TBVSR Ch. 19: The Nutcracker

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The cold winter was approaching, and the promotion competition which was to be held at the end of the year was less than half a month away.

Jiang Yu had finally saved enough tuition for the first semester. In the following time, she wanted to devote all her energy to training.

This time, no matter what, she must use this opportunity to enter the Esmera Art Center.

The Lingque Art Training Institute had a total of five classes, and each class had selected one of their best students to participate in the final promotion competition.

“I heard that this year, there is no limit to the number of people being admitted in the Esmera Art Center.”

The classmates in the dance class whispered to Jiang Yu: “Maybe five people can enter, or none of them can be selected, this is the best way. But it’s still difficult.”

Of course Jiang Yu also knew that if there must be a champion among the five, it could be said that, there was at least a one-fifth chance.

But in fact, the teachers of Esmera Art Center did not specify the number of dancers when selecting them. They were only looking for the most suitable dancers.

And she also heard that there were dozens or hundreds of ballet art institutions of all sizes in Beicheng. After Esmera’s teachers swept through them, they had heard that only three students with more potential were selected.

Among the hundreds or even thousands of students, only three were selected, which showed how fierce the competition was.

“We probably won’t be able to get one out of our training classes.”

A ponytail wearing girl beside her who was pressing her legs said: “Esmera’s teachers have too high of a vision. What they need is someone who can directly participate in national competitions and win the championship. We don’t have such talents in our institution.”

Another short-haired girl said, “Most of the others will accompany you, and Fan Danxi will definitely get in.”

Fan Danxi was the best and most talented girl in the entire Lingque training class. She had started to learn ballet at the age of 2, and had won numerous awards in provincial, municipal and even national competitions.

At the same time, she was also the best girl in the entire Lingque class.

Before Jiang Yu had heard from Chen Wei that the person who purchased Bu Tanyan’s Elita ballet shoes at a high amount of US dollars… was the Fan family in Beicheng.

Jiang Yu didn’t care about whether others could enter or not. She only cared about herself and wanted to exert her best level in the promotion competition, so as to grab the eyes of the teachers of the Esmera Art Center.

For the rehearsal training, the organization dispatched the most professional dance teachers to guide the movements and postures of the candidates in the classroom.

Of course, these teachers still focused on Fan Danxi, pointing out her movements meticulously, as if they had put all their hopes on her.

For the other students, they did not pay much attention.

In fact, this was also normal. The Fan family was a famous family in Beicheng, so Fan Danxi was also the most valued student in the Lingque training class.

This time, if there was a student from the Lingque training class who could enter Esmera, it must be Fan Danxi.

Fan Danxi’s level was indeed very high, and her beautiful Grand jete aerial split won warm applause from all the teachers and students present.

Fan Danxi smiled gracefully and took the towel handed to her by Wu Silin: “Thank you, Silin.”

Wu Silin deliberately flattered her loudly: “Danxi, you are really amazing, only your level is enough and qualified to enter the Esmera Art Center.”

Fan Danxi wiped the sweat from her temples and asked her inexplicably, “Why didn’t you get selected?”

Speaking of this, Wu Silin gritted her teeth and looked at the corner unwillingly. Jiang Yu glanced at her.

It was Jiang Yu who was lucky and stole her limelight, and now she can only stand on the side lines and watch.

Fan Danxi followed Wu Silin’s gaze and saw Jiang Yu who was training in the Crane Pose in the corner.

Her facial features were clear and clean, her long and narrow peach blossom eyes were very flavourful, and her complexion was as white as congealed fat.

The figure was particularly good, whether it was shoulders or calves, the muscles and bones were well-proportioned, and her waist was slim. With such a figure, there was almost no flaw to be found.

She was low-key and did not steal the limelight, so that Fan Danxi ignored a girl with such a good-looking figure as her in the Lingque training class.

In the end, all the students gathered around Fan Danxi, learning her movements and asking her for advice.

Only this girl named Jiang Yu stayed alone in the corner, doing training by herself.

Her serious expression made Fan Danxi feel a little nervous.

Could it be that this girl still thought she still has a chance to compete with her?

What a joke?

Fan Danxi was displeased, she showed her ballet skills again, and danced a high-speed toe spin, which attracted applause from the surrounding classmates and teachers, “Danxi, you are really amazing.”

“I bet, Esmera’s teachers, as soon as they see you, they will be immediately convinced by you.”

“You were born for ballet, the future queen of ballet, it must be you!”

“Of course, Danxi fasted for two days for this rehearsal. This perseverance, who can do it, I can’t do it anyway.”

Fan Danxi tilted her head proudly and glanced at Jiang Yu.

Of course, she was also attracted by Fan Danxi, so she stopped, wiped her face with a towel, and observed Fan Danxi’s dancing.

So Fan Danxi said loudly, “Student Jiang Yu, can you comment on my actions?”

Following her question, everyone’s eyes fell on Jiang Yu in the corner at the same time.

Jiang Yu had almost no sense of presence in the training class on weekdays, and was naturally different from star classmates like Fan Danxi. She didn’t expect Fan Danxi to take the initiative to cue her.

Jiang Yu replied politely, “You dance very well.”

Wu Silin clasped her arms and sneered: “It’s up to you, everyone can see that Danxi can dance better than some people.”

Fan Danxi glanced at Wu Silin and said, “I know, my movements are still a certain distance from perfection.”

“Danxi, you are too strict with yourself. In our opinion, you have danced so well that even the teacher praised you.” Wu Silin looked contemptuously. “Besides, she was born in a wild way, can she understand Danxi’s professional movements?”

“I just want everyone to communicate on an equal footing, so I asked Jiang Yu a question.” Fan Danxi said righteously. “I also hope to hear a different voice.”

“Danxi, you are so humble.”

“It’s not easy to dance so well and be so humble.”

Everyone was blowing rainbow farts to Fan Danxi, but Jiang Yu, who was reborn, knew Fan Danxi very well.

She had grown up with the favour of her parents and the praise of her teachers since she was a child. She had become accustomed to being self-centred and extremely arrogant and self-respecting, and she could not tolerate anyone around her stealing her limelight.

Therefore, Fan Danxi asked Jiang Yu, what was equal communication, she just wanted to make her look like a fool.

The wild way of learning dance half way, could she even say something one two three.

Unfortunately, she found the wrong person to trouble.

Jiang Yu raised the corner of her mouth and said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll talk about my opinion.”

Everyone waited and watched to see what opinions she could say.

“Grand jete’s big jump requires the coordination of the limbs, especially the strength of the legs. Danxi’s volley is not high enough, it should be because of insufficient strength. It is recommended that Danxi do strength training for the leg muscles. It is enough to eat three meals normally, but it is not good for ballet dancers to go on a diet.”

Fan Danxi’s expression changed instantly.

Jiang Yu’s eyes were very poisonous, and it hit her weak point all at once.

However, Fan Danxi was Fan Danxi after all, how could she admit defeat so easily, she glanced at Jiang Yu’s thin body, and said, “I think Jiang Yu must have her own unique experience in Grand Jete, why don’t you show me? Do a big jumping demonstration for me.”

The girls around, represented by Wu Silin, gave their heads and applauded, “Jiang Yu, since you said that Danxi is not good at dancing, you must be able to dance very good.”

“Let’s see.”

“That is, who can’t talk about it.”

Jiang Yu said calmly: “I’m not good at jumping either.”

“Tsk, it really is easier to say than to do.”

“That is it, who shouldn’t pick on other people’s faults.”

“I think she’s just jealous.”

Fan Danxi heard Jiang Yu say this, and was absolutely unwilling to give up.

Her big jump was her best signature move, and she was also the best student in the entire art class, no one was better than her.

She would not tolerate Jiang Yu slandering her with empty words.

“It’s okay, classmate Jiang Yu, we can just communicate and learn from each other. It doesn’t matter if we can’t dance well, let’s try.”

Jiang Yu, seeing Fan Danxi’s posture, understood that she was probably determined to force her to perform.

Wu Silin had turned on the music and played a very difficult rhythm music from “The Nutcracker”.

Jiang Yu was chased by ducks and put on the shelves. After a simple warm-up, she made a series of continuous rotations following the rhythm.

With the climax of the music, like a flying swallow in the sky, she jumped up straight with one leg, pulling her whole body like a glide, jumped up, and then landed lightly.

The girls onlookers widened their eyes and looked at Jiang Yu in disbelief.

As students who had learnt ballet, they knew the difficulty of this movement, it was difficult to take off easily without being dizzy after the continuous high-speed rotation.

However, Jiang Yu not only did it, but also did it so beautifully that they could hardly find any mistakes or flaws.

With the comparison of her big jump, looking at the big jump just now by Fan Danxi, it did seem that the sense of strength was slightly lacking.

See you soon!

Fan Danxi gritted her teeth, and when she looked at Jiang Yu again, there was deep unwillingness and jealousy in her eyes.

And at this moment, the sound of applause came from outside the door.

The students turned their heads and saw Lin Quwen, the chief instructor of the art class.

As she applauded, she walked in and said, “It was a very wonderful dance, which can even be called a professional performance.”

At Lingque Ballet Center, everyone knew that the chief instructor Lin Quwen never praised people easily.

She was extremely demanding, and even Fan Danxi had never been praised by her.

She actually admired Jiang Yu, and it was still such a high evaluation!

The classmates looked back at Jiang Yu and changed their eyes.

Lin Quwen walked in front of Jiang Yu, first pinched her arm muscles, measured her back, and nodded with satisfaction: “You look thin, but have a good sense of strength, but if you want to enter Esmera Art Center, there is still half a month left to do strengthening exercise every day, as they have extremely high requirements for strength.”

Jiang Yu nodded vigorously: “Thank you teacher, I will work hard.”

Fan Danxi and the surrounding girls heard Lin Quwen and were shocked when she said such words.

Before that, everyone had tacitly agreed that if there was a girl in the Lingque art class who could enter Esmera, that person must be Fan Danxi.

But Lin Quwen only told Jiang Yu to do strengthening exercises.

Could it be… In her mind, did Jiang Yu have a better chance to enter Esmera than Fan Danxi?

When the girls looked at Fan Danxi again, their eyes became meaningful.

Fan Danxi’s hand clenched into a fist tightly, and her eyes were red.

She would never let her wish be crushed!

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