CRA Ch. 89

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Following behind, watching the youth who rushed into the hall to see the cubs as soon as he came back, Xia Qi stood not far away and smiled relaxedly.

Just now when she saw Xie Luan in such a hurry, Xia Qi originally thought that something happened to the other party on this trip. She was still a little worried. In the end, he was just anxious to see the cubs…

Speaking of which, every time the youth was not in the branch, the cubs would always express questions to them from time to time, especially when the little fat trio of birds flew over to them and tweeted together. Xia Qi and other childcare workers had to helplessly relax their expressions to coax these cubs.

The youth was particularly popular among this group of cubs. This had been the unanimous opinion of all the staff of the Yunbao Branch.

The cubs in the branch liked to surround the youth, and the latter also attached great importance to these cubs, Xia Qi thought that this was a very good thing.

“Pa~Pa~” For the first time, the tone was slightly prolonged to call the youth. This mermaid cub grasped the youth’s trouser legs and did not let go until Xie Luan bent down and hugged it into his arms.

Although the voice of the mermaid cub was immature, but it was also very clear and beautiful, Xie Luan lowered his head and rubbed the delicate and soft cheeks of the little mermaid. The response was that the mermaid cub immediately accelerated the speed of shaking its tail fin and worked hard. He raised his head and rubbed his cheek against Xie Luan’s cheek.

The parent’s close behavior was a manifestation of loving the cub. For this mermaid cub, of course it would also have this feeling in the subconscious.

“Papa~Papa——” he successfully pressed his cheek to the young man’s left cheek. The beautiful blue eyes of the little mermaid opened slightly. The light in the eyes could not be concealed at all, and the light could only come from the cub’s happy mood.

The tail fin of the cub he was holding was shaking, Xie Luan held the little mermaid very firmly, not worried that the cub would sway out of his arms.

While the mermaid cub slapped his tail fin on his body, Xie Luan freed his right hand, and gently touched the little mermaid’s forehead with his fingers, touching it along the pale gold pattern.

Being touched by the youth on his forehead in this way, as if he was checking something, the mermaid cub calmed down, obediently watching the young man, not moving in the process at all.

After touching the golden pattern, he gently placed her hand on the cub’s head, Xie Luan patted the little mermaid’s soft blond hair, and then put him down.

“They… your parents love you.” He told the mermaid cub about this again, Xie Luan stretched out a finger and tapped the pendant that the cub was wearing, and said warmly, “This is the proof that they love you.”

The mermaid cub in the other world line don’t know about this. When he grew up, he would rather gouge out the tattoo on his forehead rather than talk about the Houdie family. There was no trace of any contact with the family.

There were indeed many misfortunes in that family, and they were very cruel in their treatment of this cub, but the parents of this little mermaid loved him, so the family print should not be unbearable. Xie Luan wanted to make this cub understand this.

However, these things were too complicated for the little mermaid who was still a cub now. Even if he had been deliberately abandoned on land and almost died from dehydration, this mermaid cub did not understand what he had suffered or that it was done in bad faith.

Not understanding was also a good thing. If possible, Xie Luan actually hoped that this little cub would not understand these things in the future as well, as long as he grew up without any troubles like he was now.

“Papa…mama…?” He still remembered the two stones that the young man pointed out to him. The mermaid cub still had some impressions of the black and white photos embedded in these two stones. At this time, two unclear single tones were simply emitted.

“Yeah.” Xie Luan replied, then looked at the mermaid cub and said, “Gale would grow up to be a very powerful and beautiful person, and his singing must be very nice…”

Although there was no time to listen in the other world to the adult Gale’s singing, but Xie Luan heard the cold and exceptionally clear voice when the other party spoke. He could easily imagine how beautiful the singing of this mermaid would be.

After all, when this mermaid was still a cub, his singing was already very nice, and it had the power to move people’s hearts.

Taking these words of the youth as a compliment, the little mermaid cub nestled in Xie Luan’s arms had a slightly more obvious expression on his face and tried to raise his head again and put the smooth cheeks together with Xie Luan.

This mermaid cub had a very delicate face. Xie Luan stretched out his index finger and poked the mermaid cub’s face lightly. The fingertips touched the cub’s soft and delicate skin. Xie Luan curved his eyes slightly at this moment.

He looked very good when he was a cub. The little mermaid grew up and looked as if his current facial features were completely expanded. He probably needed to be described as beautiful.

After doing this, Xie Luan gently put the mermaid cub he was holding back on the floor of the hall covered with a soft blanket and a cushion.

When he turned sideways, Xie Luan met a pair of scarlet eyes without any surprise. He opened his arms and gently hugged the Muka cub who was following him.

Due to his size, even though Xie Luan tried his best, he couldn’t completely hug the Muka cub.

Suddenly being hugged by the youth, the huge Muka cub paused, and then made a low hiss from his throat, and at this time he obediently did not make any other movements.

Xie Luan patted the sharp forearm gently, opening his arms as much as possible as the Muka cub bowed his head to snuggle into him.

This matter did not overwhelm the youth. The Muka cub was already very proficient in this matter. Xie Luan put his hands down until the Muka cub stopped moving.

The other cubs in the hall had also approached Xie Luan, especially the little cubs from the trees. Xie Luan’s head quickly became a nest for the few cubs, and two of them squatted like this on his head and didn’t leave, and a few cubs came up on his trouser legs.

The cubs approached him with warm affection, Xie Luan simply sat down on the soft blanket in the hall so that the cubs who approached him had a chance to climb into his arms.

“Although it’s not the first time I saw it, every time I see it, I still feel that the president is really popular.” Seeing the cubs in the arms of the youth, Zheng Zhou couldn’t help feeling a little envious.

Regarding his affinity for cubs, Zheng Zhou really had never seen anyone more popular with cubs than the young man in front of him.

Xie Luan coaxed them one by one, finally letting each of the cubs that slept on him settle down one after another.

Several weights were pressed on the legs, and a few fluffy cubs had half pressed their bodies onto Xie Luan’s intentionally stretched out legs. These cubs now seemed to want to sleep, Xie Luan turned over and touched the backs of these cubs one by one.

He didn’t see Ravi in the hall. Thinking of today’s date, Xie Luan had to temporarily press down on his thoughts of wanting to see the fat Kuwei cub.

It was the weekend, and this little fat guy and Leeds had been taken home by their parents and won’t return to the Yunbao Club until tomorrow morning.

The weekend was not over. But in the afternoon, Xie Luan saw the parents of two chubby little cubs who came to their branch with the cubs in person.

Seeing Xie Luan in the living room, the Kuwei woman who was holding the goose yellow chubby cub lowered her head and said softly to the cub in her arms: “Go ahead.”

This little fat cub with only goose yellow down feathers, after hearing the words of the opposite parent, even though Xie Luan had not reacted, fluttered his wings and flew straight into Xie Luan’s arms.


To the young man, he tweeted crisply. The Kuwei cub squatted in Xie Luan’s arms. The rich down feathers made this little fat cub look furry, especially in the position of the chest and abdomen.

“Baby wanted to see you, so we sent these two cubs here in advance.” Yi Lei explained aloud, and she didn’t feel upset because of this. She and the person next to her looked softly as the cubs flew into Xie Luan’s arms.

The cubs suddenly tweeted at them this morning for a long time, expressing his thoughts. The cubs wanted to see the youth in Yunbao Club very much, so the two parents who loved the cubs were here and brought the cubs to Yunbao Club this afternoon.

“Ravi missed you very much, and so did Leeds.” Yi Lei said this without complaint.

It was not surprising for the cubs to have this behavior. They had always known that the two cubs they had adopted were very close to the youth in front of them.

The latter also loved these two cubs very much, and of course the cubs would like people who were kind to them.

Because the down feathers were goose yellow, the Kuwei cub looked more like a chicken cub when squatting than the cubs of the other two races. Now this Kuwei cub was squatting obediently in Xie Luan’s arms.

Looking at Xie Luan’s face with big black eyes, the goose-yellow cub twitched his little wings behind him, and suddenly he straightened his furry chest and abdomen toward the young man.

“Tweet, twee, twee!”

Inexplicably wanting to see the youth today, the Kuwei cub arched over Xie Luan, wanting to nest more into Xie Luan’s arms.

Xie Luan raised his hand to tidy up the feathers on this little fat man, and after finishing the order, he touched the hairy chest and abdomen of this little Kuwei cub twice.

“When Ravi grows up, you can bring me to fly in the sky.” Touching the soft back feathers of the little fat cub, Xie Luan said this in a gentle tone, but in fact it was just a casual thought.

But the goose-yellow cub crouching in Xie Luan’s arms listened very seriously and fluttered its wings at the young man. At this time, the Kuwei cub responded with an exceptionally crisp tweeting.


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