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Among the bustling crowd, Lu Chengyu looked at Yan Mu standing in front of him, and suddenly he couldn’t say a word. On the plane before, he wanted to borrow the satellite phone on the plane to send Yan Mu news, but because of an accident on the previous flight, many people were waiting in line for the call. Before it was his turn, the plane was about to land. Now, that he saw Yan Mu like this, he should have definitely tried his best to give Yan Mu a call, and he not make Yan Mu anxious.

“Mu…” He opened his mouth, and before he had time to call out the other party’s name, he saw Yan Mu rushing over and holding him tightly in his arms. The expression on his face became stiff, because his arm was hooped by the opponent, he couldn’t reach out and pat the opponent’s back for comfort, so he had to put his head on Yan Mu’s shoulder and let the surroundings crowded with people take pictures videos. “I’m back.”

When Zhang Zeyun ran over, he happened to see this scene. He stopped, leaning on his knees, panting, laughing and coughing, and simply sat on the ground, regardless of the surrounding area. Because he had only now discovered that his feet were already too soft to stand up.

“The Universe” crew, Liu Qiyan heard that Lu Chengyu’s flight had an accident. He was so shocked that he dropped the powder cake box in his hand on the ground, and asked the assistant beside him in disbelief, “How could this happen?” Even, if the person behind the scenes wanted to plot against Lu Chengyu, he didn’t have the ability and the courage to do such a big thing. This was not in line with the behaviour of that person.

“Now the news on the Internet is going crazy,” the assistant handed the phone screen to Liu Qiyan. On it was a picture of Yan Mu. In the photo, Yan Mu looked in a trance, his eyes were reddish, and his mood was very depressed. “Someone took the photo at the airport. I heard that Yan Mu came to pick up Mr. Lu.”

After nearly a month of getting along, many people in the crew had a good impression of Lu Chengyu. Although, this person had a background and wealth, he did nothing over-the-top. He was very humble and had never done anything offensive based on his status. Many people in the crew were sorry for such a thing.

“How is it possible,” Liu Qiyan frowned and took the phone, looking at the pictures of Yan Mu on the phone, the older he looked, the uglier, “How could it be?”

The assistant noticed that her expression was not right, and he was stunned, thinking that Liu Qiyan meant that to Lu Chengyu, so she didn’t dare to speak more for a while, and had to find an excuse to go out.

There was only Liu Qiyan left in the room. She went to the window and looked around, dialled a number, and said a few words, before she was startled and said, “Really it was just an accident?” At this moment, she saw one of his assistants hurriedly run over and hurriedly said, “I know, goodbye.”

“Sister Yan, Mr. Lu was not on the plane!” The assistant ran in with joy, “The director’s assistant said because their car broke down halfway. They didn’t catch the flight, so they changed their bookings.”

“I know,” Liu Qiyan had already got the latest news on the phone, so the assistant’s words didn’t make her look bad, “You send a Weibo for the flight, and don’t say anything else.”

In this world, sometimes the more you said, the more mistakes you made. She was experienced in this circle. She didn’t bother to deal with these things, so under normal circumstances, no one freely expressed opinions on current events.

“Okay, Sister Yan”, the assistant saw that there was something wrong with Liu Qiyan’s face, the assistant didn’t dare to say anything else, and started to edit the Weibo with his mobile phone.

Liu Qiyan looked at her mobile phone, thinking about the news she had just received, and couldn’t help sighing. Fortunately, there was no accident with Lu Chengyu.

In the airport, because of Lu Chengyu’s appearance, many reporters had become onlookers. Photos of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu hugging at the airport were also circulated on Weibo and other major forums.

On the entertainment section of the Haijiao Forum, a post called “A hug makes me understand love” appeared in the eyes of the public. The main building of this post was the photo of Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu hugging. The host wrote in the post: I used to be a passer-by fan of Lu Chengyu because he was bullied by the prince Liang and loved him, but I did not like him anymore because he was with a man, but today I saw the photo of Yan Mu hugging him. I understand what love is.

As soon as this post appeared, many people replied to it, and some netizens even posted photos they accidentally took. The two in the photos were rare handsome men, but one always had no facial expression and the other always had a smile on his face.

Although the pixels of some photos were not high and the displayed images were a bit distorted, anyone could see that the two people were very natural and harmonious when they were together.

398L: Seeing so many photos, I began to believe in love again. However, I don’t know if you have noticed that Xiao Lu and President Yan rarely show affection on Weibo. Except for the Weibo they posted when they wnt public together, there are no other crooked photos behind. What kind of style Xiao Lu used to be, and what style is it still? I feel that the two want to live a low-key life, and don’t like to use emotional things to get attention.

405L: Several people upstairs make a lot of sense. I also feel this way. Now, there are not too many high-profile couples who do not show affection. There are really few people who live in a low-key way like Xiao Lu. It’s just because of our fish. If we want to see more love pictures, we can only find secret photos from other netizens.

410L: Because of Xiao Lu’s appearance, we only fan him. Also, the photo in the main building is so inexplicably heart-warming. Is this the power of love? Or is this my illusion?

411L: Upstairs, this is not your illusion. I feel the same with you. Have you seen Mr. Yan’s posture? This is the state of panic and joy after the loss of hope. He held Xiaoyu in both hands and blocked many media with his back. This is a kind of subconscious protection psychology. I swear by the final grades of the professional class. It is absolutely true love.

430L: Building 411 is a psychology student? It seems that you have learned your professional courses seriously, but you have not learned enough. Have you only seen Mr. Yan’s posture, but have not seen the movements of our family’s Xiao Lu? With his chin resting on Mr. Yan’s shoulder and his face still close to Mr. Yan’s ears, he must be comforting and worrying about Mr. Yan. Therefore, all friends in this building can  be rest assured that these two must be true love, not just for fun.

The appearance of two people related to psychology had aroused the interest of many netizens. Some people began to post photos of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu getting along for analysis. There was a way to prove how true Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu’s love is.

The 411L and 430L also cooperated very well. They began to analyse the photos carefully. In the end, they were surprised by themselves, because they found that in these photos, most of Yan Mu’s attention was on Lu Chengyu. Although people’s eyes and movements could be faked, but many small details might still betray their true thoughts. However, in these photos, Yan Mu could be said to have a genuine expression.

In the end, this post returned to several thousand floors came to an authoritative conclusion, that is, Mr. Yan loved Lu Chengyu to his bones. If this was not love, then they did not dare to believe in love.

Lu Chengyu didn’t know how lively it was on the Internet. He and Yan Mu were surrounded by the media, almost struggling. He looked at these reporters with a solemn expression, and finally had no choice but to say, “I would like to ask my friends from the press to give in. This sad thing happened today, and I hope to pay more attention to the development of the flight.”

“Mr. Lu, it is rumoured that you were on the flight, did you really book this ticket?”

“Yes,” Lu Chengyu sighed into the camera. “My scenes got over in the afternoon. A friend of the crew drove me to the airport. Who knew the broke down halfway, and when we arrived at the airport, the plane had already taken off, so we had to change the booking for the next one.”

The reporters were in an uproar. It was unexpected that Lu Chengyu was so lucky to escape the disaster. If the crew sent him to the airport, it would be impossible to drive an unrepaired car, but in this case, the car actually broke down, but God blessed him.

“Please give in,” Yan Mu said at this time. He glanced at the reporters faintly, “Xiao Lu is tired today and needs rest.”

Although the reporters had the intention to ask more questions, but looking at Yan Mu’s scary expression, they decided otherwise. Seriously, the few bodyguards behind them also started to open their way, knowing that they might offend Yan Mu like the reporter before, so they had to seize the opportunity to take a few more photos and let them leave.

After Xiao He saw that his brother was fine, he was so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling. Lu Chengyu let the two brothers and two assistants sit in one car. He, Yan Mu, and Zhang Zeyun got in another car.

Zhang Zeyun drove the car and looked at Lu Chengyu in the rear view mirror for several times before exhaling, “Xiao Lu, this time you had scared Brother Mu out of his life.”

Lu Chengyu looked at him guiltily and held Yan Mu with his own hands, “I’m sorry, Brother Mu, I should have given you a call.”

“You’re fine,” Yan Mu looked slightly moved. For him now, Lu Chengyu’s okay was the luckiest thing in the world. He didn’t even dare to think if the car sending Lu Chengyu didn’t break down halfway…

Thinking of this, he hugged Lu Chengyu tightly again. Only by holding the person in his arms could he feel at ease.

“I won’t go filming in the future,” Lu Chengyu wrapped his hand around his waist, “I won’t leave you again.” In the rear view mirror, the two embracing people almost forgot the existence of Zhang Zeyun, the driver, but Zhang Zeyun tried his best to drive the car more steadily without disturbing the warmth between the two.

In the Mu’s household, Mr. Mu was watching the news about flights on TV, and he was accompanied by a few juniors. When the picture of Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu embracing appeared on the TV screen, the expressions of several juniors were different. Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong, who had a good relationship with Lu Chengyu, looked at their grandpa worriedly and found that his expression was normal. They couldn’t figure out what the old man was thinking.

After the piece of news was finished, Mr. Mu looked at his juniors and said, “All of you go back, Qirong and Qihua stay.” After the juniors exchanged a look through their eyes, they all left obediently. Before leaving, they also looked at the two brothers a few more times. Anyway, the grandfather liked these two grandchildren the most, and they were used to it. But this time because of the stern thing, they were afraid that the old man would be angry at the two.

“Grandpa…” Mu Qihua was interrupted by Mr. Mu.

“Someone is targeting Lu Chengyu, do you know?” Father Mu held a teacup, and after throwing out this sentence, he added, “Even if there is no accident on this flight, as long as Lu Chengyu gets on the plane, your cousin would only receive a person who was dead.” The two brothers of the Mu family changed their expressions. Mu Qirong looked ugly and said, “Someone deliberately manipulated the equipment on the plane?”

“Why do you think that?” Mr. Mu glanced at his grandson disgustingly, “Do you think it’s so easy to do something with the equipment on a plane?”

Mu Qihua glanced at his younger brother, and then looked at Mr. Mu kindly, “Grandpa, did you get any news? Tell us a little bit.”

“Don’t you two have a good relationship with that young man?” Grandfather Mu put down his teacup, his eyes gradually became cold, “No matter what is between your cousin and him, but he is always your brother. The two benefactors, there are some things that our Mu family can’t care about. Some people are bold and stretch their hands too long. What our Mu family has to do is to chop off this lawless hand. As for other things, wait for it. I’ll talk later.” The two brothers looked at each other, and were even more uncertain about the old man’s thoughts. Was this agreeing with their cousin and Xiao Lu, or disagreeing?

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