TBVSR Ch. 18.2: I won’t do it anymore, Xiao Yu!!!!

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Jiang Yu returned to the alley, just in time to meet her mother coming home from work, and as she was shopping for daily necessities at the Xiaojun Grain, the oil and non-staple food store in the alley.

The owner of the non-staple food restaurant was named Qian Xiaojun, a greasy man who was bald. He had been coveting Jiang Manyi for a long time, so he was very attentive.

When Jiang Manyi checked out and left, his salty pig hand touched the back of her hand.

“Manyi, come here often in the future, I’ll give you 20% off, no, 30% off, hahaha.”

Jiang Manyi suffered a loss, but was not angry, she pushed his hand away with a smile, and dealt with him in a vague way.

However, when she turned around and walked out of the store, her smile disappeared instantly, and she murmured contemptuously, “What.”

Jiang Yu, in the previous life, had seen this scene before.

At that time, she was stupid. Ignoring her mother’s obstruction, she rushed up to stand up for her mother as soon as possible, but was bitten back by Qian Xiaojun, saying that Jiang Manyi had seduced him.

This incident caused a stir in the alley, and Qian Xiaojun’s wife spread the news that Jiang Manyi had seduced her husband.

This made Jiang Manyi unable to raise her head in front of her neighbours for a while.

But this incident had become Qian Xiaojun’s self-proclaimed capital, and he was envied by the men in the alley.

Once a person was shameless, they had no bottom line.

This time, Jiang Yu controlled herself.

She hurried to her mother’s side and lifted the rice bag and oil bottle in her hand.

Seeing Jiang Yu taking the initiative to help her, Jiang Manyi felt a burst of warmth, and asked her with a smile, “What were you doing, why did you come back so late?”

“Went to be in love.” Jiang Yu confessed without shyness: “I have a new boyfriend.”

Jiang Manyi was actually very open-minded and did not prevent Jiang Yu from falling in love, but she did not allow her to have a boyfriend like Huo Cheng.

“New boyfriend?” She took out the key to open the door, and asked in a gossipy manner: “Is he handsome, do I know him? It isn’t that rich second-generation Huo Cheng?”

“No, you don’t know him.” Jiang Yu said: “This new boyfriend has the same conditions as us, no money, but he is very good-looking, ten thousand times better than Huo Cheng.”

“Anyway, your mother hopes that every relationship you have is from the heart, and you interact with others sincerely, not for the sake of profit or face and these useless things, just be in love.” Jiang Manyi hooked her nose and said, “There will always be money, but the truth is not often there.”

Jiang Yu was silent for a moment, then nodded vigorously: “Well, I won’t be stupid.” In the last life, her mother had also said the same thing to her.

But at that time, why didn’t she listen to it.

“Also, it must not affect your grades.” Jiang Yu heard this as she put the grain and oil in the kitchen cupboard, while Jiang Manyi threatened her with a smile: “If this affects your college entrance examination, your mother will beat you into mandarin ducks.”

“I know.” Jiang Yu looked at her busy back and warned, “Mom, don’t go to Xiaojun’s non-staple food store to buy things in the future. The things they buy are adulterated.”

“How do you know?”

“Because that guy Qian Xiaojun is not a good person, his character is not good, anyway, don’t go.”

Jiang Manyi sighed: “But the things they sell are cheap, and they are often discounted.”

“Mom, I can make money myself, in the future we won’t need to buy cheap stuff from his store, let’s go to the big shopping mall to buy it.”

“What kind of money can you make as a little girl.” Jiang Manyi didn’t believe Jiang Yu, but only said: “Forget it, don’t worry about it. When it comes to family matters, you are responsible for studying hard and falling in love. Mom is responsible for working hard to make money. Let’s divide the labour and cooperate, you will definitely not be hungry, while your mother is here.”

Jiang Yu looked at Jiang Manyi, she was really beautiful, although she was not young anymore, but she had the unique charm of a mature woman.

If it wasn’t for taking care of her, she should have been able to find a good home.

Mom is a very good mom and I love her very much.

Jiang Yu secretly planned that she would make her mother live a better life.

The next morning, Jiang Yu went downstairs with a schoolbag and walked to the door of Xiaojun Grain, Oil and Non-staple Food Store.

Qian Xiaojun was nibbling on melon seeds, chatting and laughing with a few middle-aged men, and gossiping about Jiang Manyi in his mouth, “What kind of good people can do things in the meeting.”

“And pretend to be innocent with Laozi.”

“Look, sooner or later, I’ll get her done.”

Jiang Yu took out the hammer that was used for hammering nails at home from her schoolbag, and walked straight into Xiaojun Grain, Oil, and Non-staple Food Store.

When Qian Xiaojun saw Jiang Yu walk into the store, he ignored her and continued to tease with the man at the door: “This little girl has grown up and must look better than her mother. Her figure, tsk, is absolutely amazing.”

Before he finished speaking, he heard a loud noise coming from the store.

Qian Xiaojun hurried in, only to see Jiang Yu smashed the biggest wine jar in the store with a hammer, and the wine spread on the ground.

Jiang Yu put down her schoolbag neatly, and smashed the remaining big bars in the store, including oil, water, wine, vinegar and rice.

The ground was a mess.

Qian Xiaojun looked at the ground covered with grain and oil, distressed and angry, pointed at Jiang Yu and shouted, “What are you doing!”

“I warn you, if you dare to do anything to my mother, or gossip about her behind her back, I won’t let it go.”

“Fuck, you little girl, you want to threaten Lao Tzu, right!”

Jiang Yu grabbed a Maotai bottle beside her, smashed it on the ground, and said with a sneer, “You mix water with inferior alcohol, and you sell waste oil and industrial vinegar, I have smashed your store now, and others will thank me soon.”

Since Jiang Yu was reborn, she knew the little secrets of these neighbours’ twists and turns.

Neighbours who were watching the liveliness exploded in an instant: “Damn, Qian Xiaojun, I always buy oil from you here, you dare to use waste oil!”

“Qian Xiaojun, you are really unconscionable!”

“I still bought it yesterday. I bought Maotai from you to give to the leader, but what you fucking bought for me turned out to be fake wine!”

Qian Xiaojun turned pale with anger, and pointed at Jiang Yu with a trembling hand: “Don’t frame people for nothing! How can I sell fakes? You have no evidence.”

Jiang Yu threw down the hammer and said, “Wait for the people from the Quality Supervision Bureau to come over and explain to them.”

After speaking, she dropped the hammer and walked out of the Xiaojun Grain, Oil and Non-staple Food Store.

Excited neighbours had blocked the non-staple food shop, and they all came to Qian Xiaojun to ask for an explanation.

Soon, the car of the Quality Supervision Bureau also drove over and stopped in front of the store.

Jiang Yu clapped her hands and walked towards the school facing the sunset, feeling happy.

Everything will be fine, so will her life, and so will Qiu Li.

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