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In the evening, Chi Fang followed Mother Chi in her car to the hotel. After getting off the car, Chi Fang was stunned. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence or something, but the Chi family had set the banquet in the hotel where he and J met in the previous life.

“What’s the matter?” Mother Chi walked to the front of Chi Fang, saw her youngest son looking at the hotel door blankly, and said with a smile.

Chi Fang shook his head and said nothing.

The Chi family had developed very well in the past two years. Originally, the Wang family, Ma family, and Xu family were on the top. However, at the beginning of this year, the Wang family and Ma family fell out due to some incidents, and so far, there had been no result. The second son of the Xu family, who originally headed the Xu family, also caused a decline in the Xu family’s reputation because of the land to the north. Instead, it was the son of the Xu family’s eldest son who began to make a name for himself.

The good relationship between Xu Guang and Chi Zheng was not a secret in the circle. Xu Guang had the right to speak in the Xu family, and the status of the Chi family had followed.

Although tonight’s banquet was for the Chi family’s youngest son to celebrate his adulthood, most of them had brought along their own children. Although Chi Fang has just grown up, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan were both young, and they may be attracted by their children.

When Chi Fang arrived, there were already a lot of people in the banquet hall. Mother Chi took him to find Chi Yan, and Father Chi was also by their side. Chi Fang stood obediently next to Father Chi pretending to be a doll, but his eyes swept back and forth in the crowd, trying to find Yu Mo.

It was a pity that there are too many people in the banquet hall. Chi Fang took a look but couldn’t find Yu Mo’s shadow.

There were a lot of people around Father Chi, and everyone would praise Chi Fang first, as if he had done something big. Chi Fang didn’t speak much, his face was always smiling, and if someone asked him something, he would answer, except that he would never speak.

After smiling like this for more than half an hour, Chi Fang saw Yu Mo.

When Yu Mo entered the door, the people next to him saw that he looked good and looked at him several times, but Yu Mo never attended any banquets. Naturally, these people did not recognize him, so they just glanced at random and then turned around and looked back.

Chi Fang’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t stand it anymore. He told Father Chi and promised to come back as he had to go to the stage in a while, and Chi Fang slipped away quietly.

It was not Yu Mo’s first time attending a banquet, but he was still not used to crowded places. Finding a secluded corner, as soon as Yu Mo sat down, he felt that a person was standing in front of him.

He frowned, looked up coldly, and saw Chi Fang looking at him with a smile on his face.

“Why? Not welcome?” Chi Fang asked with a smile.

The cold look on Yu Mo’s face dissipated in an instant. He shook his head and took the initiative to get a seat out for Chi Fang. Chi Fang sat down and collapsed on the sofa.

“I’m tired of smiling.” Chi Fang couldn’t help but complain, even if he usually smiled at people, his face would obviously be stiff after smiling for more than an hour.

Yu Mo silently handed Chi Fang a glass of water.

Chi Fang was lazy, but when the banquet started, he had to return to Father Chi. Father Chi stood on the stage and said a few words before calling out for Chi Fang. He didn’t know how many times Chi Fang attended such gatherings in his previous life. Naturally, stage fright was impossible.

With a faint smile, he stood beside Father Chi. When Father Chi handed over the microphone, Chi Fang first thanked everyone, and then briefly said a few words, and his expression was not at all rushed.

After stepping down from the stage, Chi Fang breathed a sigh of relief. What happened after that had nothing to do with him, but if Chi Fang wanted to take over the Chi family in the future, he must be seen as someone who worked well with the Chi family.

But… thinking of his dream in the morning, Chi Fang turned his head to find his second brother.

Chi Zheng was coaxing Xu Guang in the corner. So many people came with their daughters today, and everyone knew what they were thinking. How could Chi Zheng make Xu Guang unhappy, and he just rightly refused, turning around with Xu Guang several times.

As Chi Fang approached, he heard his second brother coaxing Xu Guang in a soft voice: “A Guang, I didn’t even look at those people. Don’t be angry.”

Xu Guang said helplessly, “I’m not angry.” He had known Chi Zheng for so long, and would he still not know what kind of personality Chi Zheng had, how could he be angry with Chi Zheng because of this. On the contrary, Chi Zheng cared about chaos, always feeling that Xu Guang was angry.

Chi Fang coughed slightly, trying to attract the attention of the two people. However, Xu Guang raised his eyes and saw him, but Chi Zheng didn’t react at all, still surrounding Xu Guang.

“Cough cough cough,” Chi Fang coughed again.

Chi Zheng turned his head unhappy, “If you have a bad throat, you can go to the doctor… brother?”

Chi Fang looked at Chi Zheng speechlessly, thinking about whether he should go to the eldest brother. However, there were a lot of people around Chi Yan, and the less people who knew about this matter, the better.

Seeing that the two people had something to say, Xu Guang took the initiative to go to the other side.

Seeing no one around, Chi Fang said directly: “Second brother, do you remember our dad’s driver?”

Chi Zheng frowned and thought for a while, “Uncle Qian?”

Chi Fang nodded, thinking of the dream, he squinted his eyes. In the previous life, Father Chi and Mother Chi passed away in a car accident. At that time, it was Uncle Qian who drove, but Uncle Qian was also seriously injured at the time. After lying in the intensive care unit for three months, he almost died. Chi Zheng and Chi Yan strictly investigated the person in the other car, but they did not suspect him alone.

Uncle Qian had followed his father for almost 30 years, and no one thought that this person would betray the Chi family.

From that moment on, the Chi family of the previous life fell apart.

Afterwards, the eldest brother and the second brother had an accident. When he took over the Chi family, and there was no one around him, so he still hired Uncle Qian to follow him. Who knew it was just such a decision, on the contrary that killed himself?

“What’s the matter?” Chi Zheng asked when he saw that he was in a bad mood.

Chi Fang returned to his senses, frowned, and said solemnly: “I saw that he was in contact with Wang Liang.”

He didn’t see it naturally but seeing how familiar he was with Wang Liang at the time that the man brought him to the factory at the time. It definitely couldn’t be developed in a moment.

Chi Zheng looked serious. Although Chi Fang’s words sounded groundless, most of what Chi Fang said in the past two years had been verified. If this was true, Chi Zheng’s face became even uglier.

Uncle Qian usually followed Father Chi when he travelled. If Uncle Qian wanted to do something disadvantageous to Father Chi, they couldn’t prevent him at all.

“I see.” Chi Zheng nodded, his expression a bit distressed. It was easy to transfer Uncle Qian away, but what was more troublesome was how to make Father Chi believe what Chi Fang said. Uncle Qian has been with him for more than 30 years. How could he believe that Uncle Qian would be against him?

With doubts in his stomach, Chi Zheng frequently looked in the direction of the Wang family.

Although the Chi family had a bad relationship with the Wang family, before turning over, Chi Zheng could only endure his unhappiness and give the other party an invitation. It was just that Chi Zheng still thought about it a little bit more carefully, arranging the position of the Wang family and the Ma family close together, and now the two families were glaring at each other, if it weren’t for the Chi family, he was afraid that there would have been a fight.

The banquet didn’t end until ten o’clock. Chi Fang was exhausted and didn’t want to move at all. His whole body was lying on Yu Mo. Yu Mo wasn’t angry either and he stood obediently to lean against Chi Fang.

When Mother Chi came over, she saw this scene. As soon as Chi Fang saw Mother Chi, he stood up straight subconsciously, with a standard smile on his face.

“It’s all right, let Uncle Liu take you two back tonight.” Mother Chi said.

Chi Fang was taken aback for a moment, and blinked, “What about Uncle Qian?”

“It seems that something is going on,” Mother Chi replied indifferently.

Chi Fang replied, his expression a little startled. He didn’t expect Chi Zheng to move so fast…?

Chi Zheng’s movements were indeed fast. Instead of looking for Father Chi, he simply found two people neatly to beat up Uncle Qian. He didn’t use a heavy hand, but the other party would be lying in the hsopital for two months. In these two months, he would investigate this person’s affairs carefully, and when there was evidence, it would not be too late to tell Father Chi.

However, the facts were beyond Chi Zheng’s expectation. It didn’t take him that long at all, but he investigated the matter clearly within a week. Uncle Qian was indeed related to the Wang family. To be precise, he was related to Wang Liang.

Wang Liang was the son of an unfavored daughter of the Ma family, but at that time no one had ever found out who Wang Liang’s father was, and the matter was suppressed.

“Wang Liang… is Uncle Qian’s son?” Chi Fang looked at the second brother blankly, he really didn’t know it.

Chi Zheng nodded, his expression a little irritable. He originally thought that Uncle Qian received money from the Wang family, so he would mix with Wang Liang, but if Uncle Qian was Wang Liang’s father, then he could say that he and Wang Liang were just father and son.

Chi Fang looked at the information in his hand carefully, and after reading them one by one, he placed it on the coffee table and thought for a while and said, “Tell our father.”

Chi Zheng frowned, “This evidence is not enough, father… “

“No,” Chi Fang shook his head, “These are enough, even if Uncle Qian didn’t do anything, but since he recognizes Wang Liang as his son, he doesn’t care about the Chi family.” Speaking of this, Chi Fang blinked, “If it really doesn’t work, I’ll go cry in front of father.”

He was kidnapped by Wang Liang, and even if the relationship between Uncle Qian and his father was good, it won’t be as good as with his son.

Sure enough, a few days after Chi Zheng met his father, Chi Fang discovered that Father Chi’s driver had changed. He didn’t know the new person. Hearing Chi Zheng, he came to know that this person was introduced by the eldest brother.


Wang Liang’s verdict was quickly handed down. Although it was a case that happened three years ago, life was lost after all. Both the Wang family and the Ma family regarded him as an abandoned son, and no one cared about him at all. As the party who was kidnapped, Chi Fang also appeared in court. Wang Liang stood in the dock, no longer showing the calmness he had before. As soon as Chi Fang walked in, he stood up abruptly, staring at Chi Fang steadily.

Chi Fang didn’t care about his gaze, calmly walked to his seat and sat down.

Wang Liang was held by the detective next to him and had to turn his head to look at the judge above. When the judge finished reading the verdict, Wang Liang’s face was completely gloomy. When Wang Liang was taken away, Chi Fang sat blankly for a long time.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang with worry in his eyes.

Chi Fang recovered, smiled and shook his head and stood up, “It’s okay, let’s go.”

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