TMLVOS Ch. 47.2

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The atmosphere in the living room froze with Siyu’s words. It was Chu Shuangyan who broke into the mansion suddenly to break the deadlock. Regardless of the butler’s obstruction, she insisted on rushing in: “Get out of the way, I know you guys. When he came back, he was at home, right, I’m going to find him, he…”

Chu Shuangyan had a face-to-face with Siyu who was looking over, and immediately got stuck. After a few seconds, she was surprised and called out: “Zhou Siyu?!”

Chu Shuangyan looked around reflexively and found that Siyu was not following the terrifying man, and her tight body slowly relaxed as the thought scared her to death. When she saw Siyu, she thought of their previous embarrassing meeting. More importantly, she told Father Chu that she seemed to have offended the woman of Fifth Master Lu. Father Chu was so angry that he wanted to beat her on the spot. In the end, she was locked up for a whole month and was released only yesterday after serving her sentence.

After that, the Chu family naturally hurried to apologize to Fifth Master Lu, but how could this master be so easy to see? The Chu family had eaten enough loss, so they stopped their attempts. There was no way, so they turned to Siyu, but they couldn’t even find her anyone, and were driven out by the bodyguards sent by Fifth Master Lu to guard her. At that time, the Chu family realized that what they provoked was someone who they couldn’t afford to offend.

That Fifth Master Lu did not easily get close to the female sex, and now he actually protected a girl in every possible way. It could be seen that Siyu’s position was unusual. Chu Shuangyan jumped up to offend others. Wasn’t this just asking for death?

During the month of confinement, the Chu family took turns in front of Chu Shuangyan to give her thousand exhortations, so that if she met Siyu again in the future, she must try her best to repair the relationship between them. In short, they must let Fifth Master Lu feel the sincerity of the Chu family.

At this time, Chu Shuangyan also remembered the instructions of her elders, paused, and changed her address to Siyu, and yelled, “…Sister Siyu.”

Ji Lin had an expression of eating a fly: Has this little bully turned into a flower??

Chu Shuangyan didn’t expect to see Siyu on her visit to Ji’s house, and suddenly regretted how she hadn’t prepared well before coming out. As a result, she didn’t have anything on hand now, and she couldn’t even give gifts.

“Yanyan, come sit down.” Duan Rulan didn’t hear Chu Shuangyan’s call, and when she saw who was coming, she immediately became happy! Chu Shuangyan hated Ji Lin being with girls around her, and she was rude enough to deal with these people. When she saw Zhou Siyu, wouldn’t she immediately drive her away?

Chu Shuangyan took two steps forward, as if thinking of something, stopped and turned around, tentatively reaching out and holding Si Yu’s sleeves, and seeing that she had no objection, she gained courage and pulled the person onto the sofa. “Sister Siyu, sit down, what do you want to drink, I will pour it for you?”

Ji Lin looked numb: …this was not Chu Shuangyan, right?

Duan Rulan’s enthusiastic smile instantly froze on her face. Did she read it wrong? How could Chu Shuangyan be so polite to that short-lived ghost?

However, in her full view, the little princess of the Chu family was pouring Siyu tea with great enthusiasm, and also especially boasting about the tea, before she poured it for others, and even telling her that let her father come, and she would definitely get more for her. The words “pampering” came to mind, Ji Lin and Duan Rulan were shocked, especially Duan Rulan. She watched Chu Shuangyan grow up since she was a child. Where had she seen this little princess being kind to others?

How did Zhou Siyu do it?

Duan Rulan couldn’t figure it out, she tentatively asked: “Yanyan, just come over, auntie wants to ask you something.”

Chu Shuangyan seemed to see someone else in the house, so she hurriedly sat down and said, “Auntie, you say.”

Duan Rulan looked towards Ji Lin: “Well, I was just explaining to Zhou Siyu that as a girl if she did not have a background to rely on, then mixing into the entertainment industry is also not easy, you should be able to understand, is that not it?”

Chu Shuangyan heard it and found it inexplicable: “There is no background? How could it be possible? Auntie, you are joking, don’t you know who-oh!”

Before she finished speaking, Siyu stretched out her hand and twisted her waist lightly. Chu Shuangyan swallowed the follow-up words in pain. According to her original temperament, it was possible she would have smashed the other party with a handbag by now, but she only raised her head. At the calm gaze of boss Yu, Chu Shuangyan felt guilty and didn’t dare to say anything.

Didn’t let me say it, but why was Zhou Siyu’s eyes so similar to that of Fifth Master Lu at that time…

Duan Rulan was suspicious, and asked: “Yanyan, please be clear, what is it that I don’t know? “

She didn’t believe that Siyu had the ability to surprise her, but seeing Chu Shuangyan behaving abnormally, she was afraid that Siyu had a good relationship with the Chu family, and it would be inconvenient for her to make a move.

Chu Shuangyan had a big secret in her heart, but the protagonist involved in the secret was sitting next to her. How dare she say that the words, so Chu Shuangyan shook her head and said, “Auntie, don’t ask. If Siyu is willing to say it, let her tell you.”

Duan Rulan sneered. She would not know how many catties Zhou Siyu had, so what’s the point of asking her? But in this way, the Chu family was a problem…

At this moment, the butler rushed in and said in a panic: “Madam, the Lu family and Fifth Master Lu have suddenly come here!!”

Duan Rulan didn’t hear clearly for a moment: “Who is here? What are you doing in a panic!”

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief: “The Lu family, that Lu family from Rongcheng!”

After talking, Duan Rulan hurried upstairs and went to the study to tell Ji Wenhan. Duan Rulan stayed in a daze for a few seconds, and suddenly raised her head: “The Lu Family?!”

They had nothing to do with the Lu Family. No, it should be said that Ji Wenhan’s biggest goal was to be able to climb the big ship of the Lu Family. They were just small snakes in Jiangcheng, but when placed in front of the Lu family, they were not even as good as an ant! How could the Lu family come to them? Could it be that Wenhan offended people in the business field?

Duan Rulan had no bottom line in her heart. She didn’t care about Zhou Siyu at all. She quickly ordered her servants to take out the most precious tea leaves in the family. At the same time, she quickly tidied up her clothes and faced Ji Wenhan, the head of the family who rushed down the stairs and said: “Wenhan, what’s going on…”

Ji Wenhan was an old fox in the business. He had always either had an expression of being happy or angry, but at this moment, his face was also unabashedly surprised. Obviously, the visit of the Lu family was not within his knowledge.

He scanned the few people sitting in the living room and completely ignored Siyu, only thinking that she was the woman Ji Lin was playing with outside, so he frowned and scolded, “Hurry up and get rid of the idle people! Rulan! I will greet him personally, and you will come with Alin. The Lu family has nothing to do with us. There must be a major event in this visit.”

At the same time, Ji Wenhan was also wondering whether it would be that he had worked hard the last few days. Had the move to build a relationship with Lu’s relatives worked? It would be even better if the people from the Lu family had the intention of cooperating. He had been coveting the land in the western suburbs of Jiangcheng for a long time. If he had the Lu family’s help, then this project would be in his pocket…not only that, if he could take this opportunity to establish a good relationship with the Lu family, he would be able to walk sideways in the entire upper class circle in the future!

What was a mere Jiangcheng, he could expand to many places in the future! Although he hadn’t asked the Lu family’s intentions yet, Ji Wenhan advised himself to be cautious in his words and deeds. He had never offended the Lu family, so they certainly won’t come to seek revenge.

“Dad, she is—” Ji Lin frowned and stood in front of Siyu but did not continue. His father still didn’t know that Siyu was his elder sister, but if he knew, Ji Wenhan’s reaction may be more excessive than Duan Rulan.

Ji Wenhan glanced at this unconvincing son and waved his hand: “Forget it, you take Shuangyan to your room and stay there.”

Ji Wenhan hurriedly ran out to meet him with his wife, and the butler over there had already followed the instructions and went to Siyu’s side, and said, “Miss Zhou, I’m sorry, please leave.”

Chu Shuangyan unexpectedly clenched her hand and forced the butler back with her eyes, instead of letting her go, she nervously asked her, eagerly, “Sister Siyu, isn’t this… coming to pick you up?”

Siyu was about to answer, when the phone in her hand suddenly shook. She looked down and saw the one marked as “The Great Demon King”. That person sent another message at this time: “Then let your biological mother taste what it’s like to be forced to honor others.”

T/N: CS at DR’s “no background” comment: If she can be said to have no background, then the rest of us should just go die!!! The Devil Lu is here, this is what I have been waiting for so long…

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