehao brought. Yu Siyang pulled the rabbit legs with his fingers, and took out the spices such as star anise, cassava, bay leaf, white cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, etc. The rabbit legs were brined.

After the rabbit legs were marinated, he put them in a frying pan and deep-fried them for color, then added chili oil, green and red peppers, and diced shallots in the pan to stir-fry. The pot was placed on a plate, and the leg bones were also wrapped in tin foil by Yu Siyang.

The eight rabbit legs were placed in a circle. The rabbit legs were padded with green vegetables as the base. Between the rabbit legs surrounded by the vegetables was actually a small fondant cake. The fondant cake was made into a cute new year animal. Hong Zhehao sucked saliva while his head was full of black lines.

“Why do you want to put such a cute fondant cake in the middle of such domineering rabbit legs?” Hong Zhehao complained: “Don’t you think this is a bad idea.”

Yu Siyang went on to make yogurt fruit pie, without raising his head and said: “If you don’t think it’s a good match, you don’t eat it.”

“No!” Hong Zhehao quickly refused and said in an awe-inspiring manner: “Even if it doesn’t match, I will take it. As long as you make it, I will take all the poison.”

When he said this, it happened that Xue Chengxiu was leading the way with his son to come to the kitchen, he glanced over when he heard it. Hong Zhehao felt a chill behind his back, and he couldn’t stop shivering.

“Brother.” Xue Yunmu happily ran to Yu Siyang, he was less than a meter tall, but this did not prevent him from seeing the newly-made rabbit legs and the new year fondant cake at a glance.

In myths and legends, there was no clear description of the appearance of the Nian beast. It only said that it was ugly and vicious by nature. Yu Siyang did not know what the Nian beast looked like, so he did it like a tiger, with only the word “nian” on his head. Replaced with the word “nian”, it became a nian beast.

However, this year’s beast was neither a monster nor a tiger in Little Fatty’s eyes. “Cat!”

Little Fatty obviously liked this yellow fondant cake with a “nian” character on his forehead with black markings, jumping around Yu Siyang, “Brother, can we eat cats, can we eat cats?”

Yu Siyang glanced at the Nian Beast fondant cake, and then at the little fat man, reluctantly admitting that what he did indeed looked like a cat.

Hong Zhehao couldn’t help laughing. Just now he said that this year the beast was a cat, but Yu Siyang still refused to admit it. Now the child also said it is a cat. See if he admitted it or not.

“Mu Mu, this is not a cat, it is a Nian Beast.” Yu Siyang felt that his Nian Beast could be rescued again.

“It’s obviously a cat.” Xue Yunmu insisted on the truth.

“…Well, it’s a cat…” Yu Siyang said weakly, handing the prepared yogurt fruit to Mr. Xue, picking up the rabbit legs, and walking to the dining table first.

In the restaurant, Aunt Wang had already set up the dishes, and several other dishes were already on the table. After placing the rabbit legs, everyone was seated. Hong Zhehao took pictures before eating, saying that he would make others envy and hate.

So, there was the group photo.

The photo was taken with the help of Aunt Wang, and Hong Zhehao also specifically requested that Yu Siyang’s dishes be included in the shot.

Sure enough, after the fans laughed and helped @JinCe telling him to invite them for dinner, they took a closer look and immediately became calm.

What were those dishes on the table? Did he want to post this kind of photos deliberately to make them ten pounds fatter, or did he want them to be envious and jealous?

This time even Hong Zhehao’s fans stopped helping him. They all said in the comments, “Don’t eat Hong Bao, take a bite to gain ten pounds”, “Hong Bao, let go of those dishes, let me come, and you lose weight.”

Seeing the comments on Weibo, Hong Zhehao was immediately depressed. Were these people his fans? Was it really good to complain?

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